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IPTC Core and Extension Guidelines
Field Reference Table
This section provides a table which should help finding the guidelines for the field you are searching for:
All field names appear in alphabetical order
Each field name is linked to the Guidelines section which describes this field. In electronic documents (Web page, PDF) click on the name and follow.
"Other names" show names differently to the IPTC specifications but used by popular software.
"Scheme" shows IPTC Core or IPTC Extension which is the schema this field pertains to.
"XMP Id" shows the identifier used by XMP (without a namespace) for a quick look into the XMP source.
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november 2011 by edavey
janfri/mini_exiftool - GitHub
This library is a wrapper for the Exiftool command-line application ( written by Phil Harvey. You will get the full power of Exiftool to Ruby: Reading and writing of EXIF-data, IPTC-data and XMP-data.
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november 2011 by edavey

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