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Danny Moerkerke: Freelance full-stack Javascript developer
These frameworks have enabled us to do what we always wanted but never were able to: creating reusable autonomous frontend components, but at the cost of added complexity, proprietary syntax and increased payloads.
article  javascript 
april 2019 by edhill
Giving away the secrets of 99.3% email delivery - (37signals)
il-relay servers running Postfix that take mail from our application and jobs servers and queue it for delivery to
email  blog  article 
january 2012 by edhill
Being Funny | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine
How the pathbreaking comedian got his act together
article  2read  funny 
march 2010 by edhill
Books in the Age of the iPad — Craig Mod
Thoughts on the future of books in the context of the iPad.
ipad  books  design  ebooks  2read  article 
march 2010 by edhill

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