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Fact-Checking Facebook Was Like Playing A Doomed Game Of Whack-A-Mole
Disinformation isn’t necessarily meant for you. It’s meant for the people who lean authoritarian, the fearful conformists and the perennially anxious
ptsd  facebook  snopes  lies  truth  babylon 
5 weeks ago
Nihilist Dad Jokes - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
I tell my kids, you’re allowed to watch the TV all you want… Just don’t turn it on! This way they will begin to understand the futility of all things.
funny  silly  father  dad  jokes  mcsweeneys  life  parenting 
7 weeks ago
This takedown of the Gillette ad backlash is a fascinating take on how the media works The Poke
None of this is fucking real. It’s an entirely made up thing. It’s Piers Morgan, four people with 9 followers and a Russian bot.
ptsd  gilette  story  real  babylon  SocialMedia  poke 
8 weeks ago
Inspired by Brexit, I made a bot. Tweets every 3 hours though that doesn't seem like nearly enough
8 weeks ago
How to hedge your finances against a future Corbyn government | Financial Times
“The way the winds are blowing, homeowners have a problem whichever party is holding the reins because they’re all talking about moving from taxing income to taxing wealth.”
ft  labour  politics  econmics  finance  money 
9 weeks ago
How to Entertain Your Child While Lying Down
Ninja training. Here’s another one from Julie. (“I had so many of these ‘games,’” she says.) Close your eyes and have your kids try to walk past you as quietly as possible. If you hear them make a sound, send them back to the starting line.
children  kids  funny  games  life 
9 weeks ago
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