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Survival of the Richest – Future Human – Medium
Luckily, those of us without the funding to consider disowning our own humanity have much better options available to us. We don’t have to use technology in such antisocial, atomizing ways. We can become the individual consumers and profiles that our devices and platforms want us to be, or we can remember that the truly evolved human doesn’t go it alone.
bablyon  douglas  rushkoff  medium  future 
9 days ago
This story of someone's hilarious f-ck up at work is Twitter's greatest thread The Poke
I become extremely aware of my hands, and how I haven’t felt them in a very long time. They’re detuned to static , which would be worrying even if they weren’t holding a tray of drinks filled with noise and judgement.
drugs  silly  funny  ketamine  work  story  ireland  dublin 
9 weeks ago
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