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Psychologists explain our climate change anxiety – ThinkProgress
A large part of tackling the cognitive dissonance, however, involves simply acknowledging our feelings. “[People] often experience themselves in a double bind,” said Lertzman, “where, [they think], I’m getting this message about the environment and everything that’s being presented just feels completely untenable for me. Like, ‘I have a child, what am I supposed to do? Stop using plastic for my kid’s bottle?'”

Instead of forcing shame and guilt upon people, Lertzman said a new level of compassion is needed in order to spur action. “We have this opportunity to create a space where we can actually be honest with our feelings about what’s going on and actually process what it means to be living in these times.”

This compassion can help neutralize the guilt and shame and turn it into something more constructive. “Just even from a neurological perspective,” she said, “it soothes the defense mechanism so we can actually move into that kind of, prefrontal cortex problem solving.”
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september 2018 by edmittance
Concern over human cost overshadows iPad launch - Asia, World - The Independent
"Workers also complained of violence, including beatings with iron bars and whips." (work in the iPad factory, anyone?)
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YouTube - SET4
Mental ping pong video music stop time mash up
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Libraries Change Lives video on myspace
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Longleat - Red Bull Air Race World Series
2 september red bull air race at longleat with stewart
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