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Monte Carlo, cFIREsim und deine persönliche Trinity Study – Entnahmestrategien (Teil 4) – Frugalisten
Entnahmestrategien. Berechnen, wie sich das Depot entwickelt, bei regelmäßiger Entnahme.
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august 2018 by ellipord
The GOSSIP Simulation Environment
The goal of the GOSSIP project is to develop and maintain a simulation environment for use primarily in communications engineering and digital signal processing.
software  math  programming 
august 2009 by ellipord
RLaB is an interactive, interpreted scientific programming environment which provides fast prototyping and program development. It integrates data-visualization capabilities using the standard plotting packages, e.g., pgplot, Gnuplot or xmgr; allows data-processing; and, supports data-export to different formats, e.g.,
software  math  programming 
august 2009 by ellipord
NumExp is a family of open-source applications for numeric computation.
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august 2009 by ellipord
Grace Home
Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and M*tif.
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august 2009 by ellipord
Calculator for PalmOS.
software  palmpilot  math 
august 2009 by ellipord
The idea of the "Mathesaurus" is to provide a quick reference for switching to open-source mathematical computation environments for computer algebra, numeric processing and data visualisation
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march 2009 by ellipord

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