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Alan Chadwick: A Gardener of Souls
"Using the Biodynamic French Intensive Method, which he developed, Alan led the movement that pioneered organic gardening and farming in North America. But Alan Chadwick was far more than an accomplished horticulturist. He taught, prodded, cajoled, and berated his many students until they became competent, authentic, and creative human beings; or at least that was his goal for them, as he would settle for nothing less. As Allen Kalpin, a long-time Chadwick apprentice, once said, "He was a gardener of souls."
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1 hour ago
The Babe Rainbow - Eureka / Alan Chadwick's Garden - YouTube
"Cultivate your own garden. Cultivate your own psyche. The Garden of the Mind."
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1 hour ago
Opinion | Marc Benioff: We Need a New Capitalism - The New York Times
"The culture of corporate America needs to change, and it shouldn’t take an act of Congress to do it. Every C.E.O. and every company must recognize that their responsibilities do not stop at the edge of the corporate campus. When we finally start focusing on stakeholder value as well as shareholder value, our companies will be more successful, our communities will be more equal, our societies will be more just and our planet will be healthier."
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Will Trump Ever Leave the White House?
These are crazy times we are living in. So fucked.
12 days ago
Green New Deal: How About A “Low Tech New Deal”? – Low Technology Institute
"The reason that this is so difficult is because we don’t want to give up our current way of life, but unfortunately our descendants won’t have much of a choice. It is up to us to give them something stable to inherit now, while we still have time to choose."
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12 days ago
Finding Balance in a Tiny, Wobbly Boat - The New York Times
I’m being choked to death by the invisible hand of late-stage capitalism
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14 days ago
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