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Alan Chadwick: A Gardener of Souls
"Using the Biodynamic French Intensive Method, which he developed, Alan led the movement that pioneered organic gardening and farming in North America. But Alan Chadwick was far more than an accomplished horticulturist. He taught, prodded, cajoled, and berated his many students until they became competent, authentic, and creative human beings; or at least that was his goal for them, as he would settle for nothing less. As Allen Kalpin, a long-time Chadwick apprentice, once said, "He was a gardener of souls."
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6 days ago by emily
Cokie and Steven Roberts: A Half-Century of Changing Together - The New York Times
"In a healthy relationship, at the core of longevity is a mutual respect and a sense of equality. Biting your tongue is often the right reaction to a moment of passing anger. Candor is overrated. I don’t mean deception or secrets. I mean real mutual respect, which leads to being gentle, loving, cautious and careful at times. It leads to being silent and having self-restraint, which really helps get you through difficult moments. There’s understanding that if you say everything that comes to your mind, at every moment, in the name of being honest, is often self-indulgent and hurtful. Mutual respect is a combination of many ingredients. It starts with basic romantic attraction."
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4 weeks ago by emily
How I Get It Done: Bobbi Brown
"And an entrepreneur really just means you’re good at making things up and figuring things out, and being resourceful, and having fun. That’s one thing I forgot for so many years — I was doing what I was doing because it was fun. And now it’s fun again."
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4 weeks ago by emily
In Rural West Texas, Illegal Border Crossings Are Routine For U.S. Citizens : NPR
"But they do understand the fact that we do need to cross sometimes in order to get help, in order for us to get food, in order for us to survive. So that's why we go to Mexico, because we don't get that help here in Texas."
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june 2019 by emily
John Peterson Obituary - Green Bay, Wisconsin |
Ha! The most feared man in teenage Green Bay. I took my test on my 16th birthday - not with him - and failed. Obviously. When I returned 2 weeks later, there was Peterson, ready to fail me anew but I passed. He was actually really nice.
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february 2019 by emily
Elizabeth Wurtzel on Discovering the Truth About Her Parents
The best people are the ones you have to forgive for everything. You have no choice; it would be worse to live without them.

So I have to forgive my mother. Of course I do. She is the only parent I have. She wanted to be a single mother. She did not want men to tell her what to do. “I wanted to be independent,” she recently told me. “I wanted to make my own way.” She was a woman in a man’s world. She did not know how to have what she wanted without being duplicitous. In 1967, the year I was born, a woman could not have an abortion or a credit card.

My mother tried to get a job at IBM, but she was too qualified to work at the same place as her loser husband.

My mother had to take the side entrance into the Random House office building with all the other women.

Men made my mother feel shabby. She thought her best bet was lying.

That is the corruption of sexism: My mother lied to me too.
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december 2018 by emily
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