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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Math observations, translated.
august 2015 by emk
Nelson rules - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rules to see whether a plotted process is suspicious.
math  processcontrol 
july 2015 by emk
How Not To Sort By Average Rating
How to sort things by average rating so that items with a single 5-star rating don't bubble to the top.
math  statistics  rating 
july 2015 by emk
MathFiction Homepage
Fiction involving mathematics.
math  fiction 
june 2015 by emk
David Mumford | Can one explain schemes to biologists
Nice discussion of Grothendieck's work, with quotes from a French article at the bottom.
math  categorytheory  french 
june 2015 by emk
Galois connection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apparently a good starting place for motivating adjoint functors.
math  categorytheory  adjoints 
june 2015 by emk
nt.number theory - Knuth's intuition that Goldbach might be unprovable - MathOverflow
Might things be unprovable because they're what you'd expect to happen anyway?
may 2015 by emk
Apparently a good open source theorem prover.
math  logic 
march 2015 by emk
Planets in the Fourth Dimension | Azimuth
"You probably that planets go around the sun in elliptical orbits. But do you know why?

In fact, they’re moving in circles in 4 dimensions. But when these circles are projected down to 3-dimensional space, they become ellipses!"
math  space 
march 2015 by emk
Introduction to Category Theory
Nice introduction, as PDF notes.
january 2015 by emk
Approved Textbooks | American Inst. of Mathematics
Open source / open access math textbooks, approved by the AIM.
september 2014 by emk
Spurious Correlations
Lovely examples of meaningless correlations, including:

Per capita consumption of cheese (US)
correlates with
Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets
math  statistics  humor 
may 2014 by emk
Grinding the equations with no idea why: "In the case of the collision problem, I still have no explanation, 12 years later, for why symmetrization works: all I can say is that you do the calculation, and you cancel lots of things from both the numerator and the denominator, and what comes out at the end is a low-degree polynomial in k."
july 2013 by emk
Finding Unity in the Math Wars | BetterExplained
Don’t argue the exact point a person made. Consider their position and respond to the best point they could have made.”
math  education  debate 
august 2012 by emk

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