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Compile Java to WASM!
wasm  java  jvm 
january 2018 by emk
Chip emulator, display and debugger.
january 2018 by emk
A port of ffmpeg to wasm + web workers?
wasm  ffmpeg 
december 2017 by emk
Compiling into WebAssembly · Issue #10 · Kagami/ffmpeg.js
Performance is not so hot for audio format conversion.
wasm  performance 
december 2017 by emk
SQLite3 playground
Oh, this is really cool: SQLite compiled to *.wasm?
wasm  sqlite 
december 2017 by emk
Online explorer and code generator for wasm.
december 2017 by emk
Barely Functional
A proposed plan for Rust in 2018.
wasm  rust 
december 2017 by emk
Rocket - A Rust game running on WASM
Walkthrough of porting code to the browser.
rust  wasm  game 
december 2017 by emk
"A subset of TypeScript that compiles to WebAssembly"
typescript  wasm 
september 2017 by emk

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