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What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right
Jewish mom on how false accusations and the school's overreaction turned her son against authority and into a far-right fanatic (temporarily, thank goodness)

interesting insights on what turned him: not feeling heard or taken seriously
politics  parenting  altright  teens  teenagers 
may 2019 by emmacarlson
8 Things Kids Need to Do By Themselves Before They’re 13
Making own lunch, filling out paperwork, using an alarm clock.
parenting  teens  kids  independence 
march 2018 by emmacarlson
Why am I unhappy? A new study explains Americas unhappiness epidemic — Quartz
There's a direct correlation (excluding other factors, like economics) between the amount of time spent in front of screens and happiness. Teens who spent less than an hour on a screen per day were the happiest of all teens followed.
technology  phones  iphone  screens  psychology  teens  teenagers  kids  parenting 
january 2018 by emmacarlson
Where's the Magic in Family Dinner? - The New York Times
Authoritative parents have the best outcomes via warmth and structure. Getting everyone to the table requires both (from kids AND adults).
family  parenting  teens  teeanagers  kids  eating  food 
june 2016 by emmacarlson
Best, Brightest — and Saddest? -
Palo Alto's epidemic of teen suicide - the pressure teens are under to achieve their parents' goals.
kids  parenting  suicide  teens 
may 2015 by emmacarlson
Why Adolescence Is More Brutal for Parents Than Teenagers -- New York Magazine
Are parents really the problem with adolescents? Square your own adult life vs. ascribe not doing so to issues with your child .
kids  teens  teenagers  adolescence  parenting  psychology 
march 2014 by emmacarlson

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