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Upgrading 6.x themes to 7.x |
NOTE: We are now using a different system to track version-to-version changes in Drupal. Most of the theme changes between Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 are noted on this page, but changes that were recorded after we adopted the new system can be found here: To add a new change notice: To find changes that need to be updated in the documentation: Help with upgrading the handbook to inc...
drupal  theme  migration  drupal6  drupal7 
july 2016 by emmanu
Coder |
Coder checks your Drupal code against coding standards and other best practices. It can also fix coding standard violations for you with the phpcbf command from PHP_CodeSniffer, see the installation instructions and usage examples. Those checks apply to all versions of Drupal, so you can use Coder 8.x-2.x to check Drupal 7 code. Coder is not a module, it is used as command line tool and in IDEs.
php  sniffer  drupal7  drupal  modules  migration  code  style 
july 2016 by emmanu

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