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macos - Cocoa Scripting: Returning "null" vs. "missing value" - Stack Overflow
Explains the difference between `null` and `missing value` in AppleScript and how it interacts with NSAppleScript.
applescript  swift  cocoa  Xcode 
4 weeks ago
Scripting from a Sandbox ·
Has details about `NSUserAppleScriptTask`, which runs asynchronously.
scripting-bridge  applescript  Xcode  sandbox 
5 weeks ago
Swift Menu Bar App Example
Overview of how to create a menu bar app in Swift.
swift  menu_bar  macOS  Mac  programming 
november 2018
Japanese firework catalogues
Japanese firework catalogues, in full. Early 1900s.
art  design  prints  fireworks  Japan  book 
november 2018
objective c - Scripting Bridge: Combining SBElementArrays - Stack Overflow
A very detailed explanation of how ScriptingBridge works and what its limitations are in a Coca environment.
applescript  cocoa  programming  scripting-bridge 
october 2018
Gravitational Lensing by Spinning Black Holes in Astrophysics, and in the Movie Interstellar
The software to create the black hole in the movie 'Interstellar' is a full implementation of Einstein's equations in 40,000 lines of C++, and rendered thousands of 23-megapixel IMAX frames on a 32,000-core render farm at about 20 core-hours per frame
movies  physics  gravity  interstellar 
july 2018
renaud marion — Air Drive
A photo series of classic cars that have had their wheels removed, becoming land speeders.
photography  inspiration  cars 
july 2018
The Photos Not Taken - by Frank H. Wu - 35mmc
I remind myself to be sensitive. Photography must have ethics to it, beyond etiquette.
july 2018
[SOLVED] hostname change does not persist reboot in 18.04.
The Ubuntu 18.04 installer has an extra option that needs to be set in order for hostname changes to persist on reboot.
ubuntu  server  hostname 
july 2018
Deleting .DS_Store files with Hazel | Takuma Habu
Defaults setting to run Hazel on invisible files and folders

defaults write com.noodlesoft.Hazel ScanInvisibles -bool YES
macOS  hazel  Mac 
june 2018
Little UI Details
A list of little design details for enhancing a UI.
UI  design 
may 2018
Merlin Mann's Rules of Thumb
Per a listener request, here’s all my rules of thumb from last week’s Do By Friday.
may 2018
Question about subscriptions and the view controller lifecycle
Shows how to dispose of subscriptions when leaving a view controller.

override func viewDidDisappear() {
self.disposeBag = nil
swift  RxSwift 
may 2018
NSPersistentDocument: *** Assertion failure in -[NSVBSavePanel viewWillInvalidate:] — Mac Lovin'
By default the sandbox disallows user file writing, so file access must be set to "read/ write".
swift  xcode  sandbox  permissions  nssavepanel 
may 2018
MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages - Ubuntu Wiki
Look up the Mac product ID from Ubuntu.

sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
ubuntu  Mac  command_line  server 
april 2018
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