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(41) Elif'in Hecesi - YouTube
Elif'in Hecesi is a music channel. Dost arşividir.
7 days ago
Marie Kondo: Psychologists Agree That "Clutter Is Not a Good Thing" | Inverse
On 'Tidying Up', organizing consultant and worldwide phenomenon Marie Kondo goes into cluttered homes and shares the principles that shape her admired “art of decluttering.” Decluttering can change a life for the better — and there’s science to back that up, clutter researcher Joseph Ferrari tells Inverse.
home  clutter 
8 days ago
ZingTouch : A JavaScript gesture detection library for the modern web
A modern JavaScript touch gesture library. Allows developers to configure pre-existing gestures and even create their own using ZingTouch's life cycle.
javascript  ui  library 
13 days ago
From Bach to Rock: How Music Preferences Predict Behavior - Knowledge@Wharton
New Wharton research explores the links between music and personality.
music  psyche 
16 days ago
Everything Doesn't Happen For A Reason — Tim Lawrence
I emerge from this conversation dumbfounded. I've seen this a million times
before, but it still gets me every time. 

I’m listening to a man tell a story. A woman he knows was in a devastating
car accident; her life shattered in an instant. She now lives in a state of
near-permanent pain; a paraplegic; many of her hopes stolen.
22 days ago
MagBaz Travels - Greece: 33 Campsites Open All Year
The site contains images and articles (many of which have been previously published) produced by Barry and Margaret Williamson in the course of 18 years of travel by motorhome, bicycle, hiking, car, train, boat and plane. The aim is to develop the website as a collecting point for the shared experience of people travelling particularly by motorhome and/or bicycle in Europe, South and South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
A secondary aim is to share ideas on long-term s...
travel  greece  motorhome 
22 days ago
The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment | The Guardian
Nafeez Ahmed: The man who trained more than 66 countries in open source methods calls for re-invention of intelligence to re-engineer Earth
community  politics  society 
22 days ago
Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish | TED Talk
Chef Dan Barber squares off with a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on the menu. With impeccable research and deadpan humor, he chronicles his pursuit of a sustainable fish he could love, and the foodie's honeymoon he's enjoyed since discovering an outrageously delicious fish raised using a revolutionary farming method in Spain.
environment  food  agriculture 
22 days ago
Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us | Paul Verhaeghe | Opinion | The Guardian
Paul Verhaeghe: An economic system that rewards psychopathic personality traits has changed our ethics and our personalities
society  politics 
22 days ago
The Utopian UI Architect – re:form – Medium
“I said, ‘What is this?’ and they said, ‘We don’t know yet,’” Victor recalls. “It was an early prototype of the hardware. Maybe twenty other people in the world knew about it. Nobody had answers. My…
ui  people 
22 days ago
1DollarScan | Most Affordable & High Quality Book Scanning
We provide the lowest priced and most affordable book digitizing/scanning service with the best quality, starting from $1. We can convert the scanned data to various format(PDF, EPUB, MOBI) . We digitize textbooks for students, personal library for book lovers and support decluttering paper stuff for minimalist.
books  service 
22 days ago
Portable Guitar Stand – Zevymo
Guitars can take a lot of wear and tear, but they're still delicate instruments. To prevent potentially costly maintenance issues, you have to ensure its safety at all times. A guitar case is vital in protecting your guitar but it can't protect it all the way because you still have to store it when not in use. Propping
shopping  instrument 
23 days ago
What to Listen to and Watch for When Enjoying Jazz | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian

For Jazz Appreciation Month, a guide to understanding the nuances, subtleties and surprises of America's unique music
music  learning 
29 days ago
Is it possible (and hopefully easy) to use MagicaVoxel models in Godot? : gamedev
r/gamedev: All things related to game development, programming, math, art, music, business, and marketing.
graphics  game  learning 
4 weeks ago
Versatile, Compact, Flexible Travel Tripod | Trek-Tech | Tripods
Trek-Tech offers compact carbon fiber travel tripods that are portable and convenient to meet all of your travel needs. View our flexible travel tripods now!
shopping  photography 
4 weeks ago
The easy way to find campsites and motorhome stopovers across Europe
4 weeks ago
Crystal Ma (@ma.artlife) • Instagram photos and videos
88.6k Followers, 702 Following, 599 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Crystal Ma (@ma.artlife)
6 weeks ago
Ghostly - Andy Gilmore
Ghostly is a record label and art company that aims to provide work of high quality, integrity and individuality.
art  home 
6 weeks ago
Isabel Allende: How to live passionately—no matter your age | TED Talk
Author Isabel Allende is 71. Yes, she has a few wrinkles—but she has incredible perspective too. In this candid talk, meant for viewers of all ages, she talks about her fears as she gets older and shares how she plans to keep on living passionately.
woman  people  literature  life 
6 weeks ago
The Drum Thing, or, A Brief History of Whiplash, or, “I’m Generalizing Here” | DO THE M@TH
(Tony Williams and Buddy Rich. Image lifted from Vince Wilburn, Jr.'s Twitter feed) (Elvin Jones and Buddy Rich. Image lifted from Dave Liebman's Facebook. Both these photos showed up on Mark Stryker's Twitter, that's how I found them. See also Mark's guest post "Traps, the Drum Wonder.") --- There have been many think pieces about Whiplash,…
music  drums 
7 weeks ago
Center for Humane Technology
The Center for Humane Technology is a world-class team of former tech
insiders and CEOs who are advancing thoughtful solutions to change the
culture, business incentives, design techniques, and organizational
structures driving how technology hijacks our brains.
technology  ethics 
8 weeks ago
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