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Decoding Sustainability
By Matthew Yamatin whose consulting company besides of Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, Biogen, Whole Foods, State Street, or Westinghouse also consults smaller local players such as ISB (International School of Beijing).

Agrachina  Sustainability  Consultancy  Beijing  China  Expert  Business_Advisory_relevant  Business_Model  ecological  Risk_Management  Strategy 
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Social Agent Me
Beijing-based platform which helps to create and monetise social connections.

Startupinthecloud  Social_Networking  Social_Networks  Communication  community  Monetization  Beijing  China  Startups 
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Seven Cups - Fine Chinese Tea
Quality-oriented USA-based tea sourcing company with insightful blog with posts such as:

"Seven Cups is an American tea company based in Tucson, Arizona. We source traditional, handmade Chinese teas directly from the growers and tea masters who make them, and we bring those teas back from China to share with people everywhere.

We focus on direct sourcing because it gives us two important advantages. First, we get the teas we want because we select them ourselves. We travel to all of these places, 22 producers in ten different regions of China, from one side of China to the other. Second, we build relationships with our tea masters and growers, and see for ourselves how they make their teas. We gather this information and share it with our customers. Both of these pieces – real tea and the story behind it – are what our customers have come to expect.
We’re also dedicated to promoting Chinese tea culture. Seven Cups is a member of the Chinese International Tea Culture institute, and our founder Austin Hodge is the first American to be published in their journal."

Agrachina  China  tea  Fair_Trade  Quality_Control  certification  Cultivation  Culture  processing  packaging  USA  Expert  blog 
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The Pachamama Alliance
They aim to generate a critical mass of conscious commitment by bridging the indigenous and modern worlds.

"Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all.

With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, our programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet."

Started 1995 by Bill & Lynne Twist.

Their partner in China who localised presenter's manual and video subtitles to Chinese is Huadao Eco-village / SDC in Chengdu / Sichuan.

Agrachina  Sustainability  Platform  southamerica  USA  China  community  Social_Networking  Social  Social_Media  Education  Ecology  Ecobalance  environmentalism  Environment  Humanitarian  activism  Volunteer  NGO_NPO 
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TechNode - Latest news and trends about tech in China
About from Crunchbase:
"TechNode is a tech blog, written in both English and Chinese, focused on startups and tech happenings in China and Asia in general. TechNode also organizes TechNode Touch (TNT), a monthly meetup for startups, and ChinaBang Awards, an annual event that rewards the best Chinese startups, in Chinese tech cities. TechNode is the official partner of TechCrunch in China and manages and TechCrunch conferences in China.
TechNode aims to be the go-to source to discover original, insightful and opinionated content that helps connect the eco-system of entrepreneur’s, investors and consumers. TechNode is founded by Dr. Gang Lu , one of the most influential Chinese tech bloggers in global web industry."

HQ in Shanghai, branch in Beijing (managing director John Artman).

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Sustainable Development Committee (北京国际交流协会可持续发展专业委员会 Beijing International Association of Sustainable Development Professional Committee)
"The SDC committee is committed to the research and practice of sustainable development; to provide a broadened global vision of ecological environment, financial order and moral culture; and through international exchanges as well as collaborations in eco-community, healthcare and epidemic prevention, energy technology and cultural & creativity, we actively promote sustainable development of eco-civilization reflected by harmonious co-existence between men as well as human and nature.

The Committee positioned itself as a platform for Chinese and international think tanks to build connections with one another, and it is also a cultivation centre for identified talented doers."

Registered 2005 in Beijing, yet with many of its members based in Chengdu / Sichuan and tightly related with Huadao Eco-Village that is localised there.

One of the founding organizers of Hanwang Forum, an annual conference similar to WEF Davos with ~2,000 participants consisting of government leaders, royalties, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, entrepreneurs, experts and academics from United Nations, European Union, over 40 countries and regions across Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The respective fields of “Hanwang 7+1” are namely Government Policies, Civil Society, Agriculture and Food, Healthcare, New Energy (Energy Conservation), Information Technology, Eco-community as well as Cultural Heritage and Innovation.

Agrachina  Sustainability  community  NGO_NPO  Sichuan  Chengdu  sustainable  development  Policy  civilsociety  Agricultural_Development  Platform  Conference  Beijing  China  Organic_Agriculture  health  Energy-saving  Information_Society  Information_Technology  Ecology  Culture  History  Innovation  Environment  Collaboration  Creative 
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Independent blog about topics like Linux sysadmin, desktop Linux and SBCs (system board computers) such as Raspberry Pi. Quite Debian/Gnome-centric.
By XiaoGuo An.

Startupinthecloud  blog  Technology  Linux  sysAdmin  Systems_Management  Tutorial  Best_practice  China  howto  opensource  Expert 
january 2019 by eocas
Innovation Award of Kering x Plug and Play
"The Kering Sustainable Innovation Award is dedicated to accelerating sustainable innovation in the Luxury and fashion sectors in China. Inspired by Kering’s motto Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury, Kering initiated this program – powered by its partner, Silicon Valley-originated VC Plug and Play – to identify promising change-making startups and technologies in Greater China.
in order to identify innovative solutions along the entire apparel value chain, from alternative raw materials to circular technologies to extend product life. From biodegradable glitter and fabrics made from algae to new ecological dyeing processes and breakthrough technologies for clothing recycling today Kering has given support to over 50 start-ups who have graduated from the Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator."


1. Alternative raw materials: Solutions that could modernize or be replacements for leather, silk, other natural fibers, etc. Focus areas such as biotech solutions, bio-based plastics, new fibers, regenerative agriculture, etc.

2. Supply chain: Decreasing impacts in the supply chain through technologies that will reduce water, waste and chemical usage and improve production and energy efficiency. For example, low impact dyeing, new processes to customise or automate cut-make-trim, and solutions enabling supply chain traceability.

3. Retail & Use: Solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of retail processes. For example, efficient packaging, retail store energy management, etc. Also, new ways to increase the awareness of sustainable fashion among consumers and make this lifestyle more influential in the Chinese market. For example, omni-channel communication, social marketing, building brand transparency, etc. Also focusing on solutions to improve livelihoods for people working along the supply chain.

4. Circular economy: Transforming materials waste into new products and extending the lifecycle of existing products are powerful ways to reduce impact. For example, chemical recycling, mechanical recycling, repurposing and upcycling, re-commerce platforms, etc.


The jury is composed of individuals with extensive knowledge of the fashion, Luxury, entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation fields. This jury includes Jinqing Cai, President of Kering Greater China; Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion at Parsons School of Design; Hung Huang, a writer and top media influencer; Ma Jun, Founding Director of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs; Katrin Ley, Managing Director of Fashion for Good; Susan Rockefeller, a well-known figure in the world of art, philanthropy and sustainability; Wang Shi, an entrepreneur focused on green construction, forest conservation, biodiversity, and climate change; Jane Zhen Wang, President of Erdos Cashmere Group; Guoxin Yin, Chairman of Chenfeng Group.

Launched together with Plug and Play on December 7th, 2018 in Beijing with Peter Xu, Executive Director and CEO of Plug and Play China. Other participants such as Carol Chyau, CEO of Shokay or Shaway Yeh, Founder of YehYehYeh.

Fashionmeetsorganic  award  Innovation  Sustainability  sustainablefashion  Fundraising  Recycling  upcycling  material  SupplyChain  Retail  circulareconomy  consumption  USA  China  Venture_Capital 
december 2018 by eocas
Gallery Weekend Beijing (画廊周北京 GWBJ)
2019 March in its 3rd edition, set before Art Basel Hong Kong, GWBJ is determined to become an internationally significant contemporary art event. International galleries work closely alongside the local galleries and institutions. GWBJ wishes to enable an artistic and cultural exchange between Beijing and the relevant movers and shakers of the national and international art world.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Art  Beijing  China  Platform  events  exhibition  Culture 
december 2018 by eocas
Ellie Kai
Made-to-Order female clothing brand which is based in Hong Kong, started in 2011 by Liz Hostetter from the USA. They emphasize their transparent sourcing, fair work conditions (in Mainland China, especially female empowerment) and zero-waste approach.

As mentioned in this "Proudly made in China" article:

Fashionmeetsorganic  HongKong  Brand  eco_brand  USA  workshop  Fair_Trade  Transparency  Sourcing  Made-to-Order  Apparel  Clothing  China  Manufacturing 
november 2018 by eocas
Philippe le Bac Cashmere & Co
Cashmere brand which started 1936 in Paris / France but then set dust until 2004 take-over by the PLB Group which is registered in Hong Kong but operates (also manufacturing) in Shanghai.
450 resellers worldwide and 20 own stores in Greater China of which 10 in Shanghai.
Design office in Europe

Their cashmere is sourced directly from goat herders in Mongolia with semi-domesticated goats.

For Spring and Summer collection blends cashmere with silk, bamboo, modal and milk jerseys. Also paired with denim, leather and other accessories.

Cashmere  mongolia  HongKong  Shanghai  China  France  Brand  wool  Silk  bamboo  modal  Fashionmeetsorganic 
november 2018 by eocas
GVB (Global Village of Beijing Environmental Education Center)
"Global Village of Beijing Environmental Education Center (GVB - 北京地球村环境教育中心) is a non-profit non-governmental organization working on issues regarding sustainable development in the People’s Republic of China mainly through environmental education in the form of production and distribution of multimedia publications and the organization of journalist trainings. The organization advocates for green lifestyles, provides training for eco-villages, and promotes environmental issues in the media. GVB also carries out a reconstruction project in villages destroyed by the 2008 earthquake by rebuilding energy efficient homes and promoting traditional Chinese social values and medicine."

Founded 1996 by Liao Xiaoyi (廖晓义 - Sheri Liao) a Chinese environmental activist, journalist and producer of documentaries whose works are credited with advancing the Chinese environmental movement.

Agrachina  Sustainability  NGO_NPO  China  environmentalism  sustainable  Rural_Development  health  Expert  SocialEntrepreneur 
november 2018 by eocas
The Nature Conservancy - TNC
"Since 1951, The Nature Conservancy has worked to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends.
From our historic work in land acquisition to cutting-edge research that influences global policy, The Nature Conservancy is constantly adapting to take on our planet’s biggest, most important challenges. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives."

Charitable environmental organization, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, United States. Active in 72 countries. Chinese branch 大自然保护协会 (dà zìrán bǎohù xiéhuì), office in Beijing (DNC compound at No. 9 Jianwai Dajie) with local website (

Closely affiliated with Alibaba / Jack Ma, they jointly run the China Global Conservation Fund (CGCF) which focuses on addressing global environmental challenges beyond China’s borders. Between 2011 - 2018 funded 21 projects, around US$ 17 million. Primarily financed by The Nature Conservancy’s China Board of Trustees which are: Karen Lo (HK fashion business), Pony Ma Huateng (Tencent), Niu Gensheng (Mengniu Dairy), Ou Yaping (ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance & Shanghai Rockbund Museum), Wu Ying (China Capital Group), Zeng Fanzhi (artist), Zhu Baoguo (pharmaceutical company Joincare Group), Zhao Zhijun (real estate mogul).

Agrachina  NGO_NPO  USA  Africa  China  development  Environment  Fundraising  Investor_Relations  water  Water_Pollution  Water_Resources  Biodiversity  Social  environmentalism  Policy  Beijing  Sustainability 
november 2018 by eocas
Collective Responsibility
"Collective Responsibility is a strategic advisory firm founded by Richard Brubaker, one of Asia’s most recognized authorities on sustainability, innovation and responsible leadership.

Founded with the fundamental belief that that a sustainable world can only be achieved through awareness of issues, finding tangibility in business cases, and development of cross-sector collaboration, Collective Responsibility acts as a knowledge base, catalyst and facilitator between stakeholders.

We at Collective view sustainability as a holistic process of action and a change in vision among corporations, from the new entrant workers to the founders and visionaries of the company. Change for a more efficient and productive planet starts with the private sector, and we’re here to help our clients move towards that future through consulting, research, training, and engaging their stakeholders.

Our mission is to:

- Create a knowledge base and catalyze discussion of issues related to the development of civil society, business sustainability and social development in Asia.
- Develop tangible interests, engagement and action on issues of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal).
- Build bridges between local and foreign resources to ensure knowledge transfer, program scalability and growth.
- Develop organizational capacity with the aim to help create stable and profitable enterprises."

Based in Shanghai, China.

Agrachina  Strategy  Shanghai  China  Consultancy  Innovation  Sustainability  changemanagement  Research  Training  Stakeholder_Management  civilsociety  environmentalism  SocialEntrepreneur 
november 2018 by eocas
Collective Responsibility - Asia's Leading Sustainability Strategy Firm
"Based in Shanghai, Collective Responsibility is a strategic advisory firm founded by Richard Brubaker, one of Asia’s most recognized authorities on sustainability, innovation and responsible leadership.

Founded with the fundamental belief that that a sustainable world can only be achieved through awareness of issues, finding tangibility in business cases, and development of cross-sector collaboration, Collective Responsibility acts as a knowledge base, catalyst and facilitator between stakeholders.

We at Collective view sustainability as a holistic process of action and a change in vision among corporations, from the new entrant workers to the founders and visionaries of the company. Change for a more efficient and productive planet starts with the private sector, and we’re here to help our clients move towards that future through consulting, research, training, and engaging their stakeholders.

Our mission is to:

Create a knowledge base and catalyze discussion of issues related to the development of civil society, business sustainability and social development in Asia.

Develop tangible interests, engagement and action on issues of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal).

Build bridges between local and foreign resources to ensure knowledge transfer, program scalability and growth.

Develop organizational capacity with the aim to help create stable and profitable enterprises."

Agrachina  agency  Shanghai  China  Sustainability  sustainablecompany  entrepreneurship  Collective  CSR_Corporate-Social-Responsibility  environmentalism  civilsociety  Business_Advisory_relevant  Education  Innovation  sustainable  development  Social 
october 2018 by eocas
Think Tank and platform founded by Philipp Grefer in Beijing in 2018 to spark cross-sectoral dialogue about digital life, style, culture, business, science and technology. WISE invites and connects thinkers and doers from different industries online and offline to discuss essential questions about how we want and should live in the future.

"WISE puts “the human” at the center of discussions ranging from technology, music, art, fashion, entertainment, business, media, and science. Topics range from how AI can help us to solve world hunger, if the robots will take over our jobs, what we can learn about the future by looking into the past, how to find China´s first international superstar, and the future of design and creativity."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Platform  community  Beijing  China  Germany  Lifestyle  Culture  Business  Technology  Investor_Relations  InteractiveBeijing 
october 2018 by eocas
Design Library (aka: Hangzhou "Material Library)
"YUHANG RONG DESIGN LIBRARY is built by PINWU Design Studio and Yuhang Government in Hangzhou China. It focuses on Chinese traditional handcraft research and each material deconstruction from the craft. The Library offers designers Chinese traditional materials such as bamboo, paper, clay, porcelain, copper, silver, silk, etc. Remains of ancient Chinese folk culture are still to be found, hidden in villages. The library is passionate collecting the knowledge from the old craftsman."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  artisanal  material  fabric  Sustainability  bamboo  Culture  exhibition  rural  Research  design  China  Zhejiang 
october 2018 by eocas
Marketing in China: Industry Interviews

Paul Lin, OMD
"The hottest channel that all of our clients are asking about is Douyin. [...] Little Red Book can be a place for product discovery [...] sense of Chinese nationalism, the growing strength of the country and the pride that it has instilled in citizens. Brands that can tap into this can align themselves with the zeitgeist."

Jerry Clode, Resonance
"Ideally, a brand should focus on one to two holidays per year which make sense from a storytelling perspective. Then ensure that these events are promoted and communicated as a phased media engagement. There is little value in trying to cover the entire calendar. [...] ROI metrics are increasingly defined by brand sentiment. Also, due to the increasing sophistication and integration of e-commerce, ROI metrics are now encompassing sales conversion. [...] WeChat and Weibo remain dominant, but 2018 is the year of video. One of the biggest video-sharing platforms, Meipai, receives eight billion views a month. Chinese influencers and celebrities love to use these apps to create a closer connection to fans. The growth of these platforms suggests brands should consider integrating short video and live-streaming into their marketing strategies. [...] The Little Red Book are especially suitable for cosmetic or fashion brands because of their concentration on selfies and cosmetic sharing. [...] Platforms like Douyin and Bilibili index very young, below 24 years old. The strategy for this platform is very different to WeChat or Weibo – not only the content execution, but also the tone of voice and tactics. [...] With more WeChat official accounts launching mini-programmes, it has become much easier for consumers to shop and a sales ROI can be more closely tied to a social media campaign."

Ashley Dudarenok, Alarice and ChoZan
"Lucky draws are the most common campaign type on Chinese social media. Generally, in a Weibo post or at the end of a WeChat article, a topic is raised for discussion and readers are encouraged to leave a comment or send a private message to the official account for a chance to win a lucky draw. These are effective in encouraging user interaction, attracting new followers and increasing loyalty.

User-generated content is another type of popular campaign strategy. Brands can encourage users to create something, like a themed photo of themselves with the brand’s merchandise, and upload it to a campaign page to win a gift. Brands also cooperate with KOLs who encourage their followers to participate.

This type of campaign is another kind of lucky draw. The core difference is that visual user-generated content is more persuasive than written testimonials. It helps brands collect high-quality original content from their followers that can be used in other marketing activities."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  Marketing  Report  Market_Report  Communication  Advertisement  Business_Advisory_relevant  Strategy  Branding  China  Video_Platform 
july 2018 by eocas
Letter from Shenzhen
Article about the Chinese 山寨 (shanzhai) copycatting culture.

Intro by CB Insights:
"In her piece for Logic Magazine, Xiaowei R. Wang says that traveling to China is like time-traveling. Even in the most rural villages, technology is there.

Wang describes the ubiquitous WeChat and QR codes that can be used to pay for everything, from street food to train tickets to massage chairs.

She also describes the Shanzai economy, which Wang calls “open-source on hyperspeed.” It has evolved from knock-off Louis Vuitton bags and Friends on DVD to people creating original products — like a cell phone with a compass that points to Mecca — and building on each other’s work “in a decentralized way.”

Wang says this “extreme open-source” offers a glimpse into the future — and starkly contrasts American technology, which is becoming more and more proprietary.

It’s tempting to draw comparisons between tech in the US and China, but it might not really be an apples-to-apples comparison. Maybe technology is more cultural — and less universal — than we think."

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Business_Advisory_relevant  Culture  Technology  Legal  Rural_Development  China  shenzhen  Economy  Innovation  Ecosystem  opensource 
july 2018 by eocas
Nanjing-based e-commerce and content platform which is an instrumental player in Chinese trend culture ecosystem. Subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Venture capital investment by CDH Investment, Singapore Temasek Cheung Fung Fund, Softbank Safran Fund, Dachen Venture Capital.
ompany's main projects:
1. Print magazine and electronic platform "YOHO! Trends" and "YOHO! GIRL"
2. App "Yoho!Now"for iOS and Android platform.
3. "Yoho!Buy" ( online shop targeted at young people with roughly 1400 brands covering men's and women's clothing, shoes and hats, accessories, children's wear and creative lifestyle items. The brands sold by Yoho!Buy are directly signed with the brand to maintain the sales agreement with the international and domestic physical stores.
4. Curated Location-recommendation platform / app "Mars" ( City guides for Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles and other.

Similar to Hong Kong's MILK magazine.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Platform  China  Online_Shop  e-commerce  Fashion  Trends  accessories  Content_Curation  Travel  Apps  App  Business_Advisory_relevant  Jiangsu  Magazine  blog 
july 2018 by eocas
用友 Yonyou
Beijing-based SaaS online software provider with focus on finance and also some ERP-like integrations.

Startupinthecloud  Finance  ERP  SaaS  Beijing  China  Software 
july 2018 by eocas
How E-Commerce Is Transforming Rural China
" is expanding its consumer base with drone delivery and local recruits who can exploit villages’ tight-knit social networks to drum up business."

Agrachina  SupplyChain  delivery  Logistics  e-commerce  Productivity  China  Rural_Economy  Rural_Development 
july 2018 by eocas
Helps farmers and boutique indigo makers to meet fashion industry's demand of natural pigment on a global scale by advocating for collaborative production. Their bio-based indigo dyestuff can answer current pollution concern across fashion industry and fulfil upcoming conscious consumer demand.

Shanghai-based by French ecopreneur Paul Iglesia.

fashionmeetsorganic  textile  organic  dyeing  artisanal  sustainablecompany  France  China  Shanghai  Manufacturing  Collaboration 
july 2018 by eocas
NüVoices – Women Writers' and Artists' Collective 女性作家联盟
"More women are writing about China, doing business in China and generally doing interesting things in China than ever before, and we want more of their voices to be heard.

NüVoices is an international editorial collective gathering veteran and emerging writers, journalists, translators and artists to celebrate and support the diverse creative work of self-identified women working on the subject of China (broadly defined).

We are working on our first anthology to showcase great work from women on China and our members host events worldwide to create a large, supportive community that spans the globe."

Lifesnippets  Fashionmeetsorganic  Art  Literature  Philosophy  China  Collective  NGO_NPO  Press  Social_Networking 
july 2018 by eocas
The Useless Tree
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dao: Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life."

Blog enriched with directory of other resources in the internet about Chinese Philosophy, I Ching, Tao, China & East Asia news / politics.

By Sam Crane

Lifesnippets  Philosophy  China  news  Lifestyle  Directory_Database  Politics  USA  blog 
july 2018 by eocas
Circular Systems
"Circular Systems S.P.C. (Social Purpose Corporation). We are a clean-tech new materials company, focused on the development of innovative circular and regenerative technologies.

With our waste-to-fiber platforms; Texloop and Agraloop, and the revolutionary new Orbital Composite Yarn technology, we offer break-through solutions for the most efficient management of textile/apparel and agricultural waste streams."

Circular technologies portfolio:
"Agraloop - Bio-Refinery transforms food crop waste into high-value natural fiber products in a cost competitive and scaleable way, providing sustainable and regenerative benefits. The Agraloop can utilize a range of feed stocks including oilseed hemp and oilseed flax straw as well as pineapple leaves, banana trunks and sugar cane bark.
Orbital - Hybrid Yarns are a revolutionary new yarn technology capable of producing high-performance yarns using recycled fibers. The resulting yarns have low pilling, high strength, and moisture management properties.
“TEXLOOP - Lightest-Touch™️" processing strategies help to preserve maximum embedded energy in recycled materials. We upcycled textile and garment waste into valuable new materials."

Won 2018 H&M's Global Change Award innovation challenge.
Yitzac & Samuel Goldstein on board as well.
Based in Shenzhen / China.

Agrachina  Fashionmeetsorganic  Recycling  Sustainability  sustainablecompany  SocialEntrepreneur  Business_Advisory_relevant  hemp  linen  pineapple  Banana  sugarcane  Energy-saving  Fibres  Textile  up-cycling  shenzhen  China 
july 2018 by eocas
Sustainable Coffee Institute
SCI provides certified education for farmers and coffee professionals that shall lead to officially certified sustainable business practices.

Also they help connect farmers directly with demand-side in consuming countries, and vice versa through a web- and mobile app.

Brand/Organisation belongs to Torch Coffee Lab in Yunnan.

Agrachina  coffee  Sustainability  Education  certification  farm-to-table  farmers_livelihod  Apps  Platform  UrB  China  Yunnan  Rural_Development 
june 2018 by eocas
Development Reimagined
"Consultants with expertise in the fields of international development, diplomacy, environment and public relations, across all regions of the world. Thematic areas of expertise include:

- International Development projects and programmes

- Trade statistics and trends

- Development Effectiveness

- China’s Economic and Poverty Reduction experience

- International relations analysis

- African Development and Current Markets

- Agricultural Markets and Strategy

- Sustainable cities, transport and urbanisation

- Foreign Aid Trends

- South-South Cooperation

- Migration statistics and trends

- Industrialisation

- Green Growth, Climate Change Planning

- Private sector development

- Finance and investment"

Founded by Beijing-based UK-citizen Hannah Ryder.

Agrachina  China  Africa  Trade  agency  Consultancy  development  Sustainability 
may 2018 by eocas
Kente & Silk
"Kente & Silk aims to change the status quo of Africa-China relations by increasing African agency and strategic engagement within the relationship, and promoting deeper understanding and connections on both sides."

Organizers of the African Week ( including the China-African Stories conference on 20180519 in Beijing.

Agrachina  Africa  agency  Communication  Strategy  China  Beijing 
may 2018 by eocas
Urban Tribe 城市山民
"Urban Tribe, established in 2006 with its base in Shanghai, aims to explore natural spirit with original design of clothes, handmade jewelry, ceramics and more, all connected to a lifestyle inspired by tribal aesthetics and wisdom."

Their shops are inspired by tea-houses. Some of their production happens in Guizhou in artisan ways.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Brand  Shanghai  artisanal  Fashion  jewelry  tea  Guizhou  sustainablefashion  Fair_Trade  equality  handmade  China 
april 2018 by eocas
Headhunting platform focusing on IT, using AI-powered profiling for more efficiently staffing vacancies.

Based in Beijing / China.

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  China  Beijing  HR  Platform  Python  ai  agency  IT 
april 2018 by eocas
Creative Friends Asia – United Creatives
Creative Friends Asia is a community helping to improve standards for Creatives in Asia through meaningful platforms.
- Bridging creatives in Singapore and China with companies attracting new jobs and projects
- Creatives with unique ideas can benefit from our grant application services
- Own incubation program

Fashionmeetsorganic  Creative  Fundraising  incubator  Platform  Venture_Capital  network  HR  Communication  community  Singapore  China  grants 
april 2018 by eocas
Nebulas | Decentralised search framework for blockchain
From their whitepaper's abstract:
"Bitcoin brings "decentralized currency" to the world of blockchains, Ethereum system showcases "smart contract" [...] meanwhile Nebulas Blockchain is to build a self-evolving blockchain system based on value incentive. [...] It applies three concepts: Value rank of blockchains, the positive feedback ecosystem, and the self-evolving blockchain system. Based on these Nebulas' solution consists of:

- Nebulas Rank (the measure of value for blockchains)

- Nebulas Force (a fundamental self-evolving mechanism for blockchains)

- PoD (Proof of Devotion - mechanism of our innovation in consensus)

- DIP (Developer Incentive Protocol)"

In early 2018, a few months after the whitepaper, they mandated SatoshiBytes to review it which lead to new idea and critique:

Founders are NEO co-founders Hitters Xu and Aero Wang and also Robin Zhong (who helped build blockchain for Alibaba's Ant Financial). Listed as San Francisco / California, yet roots and operationas in Beijing / China.

Startupinthecloud  blockchain  decentralization  Framework  China  USA  Finance  development  Payment  Legal  Comparison  Directory_Database  Application  Database  Information_Platform  Economy  Ecosystem  Monetization  Beijing 
april 2018 by eocas
Douyin 抖音短视频
Chinese short video platform who in the first 12 months since start gained 100+ million users. Looking for brand partnerships in the vertical sectors, such as travel, food, fashion, sports and games.

Got a US$ 100m investment by Beijing Bytedance Technology Co (who is behind news aggregator Toutiao). They are hoping to tap into the international market with TikTok, the international version of Douyin. Bytedance also has acquired the competing short video platform

Fashionmeetsorganic  video  Video_Platform  China  Investor_Relations  Lifestyle 
april 2018 by eocas
Is Douyin the Right Social Video Platform for Luxury Brands?
"Over the past couple of months there’s been a lot of hype about Chinese short video social site Douyin (抖音). The app, launched in September 2016, took off in 2017, growing to over 100 million users within a year, becoming the number two ranked app overall in the Apple Chinese App store, and reaching first in the video/photo category.

This copycat has quickly become the go-to app for China’s Gen Z, causing leading platforms Meipai, Tudou, and even Weibo, to begin integrating Douyin-like features in an effort to retain young users.

Brands, frustrated with the high prices and declining organic reach on mature platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, have been eager to experiment with Douyin."

Fashionmeetsorganic  video  Video_Platform  China  e-commerce  Social_Media  luxury  Market_Report 
april 2018 by eocas
YCloset 衣二三
At YCloset, users can enroll for a monthly fees of about $72.3 and rent clothes and accessories free of charge. Founded in 2015, the Beijing-based online platform operates in about 40 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Completed a US$50 million fundraising round led by Alibaba Innovation Ventures, Softbank China and Sequoia China.

Tries to embrace circular economy, although still seem to be quite far away from zero-waste because the whole logistics and packaging processes along the rental supply chain make the overall environmental foodprint questionable.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Rent-Runway-Dress  circulareconomy  Textile  repair  upcycling  China  Beijing  Business_Advisory_relevant  vintage 
march 2018 by eocas
Make-a-Point 造点 (zào diǎn)
"Design-led innovation platform dedicated to facilitating business for the common good. [...] Instead of designing the downstream, notably finished artifacts, we swim upstream, to actively search for a role where design can generate new mind-sets, relations and networks to democratise innovation that leads to new solutions for emerging futures."

Agrachina  Innovation  China  agency  NGO_NPO  SocialEntrepreneur  Social  Ecosystem  Consultancy  Business  Designer  Sustainability  Beijing 
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"KTC Limited, an industry leader in performance garment manufacturing, produces premium technical woven and knit apparel in both China and Laos."

Member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Headquarter in Hong Kong (40+ years). Produces for Arc'teryx, Rapha, MAMMUT and other urban- and outdoor brands.

Interview with German CEO Gerhard Flatz about his mission to improve 'Made in China':

Fashionmeetsorganic  outdoor  Manufacturing  HongKong  Sourcing  sustainablecompany  Performance  garment  Apparel  China  Laos  Fair_Trade 
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Four Ever Green
"FourEverGreen works with existing producers and will continue to introduce new Hydroponic, Aquaponics, Aeroponics farms. This includes sustainable and environmentally friendly food produce, technology and operating facilities into Hong Kong, mainland China and other regions around the world.
food security, sustainability, OUR environment and the future of agriculture.
FourEverGreen also intends to introduce its own brand by the same name into supermarkets, hotels and health stores in Hong Kong, Southern China and elsewhere.
We off-take (wholesale) agreements whereby each food item is purchased at an agreed price for a period of time. All produce supplies only local markets thus ensuring a minimal carbon footprint – no air cargo or shipping.

We are also considering other farm facilities such as indoor, thus expanding the scope of growing produce to 12 months a year and providing a bigger variety."

HK-based startup (early 2018) for hydroponics. Their logistics are in Shenzhen and their farm in Guangzhou.

Agrachina  HongKong  shenzhen  Guangdong  Hydroponic  Aquaponics  sustainablecompany  Vegetables  China  Technology  ecological  Brand  farm  China_Investment 
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World Resources Institute
"WRI is a (Washington / USA-based) global research organization that spans more than 50 countries, with offices in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States. Our more than 700 experts and staff turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity and human well-being.
We envision an equitable and prosperous planet driven by the wise management of natural resources. We aspire to create a world where the actions of government, business, and communities combine to eliminate poverty and sustain the natural environment for all people.
Our "count it - change it - scale it" Approach:

1. Count It
[...] analysis identifies risks, unveils opportunities, and informs smart strategies.

2. Change It
We use our research to influence government policies, business strategies, and civil society action. We test projects with communities, companies, and government agencies to build a strong evidence base. Then, we work with partners to deliver change on the ground that alleviates poverty and strengthens society.

3. Scale It
We work with partners to adopt and expand our efforts regionally and globally."

p.s. Well-balanced article about sustainable fashion:

Agrachina  NGO_NPO  USA  Research  China  Sustainability  Environment  environmentalism  Analysis  civilsociety  community 
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International Rivers
"Since 1985 at the heart of the global struggle to protect rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them.

We work with an international network of dam-affected people, grassroots organizations, environmentalists, human rights advocates and others who are committed to stopping destructive river projects and promoting better options.

We seek a world where healthy rivers and the rights of local communities are valued and protected. We envision a world where water and energy needs are met without degrading nature or increasing poverty, and where people have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Based in four continents, our staff has expertise in big dams, energy and water policy, climate change, and international financial institutions. We support partner organizations and dam-affected people by providing advice, training and technical assistance, and advocating on their behalf with governments, banks, companies and international agencies. The focus of our work is in Latin America, Asia and Africa."

Also active in Guizhou / China.

Agrachina  water  Water_Pollution  Water_Resources  rural  Ecology  community  Africa  NGO_NPO  China  Guizhou  environmentalism  Sustainability 
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Natural Factory
"Collects examples to inspire us to ‘let nature be our factory’ in contemporary, sustainable ways. It’s a diverse selection of interesting examples to get the creative thoughts going, rather than an exhaustive academic database.

Designers, makers, architects, engineers … anyone involved in creating the things we need; are there ways you can better harness the waste-free circular economy offered by natural processes and organisms to create radically more sustainable solutions? This might be looking for contemporary ways of using natural materials, or even better innovating ways to ‘grow’ entire products – really letting nature be our factory.

Entries include drones grown from mushroom mycelium, bacterially produced biodegradable plastics and boutique furniture grown in a carbon-negative ‘orchard’, as well as more familiar natural materials and traditional craft processes which could be re-purposed or developed.

We are also including entries from the rapidly developing field of biotech / bio-hacking, which some believe holds the potential to provide materials and processes sustainably by interfacing with or carefully modifying living organisms (the jury is out on the long-term sustainability in some cases, but better to engage and be aware).

This is a voluntary project started by designer/maker/biologist friends from from several countries interested in exploring this field together.
Supporting organisations:
- MakerBay Hong Kong
- Hong Kong Polytechnic University Materials Research Centre (MRC)
- Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL)"

Agrachina  Sustainability  NGO_NPO  China  HongKong  shenzhen  Research  Database  Innovation  Architecture  natural  waste  circulareconomy  Biodiversity  Bio-based_Chemicals 
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The Coalition
"... Gathered around the idea that the current education system is inadequate for achieving a sustainable and peaceful world
The projects we work on are learner-centered education advocacy, decentralized accreditation systems, language learning for cultural understanding and empathy, research in adaptive and personalized learning, and learner-centered migrant school curriculum design.
Creating the conditions for an educated and informed population is a collective effort with many actors coming together using their unique strengths and perspectives. As designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers, software developers and teachers we contribute with different ideas and solutions."

Edu-tech company co-founded by Beijing-based Swede Jonathan Nylander.

Lifesnippets  Sweden  China  Education  Policy  decentralization  Social  SocialEntrepreneur  agency  Consultancy  Tech  Technology 
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Pool of Experts - International Business Experts
Directory with experts of all kind of industries in all kind of countries. I'll be part of it as an expert for agriculture in China. It will be interesting to see, what kind of requests we will get.
Main founders in 2006 were Swiss General Enterprise (OSEC), AMCham and Fargate.
20090518 /HAG

Edit 20180104: Website was and later got renamed-rerouted to

FYI -!/location/59/ (China-filter is applied which boils down to 11 entries from 355)
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Chinaccelerator 中国加速
Self-proclaimed leading internet startup accelerator in China. About:
"Mentorship-driven program helping internet startups from around the world cross borders – from the world into China and from China to the world. It is operated by the venture fund SOSV with $300M AUM operating eight global accelerators. Chinaccelerator offers three months of rigorous guidance, training and resources from mentors, partners and investors. The robust and supportive alumni network continues into the startups’ post-Chinaccelerator lifespan.

Since its inception in 2010, Chinaccelerator has helped 120+ companies build a China and global business. One of its co-founders, Cyril Ebersweiler, also founded HAX, the world’s first and largest hardware accelerator. William Bao Bean is the current Managing Director of Chinaccelerator and Partner at SOSV."

Mostly operating in Shanghai.

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Investor_Relations  Platform  China  Venture_Capital  Shanghai 
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Meet the woman leading China's new organic farming army
Comprehensive article about China's CSA landscape, some of their pioneers (ShiYan from LittleDongkey / SharedHarvest and Tianle from BJ FarmersMarket), the underlying reasons (pollution) and the required mindset shift (by consumers and farmers). It also refers to the Chinese term "Xin Nongren 新农人 New Farmers", a term fondly applied young Chinese who have quit jobs in the cities or elsewhere to devote themselves to sustainable farming.

Agrachina  Beijing  China  Organic  CSA_Community_Supported_Agriculture  Quality_Control  community  farm  farming  Agriculture  Organic_Agriculture  Organic_Certification  Organic_Farm  Food_Safety  Report  Sustainability  sustainable 
december 2017 by eocas
NEO Smart Economy
Considered to be China's Ethereum because its ecosystem-driven approach. Said to be in discussions with Chinese government to help them building some kind of national blockchain economy standard and solutions.

About NEO:
"NEO, formerly Antshares, is China's first ever open source blockchain. Founded in 2014, NEO’s mission has been to reinvent the way commerce is done. We believe technology drives progress and together we can create the future. Motivated by this, NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the Smart Economy.
NEO is the use of blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, the use of smart contracts for digital assets to be self-managed, to achieve "smart economy" with a distributed network."

Multi-platform support yet to develop requires Microsoft's .NET Core SDK.

Based in Beijing. Founder Da Hongfei.

blockchain  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Ecosystem  Finance  Legal  Policy  China  Economy  Payment  Standardization  government  network  Smart  decentralization  Platform  fintech  opensource 
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CASVI - China Alliance of Social Value Investment-Shenzhen (社会价值投资联盟)
"First licensed non-profit-organization specializing in social value (impact) investment promotion in China. Initiated by 50 prominent institutions led by YouChange Social Entrepreneur Foundation, United Nations Social Impact Fund, Investment Association of China, Tsing Capital Investment.
The pursuit of social value, sustainable returns and measurable evaluation should be attached with the same importance, and the economic incentives and social goals should be combined. Hence, the enterprises, social organization, masses and government can be encouraged to work effectively and jointly push forward the sustainable development of the economy and society.
social issues like polarization between the rich and the poor, environmental protection, climate change
effective approach is to unite the government, market and social departments for joint social innovation action, and guide the good capital or patient capital to enterprises or organizations which are adept in identifying social issues and provide sustainable solutions. Only in this way can the antagonism between the society and commerce be broken, and a new social ecological system developed.
Supply-demand analysis framework report on the diversified subjects and mechanisms that promote social value investment in China."

Key elements:
- Implementation rules for the government to purchase public service from the society
- Infrastructure construction in relation to social value investment market
- Researches on the concept framework and ecology of social value investment
- Responsible consumption and procurement should be advocated
- Social value investment should be introduced to the reform of state-owned enterprises and public institution.
- Laws and policy systems concerned should be improved, market players and service organizations (incl. Advisory Committee) should be developed.

Investment fields:
- Inclusive Financing
- Intelligent Manufacturing
- Green Agriculture
- Health & Pension
- Green Energy
- Education Quality

Three-A Model for social value investment:
1. Aim,
2. Approach,
3. Action.

Policy recommendations in consideration of:
- Definition difficulty,
- Imbalanced participants,
- Incomplete chain development
- Undefined system framework
- Inadequate tools

Based in Shenzhen.

China  Agrachina  Investor_Relations  Fundraising  Business_Advisory_relevant  NGO_NPO  Social  SocialEntrepreneur  development  Sustainability  Environment  goodgovernance  Policy  Research  Finance  Manufacturing  Green-New-Wave  Greentech  GreenArchitecture  Energy  Education  Innovation  Ecology 
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"AidData is a research lab at William & Mary's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations. We equip policymakers and practitioners with better evidence to improve how sustainable development investments are targeted, monitored, and evaluated.
Who is doing what, where, for whom, and to what effect?
Generating and publishing more sectorally and spatially precise data on bilateral and multilateral aid projects.
Features / Datasets:
- Tracking Underreported Financial Flows
- Geospatial Impact Evaluation / Natural Resource Concessions
- SDG Coding
- Geocoding
[ ...]
Special focus on China and Africa. Dedicated report:
"AidData releases first-ever global dataset on China’s development spending spree - More than USD $350 billion in foreign aid and other forms of state financing that China committed to five major regions of the world."

Excerpts China report:
- Chinese government considers its international development finance program to be a "state secret"
- China's official financing, including foreign aid, concessional and non-concessional state financing, to 140 countries
- A clear majority of U.S. spending (USD $395) was in the form of official development assistance (ODA), "the strict definition of aid," while the bulk of Chinese spending focused on other official flows (OOF), which is primarily intended for commercial projects
- Infrastructure dominates the majority of Chinese funds, particularly transportation
- Many top recipients are members of the Belt and Road Initiative
- Risky to run into repayment difficulties by lending money to countries where World Bank's indicator for rule of law is critical

Top 10 recipients of official Chinese development aid:
- Cuba ($6.7b)
- Cote d'Ivoire ($4b)
- Ethiopia ($3.7b)
- Zimbabwe ($3.6b)
- Cameroon ($3.4b)
- Nigeria ($3.1b)
- Tanzania ($3b)
- Cambodia ($3b)
- Sri Lanka ($2.8b)
- Ghana ($2.5b)

gis  development  Africa  China  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  datasource  Data  NGO_NPO  Policy  Politics  research  open-data 
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The SLab
"The SLab is space to discover, learn, and experiment with a variety of skills & crafts. From sewing to prop-making, The SLab is committed to helping our students realise their creative pursuits through sharing knowledge and support.
Since 2016 in Dongzhimen / Beijing."

Education  Sustainability  Craftsmanship  Fashionmeetsorganic  repair  Textile  China  Beijing  workshop 
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The B/Side Project
"B/Side Design is an international organization developing and implementing strategies of urban and social impact targeting untapped areas of economic development in the context of the People’s Republic of China. By leveraging transectorial coalitions across public, private and corporate networks invested in the sustainability of future cities, it tailor-makes context-sensitive programs and contents for urban communities and stakeholders."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Education  Agrachina  design  urban  Urbanism  China  Social  development  Beijing 
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Experts: China won't meet 2030 air quality standards by solely enforcing end-of-pipe controls (Original: 专家:仅靠末端控制,2030年空气质量无法达标)
Summary by Lauri Myllyvirta from Greenpeace China:
"Important Qinghua study: 30% of Chinese cities can't meet air quality standards with end-of-pipe controls only - China needs to cut coal to 35% of total energy, end small-scale coal use, cut heavy industry output by 25% and CO2 by 17% to meet even current air quality standards."

China  Agrachina  Energy  Energiemix  Standardization  Environment  Policy  Research  NGO_NPO  coal  Renewable_Energy  Industry  Air  Pollution 
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United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
"Established in 1994, the United Nations to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) is the sole legally binding international agreement linking environment and development to sustainable land management. The Convention addresses specifically the arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas, known as the drylands, where some of the most vulnerable ecosystems and peoples can be found. In the 10-Year Strategy of the UNCCD (2008-2018) that was adopted in 2007, Parties to the Convention further specified their goals:

'to forge a global partnership to reverse and prevent desertification/land degradation and to mitigate the effects of drought in affected areas in order to support poverty reduction and environmental sustainability'

The UNCCD secretariat facilitates cooperation between developed and developing countries, particularly around knowledge and technology transfer for sustainable land management.

As the dynamics of land, climate and biodiversity are intimately connected, the UNCCD collaborates closely with the other two Rio Conventions; the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), to meet these complex challenges with an integrated approach and the best possible use of natural resources."

One of their strategic communication platforms is the Global Land Outlook (GLO) which in 201709 published an extensive report:

UNCCD's 13th session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention to Combat Desertification (COP13) also took place in 201709 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

Agrachina  Desertification  Land_Rejuvenation  erosion  Policy  China  innermongolia  Environment  Sustainability  development  Rural_Development  environmentalism  Biodiversity  climatechange  Research  Research_Papers  Research_Report_Database 
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China Policy

"China Policy is a globally recognised research and strategic advisory, headquartered in Beijing.

Building strategic thinking on policy process and risk, we work with corporate clients, governments, multilateral agencies, universities and non-profits.

Our strength lies in our macro approach, the breadth of our Chinese-language evidence base, and our principals’ decades of first-hand China experience. We see emerging patterns, identify the interests driving them, and extrapolate trends.

Our analysis supports our clients’ strategic decisions. On our evidence:
- A resource MNC tests its long-term market movement assumptions
- A financial services provider has early warning of regulatory shifts
- An agricultural industry association maps future Chinese demand
- A global conservation foundation recasts its engagement strategy
- A national broadcaster grounds its China coverage
- A university tracks R&D trends to promote cross-border commercialisation
- A government agencies monitor legislative moves affecting national interests"

Agrachina  Policy  Research  Research_Institutes  Research_Papers  Research_Report_Database  Sustainability  China  China_Agricultural_Market_Analysis  China_Economy_Reports  China_Investment  Business  Strategy  agency 
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China’s Cybersecurity Law Gives the Ministry of State Security Unprecedented New Powers Over Foreign Technology
"The vagueness and opacity of the definitions in the CSL means that many foreign companies, especially those considered part of the “critical information infrastructure,” will have to make the grim choice between giving their proprietary technology/intellectual property to the MSS and being excluded from the mainland Chinese market."

legal  security  China 
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fintech 4 good
"Fintech for Good is a global movement for change in financial services, promoting accountability, responsibility and sustainability. We organise networking events, "hack" days, workshops, company search and an accelerator programme for fledgling fintech ventures.

Our vision is one where finance is used for more than profit; a world where finance is deployed to also deliver environmental, social and governance benefits for a sustainable future.

Global community of individuals, professionals, startups, small and large companies worldwide who are purposing finance for the 21st Century. Together we share knowledge, expertise, ideas and opportunities with each other. Meet, learn, discuss, contribute, challenge and be challenged.

Connect with us for networking events, online seminars, power talks from industry experts, investment opportunities, retreats and our global startup accelerator programme.

We're busy making plans in London and San Francisco but are growing rapidly and building partnerships across the world."

Based in London / UK.

Note: There exists a network with the same name and almost identical URL ( in Qingdao / China (or Beijing).

Agrachina  fintech  Finance  Business  development  blockchain  China  Shandong  Africa  award  incubator  Investor_Relations  Venture_Capital 
september 2017 by eocas
A Beijing & Qingdao-based global FinTech and Blockchain acceleration network (commercial?), formally announced the launch of a new Global Acceleration Program for startups across eight major cities: Washington DC, Chicago, London, Nairobi, Shanghai, Astana, Singapore, and Tel Aviv. To help the most impactful blockchain startups develop and launch pilots and facilitate market expedition. Their goal is to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. FinTech4Good entrepreneurs will be matched with mentors, and provided co-working spaces, funding opportunities, and introductions to local partners
FinTech4Good believes that digital identity is one of the key foundations for blockchain-based solutions in the financial sector and many other industries. For example, the organization is pursuing partnerships with governments in Africa on identity solutions for the education sector. Founder is Xiaochen Zhang.

Note: There exists a network with the same name and almost identical URL ( in London / UK.

Agrachina  fintech  Finance  Business  development  blockchain  China  Shandong  Africa  award  incubator  Investor_Relations  Venture_Capital 
september 2017 by eocas
"V/COLLECTIVE is an international creative agency that gathers a group of world-renowned designers, stylists, and artists to work with brands in order to initiate distinctive impact and internationalization.

Based in Shanghai and inspired by the emerging needs in Asia, we are striving to enhance our clients’ industry competitiveness through integrating marketing and creativity, PR, crossover projects and insightful internationalization services."

Works with Chinese clients like Peacebird, ZUCZUG / kleeklee, JNBY, V Grass, Angel Chen, Vmajor or Urban Revivo.

Interview with founder Vito Plantamura:

Different approach:
"We specifically look for brands with an artist in mind. Instead of companies choosing us we actually seek out companies that would suit our artists’ style and outlook. We really consider our artists and try to cultivate a long term plan for their work. We want them to have longevity and relevance far into the future."

One of their artists Taiwanese art photographer Shen Peiyu.

Fashionmeetsorganic  agency  China  Creative  Advertisement  Publicity  PR  Shanghai  artist  Designer 
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Zhisland Capital 正和岛 (ZhengHeDao)
"Zhisland Capital is a Beijing-based private equity firm. The company aims to help fundraising within its community and connect entrepreneurs to investors."

"China’s business elite have their own private social network called Zhenghe Island, founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Liu Donghua.
private Facebook-esque social network called Zhenghe Island costs about $5,000 a year and requires that members be the founder, CEO, or president of a company with annual turnover of no less than 50 million yuan ($8.1 million), as well as “a contributor to society.”
The Five Prohibitions
1. Communication without faith
2. Commerce without ethical bottom line
3. Personality without integrity
4. Charity without principle
5. Entertainment without morality
Six Rules of Conduct
1. Rational judgment and constructive expression
2. Keep one’s word and honor one’s commitments
3. Be tolerant of personalities and respect differences
4. No bothering or harassment
5. No spam and no soliciting
6. Refraining from disclosing information outside the Island"

import_simplenote  Agrachina  Venture_Capital  Investor_Relations  China  Beijing 
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Capturing the Rains: A Comparative Study of Chinese Involvement in Cameroon’s Hydropower Sector
Working paper by Yunnan Chen and David Landry from the SAIS China Africa Research Initiative.

"[...] could contribute to energy infrastructure and security. However, many of China’s hydropower projects remain controversial both domestically and overseas due to their social and environmental impacts, and perceived lack of transparency. This paper compares two partially-complete hydropower projects in Cameroon financed and constructed in the last five years: one financed by China Eximbank, the other financed by a multilateral consortium led by the World Bank. The single country case study offers an opportunity to evaluate the projects’ tendering, approval, and implementation processes by the Cameroonian government, and to examine how the different financing arrangements have influenced implementation and approaches to environmental and social impacts and mitigation. Although both projects show similarities in their adherence to domestic laws and organizational regulations, the degree and rigor of implementation and the involvement of financiers in the process differs considerably."

import_simplenote  Agrachina  Research  China  Africa  Energy  Energy_Production  cameroon  Social  Environment  Finance 
november 2016 by eocas
Science, Technology, and the Politics of Knowledge- The Case of China’s Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centers in Africa
By China Agricultural University, Beijing, China and Research for Development Trust, Harare, Zimbabwe.

"• The mismatch between policy design and implementation of Chinese African Technology Development Centres (ATDCs) is examined.

• Ethnographic data from four ATDCs in African countries are used to examine day-to-day negotiations over knowledge and politics.

• The ATDCs are seen as an embodiment of a “traveling technocratic rationality”, rooted in the history of Chinese agricultural policy.

• The ATDCs provide possible alternative development pathways for agricultural technology cooperation in Africa."

import_simplenote  Agrachina  Technology  China  Africa  Zimbabwe  Research  Policy  Knowledge  Agricultural_Development 
october 2016 by eocas
Roundabout 众爱
"Roundabout is a social enterprise headed by volunteers. We provide a free service connecting those who wish to give, be that monetary or otherwise, to those in need. Started in 2008, we were the first charity store in mainland China. We now give support to 48 charitable organizations in the Beijing area and many more throughout China, Inner Mongolia and Mongolia."

beijing  China  vintage  recycling  up-cycling  Community  ethics  UK  import_fashionmeetsorganic  NGO_NPO  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2016 by eocas
Migrant Children's Foundation MCF
"MCF is a non-profit organisation registered in the UK. Our aims are to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children in China through various forms of voluntary work, sponsorship, vocational activities and events. Our volunteers undertake support placements at under-resourced schools in Beijing, but the focus isn't only on teaching – it's about sharing experiences, giving time, learning new skills and experiencing life in one of the oldest, most fascinating and fast-changing countries on earth."

beijing  China  clothes  recycling  up-cycling  vintage  events  children  Education  import_fashionmeetsorganic  NGO_NPO  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2016 by eocas
Simply Simple 素道 ( Natures Purest Textile (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. / 北京中彩天星纺织品有限公司 )
Beijing-based organic children clothes apparel brand. Applies GOTS or at least Oeko-Tex and Chinese standard organic certification ("生态纺织品认证和国标GB/T19630《有机产品》认证").

Organic  apparel  fashion  Organic_Textile  cotton  beijing  China  children  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2016 by eocas
PurpleSky Capital 紫辉创投
Shanghai-based venture capital company focusing on Chinese startups in the segments of mobile internet cloud computing / SaaS. Looking at younger demographics and focused on investments towards wider public mainstream appeal such as dating app Momo 陌陌 or alternative mobile phone Smartisan 锤子科技官网. No food, agriculture or even sustainability-oriented investment object as of 2016.

technology  investor_relations  Venture_Capital  entrepreneurship  import_agrachina  Agrachina  China 
october 2016 by eocas
Health effect of agricultural pesticide use in China: implications for the development of GM crops journal article by Chao Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology), Ruifa Hu, Jikun Huang & Xusheng Huang. Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

"It is notable that the adoption of GM glyphosate-tolerant crops increases glyphosate use but reduces non-glyphosate herbicide use; and adoption of GM insect-resistant crops significantly reduces insecticide use. While the health hazard of pesticide use has been well documented, little literature evaluates the health effects of different pesticides related to GM crops in an integrated framework. This study aims to associate the uses of different pesticides related to GM crops with the blood chemistry panel and peripheral nerve conduction of Chinese farmers. Pesticides used by farmers were recorded and classified as glyphosate, non-glyphosate herbicides, chemical lepidopteran insecticides, biological lepidopteran insecticides, non-lepidopteran insecticides and fungicides. The multivariate regression results show that none of the examined 35 health indicators was associated with glyphosate use, while the use of non-glyphosate herbicides was likely to induce renal dysfunction and decrease of serum folic acid. The use of chemical lepidopteran insecticides might be associated with hepatic dysfunction, serum glucose elevation, inflammation and even severe nerve damage. In this context, if GM crops are adopted, the alterations in pesticide use may benefit farmer health in China and globe, which has positive implications for the development of GM crops."

Note this republication:

research  agriculture  Pesticide  China  GMO  journals  technology  Health  farming  Herbicide  import_agrachina  Agrachina 
october 2016 by eocas
NSFC - National Natural Science Foundation of China - 国家自然科学基金委员会 - Guójiā zìrán kēxué jījīn wěiyuánhuì
"NSFC is an institution directly under the jurisdiction of the State Council to administrate the National Natural Science Fund. In accordance with the government's strategies and plans for the development of science and technology, NSFC is responsible for directing, coordinating and making effective use of the national natural science fund to support basic research and stimulate free exploration, identify and foster scientific talents , as well as to promote progress in science and technology and the harmonious socioeconomic development for the nation."

The leading council members are professors of solid mechanics, molecular biology and genetics, physical chemistry, metallurgy and chemical engineering, geochemistry, computer software and electronic engineering and materials science.

research  Research_Institutes  NGO_NPO  China  Pesticide  GMO  import_agrachina  Agrachina 
october 2016 by eocas
GMOs=Monoculture=Bio-disaster? Time to revise simplistic ideological narrative
Pro-GMO propaganda in disguise of being "the voice of science" [asserting that GMO proponents are misleading].

Written by Andrew Porterfield at the NGO 'Genetic Literacy Project' whose slogan is "science not ideology" and mission "What benefits do advances in genetics offer? What are the potential pitfalls?"

Their Glyphosate-blogroll ( publishes new posts almost daily with consistently pro-Roundup positions regarding usage and also regulations. Including from China such as Chao Zhang's report (originally published in journal as 'Health effect of agricultural pesticide use in China: implications for the development of GM crops').

The NGO's 'Genetic Literacy Project' executive director is Jon Entine, media science advisors are Kevin Davies and Elizabeth Finkel, science & risk communication advisors are Geoffrey Kabat and Gary L. Kreps, human genetics advisors are Henry Harpending, Caroline Lieber, Ariella Oppenheim, Sharon Terry and food security advisors are Peggy G. Lemaux, C.S. Prakash, Chavali Kameswara Rao and legal and ethics advisors are Laurie Zoloth.

GMO  Press  research  NGO_NPO  Pesticide  policy  politics  China  import_agrachina  Agrachina  usa 
october 2016 by eocas
TEMPER Magazine
Online blog / magazine about the new "Made In China": Fashion And Design. By founder and editor Elsbeth van Paridon who also is affiliated with SIX magazine / Alina Rätsep ( ).

sustainability  magazine  blog  China  Fashion  design  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
september 2016 by eocas
Risky business: instability and lack of local knowledge hold back Chinese firms in Africa, report says
"China has greatly expanded its infrastructure, energy, mining and manufacturing businesses in Africa in recent years, but the investment environment there has many risks and many companies’ operations are flawed, according to the annual report on development in Africa by the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Regional wars and conflicts have cost Chinese enterprises massively in countries such as Libya, Ivory Coast and South Sudan, while investment in the oil industry is going to areas where extremist groups like Boko Haram are ­expanding."

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The Natural Step - Accelerate the transition to a sustainable society
NPO founded in founded in Sweden in 1989 by Karl-Henrik Robèrt.

They attempt to draft the following definition of sustainability:

"The Four System Conditions of a Sustainable Society - A Science-Based Definition of Sustainability:

-> Framework For Strategic Sustainable Development revolves around a robust, science-based definition of sustainability. “Robust” means that the principles contained in this definition are both necessary and enough to achieve sustainability. They are also applicable to any activity at any scale and they don’t overlap (each principle covers its own domain).
Scientifically ... four system conditions ... basic sustainability principles:

In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing …

1. … concentrations of substances from the earth’s crust (such as fossil CO2 and heavy metals),

2. … concentrations of substances produces by society (such as antibiotics and endocrine disruptors),
3. … degradation by physical means (such as deforestation and draining of groundwater tables),

4. ... in that society … there are no structural obstacles to people’s health, influence, competence, impartiality and meaning."

They developed the ABCD PROCESS to help interested companies to apply the rules for sustainability to their core business model, to improve long-term value creation. Steps:

A. Awareness: ‘whole-systems’ definition to build a vision

B. Baseline assessment: Conduct a sustainability ‘gap analysis’ of the major flows and impacts of the organisation. Assist organisations to identify critical sustainability issues, their business implications, and strategic opportunities for change.

C. Creative solutions: Innovative ways to realize vision by re-shaping mission, strategy and organization.

D. Devise a plan: Milestone plan with first steps, “low hanging fruits” and longer term planning."

Have branch offices and partners in Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, China, Israel, Germany.

In Switzerland their org
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Statement about Stopping Cooperation with Seafile GmbH
Ownership dispute between the founders and developers of Seafile, the China-based Seafile Ltd ( | ) and their German-based reseller Seafile GmbH ( | ).

The conflict became public with this announcement by the German side:

Which the Chinese side responded:
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To which the German side clarified their point:

The Chinese side intends to change from the current GPL 2 license to AGPL 3 license.

Obviously the German side's forking wasn't a clear cut the way LibreOffice, FreeNAS or NextCloud did.

This fork-vs-takeover public fight with both parties claiming the right for the brand will weaken their open-source / free software community and drive away existing customers of their PRO Enterprise edition.

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MTP (Shanghai Roots & Shoots Million Tree Project)
"Since 2007 aims to raise community awareness [...] By planting trees in Inner Mongolia, the Million Tree Project is designed to improve both ecological and humanitarian conditions there [...] fight climate change by planting oxygen-producing trees. It also encompasses true capacity building as the local population is intimately involved with, and benefits from, every step of planting, maintaining and monitoring the trees.
Land exploitation such as overgrazing and over-farming have degraded the land of Tongliao Municipality, and the now desertified area is expanding at an astonishing rate.
This project will reforest the area in order to revitalize the land and block the sandstorms.
Planted the first million trees in 2012.
Besides planting, community and education programs are implemented through our program to raise awareness and assist local living standards, ensuring positive impacts and project sustainability."

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Eco Eating in China - What you need to know about environmentally friendly food in China, and how you can help create positive change.
Articles explore offerings of eco-friendly markets and restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai that also cater to expats.

By Jennifer Stevens, seen via CityWeekend 08/2016@BJ.

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Today's Fight for the Future of Fashion - Is there room for fast fashion in a Beautiful China?
Report summary:
"Water risks faced by the global fashion industry against a backdrop of a Beautiful China “where the sky is blue, the land is green and the water runs clear”. Also explored are opportunities and the “future of fashion”.

Key risks and opportunities covered in the brief are:

Dirty thirsty fashion: a clear target in ‘Beautiful China’;
Short-term risks: Water Ten Plan;
Stricter enforcement: new environmental law & policies;
Long-term risks: high raw material exposure, soil clean-up & ‘Made In China 2025’;
High reputational risk: continued NGO pressure & the new Chinese consumer;
Brand rankings on sustainability: leaders & laggards; and
The future of fashion: closing the loop & who can help.
There are clear short and long term business & financial impacts for the global fashion industry in a Beautiful China, but opportunities are also abound. Get updated and on top of these and find out what this means for OEMS and brands now!"

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Henry Luce Foundation

"Established in 1936 by Henry R. Luce, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Time Inc., to honor his parents who were missionary educators in China.
Broadening knowledge and encouraging the highest standards of service and leadership.
Seeks to bring important ideas to the center of American life, strengthen international understanding, and foster innovation and leadership in academic, policy, religious and art communities.
Grant-making programs:
American Art;
Luce Scholars;
Higher Education;
Religion in International Affairs;
Public Policy;
Women in science, mathematics and engineering.
Asia Program pursues two interrelated goals. One is fostering cultural and intellectual exchange between the United States and the countries of East and Southeast Asia. The second is creating scholarly and public resources for improved understanding of Asia in the United States."

For example 'China-Africa Knowledge Project' ( ) gets funded by HLF.

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China-Africa Knowledge Project Resource Hub
"The China-Africa Knowledge Project Resource Hub is a one-stop shop for researchers and practitioners working on the China-Africa relationship.

As the primary platform for the work of the Social Science Research Council’s China-Africa Knowledge Project, this site actively builds generative connections between scholars across disciplines and regions while organizing a growing and fragmented body of knowledge and connecting it to important trends in the social sciences relevant for understanding China and Africa’s new international relations.

As host to the Chinese in Africa / Africans in China Research Network, it widens the reach of existing cross-regional communities of knowledge."

Headquarter in NY, USA. Funded by Henry Luce Foundation.

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Deborah Brautigam
"Has been writing about the fact and fiction of China and Africa; state-building; governance and foreign aid for more than 20 years. Her 2015 book 'Will Africa Feed China?' sheds light on the contrast between realities, and the conventional wisdom, on Chinese agricultural investment in Africa. She is also author of 'The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa'. She's founding director of the China Africa Research Initiative (CARI) at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
she has been senior research fellow with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in Washington, DC.
She has served as a consultant for Transparency International, the United Nations, the World Bank, DFID, GIZ, DANIDA, the African Development Bank, and USAID, and has provided commentary to the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Guardian, CNN, NPR, Al-Jazeera, VOA, CCTV, and MSNBC."

Member of Working Group on scholarly China-Africa Knowledge Project:

Personal blog on China-Africa:

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China Africa Project
"The China Africa Project is a multimedia resource dedicated to exploring every aspect of China’s growing engagement with Africa. Through a combination of original content and curation of third-party material from across the Internet, the CAP’s objective is purely informational. None of the blog’s authors or producers have any vested interest in any Chinese or African position."

Main categories are:

Culture 文化
Development 发展
Diplomacy 外交
Economy 经济
Media 媒体
Military 军事
Resources 资源
Immigration 移民

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