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Sustainable Development Committee (北京国际交流协会可持续发展专业委员会 Beijing International Association of Sustainable Development Professional Committee)
"The SDC committee is committed to the research and practice of sustainable development; to provide a broadened global vision of ecological environment, financial order and moral culture; and through international exchanges as well as collaborations in eco-community, healthcare and epidemic prevention, energy technology and cultural & creativity, we actively promote sustainable development of eco-civilization reflected by harmonious co-existence between men as well as human and nature.

The Committee positioned itself as a platform for Chinese and international think tanks to build connections with one another, and it is also a cultivation centre for identified talented doers."

Registered 2005 in Beijing, yet with many of its members based in Chengdu / Sichuan and tightly related with Huadao Eco-Village that is localised there.

One of the founding organizers of Hanwang Forum, an annual conference similar to WEF Davos with ~2,000 participants consisting of government leaders, royalties, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, entrepreneurs, experts and academics from United Nations, European Union, over 40 countries and regions across Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The respective fields of “Hanwang 7+1” are namely Government Policies, Civil Society, Agriculture and Food, Healthcare, New Energy (Energy Conservation), Information Technology, Eco-community as well as Cultural Heritage and Innovation.

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Can Europe be saved
The article explains why the Apple store is not compatible with the Open Source GPL user agreement.
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Koalition statt Konkordanz
This NZZ article from historian Thomas Meissen is a mindgame about whether the Swiss political system should be changed from concordance to coalition or opposition. 

One reason is that the biggest party of Switzerland, the right-wing SVP / UDC would be more pressured to realize their demagogic rhetoric:

"Die SVP müsste uneingeschränkte Verantwortung für die Folgen einer demagogischen Politik übernehmen und dazu das tun, was sie gerade bekämpft: einen starken, teuren Staat schaffen, der zum Beispiel eine überdimensionierte Milizarmee aufrechterhält, Agrarsubventionen finanziert und diese aussenpolitisch verteidigt."


"Doch die EU, die USA, supranationale Gerichte und andere ausländische Partner werden künftig wenig Rücksicht nehmen auf eine Regierung, die sich hinter den Zwängen der Direkt- und Konsensdemokratie versteckt. Wer seine eigenen Angelegenheiten nicht verantwortungsbewusst selbst anpackt, wird stets als äusseren Zwang empfinden, was zeitgemässes Handeln ist."
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january 2011 by eocas

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