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Excerpts from fashioncrossover:
"Specialised in sustainability and circular design, French sustainable Haute Couture designer Aurelie Fontan established her label in London after graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art. With a Fine Art background, Aurelie pushes technological innovation and scientific discoveries to the forefront of her design process, combining avant-garde aesthetics and sustainable manufacturing methods.

With most of her fabrics made by hand and from scratch, she advocates for a technocraftivism that references her Parisian roots - couture craftsmanship - and a real focus on forward-thinking techniques - laser cutting, bio-mimicry, etc. Her collection TENSEGRITY tackles the issue of single-use plastic items, through upcycled cable ties that replace traditional seaming methods. This allows each piece to be easily recyclable. She also grew a dress from bacterias that are 100% biodegradable and compostable."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Brand  Designer  indiedesign  Paris  France  up-cycling  London  UK  haute_couture  material  Innovation  Bio-based_Chemicals  circulareconomy  Sustainability 
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Artist residency portal.

"We are an association of over 650 centers, organisations, and individuals in over 70 countries. Each of our members is dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.

Through Res Artis, organisations become part of a global community of colleagues engaged in dialogue through our face-to-face meetings and virtually through our online presence.

Those interested in attending a residency can use the information and resources on our website, gaining insights into the profiles of our members and staying informed about their events and application deadlines.

Since 1993, through the volunteer efforts of the Board of Directors, dedicated staff and countless partners and friends, Res Artis has grown to become the largest network of its kind, promoting the role of residential art programs as a vital part of the contemporary arts world, stimulating the creative development and mobility of artists, and furthering intercultural understanding."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Lifesnippets  Association  NGO_NPO  Netherlands  artist  community  Collaboration  events  Research  creation  Creative  Inspiration  Innovation  Culture  Directory_Database  curation  Art  Platform  residencies  grants 
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Sustainable Development Committee (北京国际交流协会可持续发展专业委员会 Beijing International Association of Sustainable Development Professional Committee)
"The SDC committee is committed to the research and practice of sustainable development; to provide a broadened global vision of ecological environment, financial order and moral culture; and through international exchanges as well as collaborations in eco-community, healthcare and epidemic prevention, energy technology and cultural & creativity, we actively promote sustainable development of eco-civilization reflected by harmonious co-existence between men as well as human and nature.

The Committee positioned itself as a platform for Chinese and international think tanks to build connections with one another, and it is also a cultivation centre for identified talented doers."

Registered 2005 in Beijing, yet with many of its members based in Chengdu / Sichuan and tightly related with Huadao Eco-Village that is localised there.

One of the founding organizers of Hanwang Forum, an annual conference similar to WEF Davos with ~2,000 participants consisting of government leaders, royalties, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, entrepreneurs, experts and academics from United Nations, European Union, over 40 countries and regions across Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The respective fields of “Hanwang 7+1” are namely Government Policies, Civil Society, Agriculture and Food, Healthcare, New Energy (Energy Conservation), Information Technology, Eco-community as well as Cultural Heritage and Innovation.

Agrachina  Sustainability  community  NGO_NPO  Sichuan  Chengdu  sustainable  development  Policy  civilsociety  Agricultural_Development  Platform  Conference  Beijing  China  Organic_Agriculture  health  Energy-saving  Information_Society  Information_Technology  Ecology  Culture  History  Innovation  Environment  Collaboration  Creative 
5 weeks ago by eocas
The Enterprisers Project | A community of CIOs discussing the future of business and IT
"The Enterprisers Project is a community and online publication built to discuss the evolving role of the CIO and how they are driving business value in an increasingly digital world. The Enterprisers Project is a collaborative effort between Harvard Business Review and Red Hat. Each week we share articles written by CIOs, for CIOs and other IT executives, that are aimed at elevating the role of CIO from technology service provider to innovation driver in partnership with the business.
What is an Enterpriser?
In an era of increasing IT complexity and digital disruption, CIOs are busier than ever. Yet, our community of 60+ business-minded IT leaders, who we call Enterprisers, take the time to regularly contribute advice, lessons learned, and invaluable insight into how they inspire enterprise-wide innovation.

In addition to Enterpriser articles, we feature original research, exclusive HBR reports, infographics, videos, Q&As, news, and other resources that IT professionals find valuable. "

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Education  Magazine  community  CIO  Linux  opensource  IT  Management  Collaboration  Innovation  Technology  Enterprise_Architecture  Video_Platform  news 
5 weeks ago by eocas
Althea - Faster, cheaper, decentralized internet
"Althea is a system that lets routers pay each other for bandwidth. This allows people to set up decentralized ISPs in their communities. In an Althea network, instead of one ISP at the top collecting monthly payments, many different people can earn money by expanding and strengthening the network."

Startupinthecloud  decentralization  Networking  Monetization  Business_Advisory_relevant  Innovation  via:tobym 
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YPARD | Young Professionals for Agricultural Development
"YPARD enables and empowers young agricultural leaders who shape sustainable food systems. It is an international movement by Young Professionals FOR Young Professionals for Agricultural Development.
This global on-line and off-line communication and discussion platform is meant to enable and empower young agricultural leaders around the world to shape sustainable food systems."

Started in 2005, hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), Bioversity International and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In 2006 in Bern, Switzerland funding support by SDC and official formation in India soon after.

Besides of fostering discussion via their social network function are they also have a regularly updated directory related to fundraising. For example they have posted the 'International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture' from the FAO and the Swiss governmentfor which our UR Bridge app is eligible for the 'Award for Digitalization and innovation for Sustainable Food Systems (USD 40 000)'.

Agrachina  Rural_Development  community  Social  SocialEntrepreneur  Social_Networking  Agricultural_Development  Forum  foodsystems  Food_And_Agriculture_Organization  Policy  Politics  Sustainability  poverty  Fundraising  Innovation  Italy  Switzerland  UrB 
january 2019 by eocas
Solar Impulse Foundation - Bridging the gap between ecology and economy
"One of the first to envision ecology through the lens of profitability, Bertrand Piccard has always advocated that protection of the environment would become a reality only if it was perceived as economically viable and requiring no financial or behavioural sacrifices. He actively speaks out against the absurdity of old and polluting devices and systems, and promotes the benefits of new existing efficient technologies and solutions to motivate governments and industries to take action. A way to prove that solving climate change – rather than an expensive problem – is a fantastic market opportunity."

One of the main programs of the Solar Impulse Foundation is their Label:

"For the first time a label proves the economic profitability of solutions that protect the environment
selecting 1,000 solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way and awarding them the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label.

This label serves as a new and credible symbol that can be applied to products, processes and services and serves as a guarantee of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions, and affords a competitive edge to the innovators behind them.

Assessed by independent experts for their technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefits, and economic profitability, a portfolio of these solutions will be brought to decision-makers to encourage them to adopt much more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies."

Agrachina  Energy  Energy-saving  Sustainability  Label  award  foundation  Switzerland  Innovation  Environment  environmentalism  Technology  SocialEntrepreneur  Business_Advisory_relevant  Business_Model  ecological  Economy  climatechange 
january 2019 by eocas
Innovation Award of Kering x Plug and Play
"The Kering Sustainable Innovation Award is dedicated to accelerating sustainable innovation in the Luxury and fashion sectors in China. Inspired by Kering’s motto Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury, Kering initiated this program – powered by its partner, Silicon Valley-originated VC Plug and Play – to identify promising change-making startups and technologies in Greater China.
in order to identify innovative solutions along the entire apparel value chain, from alternative raw materials to circular technologies to extend product life. From biodegradable glitter and fabrics made from algae to new ecological dyeing processes and breakthrough technologies for clothing recycling today Kering has given support to over 50 start-ups who have graduated from the Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator."


1. Alternative raw materials: Solutions that could modernize or be replacements for leather, silk, other natural fibers, etc. Focus areas such as biotech solutions, bio-based plastics, new fibers, regenerative agriculture, etc.

2. Supply chain: Decreasing impacts in the supply chain through technologies that will reduce water, waste and chemical usage and improve production and energy efficiency. For example, low impact dyeing, new processes to customise or automate cut-make-trim, and solutions enabling supply chain traceability.

3. Retail & Use: Solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of retail processes. For example, efficient packaging, retail store energy management, etc. Also, new ways to increase the awareness of sustainable fashion among consumers and make this lifestyle more influential in the Chinese market. For example, omni-channel communication, social marketing, building brand transparency, etc. Also focusing on solutions to improve livelihoods for people working along the supply chain.

4. Circular economy: Transforming materials waste into new products and extending the lifecycle of existing products are powerful ways to reduce impact. For example, chemical recycling, mechanical recycling, repurposing and upcycling, re-commerce platforms, etc.


The jury is composed of individuals with extensive knowledge of the fashion, Luxury, entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation fields. This jury includes Jinqing Cai, President of Kering Greater China; Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion at Parsons School of Design; Hung Huang, a writer and top media influencer; Ma Jun, Founding Director of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs; Katrin Ley, Managing Director of Fashion for Good; Susan Rockefeller, a well-known figure in the world of art, philanthropy and sustainability; Wang Shi, an entrepreneur focused on green construction, forest conservation, biodiversity, and climate change; Jane Zhen Wang, President of Erdos Cashmere Group; Guoxin Yin, Chairman of Chenfeng Group.

Launched together with Plug and Play on December 7th, 2018 in Beijing with Peter Xu, Executive Director and CEO of Plug and Play China. Other participants such as Carol Chyau, CEO of Shokay or Shaway Yeh, Founder of YehYehYeh.

Fashionmeetsorganic  award  Innovation  Sustainability  sustainablefashion  Fundraising  Recycling  upcycling  material  SupplyChain  Retail  circulareconomy  consumption  USA  China  Venture_Capital 
december 2018 by eocas
Collective Responsibility
"Collective Responsibility is a strategic advisory firm founded by Richard Brubaker, one of Asia’s most recognized authorities on sustainability, innovation and responsible leadership.

Founded with the fundamental belief that that a sustainable world can only be achieved through awareness of issues, finding tangibility in business cases, and development of cross-sector collaboration, Collective Responsibility acts as a knowledge base, catalyst and facilitator between stakeholders.

We at Collective view sustainability as a holistic process of action and a change in vision among corporations, from the new entrant workers to the founders and visionaries of the company. Change for a more efficient and productive planet starts with the private sector, and we’re here to help our clients move towards that future through consulting, research, training, and engaging their stakeholders.

Our mission is to:

- Create a knowledge base and catalyze discussion of issues related to the development of civil society, business sustainability and social development in Asia.
- Develop tangible interests, engagement and action on issues of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal).
- Build bridges between local and foreign resources to ensure knowledge transfer, program scalability and growth.
- Develop organizational capacity with the aim to help create stable and profitable enterprises."

Based in Shanghai, China.

Agrachina  Strategy  Shanghai  China  Consultancy  Innovation  Sustainability  changemanagement  Research  Training  Stakeholder_Management  civilsociety  environmentalism  SocialEntrepreneur 
november 2018 by eocas
gr3n recycling
"gr3n invented a new process which allows for the first time to recycle PET bottles/food containers chemically in a profitable way.

gr3n developed an innovative process, based on a new application of microwave technology to a well known chemical reaction which provides for the first time with an economically efficient chemical recycling process of PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate) and allows an industrial implementation of this recycling method. This new process can potentially change how PET is recycled worldwide with a huge financial benefit for the recycling industry."

Founded in Ticino / Switzerland.

Agrachina  Recycling  Switzerland  material  packaging  Industry  Innovation 
october 2018 by eocas
Collective Responsibility - Asia's Leading Sustainability Strategy Firm
"Based in Shanghai, Collective Responsibility is a strategic advisory firm founded by Richard Brubaker, one of Asia’s most recognized authorities on sustainability, innovation and responsible leadership.

Founded with the fundamental belief that that a sustainable world can only be achieved through awareness of issues, finding tangibility in business cases, and development of cross-sector collaboration, Collective Responsibility acts as a knowledge base, catalyst and facilitator between stakeholders.

We at Collective view sustainability as a holistic process of action and a change in vision among corporations, from the new entrant workers to the founders and visionaries of the company. Change for a more efficient and productive planet starts with the private sector, and we’re here to help our clients move towards that future through consulting, research, training, and engaging their stakeholders.

Our mission is to:

Create a knowledge base and catalyze discussion of issues related to the development of civil society, business sustainability and social development in Asia.

Develop tangible interests, engagement and action on issues of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal).

Build bridges between local and foreign resources to ensure knowledge transfer, program scalability and growth.

Develop organizational capacity with the aim to help create stable and profitable enterprises."

Agrachina  agency  Shanghai  China  Sustainability  sustainablecompany  entrepreneurship  Collective  CSR_Corporate-Social-Responsibility  environmentalism  civilsociety  Business_Advisory_relevant  Education  Innovation  sustainable  development  Social 
october 2018 by eocas
Despite the first edition of this trade fair yet to come up this Mid-November 2018 in Los Angeles do they dub themselves already as: "The Premier Event for Disruptive and Sustainable Fashion"(!).

"REMODE is built around four pillars: RETHINK, REMAKE, REMARKET, and REINVEST. Through talks, workshops, exhibits and networking events, each pillar will provide attendees with a targeted exploration of current issues and their solutions. Click through the pillars below for a preview."

Some keynote speakers & exhibitors such as Everlane, Allbirds, etc.

Fashionmeetsorganic  exhibition  Conference  USA  sustainablefashion  Platform  Fashion  Innovation 
october 2018 by eocas
FTL (Future Tech Lab)
"FTL's CEO and founder Miroslava Duma aims to bridging fashion, sustainability and technology by setting up this hybrid investment company, multinational accelerator, experimental laboratory and philanthropic organisation with the mission to transform and empower the $2.4T fashion and apparel industry to evolve and improve its social and environmental footprints.
She is the founder of several innovative ventures, digital entrepreneur, philanthropist and active investor across a range of promising businesses including digital media, technology, responsible fashion.
Miroslava has been cited as the ‘force of the fashion industry’ by the Financial Times and ‘the most connected digital entrepreneur’ by Vogue."

Hmm, quite superlative!?!

Fashionmeetsorganic  sustainablefashion  Innovation  Fabrics  Technology  Investor_Relations  Platform  foundation  Social  ecological  Russia  SocialEntrepreneur 
october 2018 by eocas
"With Janne Baetsen presents a unique ‘Human Innovation’ approach to fashion design, cultural economics, psychology, technology and branding, to contribute to a more profound insight into relationships, identities and communities in today’s world of fashion. How? By (re)establishing the connection between the clothes, the creator and the wearer, and questioning what we (need to) value, what we wear as well as how we dispose of it. Focussing not only on clothing but also on the complexity of human behaviour, innovation, experience and communication across all aspects of fashion, to generate deep understanding of the current and future (creative) economy.

The aim is to reveal the significance of fashion as a way of communicating, and identify existing issues in the fashion world that can be explained using a holistic view of disciplines, to predict, express, address and ultimately change behaviour for the better."


Fashionmeetsorganic  Creative  agency  Fashion  Art  Communication  Philosophy  Innovation  Sustainability  Consumerism  Economy  Culture  design  Technology  Branding  UK 
october 2018 by eocas
Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World - Online Course by LCF x Kering
Get an introduction to issues, agendas and contexts relating to fashion and sustainability in a changing world.

Week 1 - Why Sustainability in Fashion?
Week 2 - Contextualising Sustainability for a Changing World
Week 3 - Material Dimensions: Sourcing for luxury fashion
Week 4 - Informed Decision Making: Tools and methods
Week 5 - Creative Possibilities
Week 6 - Creative Realisation


- Discuss the complex nature of sustainability through the introduction to materials sourcing for luxury fashion; informed decision making; and creative realisation of ideas.

- Apply understanding of fashion & sustainability knowledge and reflection to your practice through manifesto creation and design thinking processes.

- Demonstrate a critical understanding of key sustainability agendas, issues and contexts associated with luxury fashion design, production and consumption.

- Debate current and emerging perspectives, design approaches and business strategies relevant to the contexts of planetary boundaries and human equality.

- Develop innovative approaches to fashion that can contribute to ecological resilience and thriving societies.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Sustainability  Training  Education  Fashion  luxury  design  material  Consumerism  Innovation  Ecobalance 
october 2018 by eocas
Agriculture 4.0 - the Swiss Smart-Farming Revolution
"All this new technology must in the future be able to give crops, plants and animals exactly what they need, when they need it.” Smart farming is therefore the promise of greater efficiency, fewer crop-protection agents, early detection of diseases in animals and better quality products.
Research therefore focuses intensively on the use of ‘big data’. Collected by intelligent objects provided with sensors and connected to each other, the data analysed by algorithms must ultimately facilitate the efficient use of resources, which are also optimally adapted for purpose. “The aim is that the data on a cow collected by a robotic milker, for example, enables the robot supplying the fodder to adapt the ration to the needs of the animal in question. All this thanks to algorithms, and no need for the farmer to intervene
The researchers are mindful to ensure that the devices work properly before putting them into service. Breakdowns inevitably raise farmers’ stress levels and negate the benefits of these technologies."

Article by Agroscope.

Agrachina  Smart  farming  Technology  IoT  Animal_Welfare  Plant_Protection  Agriculture  Switzerland  Innovation  Economy  Automation  UI/UX 
july 2018 by eocas
UABB (Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism Architecture) | 深港城市建筑双城双年展
"Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB) is currently the only biennial exhibition in the world that is based exclusively on the set themes of URBANISM AND URBANIZATION. Co-organized by the two neighboring and closely interacting cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, UABB situates itself within the regional context of the rapidly urbanizing Pearl River Delta, concerns itself with globally common urban issues, extensively communicates and interacts with the wider public, is presented using expressions of contemporary visual culture, and engages in international and avant-garde dimensions as well as discourses of public interest."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  shenzhen  Guangdong  HongKong  community  Architecture  urban  Urbanism  Urbanization  NGO_NPO  Innovation  design  government  Governance  Communication  Service_Provider  Platform  events  Economy  Industry  Research  Directory_Database 
july 2018 by eocas
Shenzhen Center for Design (SCD) | 深圳市城市设计促进中心
"SDC was founded by the Urban Planning Land and Resource Commission of the Shenzhen Municipality and is a non-profit organization with its mission set as “to encourage and promote innovations in the design of urban spaces and environment”. Its goals are: to integrate resources from the governmental, the industrial, and the academic fields; to establish a database of design ideas and thoughts around the urban developments in Shenzhen; to offer services for designers such as communication channels, trainings,and promotion opportunities; to fully enhance and uplift the design quality of urban developments in Shenzhen; and to stimulate the transformation of Shenzhen ‘s economy to produce a better innovation industry."

For example UABB (深港城市\建筑双城双年展 Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture) grew out of SCD's activities.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  shenzhen  Guangdong  HongKong  community  Architecture  urban  Urbanism  Urbanization  NGO_NPO  Innovation  design  government  Governance  Communication  Service_Provider  Platform  events  Economy  Industry  Research  Directory_Database 
july 2018 by eocas
Letter from Shenzhen
Article about the Chinese 山寨 (shanzhai) copycatting culture.

Intro by CB Insights:
"In her piece for Logic Magazine, Xiaowei R. Wang says that traveling to China is like time-traveling. Even in the most rural villages, technology is there.

Wang describes the ubiquitous WeChat and QR codes that can be used to pay for everything, from street food to train tickets to massage chairs.

She also describes the Shanzai economy, which Wang calls “open-source on hyperspeed.” It has evolved from knock-off Louis Vuitton bags and Friends on DVD to people creating original products — like a cell phone with a compass that points to Mecca — and building on each other’s work “in a decentralized way.”

Wang says this “extreme open-source” offers a glimpse into the future — and starkly contrasts American technology, which is becoming more and more proprietary.

It’s tempting to draw comparisons between tech in the US and China, but it might not really be an apples-to-apples comparison. Maybe technology is more cultural — and less universal — than we think."

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Business_Advisory_relevant  Culture  Technology  Legal  Rural_Development  China  shenzhen  Economy  Innovation  Ecosystem  opensource 
july 2018 by eocas
Biodesign Challenge
"The Biodesign Challenge offers university students the opportunity to envision future applications of biotechnology in a competition that highlights student work. Our organizers connect classrooms with a team of biologists and experts to guide the students as they develop their ideas. At the end of the semester, the winning teams are invited to New York City to showcase their designs in front of members of the academic, industrial, and design communities at the Biodesign Summit in June of each year."

Sponsors are PETA, Stella Mc Cartney, among others.

Biodesign resources:
- Architecture
- Communications
- Energy
- Food
- Materials
- Medicine
- Transportation
- Water

The 2018 edition winner - Woocao, was created by a group of innovative design students from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, Woocoa is a vegan wool made from hemp and coconut fibers treated with enzymes extracted from the oyster mushroom.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  award  Education  Columbia  fabric  USA  Technology  Bio-based_Chemicals  Innovation  design  Fibres 
july 2018 by eocas
Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
Excerpts from introduction:
"Computer users organize their files into folders because that is the primary tool offered by operating systems. But applying this standard hierarchical model to my own files, I began to notice shortcomings of this paradigm over the years. At the same time, I used some other information systems not based on hierarchical path names, and they turned out to solve a number of problems. I propose a new way of organizing files based on tagging, and describe the features and consequences of this method in detail.

Speaking personally, I’m fed up with HFSes, on Windows, Linux, and online storage alike. I struggled with file organization for just over a decade before finally writing this article to describe problems and solutions. Life would be easier if I could tolerate the limitations of hierarchical organization, or at least if the new proposal can fit on top of existing HFSes. But fundamentally, there is a mismatch between the narrowness of hierarchies and the rich structure of human knowledge, and the proposed system will not presuppose the features of HFSes.
existing alternative systems like Git and Danbooru bypass HFS problems to deliver a better user experience. Then I describe a step-by-step model, starting from basic primitives, of a proposed file organization system that includes a number of desirable features by design.
I care most about the data model and less about implementation details. For example in HFSes, I focus on the fact that the file system consists of a tree of labeled edges with file content at the leaves; I ignore details about inodes, journaling, defragmentation, permissions, etc."

Corresponding community discussion:

Startupinthecloud  File  Filesync  semanticweb  knowledgemanagement  Enterprise_Architecture  Data  Data_Warehouse  Tutorial  Documentation  Education  Report  Innovation  community  Database 
june 2018 by eocas
Bethany Williams
Sustainable designer with 'Breadline' up-cycling collection collaboration with Tesco.

"Bethany Williams believes that social and environmental issues go hand in hand and through exploring the connection between these issues we may find innovative design solutions to sustainability.

We want not just to comment on a community, but work in their social spaces to try to create a change through furthering economic gain for charity. By using social capital, intellectual and labour intensive skills we aim to create a profit, which will be given to connected charities, continuing the cycle of exchange.Through collaboration with communities and charities we hope to create a collection embedded with real people and hope to cause a real effect in the social space we engage with.

The current collection ‘Breadline’ particularly wants to highlight and help find solutions to the hidden hunger in the UK, specifically working along side the Vauxhall Food Bank and Tesco to achieve this.We have developed an exchange of fresh fruit and vegetables (from Tesco) for waste items from the food banks users household. We have developed a collection using these waste materials, plus recycled cardboard and ‘Tesco everyday value’ branded organic prints, all donated by Tesco. We will be donating 30% of profits to The Vauxhall food bank, continuing the cycle of exchange. Through traditional hand crafted techniques and working with local craftsmen / women, we have developed the surface of these waste materials to create hand crafted woven, printed, knitted and embroidered materials.

Every one of our garments is 100% sustainable and made in the UK, even down to the buttons which are hand crafted in the Lake District from our collaborators own planting of trees.

We provide an alternative system for fashion production, as we believe fashions’ reflection upon the world can create positive change."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  Designer  design  Sustainability  sustainable  sustainablecompany  Collaboration  circulareconomy  Social  SocialEntrepreneur  environmentalism  NGO_NPO  Inspiration  Innovation  UK  indiedesign 
june 2018 by eocas
OpenIDEO - Social Impact Powered By Design Thinking
"Founded in 2010, OpenIDEO—IDEO’s open innovation practice—enables people worldwide to come together and build solutions for today's toughest societal problems. Online and around the globe, OpenIDEO works with world-class partners to convene diverse communities that collectively develop ideas and accelerate social innovation. OpenIDEO’s platform expands on the power of crowdsourcing, equipping participants with resources, connections, and design tools to create real impact. After tackling dozens of topics ranging from food waste to girls' education to Ebola, people everywhere are designing a better future with OpenIDEO.
OpenIDEO is part of IDEO, a global design and innovation consultancy. We use open innovation to help people connect and address a wide range of societal issues. is IDEO's nonprofit sister organization, which focuses on designing products and services that improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities. We often work closely with colleagues across the IDEO family, and we always draw from the same DNA."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  design  Platform  Innovation  Solution  Sustainability  Social  Crowdfunding  NGO_NPO 
june 2018 by eocas
Cryptocurrency platform for big-data applications.

"For applications that need to send large amounts of data across the blockchain. You can use it to build un-astroturfable Internet forums, decentralized social networks, pay-to-play websites, distributed data-routing services, SSH-key registries that are secure from MITM attacks, etc.

On a technical level, the Saito network is also unique in design, notable for its embrace of a disposable blockchain, a proof-of-transaction system that improves upon proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, a market-based mechanism that divides transactions fees between bandwidth and security providers, and an economic incentive structure that protects the network from sibyl attacks and ensures that even attackers controlling a majority of mining power or peer-to-peer nodes cannot dominate the network."

Startupinthecloud  blockchain  bigdata  Platform  HongKong  Forum  decentralization  Social_Networks  Data  Analysis  Economy  Innovation 
april 2018 by eocas
ODNS: Oblivious DNS
A new design of the DNS ecosystem that allows current DNS servers to remain unchanged and increases privacy for data in motion and at rest. In the ODNS system, both the client is modified with a local resolver, and there is a new authoritative name server for .odns. To prevent an eavesdropper from learning information, the DNS query must be encrypted.

Conclusion from introductory article*:
"The past several years have seen much (warranted) concerns over the privacy risks that DNS queries expose. Existing approaches that allow users to use alternative DNS resolvers are a helpful step, but in some sense they merely shift the trust from the user’s ISP to another party. We believe that a better end state is one where the user doesn’t have to place trust in the operator of any DNS recursive resolver. Towards this goal, we have built ODNS to help decouple clients’ identities with their corresponding DNS queries, and have implemented a prototype."


Startupinthecloud  decentralization  network  Research  Innovation  Safety  Security  Privacy 
april 2018 by eocas
European Citizen Science Association - For evidence-based sustainable development
ECSA's mission is to connect citizens and science through fostering active participation.

"The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) is a non-profit association set up to encourage the growth of the Citizen Science movement in Europe in order to enhance the participation of the general public in scientific processes, mainly by initiating and supporting citizen science projects as well as performing research on citizen science.
ECSA draws on +200 individual and organizational members from over 28 countries across the European Union and beyond, having become a European reference network of Citizen Science initiatives. ECSA field of activities:

- H2020 projects (
- Contributing to policy briefs
- Open science policy platform
- Development of principles for good practice in citizen science.

Strategic competencies:

- Promoting Sustainability through Citizen Science,
- Building a Think Tank for Citizen Science,
- Developing Participatory Methods for Cooperation, Empowerment and Impact.

Our Mission is to connect citizens and science through fostering active participation."

Registered NPO in Berlin / Germany.

Agrachina  Lifesnippets  Startupinthecloud  Knowledge  knowledgemanagement  Innovation  Sustainability  sustainable  development  decentralization  Research  Platform  Germany  NGO_NPO  Biodiversity  climatechange  Environment  environmentalism  Legal  community  democracy 
april 2018 by eocas
Make-a-Point 造点 (zào diǎn)
"Design-led innovation platform dedicated to facilitating business for the common good. [...] Instead of designing the downstream, notably finished artifacts, we swim upstream, to actively search for a role where design can generate new mind-sets, relations and networks to democratise innovation that leads to new solutions for emerging futures."

Agrachina  Innovation  China  agency  NGO_NPO  SocialEntrepreneur  Social  Ecosystem  Consultancy  Business  Designer  Sustainability  Beijing 
march 2018 by eocas
Tech Solidarity
"501(c)4 grass-roots organization whose goal is to better connect tech workers with the communities they live in. Our emphasis is on regular in-person meetings, volunteer assistance to organizations serving the vulnerable, and the creative use of labor law in pursuit of an ethical agenda.

Founded in November of 2016 by Maciej Ceglowski, a San Francisco web developer (Pinboard), Tech Solidarity holds quasi-monthly meetups in a number of American cities, coordinates volunteer help for NGOs, and helps secure working journalists and political campaigns."

Aiming for regular in-person events in every major tech center and towards 2018 Mid-terms running the "Great Slate" campaign in rural areas of swing states in order to galvanize Democrats and other opponents of GOP Republicans / Trumpists.

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Lifesnippets  Politics  NGO_NPO  community  Education  Media  urban-rural  Rural_Economy  Technology  Innovation 
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Fashion For Good
Innovation platform towards circular economy. About: "We are a global platform for innovation, made possible through collaboration and community. Fashion for Good™ enables the daring invention and widespread adoption of good fashion practice with ‘The Five Goods’: Good Materials, Good Economy, Good Energy, Good Water and Good Lives. [...] Through our Plug and Play Accelerator, we give promising start-up innovators the funding and expertise they need in order to grow. Our Scaling Programme supports innovations that have passed the proof-of-concept phase, with a dedicated team that offers bespoke support and access to expertise, customers and capital. Finally, our Good Fashion Fund (in development) will catalyse access to finance where this is required to shift at scale to more sustainable production methods. [...] We operate from our first hub in Amsterdam / Holland, which also houses a Circular Apparel Community co-working space and a visitor-facing exhibition. We create tools that are open-source, such as our Good Fashion Guide, which provides tips for brands wishing to embrace circular apparel principles. [...] With an initial grant by founding partner C&A Foundation and an open invitation to the entire apparel industry to join, Fashion for Good convenes brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations, innovators and funders united in their shared ambition. Supported by an innovation hub in Amsterdam, a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley and a worldwide network of changemakers, Fashion for Good will reimagine the way fashion is designed, made, worn and reused." Besides initiator C&A are the accelerator/competition corporate partners adidas, C&A, Galeries Lafayette, Kering, Target and Zalando. HAG
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Open Source Circular Economy Days – Open & globally distributed hackathon exploring Open Source for a Circular Economy
"The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) is an open group of people that started in 2015 with a global event (see history page) promoting Open Source as the key driver for a Circular Economy. Since then people in over 100 cities across the globe got active and discussed and developed Open Source Circular Economy through practical hands on activities.
OSCEdays Values
Openness – Collaboration – Passion – Innovation

A global ecosystem of resilient local circular economies bound by the spirit of openness, collaboration, diversity and motivation for a thriving planet and fairer society.

We use and explore open source practices to create, socialize and distribute solutions globally to build local circular economies."

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Social Innovation Offers Five Golden Opportunities to the Apparel Industry
"The global apparel industry has grown significantly in the past decade, but at a heavy environmental and social cost. Social innovation can bring healthier, more holistic future growth."

In collaboration with NPO Ashoka.

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Natural Factory
"Collects examples to inspire us to ‘let nature be our factory’ in contemporary, sustainable ways. It’s a diverse selection of interesting examples to get the creative thoughts going, rather than an exhaustive academic database.

Designers, makers, architects, engineers … anyone involved in creating the things we need; are there ways you can better harness the waste-free circular economy offered by natural processes and organisms to create radically more sustainable solutions? This might be looking for contemporary ways of using natural materials, or even better innovating ways to ‘grow’ entire products – really letting nature be our factory.

Entries include drones grown from mushroom mycelium, bacterially produced biodegradable plastics and boutique furniture grown in a carbon-negative ‘orchard’, as well as more familiar natural materials and traditional craft processes which could be re-purposed or developed.

We are also including entries from the rapidly developing field of biotech / bio-hacking, which some believe holds the potential to provide materials and processes sustainably by interfacing with or carefully modifying living organisms (the jury is out on the long-term sustainability in some cases, but better to engage and be aware).

This is a voluntary project started by designer/maker/biologist friends from from several countries interested in exploring this field together.
Supporting organisations:
- MakerBay Hong Kong
- Hong Kong Polytechnic University Materials Research Centre (MRC)
- Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL)"

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"Ashoka is an international organization that promotes social entrepreneurship by affiliating individual social entrepreneurs into the Ashoka organization. Their stated mission is "to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world's citizens to think and act as changemakers."

Excerpt final paragraph from their About:
"Looking ahead, Ashoka is identifying emerging opportunities where society is reaching a tipping point that will make it possible to solve critical problems through widespread systemic change. It does this by helping entrepreneurs work with each other, and with partners in business, government, academia, and other influential institutions to draw on and demonstrate the power of collaborative entrepreneurship."

Started 1980 by Bill Drayton. Based in Arlington / Virginia / USA with Swiss office in Geneva. Active in 93 countries with ~3000 fellows. Their fellowship program consists of the following main criteria:

1. The Knockout Test: A New Idea
2. Creativity
3. Entrepreneurial Quality
4. Social Impact of the Idea
5. Ethical Fiber (evaluate candidates with rational analysis whether they can be trusted)

In 2015 started a Swiss Changemakers Program ( which evolved into UBS Global Visionaries (

Furthermore they have established an Ashoka Support Network:

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Switzerland Innovation
"Five sites nationwide offering universities and companies the opportunity to network. This exchange between science and the economy allows ideas to be developed further – to produce products and services that can be marketed successfully.
The sharing of ideas between researchers, talented individuals, and innovative entrepreneurs creates breeding grounds for innovation.

- Realizing successful R&D collaborations between private companies, Swiss universities, and other research partners

- Generating domestic and foreign R&D investment

- Localizing domestic and foreign companies and research partners that create jobs and develop new marketable products, services, and processes

- Creating a platform to accelerate the development of research results into marketable solutions

- Creating attractive conditions for research groups and start-ups as catalysts for the localization of established companies

- Securing our attractiveness and competitiveness through clear competence profiles at the sites as well as excellent conditions and services for our customers

- The international positioning and marketing of Switzerland Innovation on the basis of attractive offers that are defined by the sites using uniform criteria

- Supporting the sites with financing solutions, both through the use of federal guarantees and by creating financial instruments in collaboration with the financial industry

- Coordinating and networking the sites and ensuring efficient cooperation with the federal authorities while providing a coherent umbrella brand

- Ensuring uniform quality standards at the sites on the basis of the Conference of Cantonal Directors of Economic Affairs (VDK) criteria catalog and its further development in the context of continuous improvement processes
- PARK ZURICH (ETH in Duebendorf)
- PARK innovAARE (Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen)"

It's a foundation entirely financed by those sponsors:
Credit Suisse, Swiss Re, Swiss Life, UBS, Mobiliar, Novartis, Roche, BASF, Swisscom, Holcim, Sika, Schindler, TRUMPF, Economiesuisse, Swissmem, Swiss Watch Industry, Zurich, Nestle, ABB.

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Business Of Design Week: BODW
"Business of Design Week (BODW) is a flagship event organised by Hong Kong Design Centre since 2002. Each year, BODW brings to Hong Kong some of the world’s most outstanding design masters and influential business figures to inspire the regional audience on creative thinking and design management. In addition, it also provides a valuable platform for participants to network, exchange ideas and explore business cooperation. Today, BODW enjoys the reputation as Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands."

2017 edition with these themes: Brands & Innovation, Communication & Design, Product & Design, Design for Asia, Space & Design, Heritage & Design, and Culture & The City.

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"Venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum.

The ConsenSys “hub / formation” coordinates, incubates, accelerates and spawns “spoke” ventures through development, resource sharing, acquisitions, investments and the formation of joint ventures. These spokes benefit from foundational components built by ConsenSys that enable new services and business models to be built on the blockchain. In addition to the development of internal projects and consulting work, ConsenSys is interested in the identification, development and acquisition of talent and projects on an ongoing basis."

- Balanc3; A smart contract powered Triple-Entry Accounting system (EtherSign and IPFS).
- BoardRoom;organization governance.
- DAOWars; Creating smarter AI.
- dAppstore; Marketplace for decentralized applications (‘Ðapps’).
- EtherEx; e-monetary exchange.
- EtherLoan; Decentralized crowd-lending platform.
- EtherPoker; Online poker where players never have to deposit money on a site, the shuffle is provably random, and cards are cryptographically secure.
- eSign; Signing and managing smart contracts.
- Grid+; Give consumers direct access to wholesale electricity markets.
- Gnōsis; Complex predictions made easy.
- HunchGame; Platform for trend setters and gossip gurus.
- Inflekt; Tribal network and events management platform.
- Ujo; Returns more value to content creators and their customers.
- WeiFund; Crowdfunding campaign platform that uses smart contracts.
- ConsenSys Supplychain; Empowering supply chain with smart contracts.

Core components (backend services for dApps & platforms):
- Benefactory; Smart contracts for nonprofit foundations and donators.
- BlockApps; Full stack application platform.
- BTC Relay; Verify ETH transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.
- INFURA; Provides the world with secure, stable, fault tolerant, and scalable Ethereum and IPFS nodes.
- LightWallet; HD wallet to store private keys encrypted in the browser to allow you to run Ethereum dapps even if you’re not running a local Ethereum node.
- MetaMask; Browser extension that enables access to web Dapps through browser.
- Nethereum; .Net integration library for Ethereum.
- ProvID; Know-Your-Customer address verification on Ethereum.
- Regis; Register, track and transfer the ownership of digital assets.
- RepSys; Reputation system that is embedded in Dapps including uPort.
- Stabl; Enables dApps to hold and manage stable smart contract values, protecting users from ETH price volatility.
- Truffle; Development framework written in Javascript ES6 to create, compile, deploy, and test dApps.
- uPort; Enabling self-sovereign identity and digital assets.
- ethereumjs-accounts; In-browser Javascript module for managing Ethereum accounts and signing transactions remotely, without a local RPC node.
- ethereumH; Haskell Ethereum Client is a secure, scalable gateway for dApps.
- ethereumJ: Java Ethereum Client hosts Java Virtual Machine who runs a fully-featured Ethereum node.

- Microsoft; Blockchain-as-a-Service (ETH BaaS) including developer tools Ether.Camp and BlockApps.
- TransActive Grid; Joint venture (with LO3 Energy) to provide business logic layer with real-time metering of local energy generation. Enables real-time purchase and sale of spot delivery, as well as futures and options on delivery, which can be traded on an open, decentralized energy trading exchange.
- CO-TRICITY; Partnership with Innogy Innovation aiming to create a market between homeowners who produce solar powered energy and local businesses.
- SingularDTV; Production and distribution platform, creating broadcast quality original film and television content.
- Ubuntu; Functionality such as Ethereum-verified Digital ID.

Non-profit affiliations:
- Smart Contracts Foundation (SCF); Organizations, companies, and others in the blockchain space which will define standardized frameworks and interoperability on various kinds of dApps.
- Ethereum Foundation (Stiftung Ethereum); Non-profit organization in Switzerland, to maintain specfications and protocols, and managing resources to build out the Ethereum and decentralized technology ecosystem.
- Cryptocurrency Research Group (CCRG); Cross-disciplinary research network focused on studying cryptocurrencies and other decentralized consensus technologies.
- Code to Inspire; Educating Afghan female students by improving their technical literacy and teaching them how to code so that they can find future employment as freelancers.

Founded by Martin Köppelmann who was also into predication analysis platforms Fairlay and Gnosis.

Offices in San Francisco, New York City, Dubai and London.

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Ethereum for Everyone (Ethereum Public Blockchain; ETH not ETC)
Self-introductory post of Ethereum's blockchain-based platform and its ecosystems.

"Ethereum’s public blockchain has been specifically designed to be a decentralized application platform. This means that Ethereum can run apps that are similar to apps you might find on a computer or smartphone, but in a way that shares the blockchains unique ledger-like features. This means apps that can be decentralized, potentially owned by no company and no country, and yet globally accessible, secure, transparent, as well as many more incredible characteristics.
This is the building of a new economy, a "world computer", allowing a myriad of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).
It should not be frightening to people or governments, but in a way that should be thought of as innovative, streamlined, better, with exciting opportunities for business growth and information security, including a country’s most precious information. This is a technology that reflects a rising tide that lifts all boats.
It seems clear now that Ethereum is becoming a technological standard for a combined industry that will soon be worth trillions.
Examples of ecosystems growing out of Ethereum public blockchain:
- Mega uber supercomputing
- Fight counterfeiting
- Self-organizing company
- Network and secure intellectual property (uncencorable)
- Superior prediction
- Super auditing (records cannot be altered)
- Digitized perks and asset value (compatible with IoT and tokenize markets such as fiat currencies, premium memberships or gold)
- Fair bets (e.g. contract-based casino)
- Better loans and credit (P2P without middleman, global scope)
- Video game economy
- Banks and charity (e.g. United Nations funds for aid)
- Mobile text/payment/browsing (open global financing system)
- Asset management and investing (The complex economy emerging around Ethereum's ERC tokens may make it difficult to decide with which to invest, hold, secure, etc. Expert digital asset management are emerging to assist, creating services such as “index” funds to help)
- Empowering creators (ownership and control by the content creators, while at the same time novel, cost effective, ways for content creators to reach agreements with producers, directors, actors, crew and be able to define royalty and rights management in a way that is transparent and fair)
- Open world knowledge base (e.g. Wikipedia more accurate, uncensored, decentralized, and more detailed, by rewarding strong contributions and peer review.)
- Matchmaking (e.g. global job market or dating)
- Ad tokens (e.g. Brave web browser basic attention token)
- Internet of Things (share anything and be compensated)
Most other blockchains, such as Bitcoin (despite RSK Rootstock add-on), Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, are not Smart contract platforms, and therefore, are not competitors for such a market."

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CASVI - China Alliance of Social Value Investment-Shenzhen (社会价值投资联盟)
"First licensed non-profit-organization specializing in social value (impact) investment promotion in China. Initiated by 50 prominent institutions led by YouChange Social Entrepreneur Foundation, United Nations Social Impact Fund, Investment Association of China, Tsing Capital Investment.
The pursuit of social value, sustainable returns and measurable evaluation should be attached with the same importance, and the economic incentives and social goals should be combined. Hence, the enterprises, social organization, masses and government can be encouraged to work effectively and jointly push forward the sustainable development of the economy and society.
social issues like polarization between the rich and the poor, environmental protection, climate change
effective approach is to unite the government, market and social departments for joint social innovation action, and guide the good capital or patient capital to enterprises or organizations which are adept in identifying social issues and provide sustainable solutions. Only in this way can the antagonism between the society and commerce be broken, and a new social ecological system developed.
Supply-demand analysis framework report on the diversified subjects and mechanisms that promote social value investment in China."

Key elements:
- Implementation rules for the government to purchase public service from the society
- Infrastructure construction in relation to social value investment market
- Researches on the concept framework and ecology of social value investment
- Responsible consumption and procurement should be advocated
- Social value investment should be introduced to the reform of state-owned enterprises and public institution.
- Laws and policy systems concerned should be improved, market players and service organizations (incl. Advisory Committee) should be developed.

Investment fields:
- Inclusive Financing
- Intelligent Manufacturing
- Green Agriculture
- Health & Pension
- Green Energy
- Education Quality

Three-A Model for social value investment:
1. Aim,
2. Approach,
3. Action.

Policy recommendations in consideration of:
- Definition difficulty,
- Imbalanced participants,
- Incomplete chain development
- Undefined system framework
- Inadequate tools

Based in Shenzhen.

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"Idea management system (IDMS), adapted for companies & organizations interested in sharing strategic decisions and future planning of products and services with their customers.

It is a perfect tool for decision makers and their analysts who need to take strategic decisions, and wish to expand their view of the problem with the poser of the crowd, whether these are the organization's employees or any other public.

OpenideaL is an open source project based on Drupal CMS and therefore it is modular, and allows growth and adaptation to the organization’s specific needs. These adaptations may include a unique design, polls and surveys, interfacing with external applications such as Facebook or to applications within the organization itself, and adapting the interface to a range of devices: phones, desktops, tablets or kiosks."

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"Goal of the project is to construct an ontology that will model Idea Management Systems. However, we also devote to study in detail the appliance of the data schema onto existing systems and exploiting it to achieve real, measurable benefits.
providing rebust data integration capabilities and additional data analysis tools though rich metadata descriptions. Both of those features are derived from the use of Semantic Web technologies to interconnect data inside the Idea Management Systems with assets published by other systems and across the World Wide Web."

Has an applicable Idea Management System called 'IdeaStream'. It collects ideas from communities via web form to submit ideas structured into various description parts (e.g. idea title, problem description, solution etc.) and attach any desirable content (e.g. images).

It sets up on Drupal CMS as module.

The GI2MO project is an initiative of GSI group of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM).

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october 2016 by eocas
The Role of Linked Data and Semantic-Technologies for Sustainability Idea Management
"Idea Management Systems (IMS) manage the innovation lifecycle from the moment of invention until ideas are implemented in the market. During
the lifecycle the IMS supports collaboration, allows idea enrichment with comments, contextual data, or connected to other relevant ideas. Semantic technologies can improve the knowledge management capabilities of IMSs allowing relevant information to be easily linked to ideas.

Many Enterprises concerned with sustainability encourage employee’s participation as a means to boost creative innovation within their Sustainability Initiatives. However little work has examined the role of an IMS within Sustainability. In this paper we analyse the impact of a semantic-enabled IMS within a
sustainability innovation process. In particular, how ideas can be enriched with contextual Linked Open Data (LOD), especially Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) data, to improve the understanding, implication and value of the idea from the sustainability perspective."

Research_Papers  research  Knowledge  Management  Innovation  Sustainability  Management  Data_Warehouse  Information_Science  Information_Society  Information_Systems  semanticweb  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud 
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Henry Luce Foundation

"Established in 1936 by Henry R. Luce, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Time Inc., to honor his parents who were missionary educators in China.
Broadening knowledge and encouraging the highest standards of service and leadership.
Seeks to bring important ideas to the center of American life, strengthen international understanding, and foster innovation and leadership in academic, policy, religious and art communities.
Grant-making programs:
American Art;
Luce Scholars;
Higher Education;
Religion in International Affairs;
Public Policy;
Women in science, mathematics and engineering.
Asia Program pursues two interrelated goals. One is fostering cultural and intellectual exchange between the United States and the countries of East and Southeast Asia. The second is creating scholarly and public resources for improved understanding of Asia in the United States."

For example 'China-Africa Knowledge Project' ( ) gets funded by HLF.

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"We envision a world where everyone has the freedom and opportunity to create what they are meant to create. We build the infrastructure for a world of creators by helping leaders develop and organize thriving communities."

Cloud-powered community organizing platform for campaigning & fundraising using CRM & community CMS technologies.

Excerpt features:
- People database with social matching
- Action websites
- Goals dashboard and paths workflow
- Email A/B testing and scheduling
- Text messaging (pricing)
- User submitted events
- Service: Dedicated Community Strategist

- (public sector & open government initiatives, Drupal-based open-source CMS)
- (civic engagement)
- (marketing automation platform‎)
- (news platform)

Example of how Donald Trump uses it for his run for US presidency:

Community  Policy  Fundraising  Information_Society  Information_Systems  Innovation  NGO_NPO  Social_Media  Social_Networks  Communication  civilsociety  democracy  Politics  Information_Technology  Information_Culture  import_startupinthecloud  import_lifesnippets  Startupinthecloud  Lifesnippets 
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We Belong Foundation - BELONG 论坛
"Platform for action supporting sustainable businesses. Founded in 2013, We Belong (formerly Belong & Partners) is a platform dedicated to bringing together businesses from around the world to deal with the challenges of sustainable development and its innovations.

We Belong has chosen to locate primarily in Asian countries. The first host country is China.

It provides three core activities that rely on a Scientific and Technical Experts Committee:

1. An annual international forum providing access to communities of strategic influence

2. An operational consulting arm to help businesses build sustainable brands

3. Business networking with stakeholders involved in sustainable development"

NGO_NPO  Beijing  China  Sustainability  foundation  Business_Advisory_relevant  Branding  Networking  Forum  Conference  Innovation  import_agrachina  Agrachina 
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The Dawn of China’s Entrepreneurial Age
"The quality of Chinese innovation is increasing, the funding environment is improving, particularly for early-stage companies, and the Chinese government is doing everything it can to make China Inc. a force to be reckoned with.
traditional industries such as banks and commodities companies still dominate Chinese public markets, while newer, high-growth sectors such as technology, communications, and media are tiny by comparison. People paying a high multiple for companies with a relatively small earnings base.
For the time being, money is flowing, the Chinese government has committed to innovation as a national policy, M&A provides a viable exit route, and Chinese consumers are eager for the next, new thing. Whether this will prove another golden era for entrepreneurialism in China, only time will tell, but in the meantime, China’s startups are too busy figuring out new ways to cater to a fast-growing consumer base to worry about it."

investor_relations  Venture_Capital  China  entrepreneurship  Innovation  Fundraising  import_agrachina  Agrachina 
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The New York Times vs. The Chinese Authorities
The cat and mouse between Chinese government and the NYT, with the NYT usually being one step ahead. This case gives direction for other news organizations, NPO's and interest groups that want to enter or sustain in China.

Insightful on censorship and testing waters of domestic blogosphere:

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HAX accelerator startup incubator investment company
"Come and plug yourself up to our ecosystem, leverage our curriculum and build meaningful products. Sustainable environment for entrepreneurs to start their hardware venture from scratch and reach sales reliably. Spearheading the hardware renaissance and being one of the most prolific investor in the hardware space."

Based in Shenzhen, China.

China  Innovation  Business  Planning  Business_Model  Maker  technology  investor_relations  import_agrachina  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Business_Planning 
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Janine Benyus: What Businesses Can Learn from the 'Optimization Engine of Evolution'
"I'm really feeling like, [in] agriculture, we're not going to be so plant-focused; we're going to be helping “the helpers” – what I mean by that is, plants are not Islands; they need microbial fungi, bacteria, a whole orchestra of organisms that are in the microbiome of the soil that help plants get their nutrition. Under a forest veil, these plants are exchanging water, nitrogen, phosphorus, alarm signals - all through these intermediaries, the helpers. And when we put fertilizer down on crops – phosphorous, for instance - we tell the fungi, whose job it is to give the plants phosphorus, that they're no longer needed, or we kill them with pesticides."

biomimicry  Innovation  research  material  architecture  import_agrachina  Agrachina 
june 2016 by eocas
"Semantic wiki for Calls For Papers in science and technology fields. There are about 50,000 CFPs on WikiCFP. Over 100,000 researchers use WikiCFP each month."

Innovation  technology  research  Research_Report_Database  Research_Institutes  datasource  import_agrachina  Information_Platform  Agrachina 
may 2016 by eocas
Rem Koolhaas: "Architecture Has A Serious Problem Today"
"Communication needs an overhaul - Architecture has a serious problem today in that people who are not alike don’t communicate. I’m actually more interested in communicating with people I disagree with than people I agree with.

To have a certain virtuosity of interpretation of every phenomenon is crucial. We’re working in a world where so many different cultures are operating at the same time each with their own value system. If you want to be relevant, you need to be open to an enormous multiplicity of values, interpretations, and readings. The old-fashioned Western ‘this is’ ‘that is’ is no longer tenable. We need to be intellectual and rigorous, but at the same time relativist."
"In the Europe, we’re facing an influx of two million refugees mostly from Syria, which poses interesting possibilities. In eastern Germany, there is an area where cities are almost completely abandoned and, partly with the help of architects, there’s an experiment of seeing if Syrian refugees who are highly educated, motivated, and committed can re-inhabit those territories. Refugees could re-energize sections of the cities."

Architecture  innovation  import_lifesnippets  Lifesnippets 
may 2016 by eocas
Adblock Plus
"Adblock Plus is a free (GPLv3) extension that allows you to - among other things - block annoying ads, disable tracking and block domains known to spread malware. Available for Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Opera, Safari and Yandex, Adblock Plus uses filters that you choose to block all unwanted elements."

Filters gets synced with community-run EasyLists that are aimed at disabling ads that are considered to be intrusive. Hence they do excessively whitelisting ads in order to encourage the ad industry to pursue less intrusive ad formats and thus have a positive impact on the Internet as a whole. Like this the ad industry can provide the internet community with a viable source of revenue [including, especially, the Adblock Plus company Eyeo GmbH who administers the Acceptable Ads program and continues development of a free product.]"

"Allowing acceptable ads in Adblock Plus" with underlying criteria here:

This business model is reflected in the company's mission:
"Our mission is to make the Internet better. We intend to do so by creating new ways for publishers to earn money from their content without alienating their users."

Workaround for cross-browser settings sync:

Performance  Browser  plugin  utility  Ad_Serving  Advertisement  Innovation  Legal  Community  monetization  Business_Model  Business  Planning  Publicity  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
may 2016 by eocas
Blockchain – der nächste Wohlstandsschock
Article explains the blockchain technology (e.g. Bitcoin) and elaborates on how the society including governments, finance industry, consumers and privacy advocates can expect from it.

finance  Politics  Economy  Technology  innovation  Information_Technology  Information_Culture  Philosophy  legal  import_lifesnippets  Blockchain  Lifesnippets 
may 2016 by eocas
Plasticity Forum
Co-founders Doug and Fabien explain:
"Plasticity Conference and Workshop on April 28 2016 in Shanghai. Plasticity forum is a bit like a TED event and one-day MBA on plastic/innovation/sustainbility rolled into one. Or, the "Olympics' of plastic sustainability. We launched this event in Rio at the Earth Summit, and then have had it in HK, NY and Portugal. It is unique in the cross section of experts it brings together, all from different pieces of the "plastic puzzle" in order to talk."

"I am specialised in Reusable shopping bags made out of PP, RPET, Coton etc... We also still do PE bags but less and less (impact of European Laws in Europe and pretty much everywhere else)"


"tackle the issue of so called reusable material (in the plastic bag industry) used to make plastic (from corn/potatoes etc...) ... World population growing, reaching 9.5 Billion people by 2050 = and we already face scarce space for agriculture purpose to grow our crops. Global warming already affecting the yield of crop growing and expect to dramatically cut them in the next few decades. So basically, scarce space + lower crop yield + raising polulation! At the end, you don’t want to use extensive amount of land, water and GMO in order to grow corn/potatoes or else just to make bags, that just doesnot make any sens.
The solution is educating people to have a long term approach in the use of their bags and build strong reusable bags that can be washed over and over, reused over and over, making their initial production impact essentially 0 on the long run."

Recycling  renewable_energy  Innovation  platform  sustainability  China  Shanghai  Packaging  Bio-based_Chemicals  Bioplastic  import_agrachina  Agrachina 
april 2016 by eocas
waag society
About: "Waag Society—institute for art, science and technology—is a pioneer in the field of digital media. Over the past 20 years, the foundation has developed into an institution of international stature, a platform for artistic research and experimentation, and has become both a catalyst for events and a breeding ground for cultural and social innovation." HAG
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march 2016 by eocas
The uneasy transition from supply chains to ecosystems The value-creation/value-capture dilemma
Excerpt from this scientific paper :
"Many articles have been written about the process of value creation for the customer(Flint and Woodruff, 2001), the supplier (Hogan, 2001; Walter
et al.
, 2001), or thebuyer-seller dyad (Kothandaraman and Wilson, 2001). However, despite the growinginterest in innovation ecosystems (Adner and Kapoor, 2010; Iyer and Davenport, 2008),very few authors have tackled the emerging and increasingly widespread phenomenonof value co-creation and capture with a multilevel approach. A new perspective rootedin new innovation paradigms deserves exploration (Sharma
et al.
, 2001). Moreover,very few authors have focused on longitudinal cases of the entire lifecycle process,even though it is important to understand the entire ecosystem lifecycle of valuecreation and capture. Indeed, critical cases often reveal fine-grained data and providericher insight on processes (Yin, 1994). [...] Practical implications: Five theoretical and managerial propositions are suggested to betterleverage ecosystemic capabilities and better manage value creation and value capture in ecosystems."

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march 2016 by eocas
About: "GoodWorks was started in 2013 [...] saw a need for impactful, holistic programs across the globe, focusing on education, vocational training and recreation. GoodWorks is dedicated to investing in the invisible. Empowering orphans, ethnic minorities, and others who have been traditionally pushed aside. [...] will roll out a strategic initiative to empower people across the socioeconomic platform using innovative social enterprise models and vertically integrated support systems." Goodworks founder Samuel H. Cornthwaite is also present at Beijing's F2N Farm-to-Neighbor market with GoodWorks Coffee & Tea products. HAG
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march 2016 by eocas
OASIS | Advancing open standards for the information society
About: "OASIS is a nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. OASIS promotes industry consensus and produces worldwide standards for security, Internet of Things, cloud computing, energy, content technologies, emergency management, and other areas. OASIS open standards offer the potential to lower cost, stimulate innovation, grow global markets, and protect the right of free choice of technology." Foundational sponsors were: Cryptosoft, IBM and Microsoft. Following supporters are Oracle, Red Hat, CA, SAP and others (mostly Silicon Valley / United States). HAG
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march 2016 by eocas - Land Portal Foundation
About: "Information, resources, innovations and networking on land issues. Improving land governance and securing land rights for landless and vulnerable people The Portal allows for the collection, sourcing, and searching of otherwise fragmented and inaccessible data and information on land governance and land use from diverse sources, produced by governments, academia, international organizations, indigenous peoples and NGOs. Besides documenting land rights, the Portal also encourages social information exchange, debate and networking." Many reports on China, especially regarding their land-use-scheme. Original scope: HAG
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march 2016 by eocas
AGRIS - International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology
About: "The largest database of bibliographic references in agriculture-related areas. It is now also a mashup of additional data coming from open data sources like the World Bank, Bioversity International, CAAS and other services. Managed by FAO of the UN United Nations." HAG
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march 2016 by eocas
Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI)
About: "ASTI provides trusted open-source data on agricultural research systems across the developing world. Led by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)." HAG
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march 2016 by eocas
The CIARD R.I.N.G. | A directory of information services and datasets in agriculture
About: "The RING is a global directory of web-based information services and datasets for agricultural research for development (ARD). It is the principal tool created through the CIARD initiative to allow information providers to register their services and datasets in various categories and so facilitate the discovery of sources of agriculture-related information across the world. Functions of the CIARD RING: - map of accessible data sources; - dataset sharing platform for agriculture; - good practice services for implementing “interoperability”; - clarify level and mode of interoperability of information sources; - instructions for building enhanced integrated services that repackage information in different ways." HAG
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march 2016 by eocas
GFAR - Global Forum on Agricultural Research
About: "VISION: The Global Forum makes agri-food research and innovation systems more effective, responsive and equitable, towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals [...] MISSION: Partners in the Global Forum, at national, regional and international levels, advocate for, and catalyse Collective Actions that strengthen and transform agri-food research and innovation systems [...] GFAR a global agricultural research for development community to transform and strengthen agri-food research and innovation systems" Sub-organization of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the UN United Nations, based in Rome / Italy. HAG
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march 2016 by eocas
Join the Organic 3.0 Discussion!
Affiliates and Stakeholder Consultation 2015/2016 by IFOAM regarding the new Organic 3.0 food and farming systems mantra: Ecologically sound, Economically viable, Socially just, Culturally diverse, Transparently accountable. The strategy for Organic 3.0 includes six main features, recognizing there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach: 1. A culture of innovation; 2. Continuous improvement toward best practice; 3. Diverse ways to ensure transparent integrity; 4. Inclusiveness of wider sustainability interests; 5. Holistic empowerment from the farm to the final product; and 6. True value and fair pricing. HAG
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february 2016 by eocas
China Hardware Innovation Camp
"Designing in Switzerland, building in China"-kind of platform with institutional partners like Swissnex, EPFL (ETH Lausanne), HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). HAG
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january 2016 by eocas
Hack a Day
About: "Fresh Hacks Every Day [...] playful posts are the gold-standard in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts. We are taking back the term “Hacking” which has been soured in the public mind. Hacking is an art form that uses something in a way in which it was not originally intended. This highly creative activity can be highly technical, simply clever, or both. Hackers bask in the glory of building it instead of buying it, repairing it rather than trashing it, and raiding their junk bins for new projects every time they can steal a few moments away." HAG
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january 2016 by eocas
Madrid/Spain & London/UK based venture capital platform for free software / open-source projects / startups. Out of which the agile project management software evolved. HAG
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january 2016 by eocas
A fully automated Urban Farming concept which makes use of unused space. Based in Berlin / Germany. For B2B they design and build customised hydroponic growing systems for hotels, restaurants, offices and special events. HAG
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december 2015 by eocas
Rural Hub
Napoli-based co-living and co-working space, incubator, study center leading a permanent research on social innovation applied to rural, About: "Rural Hub is the rhizome of a network of researchers, activists, scholars, and managers interested in identifying new models of economic development. All those people are motivated to find new solutions to the needs (both social and market-related) of the new rural enterprises. It was founded as a research union, in order to facilitate the connection between new and innovative enterprises, investors and trade associations. This “response” to the lack of business incubators and service providers could really entail a renewal of the business, for a sustainable development of the agri-food industry. Rural Hub is the first Italian hacker space allowing connection and sharing among people, ideas, technologies and projects concerning social innovation projects applied to the rural world." HAG
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october 2015 by eocas
This knowledge and innovation platform is the EU’s main climate innovation initiative. It's facilitating projects by linking up and supporting students, entrepreneurs, businesses and public bodies. The main themes are: 1. Greenhouse gas monitoring, 2. Adaptation services, 3. Making transitions happen, 4. Sustainable city systems, 5. The built environment, 6. Land and water, 7. Industrial symbiosis, 8. Developing a bio-economy. They have locations in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Nordic. HAG
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april 2015 by eocas
About: "Foundation for the promotion of the sciences and universities with the objective of enhancing «Switzerland as a place to live and do business». [...] As a private entrepreneurial grant-making agency committed to achieving an impact, the foundation is guided by its mission statement «Wissenschaft bewegen – making science effective»." [...] Rather, it is their task to bear risks and provide start-up financing. Gebert Rüf Stiftung is committed to this understanding of the role of private foundations. " HAG
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april 2015 by eocas
From antibiotics to fossil fuels: the inconvenient truth about sustainability
Article that elaborates why big business often still is refuting necessary changes of our economies (towards more sustainable). HAG
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april 2015 by eocas
Intellectual Ventures
Their claim: "We’ve built the invention capital market from scratch and we continue to lead by example. We tackle business, problem solving, and invention head on, and we have the acumen and expertise to pull it off. Our cross-disciplinary approach affords us the opportunity to work with leading inventors and pioneering companies to find creative solutions." HAG
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january 2015 by eocas
From chips to salad: the electronics companies making hi-tech lettuce
Excerpt: "With the help of efficient lighting, temperature control and computer monitoring, produce grown in indoor farms maintains its nutritional value while using up to 98% less water and 70% less fertiliser than traditional farms and no pesticides (Maintaining a bacteria-free, pesticide-free atmosphere means “farmers” are often required to wear cleanroom suits and masks to minimise the risk of contamination). Growing lettuce in this environment … leads to an extremely clean product that can be eaten straight out of the bag without needing to be washed. It also allows vegetables to grow up to two-and-a-half times faster than conventional farming. [...] GE Lighting's LED's used in Mirai's indoor farm, believed to be the largest in the world, uses 40% less energy than fluorescent lamps." HAG
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january 2015 by eocas
Can Chinese Consumer Brands Have Global Influence?
Conclusion: "China is now a global Super Power and has an undeniable influence over world economics and politics. Yet, when it comes to Chinese brand’s international reach and influence over global consumers, China is left looking flat. Chinese companies are operating overseas, but they have not yet managed to impress many consumers around the world who tend to rate Chinese products as low in quality and design. Still, Chinese brands are extending their influence across the world through advertising, entering new markets and by acquiring other existing international companies and brands. To some degree China’s slow development of top brands is explained by her history and the current stage of economic development she is in. However, China also has a set of cultural circumstances such as education, management style and protection of IP that are also holding it back from developing world class brands." HAG
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june 2014 by eocas
IBM solar collector magnifies sun by 2,000x (without cooking itself), costs 3x less than similar systems
Solar receivers with nano-tech coolers from super computers reach 30% conversion to electricity and another 50% to hot water that can be used for heating buildings or desalination. In a related article they refer to the important aspect of "Frugal Innovation": "I am particularly proud of the design, which I refer to as 'frugal innovation'. I describe it this way because we have replaced expensive steel and glass with low cost concrete and simple pressurized metalized foils. Our business will manufacturer the small high-tech components, in particular the microchannel coolers and the molds, in Switzerland, while the remaining construction and assembly will be done in the region of the installation. This will create jobs in my home country and abroad, which is also rewarding for me." ... "targeting a cost below $250 per square meter, which would be three-times lower than comparable systems and bring "levelized cost of energy" to less than 10 cents per kilowatt hour (KWh)." HAG
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march 2014 by eocas
About information society science fiction of the 80s, what has become reality and high-tech companies are not taking advantages of truly innovative opportunities for their own sake and the sake of the society. HAG
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february 2013 by eocas
ecovative design
Biodegradable packaging made of mycelium, a mushroom-based material and other agricultural byproducts.

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april 2012 by eocas
Agroecology and Advocacy: Innovations in Asia | Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
3 Articles about organic farming innovation in asia:

1) "System of Rice Intensification" in Cambodia
2) Advocacy of organic farming in the philippines
3) Alternative approaches to certification in Indonesia ("Participatory Guarantee System")

Lessons from other countries possibly useful for the chinese case

24102011 / JN
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october 2011 by eocas
Gemüse aus dem Hochhaus
Vertical Farming is developing from an utopia to a scientifc- and market-development challenge. Some first prototype farms are about to going into operation under labor conditions. A big problem remains the high electricitz consumption needed to give enough light to the plants.

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july 2011 by eocas
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