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"Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor and a drop-in replacement for the i3 window manager for X11. It works with your existing i3 configuration and supports most of i3's features, plus a few extras.

Sway allows you to arrange your application windows logically, rather than spatially. Windows are arranged into a grid by default which maximizes the efficiency of your screen and can be quickly manipulated using only the keyboard."

Maintained by

Startupinthecloud  Software_Engineering  Productivity  tools  Systems_Management  opensource  Linux  Python 
march 2019 by eocas
Central authentication and authorization for web & mobile applications. Stored default in LDAP, ActiveDirectory also possible.

Main feature set for server:
Open source SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth2 IDP for SSO & IAM.

OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, UMA.

Integrations for these languages:


Full-featured free edition, business model with premium support. Based in Austin / Texas / USA.

Startupinthecloud  Security  Architecture  Software_Engineering  Safety  sysAdmin  Systems_Management  opensource  Integration_Solution  Python  Java  PHP  Javascript  Ruby  perl  C/C++  Golang  USA 
january 2019 by eocas
Realms Wiki
Git based wiki written in Python Inspired by Gollum, Ghost, and Dillinger. Basic authentication and registration included.


Built with Bootstrap 3.
Markdown (w/ HTML Support).
Syntax highlighting (Ace Editor).
Live preview.
Collaboration (TogetherJS / Firepad).
Drafts saved to local storage.
Handlebars for templates and logic.

As of 201901 still in Python 2 and only packaged in pip, Vagrant, VM container and Docker, but not yet in *.deb repositories (e.g. Ubuntu's PPA) or snap / flatpak / appimage.

Startupinthecloud  Python  Wiki  Documentation  Collaboration  opensource  knowledgemanagement 
january 2019 by eocas
Community-driven hosting company with pay-as-you-wish pricing.

Their technology stack includes:
Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, node.js, Erlang, Lua, qmail, vmailmgr, maildrop, ezmlm-idx, DSPAM, etc.

Based in Mainz / Germany.

Startupinthecloud  Hosting  community  perl  PHP  Ruby  Python  Javascript  Messaging  Germany  sustainablecompany  Sustainability  Service_Provider  Systems_Management  sysAdmin  Web_Application_Hosting  Web_Development 
january 2019 by eocas
OpenScraper | CIS
An open source webapp for scraping: towards a public service for webscraping.

"OpenScraper aims to display an online GUI interface (a webapp on the client side) so you'll just have to set the field names (the data structure you expect), then enter a list of websites to scrap, for each one set up the xpath to scrap for each field, and finally click on a button to run the scraper configured for each website. T

This will give access to the desired data: You will be able able to import it, share it, and visualize it
OpenScraper is developped in open source, and will provide a documentation as much as a legal framework (licence and CGU) aiming to make the core system of OpenScraper fit the GDPR, in the letter and in the spirit."
Startupinthecloud  tools  Python  Data  Database  datasource  website  Web_Development  Information_Science  Information_Technology  Visualization  opensource  Legal  Framework 
january 2019 by eocas
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python | E-book by Al Sweigart
Practical programming for total beginners.

"If you've ever spent hours renaming files or updating hundreds of spreadsheet cells, you know how tedious tasks like these can be. But what if you could have your computer do them for you?

In Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, you'll learn how to use Python to write programs that do in minutes what would take you hours to do by hand-no prior programming experience required. Once you've mastered the basics of programming, you'll create Python programs that effortlessly perform useful and impressive feats of automation to:

Search for text in a file or across multiple files
Create, update, move, and rename files and folders
Search the Web and download online content
Update and format data in Excel spreadsheets of any size
Split, merge, watermark, and encrypt PDFs
Send reminder emails and text notifications
Fill out online forms

Step-by-step instructions walk you through each program, and practice projects at the end of each chapter challenge you to improve those programs and use your newfound skills to automate similar tasks."

Table of Contents

Chapter 0 – Introduction
Chapter 1 – Python Basics
Chapter 2 – Flow Control
Chapter 3 – Functions
Chapter 4 – Lists
Chapter 5 – Dictionaries and Structuring Data
Chapter 6 – Manipulating Strings
Chapter 7 – Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
Chapter 8 – Reading and Writing Files
Chapter 9 – Organizing Files
Chapter 10 – Debugging
Chapter 11 – Web Scraping
Chapter 12 – Working with Excel Spreadsheets
Chapter 13 – Working with PDF and Word Documents
Chapter 14 – Working with CSV Files and JSON Data
Chapter 15 – Keeping Time, Scheduling Tasks, and Launching Programs
Chapter 16 – Sending Email and Text Messages
Chapter 17 – Manipulating Images
Chapter 18 – Controlling the Keyboard and Mouse with GUI Automation
Appendix A – Installing Third-Party Modules
Appendix B – Running Programs
Appendix C – Answers to the Practice Questions

Additional Content

Download files used in the book
List of CSS Selector Tutorials
List of JSON APIs
List of Programming Practice Sites
List of Web Comics
Schedulers for Windows, Mac, and Linux
How to Do PyCon (or any tech conference)

Startupinthecloud  Programming  Software_Engineering  book  Education  Python  Tutorial  Automation 
january 2019 by eocas
"Misago is fully featured forum application written in Python and ES6, powered by Django and React.js."

Feature excerpts:
- Sign in with Facebook, Google, Github, Steam, or any other over 50 supported OAuth providers.
- Rich polls system, allowing polls with public and private voters, single and multiple choices as well as ones that allow vote change or limit voting tp limited period of time.
- Mark post in question thread as best answer, bringing basic Q&A functionality.
- Custom theme developed over bootstrap.
- [roadmap] Notifications for users to notice content and events of concern faster.
- [roadmap] WYSIWYM content editor for even easier post formatting.
- [roadmap] Post reactions in place of likes.

Maintainer Rafal Piton ( from Poland.

Startupinthecloud  Python  Forum  Javascript  opensource  knowledgemanagement  Software 
december 2018 by eocas
OpenCV library
"OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is released under a BSD license and hence it’s free for both academic and commercial use. It has C++, Python and Java interfaces and supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android. OpenCV was designed for computational efficiency and with a strong focus on real-time applications. Written in optimized C/C++, the library can take advantage of multi-core processing. Enabled with OpenCL, it can take advantage of the hardware acceleration of the underlying heterogeneous compute platform.

Adopted all around the world, OpenCV has more than 47 thousand people of user community and estimated number of downloads exceeding 14 million. Usage ranges from interactive art, to mines inspection, stitching maps on the web or through advanced robotics."

Startupinthecloud  opensource  Python  Research  AI  VR  InteractiveBeijing  Automation 
october 2018 by eocas
ReviewNB: Jupyter Notebook Diff for GitHub
ReviewNB aims to provide first class diff and commenting system for Jupyter Notebooks on GitHub (not yet GitLab and Bitbucket).

Startupinthecloud  Software_Engineering  tools  Python  Editor  Collaboration  opensource 
october 2018 by eocas
Nurtch - Platform to write interactive runbooks for incident response
"Nurtch is an internal documentation platform based on Jupyter Notebooks. It’s used by teams to write executable runbooks for quick incident response. Notebook supports markdown text, images, executable code, and output all within the single document served in a browser.
While Nurtch is great for storing runbooks, it’s also suitable to share any internal documentation within team. You can write onboarding guides, retrieve metrics, automate walk-up requests and such. This documentation is split into two sections:

1. Nurtch Platform
We talk about the actual Jupyter UI that’s used to write, edit and execute Notebooks. We provide ability to search documents, publish them to S3, store credentials, add team members to Nurtch etc.

2. Rubix Library
Rubix ™ is a Python library that simplifies common DevOps actions by leveraging infrastructure APIs. Simply put, we abstract the complexity of communicating with AWS/Kubernetes/<Your favourite tool> APIs."

By Amit Rathi from New Delhi who also does the Jupyter Notebook Diff platform ReviewNB.

Startupinthecloud  devops  sysAdmin  Systems_Management  Python  Automation  Documentation  API  Virtualization  Collaboration  Guideline  opensource  india  Platform  Service_Provider  support 
october 2018 by eocas
"Mako is a template library written in Python. It provides a familiar, non-XML syntax which compiles into Python modules for maximum performance. Mako's syntax and API borrows from the best ideas of many others, including Django and Jinja2 templates, Cheetah, Myghty, and Genshi. Conceptually, Mako is an embedded Python (i.e. Python Server Page) language, which refines the familiar ideas of componentized layout and inheritance to produce one of the most straightforward and flexible models available, while also maintaining close ties to Python calling and scoping semantics."

Plays nice with Python-based static-site generators like Nikola or Pelican or CMS like Django. Being used by e.g. Reddit. Similar to Jinja2.

Startupinthecloud  Template  design  webdesign  website  Web_Design  Web_Development  Python  CSS  Javascript  tools  Software_Engineering  Django  CMS 
october 2018 by eocas
doit - Automation tool
"doit comes from the idea of bringing the power of build-tools to execute any kind of task

python logo
pip install doit
People often compare doit to tools like make, grunt, rake, scons, snakemake.

They appreciate doit strong features, flexibility, simplicity of authoring and ease of use."

fashion  python  auto  automation  tools  web_development  software_engineering 
october 2018 by eocas
"Isso – Ich schrei sonst – is a lightweight commenting server written in Python and JavaScript. It aims to be a drop-in replacement for Disqus."

Startupinthecloud  Python  Communication  community  opensource  Javascript  Forum  blog 
october 2018 by eocas
Sugar Labs
"At Sugar Labs we make a collection of tools that learners use to explore, discover, create, and reflect.
It is a volunteer-driven member project of Software Freedom Conservancy, a nonprofit corporation. Originally part of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, Sugar Labs coordinates volunteers around the world who are passionate about providing educational opportunities to children through the Sugar Learning Platform."

Startupinthecloud  Lifesnippets  Education  NGO_NPO  opensource  Software  Platform  Python  Linux 
august 2018 by eocas
Python Fire
"Python Fire is a library for automatically generating command line interfaces (CLIs) from absolutely any Python object.

- Simple way to create a CLI in Python.
- Helpful tool for developing and debugging Python code.
- Helps with exploring existing code or turning other people's code into a CLI.
- Makes transitioning between Bash and Python easier.
- Makes using a Python REPL (Read–Eval–Print Loop shell) easier by setting up the REPL with the modules and variables you'll need already imported and created."

Maintained by Google.

Startupinthecloud  development  Python  tools  Software_Engineering  Programming  CLI  opensource  Automation 
july 2018 by eocas
Poetry - Python dependency management and packaging made easy.
"Poetry is a tool for dependency management and packaging in Python. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you.
It only needs one file to do all (dependency management, packaging and publishing): the new, standardized pyproject.toml.

In other words, poetry uses pyproject.toml to replace, requirements.txt, setup.cfg, and the newly added Pipfile."

On Github they state examples why Poetry is better than Pipenv.

Startupinthecloud  Python  Automation  Programming  tools  development  Software_Engineering 
july 2018 by eocas
Pipenv: Python Dev Workflow for Humans
"Pipenv is a tool that aims to bring the best of all packaging worlds (bundler, composer, npm, cargo, yarn, etc.) to the Python world.

It automatically creates and manages a virtualenv for your projects, as well as adds/removes packages from your Pipfile as you install/uninstall packages. It also generates the ever-important Pipfile.lock, which is used to produce deterministic builds.

Pipenv is primarily meant to provide users and developers of applications with an easy method to setup a working environment."

Pipenv obsoltes the need to use pip and virtualenv separately as they work together.

Startupinthecloud  Python  Programming  Software_Engineering  development  tools  Automation  opensource 
july 2018 by eocas
Introduction to Git and GitHub for Python Developers
Tutorial about what Git is, how to use it for your personal projects, and how to use it in conjunction with GitHub to work with other people on larger projects. We’ll look at how to create a repo, how to add both new and modified files, and how to navigate through your project’s history so you can “get back” to when your project was working.

Startupinthecloud  Python  Git  Tutorial  Software_Engineering  Programming  Collaboration  File  Filesync  CLI  Project_Management 
july 2018 by eocas
"qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It’s based on Python and PyQt5 and free software, licensed under the GPL.

It was inspired by other browsers/addons like dwb and Vimperator/Pentadactyl."

Similar alternative is Next Web Browser.

Startupinthecloud  Browser  Python  tools  Productivity  Editor 
july 2018 by eocas
"Indico is a general-purpose event management web-based solution. It includes a full-blown conference organization workflow as well as tools for meeting management and room booking. It provides as well integration with video-conferencing solutions."

Developed at/by CERN in Switzerland/France, free software GPL2.

Startupinthecloud  Management  events  Content_Curation  CMS  video  Storage  Python  Switzerland  France  opensource 
july 2018 by eocas
hydrus network
A personal booru-style media tagger that can import files and tags from hard drive and popular websites. Content can be shared with other users via user-run servers.
Probably written in Python.

Startupinthecloud  design  Creative  creation  Social_Networking  knowledgemanagement  File  Content_Aggregation  Content_Curation  Python  image  opensource 
june 2018 by eocas
"Typesense is a fast, typo-tolerant search engine for building delightful search experiences.Features:

Typo tolerant: Handles typographical errors elegantly.
Simple and delightful: Simple to set-up and manage.
Tunable ranking: Easy to tailor your search results to perfection.
Fast: Meticulously designed and optimized for speed."

Newer, slimmer competitor to ElasticSearch and Agilent where less bandwidth is to administer, scale and fine-tune. Also to optimal for billions of documents and scale horizontally. On the contrary, Typesense is built specifically for decreasing the "time to market" with sane defaults out of the box.

At the moment, we have API clients for Javascript, Python, and Ruby.

Startupinthecloud  opensource  Software_Engineering  development  Programming  SEO  Database  datasource  API  Javascript  Python  Ruby 
june 2018 by eocas
"Graphene is a Python library for building GraphQL schemas/types fast and easily.

Easy to use: Graphene helps you use GraphQL in Python without effort.

Relay: Graphene has builtin support for Relay (a GraphQL client; JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications).

Data agnostic: Graphene supports any kind of data source: SQL (Django, SQLAlchemy), NoSQL, custom Python objects, etc."

Often used with Django projects.

Startupinthecloud  Data  Database  datasource  Data_Warehouse  opensource  Software  Software_Engineering  development  API  Framework  Python 
june 2018 by eocas
Headhunting platform focusing on IT, using AI-powered profiling for more efficiently staffing vacancies.

Based in Beijing / China.

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  China  Beijing  HR  Platform  Python  ai  agency  IT 
april 2018 by eocas
Implements business solutions made with Odoo ERP software. Covering a wide range of services: Consulting, project management, implementation, design, customisation programming and e-commerce management / online marketing. The main goal is to increase efficiency and manageability of business processes.

Fully focus Odoo and related Python-based open-source software such as PostgreSQL database.

Startupinthecloud  ERP  e-commerce  Python  Odoo  visual  design  agency  Consultancy  Germany  Project_Management  Requirements  implementation  Customization  Programming  Online_Shop  Marketing  opensource  Database  PostgreSQL 
april 2018 by eocas
Awesome Python
A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources. Inspired by awesome-php.

Table of content:

Admin Panels
Algorithms and Design Patterns
Asset Management
Build Tools
Built-in Classes Enhancement
ChatOps Tools
Code Analysis
Command-line Tools
Computer Vision
Concurrency and Parallelism
Data Analysis
Data Validation
Data Visualization
Database Drivers
Date and Time
Debugging Tools
Deep Learning
DevOps Tools
Editor Plugins and IDEs
Environment Management
Foreign Function Interface
Functional Programming
Game Development
HTML Manipulation
Image Processing
Interactive Interpreter
Job Scheduler
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Network Virtualization
News Feed
Package Management
Package Repositories
Recommender Systems
RPC Servers
Serverless Frameworks
Specific Formats Processing
Static Site Generator
Template Engine
Text Processing
Third-party APIs
URL Manipulation
Web Content Extracting
Web Crawling
Web Frameworks
WSGI Servers

[ Services]
Code Quality
Continuous Integration

Startupinthecloud  Directory_Database  Documentation  Python  Tutorial  Education  serverless 
april 2018 by eocas
calibre - E-book management
"It can view, convert, edit and catalog e-books in all of the major e-book formats. It can also talk to e-book reader devices. It can go out to the internet and fetch metadata for your books. It can download newspapers and convert them into e-books for convenient reading."

GUI with regex search but also can be used by CLI.

A lighter alternative (which is also written in Python) is 'Ebook Viewer' (

It is cross platform, running on Linux, Windows and macOS. For Android there exists the paid app 'Calibre Companion' ( which can sync to library on desktop. There's a simple alternative E-Book (epub) reader for Android called 'Document Viewer' ( yet that one can't sync.

Startupinthecloud  Lifesnippets  book  Research  Management  Python  Knowledge  knowledgemanagement  Content_Aggregation  Content_Curation  Information_Systems  opensource  tools  Software  Analysis  Application  Productivity  Media  media:document  RSS  filetype:pdf  File  Filesync 
april 2018 by eocas
GNU Taler
Electronic online payment system which provides privacy for customers and accountability (e.g. taxing) for merchants. It uses an exchange service to issue digital coins using blind signatures, and is thus not subject to the performance issues that plague Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus-based solutions (e.g. blockchain).

Its architecture is a classical centralized electronic cash system of the same kind as digicash (David Chaum's eCash); and thus shares the same weaknesses; including the strongly trusting a centralized operator who has the ability to selectively deny transactions.

Wallet integration with Firefox and Chrome, frontends available in Python and PHP.

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Business  Payment  Finance  Financial  Tax  e-commerce  Privacy  Security  Safety  Luxembourg  Python  opensource 
april 2018 by eocas
Recoll text search finds your documents
"Desktop search tool that provides efficient full text search (from single-word to arbitrarily complex boolean searches).
Recoll was designed not to require a permanent daemon but on Linux systems it can make use of inotify. Recoll updates its index at designed intervals (for example through Cron tasks) but if desired, the indexing task can run as a file-system monitoring daemon for real-time index updates."

Scope exmple:
Recoll will index an MS-Word document stored as an attachment to an e-mail message inside a Thunderbird folder archived in a Zip file.

Runs on Linux, macOS, MS Windows and Unix.

Startupinthecloud  Knowledge  knowledgemanagement  Research  Python  DMS  File  filetype:pdf  filetype:doc  Analysis  Database  Messaging 
april 2018 by eocas
scikit-learn | machine learning in Python
"Machine Learning in Python:
- Simple and efficient tools for data mining and data analysis
- Accessible to everybody, and reusable in various contexts
- Built on NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib"

Startupinthecloud  machine-learning  Python  Data  Research  Analysis  Software  Software_Engineering  Programming  Education 
march 2018 by eocas
Selenium - Web Browser Automation
"Selenium is a suite of tools specifically for automating web browsers.
automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) be automated as well.

Selenium has the support of some of the largest browser vendors who have taken (or are taking) steps to make Selenium a native part of their browser. It is also the core technology in countless other browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks.
Consisting of two main components:

1. Selenium WebDriver
For to create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests scale and distribute scripts across many environments.

2. Selenium IDE
Firefox add-on that will do simple record-and-playback of interactions with the browser. For if you want to create quick bug reproduction scripts create scripts to aid in automation-aided exploratory testing."

Has integration for Python:

Startupinthecloud  Web_Design  Web_Development  tools  Browser  Software_Engineering  Programming  Automation  API  Framework  Python  Javascript 
march 2018 by eocas
Celery: Distributed Task Queue
"Celery is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing. It is focused on real-time operation, but supports scheduling as well.

The execution units, called tasks, are executed concurrently on a single or more worker servers using multiprocessing, Eventlet, or gevent. Tasks can execute asynchronously (in the background) or synchronously (wait until ready)."

Startupinthecloud  Python  Software_Engineering  Programming  Database 
march 2018 by eocas
Sigal - Simple Static Gallery Generator
"Sigal is yet another simple static gallery generator. It's written in Python and it allows to build a static gallery of images with the following features:

Process directories recursively.
Generate HTML pages using jinja2 templates.
Relative links for a portable output.
Support themes, videos, EXIF tags, zip download.
Parallel processing.

The idea behind Sigal is to ease the use of the javascript libraries like galleria. These libraries do a great job to display the images, Sigal does what is missing: resize images, create thumbnails, generate HTML pages."

Startupinthecloud  Python  Photo  photography  webdesign  website  Web_Design  Web_Development  HTML  Directory_Database  opensource 
march 2018 by eocas
"SpaceVim is a community-driven modular vim distribution. It manages collections of plugins in layers, which help collect related packages together to provide IDE-like features. SpaceVim is not only a vimrc but an ultimate Vim configuration, It contains many build-in features."

It builds on vim-plug instead of Vundle (as in more widespread Vim distribution).

Startupinthecloud  Python  Programming  development  Software_Engineering  Productivity  Editor  plugin 
march 2018 by eocas
tmuxp | tmux session manager
"tmuxp helps you manage tmux (terminal multiplexer) workspaces. Built on a object relational mapper for tmux. tmux users can reload common workspaces from YAML, JSON and dict configurations like tmuxinator and teamocil."

Similarities from tmuxinator / teamocil:
- Load sessions Loads tmux sessions from config
- YAML Supports YAML format
- Inlining / shorthand configuration All three support short-hand and simplified markup for panes that have one command.
- Maturity and stability As of 2016, all three are considered stable, well tested and adopted.

Missing compared to tmuxinator / teamocil:
- Version support tmuxp only supports tmux >= 1.8. Teamocil and tmuxinator may have support for earlier versions.

Differences from tmuxinator / teamocil:
- Programming Language python. teamocil and tmuxinator uses ruby.
- Workspace building process teamocil and tmuxinator process configs directly shell commands. tmuxp processes configuration via ORM layer.

Additional Features compared to tmuxinator / teamocil:
- CLI tmuxp’s CLI can attach and kill sessions with tab-completion support.
- Import config import configs from Teamocil / Tmuxinator.
- Session freezing Supports session freezing into YAML and JSON format.
- JSON config JSON config support.
- ORM-based API via libtmux - Utilitizes tmux >= 1.8’s unique ID’s for panes, windows and sessions to create an object relational view of the tmux Server, its Session, Window, and Pane.
- Conversion $ tmuxp convert <filename> can convert files to and from JSON and YAML.

Startupinthecloud  Python  Programming  development  Productivity  plugin  Automation  Editor  Software_Engineering  Linux 
march 2018 by eocas
Project Jupyter
"The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text. Uses include: data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and much more."

Via this extension it's also possible to live-present (without Powerpoint, Keynote, Impress, etc.): RISE - "Live" Reveal.js Jupyter/IPython Slideshow Extension (

Startupinthecloud  Python  opensource  Web_Application_Hosting  Collaboration  Visualization  machine-learning  DMS  CMS  Programming  development 
march 2018 by eocas
Nikola | Static Site Generator
"Nikola is a static site and blog generator, written in Python. It can use Mako and Jinja2 templates, and input in many popular markup formats, such as reStructuredText and Markdown — and can even turn Jupyter Notebooks into blog posts! It also supports image galleries, and is multilingual. Nikola is flexible, and page builds are extremely fast, courtesy of doit (which is rebuilding only what has been changed)."

Startupinthecloud  Python  CMS  blog  Web_Development  Template  website  opensource 
march 2018 by eocas
"Open source group chat application that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations [...] real-time chat system that allows users to easily process hundreds or thousands of messages a day. With over 300 contributors merging over 500 commits a month, Zulip is also the largest and fastest growing open source group chat project."

Further read:

Startupinthecloud  opensource  Python  Messaging  Groupware  Productivity  Information_Platform  SaaS  Intranet 
december 2017 by eocas
Paul M Furley
Inspiring talented, kind-spirited fellow citizen / engineer / developer / mentor.

"I'm trying to build things to improve the world.

I care about human rights, internet freedom, equality.

I ❤ linux, python, crypto & security :)

- - -

I’m a pragmatic Engineer with great people skills - I'm good at balancing technical decisions against user needs and working with non-technical people.

I get excited about Open Source, Linux, Python, Automating everything(!), Raspberry Pi, privacy, cryptography, Tor, machine learning, internet of things, renewable energy, open government, democracy, transparency... and lots more!"

Useful tutorials:
- Expirybot emails PGP users before their key expires
- Taking Back My Data, Part 1: Move from Dropbox to Nextcloud
- Hardening my Development Machine
- The Difference Between GPG, GnuPG, PGP and OpenPGP

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Lifesnippets  Lifestyle  Python  interview  Politics  democracy  Transparency  IoT  Expert  machine-learning  Automation  Linux  Tutorial  opensource 
october 2017 by eocas
Federated personal profile with social networking functionality.

Socialhome federates using the Diaspora protocol. This allows content to federate not only to other #Socialhome nodes, but also with nodes from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla and in the future #Mastodon.

Open-source, written in Python. Stack including Django, Channels, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Masonry, RQ, PostgreSQL, uWSGI, Circus, Mocha, federation, Haystack, Whoosh and soon VueJS.

Startupinthecloud  Social  Social_Networking  decentralization  Privacy  Private_Cloud  Python  Communication  community  Community_Cloud_Computing 
october 2017 by eocas
VIM and Python - a Match Made in Heaven
Practical tutorial how to optimize Vim for Python programming.

import_simplenote  Startupinthecloud  Python 
may 2017 by eocas
Free & Open-source photo gallery software for the web. Extensions make Piwigo easily customizable. Works well with Shotwell. Written in PHP, exists also as Python library.

import_simplenote  Startupinthecloud  Linux  Python 
february 2017 by eocas
JavaScript vs. Python in 2017
"Coming from the era of “modern” JavaScript, one thing that was particularly refreshing was rediscovering how Python is an edit/refresh language out of the box whereas JavaScript used to be that way, but is no more. Let me explain what I mean by that:

In Python 3.6, I can create a new file in my text editor, write Python code that uses async/await and type annotations, switch to my terminal, and run python to execute my code.

In JavaScript, I can create a new example.js file in my text editor, write JavaScript code that uses async/await and type annotations, switch to my terminal, run node example.js, see it fail because it does not understand my type annotations, run npm install -g babel-node, run babel-node example.js, see it fail again because I don't have a .babelrc that declares ..."

import_simplenote  Startupinthecloud  Python 
january 2017 by eocas
" is a collaboration software that inter-connects your people with each other and their collective knowledge.
Wikis, social networks, file sharing repositories, micro blogs, forum/discussion boards and other communication applications into one secure enterprise platform.
Open source, Python (Plone/Zope)."

import_simplenote  Startupinthecloud  Linux  Python 
november 2016 by eocas
The Python Packaging Ecosystem - From Development to Deployment
Essay by core Python maintainer Nick Coghlan.


- My core software ecosystem design philosophy
- The key conundrum
- Platform management or plugin management?
- Where do we go next?
Sustainability and the bystander effect
Migrating PyPI to
Making the presence of a compiler on end user systems optional
Bootstrapping dependency management tools on end user systems
Making the use of distutils and setuptools optional
Making PyPI security independent of SSL/TLS
Automating wheel creation

Python  Programming  Language  Management  Software  Software_Engineering  packaging  Ecosystem  Security  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  Linux 
september 2016 by eocas

"Software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It can read and write images in a variety of formats (over 200) including vector formats such as SVG or new web formats like WebP. It can resize, flip, mirror, rotate, distort, shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply various special effects, or draw text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves.

Functionality accessible via command-line or or can use features from programs written in: G2F (Ada), MagickCore / MagickWand (C), ChMagick (Ch), ImageMagickObject (COM+), Magick++ (C++), JMagick (Java), L-Magick (Lisp), Lua (LuaJIT), NMagick (Neko/haXe), Magick.NET (.NET), PascalMagick (Pascal), PerlMagick (Perl), MagickWand for PHP (PHP), IMagick (PHP), PythonMagick (Python), RMagick (Ruby), or TclMagick (Tcl/TK). With a language interface can create images dynamically and automagically."

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september 2016 by eocas
Statement about Stopping Cooperation with Seafile GmbH
Ownership dispute between the founders and developers of Seafile, the China-based Seafile Ltd ( | ) and their German-based reseller Seafile GmbH ( | ).

The conflict became public with this announcement by the German side:

Which the Chinese side responded:
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To which the German side clarified their point:

The Chinese side intends to change from the current GPL 2 license to AGPL 3 license.

Obviously the German side's forking wasn't a clear cut the way LibreOffice, FreeNAS or NextCloud did.

This fork-vs-takeover public fight with both parties claiming the right for the brand will weaken their open-source / free software community and drive away existing customers of their PRO Enterprise edition.

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august 2016 by eocas
Odoo PyCharm Templates
Odoo supposedly is lacking support from most IDEs like PyCharm and Eclipse. Odoo partner SerpentCS has developed these templates so it provides auto-complete functionality for increased productivity and to radically reduce typing errors.

Supports adding new models, building of basic views, adding fields to existing models (Model Inheritance), add fields to existing views (View Inheritance), add new security groups and add basic reports structure and some more.

Video Tutorial:

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august 2016 by eocas
Setup Odoo development on OS X with PyCharm
"Do you want to start with developing on your Mac or you already used tools like vagrant or docker and this is too slow for you? I show you how to run odoo locally without using virtualisation and how you configure PyCharm to be able to start the integrated debugger.

In this blogpost we use the Python and PostgreSQL packages from Homebrew. We create a virtual environment for Python and install the necessary packages with pip. At the end we configure PyCharm to use the created virtual environment ('virtualenv')."

Posts on virtualenv best-practice use-cases:

Post which prefers (see writers latest conclusion in the comments on Dec 2015) for Docker over virtualenv:

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"Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems.

Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

Despite what the above comic suggests, Vim can be configured to work in a very simple (Notepad-like) way, called evim or Easy Vim."

Editor  Python  IDE  IDE_Integrated  Development  Environment  Web_Development  Application  Development  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  Linux 
april 2016 by eocas
Semantic Web Development Tools
"This Wiki contains a collection of tool references that can help in developing Semantic Web applications. These include complete development environments, editors, libraries or modules for various programming languages, specialized browsers, etc. The goal is to list such tools and not Semantic Web applications in general (the interested reader may consider looking at the W3C SW Use Case Collection for those.)
To parse:
- Search through categories, i.e., reasoners, programming environments, browsers, etc.
- Search through programming languages (e.g., Java, Python, Ruby). These are particularly useful in developing Semantic Web applications.
- Search through W3C Recommendations and Technologies (e.g., RDF, RDFa, OWL) to find tools that are relevant in that technology."

Semantic Web Case Studies and Use Cases:

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april 2016 by eocas
What ESB and SOA are anyway
Article explains in simple words and examples how these middleware is (roughly supposed to be) working and how the Pytong-based offers a pragmatic solution to it. HAG
SOA  Python  Research_Papers  Documentation  PaaS  Enterprise_Architecture  Multi-Enterprise_Information_Systems  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
march 2016 by eocas
Zato ESB
About: "Build and orchestrate integration services, expose new or existing APIs, either cloud or on-premise, and use a wide range of connectors, data formats and protocols. Zato facilitates intercommunication across applications and data sources spanning your organization's business or technical boundaries and beyond, enabling you to access, design, develop or discover new opportunities and processes." HAG
Python  Enterprise_Architecture  Multi-Enterprise_Information_Systems  PaaS  SOA  Web_Application_Hosting  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
march 2016 by eocas
Open-source Python-based encrypted Socks5 proxy for secured internet access. Also as server-side available, client-side supports Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and luckily also OpenWRT libre switch add-on. HAG
VPN  Security  Data  Safety  Python  plugin  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
march 2016 by eocas
Kodi | Open Source Home Theatre Software
About: "Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet." Extensive API third-party Python scripts and addon plugins, for controlling Kodi remotely or from external applications such as JSON-RPC server, D-Bus Server, Web server, UPnP AV media server (with UPnP MediaServer ControlPoint, UPnP MediaRenderer DCP, UPnP RenderingControl DCP, and UPnP Remote User Interface server), and a custom multi-protocol Event Server for remote controls. It is also the base for PLEX. Note: Its internal player doesn't play DRM protected content (e.g. iTunes purchases). HAG
C/C++  Python  Media  Video  Integration_Solution  API  plugin  Legal  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
march 2016 by eocas
About: "Open source web-based application for collaboration, organizational intranets and knowledge management. Developed by the Open Society Foundations (OSF), it was first introduced in 2008 and is now used by a broad range of international organizations including OXFAM GB. [...] on-line spaces called “Communities”. Any employee can create a community for any number of people and there is no limit to the number of communities an organization can create. One of the greatest benefits of KARL communities is that moderators can invite individuals from outside of the organization to join." HAG
Python  Collaboration  CMS  Knowledge  Management  Information_Systems  Community  Management  Project_Management  Wiki  Enterprise_Architecture  Platform  Intranet  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud 
february 2016 by eocas
Open-source online store software based on Python while being framework-agnostic. HAG
e-commerce  Python  Django  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
february 2016 by eocas
Satchmo Project
Open-source online store software based on Django / Python. HAG
e-commerce  Python  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
february 2016 by eocas
LFS - Lightning Fast Shop
Open-source online store software based on Django / Python. HAG
Python  Django  e-commerce  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
february 2016 by eocas
FreeNAS Project
FreeBSD-based open-source network attached storage OS operating system, based on FreeBSD with ZFS. It features: Replication, Data Protection, Encryption, Snapshots, File Sharing, Web Interface. Also Third-party plugins such as: bacula > Network backup solution (server), couchpotato > An automatic NZB and torrent downloader, maraschino > A simple web interface to act as a nice overview/front page for an XBMC HTPC, crashplan > Crashplan backs up data to remote servers&computers&hard drives, owncloud > system for the creation and management of personal cloud resources. Django / Python-based. Encryption optional. Note: ZFS raid arrays cannot be extended by one disk at a time: HAG
Storage  NAS  File  Management  plugin  High  Availability  Backup  Security  Data  Security  Python  Virtualization  Data  Safety  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
february 2016 by eocas
Radicale - A Simple Calendar and Contact Server
About: "The Radicale Project is a complete CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server solution. Calendars and address books are available for both local and remote access, possibly limited through authentication policies. They can be viewed and edited by calendar and contact clients on mobile phones or computers." HAG
Project_Management  Google_Calendar  Python  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
january 2016 by eocas
A Python Microframework for websites and websites (e.g. similar Twitter), based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2 templating. Comes with built in development server and debugger, integrated unit testing support, RESTful request dispatching, supports for secure cookies (client side sessions), 100% WSGI 1.0 compliant, Unicode based. HAG
Python  Framework  Programming  Language  Web_Development  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
january 2016 by eocas
Pylons Project
About: "Rather than focusing on a single web framework, the Pylons Project will develop a collection of related technologies. The first package from the Pylons Project was the Pyramid web framework. Other packages have been added to the collection over time, including higher-level components and applications. We hope to evolve the project into an ecosystem of well-tested, well-documented components which interoperate easily." HAG
Python  Framework  Web_Development  Programming  Language  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
january 2016 by eocas
Blog software for Django. Some of its outstanding features are: Prepublication and expiration, Collaborative work, Tags autocompletion, WordPress conversion utility, Compass and Sass3 integration. HAG
Django  Python  Blog  Web_Development  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
january 2016 by eocas
Django app to manage a blog, uses Wagtail CMS as content management system. Wordpress- and Zinnia-inspired but simpler. Has importer of the former: . Also check this interesting article: . HAG
Blog  Python  Web_Development  CMS  Django  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
january 2016 by eocas
Domain-driven e-commerce extension for Django CMS. They state: "Oscar is a good choice if your domain has non-trivial business logic. Oscar’s flexibility means it’s straightforward to implement business rules that would be difficult to apply in other frameworks." Excerpts of solved customer requirements: - A checkout that allows a single order to be paid by up to 9 different payment sources, using multiple payment partners. - Sales representatives are able to place orders on behalf of their customers, using allocated budgets managed within the system. - Integration with a series of SAP webservices to provide catalogue and inventory updates. - Handling of a catalogue of around 15 million products […] Celery-driven backend. - Manages a 12 million catalogue supported by 100+ suppliers for a single project. HAG
e-commerce  Django  Python  Switzerland  import_startupinthecloud  Online_Shop  Startupinthecloud 
january 2016 by eocas
About: "Jinja2 is a Python Template Engine, has full unicode support, an optional integrated sandboxed execution environment, widely used and BSD licensed. [...] It is inspired by Django's templating system but extends it with an expressive language that gives template authors a more powerful set of tools. On top of that it adds sandboxed execution and optional automatic escaping for applications where security is important. It is internally based on Unicode." HAG
Framework  Web_Development  html  Template  Web_Design  Design  Python  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
january 2016 by eocas
Pelican Static Site Generator
Static Site Generator that requires no database or server-side logic. Written in Python. Some of the features include: - Write your content in reStructuredText, Markdown, or AsciiDoc formats - Completely static output is easy to host anywhere - Themes that can be customized via Jinja templates - Publish content in multiple languages - Atom/RSS feeds - Code syntax highlighting - Import from WordPress, Dotclear, RSS feeds, and other services - Modular plugin system and corresponding plugin repository HAG
Python  Software  Web_Development  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  CMS 
january 2016 by eocas Console
About: "The uWSGI project aims at developing a full stack for building hosting services. Application servers (for various programming languages and protocols), proxies, process managers and monitors are all implemented using a common api and a common configuration style. Thanks to its pluggable architecture it can be extended to support more platforms and languages, by 201508 supported are Python, Perl and Ruby." HAG
Virtualization  Hosting  Web_Application_Hosting  Web_Development  Cloud_Development  Python  Ruby  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud 
august 2015 by eocas
ERP built from scratch in Python and MySQL, based in India built on their dedicated framework Frappe. Wants to become the Wordpress-like for ERP. HAG
ERP  Enterprise_Architecture  Framework  Python  Database  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource  CRM 
august 2015 by eocas
Learn Code The Hard Way
PDF book courses with videos to learn to code. Free Phyton online course (HTML, not PDF): HAG
Programming  Language  Education  Tutorial  Python  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud 
july 2015 by eocas
Task Coach
Python-based task manager that looks quite practical and offers functions like time tracker and budgeting as well. Mac, Linux and Windows and unfortunately only iOS and not Android. HAG
Project_Management  Productivity  Office_Tools  Management  Python  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
june 2015 by eocas
US-based PM system based on Agile/Scrum methodology. Offers open-source community version and paid SaaS. HAG
Project_Management  Freemium  Web_Development  Python  SaaS  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
april 2015 by eocas
Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?
Hilarious infographic to compare the main programming languages, including a Lord of the Rings categorization. HAG
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february 2015 by eocas
Presentation of my hosting infrastructure
Their goal is to create a Odoo Community-centric cloud app deployment based on Docker and all open-source (e.g. including Seafile storage solution). By 201412 can host Odoo, Drupal, WordPress and Seafile as availables applications and postgres/mysql/shinken/postfix/bind/piwik for the internal components. The orchestror, a system which will contain the list of all servers/domains/databases managed by the infrastructure, call the executables on the servers when we launch an action and provide a backoffice for easily maintaining this list/launch actions. Part of the Odoo OCA Communities Verticalizations project. HAG
Cloud_Development  Deployment  Odoo  Python  Enterprise_Architecture  Multi-Enterprise_Information_Systems  Tutorial  Docker  PostgreSQL  WordPress  SaaS  Cloud_Service_Providers  Private_Cloud  Public_Cloud  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
december 2014 by eocas
Wiki: "Seafile is a file hosting software system. Files are stored on a central server and can by synchronized with personal computers and mobile devices via the Seafile client. Files can also be accessed via the server's web interface. Seafile's functionality is similar to other popular services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, with the primary difference being that Seafile is free and open-source, enabling users to host their own Seafile servers without artificially imposed limits on storage space or client connections." Developed mainly in Germany and China with Python and C. Their architecture is working similarly like Git which allows resource-saving differential sync. HAG
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december 2014 by eocas
Groupware Community
About: "Kolab is an open-source secure, scalable and reliable groupware server. It is formed by a number of well-known and proven components and adds intelligent interaction between them. There's a web administration interface, management of free-busy lists and resources, synchronization for several devices and more. Various clients can access Kolab, among them Kontact (KDE), Outlook (Windows) and Roundcube (Web)." HAG
Groupware  Python  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud  opensource  Linux 
december 2014 by eocas
Run and Debug Odoo using PyCharm in Ubuntu
Intro: "As a beginner, being able to debug through the Odoo source code is a great learning experience. PyCharm Professional Edition is a wonderful tool to develop/debug Python applications. The following are steps to run/debug Odoo using PyCharm in Ubuntu. Though not officially stated, running Odoo in Windows is not a good idea. I started with a freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS desktop." HAG
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december 2014 by eocas
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