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Artist residency portal.

"We are an association of over 650 centers, organisations, and individuals in over 70 countries. Each of our members is dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.

Through Res Artis, organisations become part of a global community of colleagues engaged in dialogue through our face-to-face meetings and virtually through our online presence.

Those interested in attending a residency can use the information and resources on our website, gaining insights into the profiles of our members and staying informed about their events and application deadlines.

Since 1993, through the volunteer efforts of the Board of Directors, dedicated staff and countless partners and friends, Res Artis has grown to become the largest network of its kind, promoting the role of residential art programs as a vital part of the contemporary arts world, stimulating the creative development and mobility of artists, and furthering intercultural understanding."

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5 weeks ago by eocas
hydrus network
A personal booru-style media tagger that can import files and tags from hard drive and popular websites. Content can be shared with other users via user-run servers.
Probably written in Python.

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june 2018 by eocas
"Berlin Fashion Week’s platform for all the uprising ideas and business models that influence the way fashion is designed, produced, financed, distributed, marketed and sold.

A conference presenting deep-insight panels and talks supplemented by product presentations and workshops revolving around topics like wearables, smart-shopping and digital fashion business models."

Organized by PREMIUM, SEEK Berlin & re:publica and in 2018 in same building as Bright, Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, Greenshowroom and Show & Order.

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january 2018 by eocas
"Liberapay is a way to donate money recurrently to people whose work you appreciate.

Payments come with no strings attached. You don't know exactly who is giving to you, and donations are capped at €100.00 per week per donor to dampen undue influence.

Donations are public. By default, the total amount you give and the total amount you receive are public (you can opt out of sharing this info).

Liberapay does not take a cut of payments, the service is funded by the donations to its own account. So, recipients get the full value of the donations, but there are payment processing fees when moving money in or out of Liberapay."

Commonly used to fund open-source free software projects.

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january 2018 by eocas
"Membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons." It is popular among YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, and other categories of creators who post regularly online. It allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis or per work of art."

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january 2018 by eocas
China Residencies 中国艺术交流
"We believe diplomacy shouldn’t just be left up to politicians. Artists are cultural and social changemakers, and, in a world where people sometimes forget to listen to and learn from one another, we are passionate about creating opportunities for artists to bring a broader cultural understanding into their work and communities."

Comprehensive directory of residencies in China.

Founded by Crystal Ruth Bell and Kira Simon-Kennedy who elaborate here about their mission:

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may 2016 by eocas
Learn to Re-create - International Fashion Business Incubator
Programme Focus:
"Learn to Re-create is recruiting for individuals to participate in its International Fashion Business Incubator Programme which is scheduled to take place in the UK from September to December 2016. The programme is designed for practitioners within the Fashion Sector who are mid-career professionals to build their capacity to operate efficiently and effectively in a competitive sector that has a strong international market.

The programme aims to provide personal and professional development to mid-career professionals through participation in short courses, work experience, job shadowing, learning visits, participation in a fashion show and educational events. This is to enable participants to gain entrepreneurial and technical skills for the purpose of enhancing their own career prospects or acceleration of business growth."

Short courses programme:
1. Health and Safety in manufacturing
2. Fashion Marketing and Sales
3. Sourcing and Costing
4. Production techniques
5. Business operations
6. Customer services

Professional development programme:
- Work experience and job shadowing
- Self-study and studio work
- Learning visit and research activity in SME Fashion business and Chamber of Commerce or Enterprise development agency
- Visits to fashion, design shows and exhibitions
- Completion of a project (see project brief below)

Course Cost: £3,000

Course duration: 3 months full-time Start Date: 19th September 2016

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may 2016 by eocas

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