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GammaRay - KDAB
Examine and manipulate the internals of Qt applications at runtime
GammaRay augments conventional debuggers by understanding the implementation of Qt, allowing it to visualize application behavior on a higher level, especially with complex frameworks like scene graphs, model/view or state machines being involved.
debugging  qt 
october 2018
How To Programming in Houdini on Vimeo
Testing the limits of bullet engine I thought of creating a very complex mechanism, so the design of a mechanical CPU was born.
First designs incorporated 8-bit memory width, 4 register, general purpose external BUS and even a mechanical display... But very soon i realized that would require enormous ammount of simulated objects, so design was cut... and cut again... and cut again, till i was left with what you saw in the video.
The biggest design to fit into my laptop's ram and simulate in ammount of time i'm willing to wait for it. so yeah....
It was hard to make the video representative for general public, hope it turned out at least entertaining and gave you at least general concept of how it works...
october 2018
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