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Specification gaming examples in AI - master list
AI doing what creators specify, not what they mean
ux  ui  ai  webdesign  strategy 
9 weeks ago by ericaheinz
Dear Ueno: how do you create UX with delightful animations?
Dear Ueno is an advice column for people who for some weird reason think we know what we're doing. Find out more, or read our old advice. Welcome back to the Dear Ueno advice column! We clearly…
animation  aftereffects  webdesign  ui 
september 2018 by ericaheinz
Cards and Composability in Design Systems – EightShapes – Medium
Considerations for designers and engineers considering the structure, content, style & and behavior of composed components like Card
design  ux  ui 
april 2018 by ericaheinz
The Rainbow Spreadsheet: A Collaborative Lean UX Research Tool
With the Rainbow Spreadsheet you will be able to collaboratively observe UX research sessions with team members (or clients).
ux  ui 
october 2017 by ericaheinz
Journey Mapping is Key to Gaining Empathy – UX Planet
This article is for people who already have a basic understanding of journey mapping, but if you are totally new to the tool and how to create one, UX Lady has a great example where she uses the…
ux  ui  mps  productdesign 
october 2017 by ericaheinz
Free Cheat Sheet For Designing Web Forms – Smashing Magazine
Free Forms Crib Sheet. The crib sheet contains an Omnigraffle template, Photoshop (PSD) and PDF examples for you to download and use how you wish.
webdesign  ux  ui 
september 2017 by ericaheinz
Redditors design worst volume sliders possible – Designer News
Lil meme going around on Reddit lands right now thought I'd share this meme here on DN. Hope you enjoy consuming this content as much as I did. hor...
webdesign  ux  ui 
june 2017 by ericaheinz
guide is meant to help designers lay out UI quickly and consistently. It’s particularly helpful for designing mobile
designsystems  ux  ui  webdesign  grids 
april 2017 by ericaheinz
Design techniques — AREA 17
Design techniques, methodology and best practices at AREA 17.
designsystems  ux  ui 
april 2017 by ericaheinz
Credit Card Processing & Business Solutions | Square
Dead simple: Use 'account' instead of login or sign in. Include sign up in the same modal.
ux  ui 
november 2015 by ericaheinz
Ui Parade – User Interface Inspiration
Another good gallery of mobile UI patterns. /via @beakermag
design  gallery  inspiration  mobile  ui 
march 2012 by ericaheinz
Mobile UI Patterns | Recently Added
A good gallery of mobile UI patterns. /via @beakermag
ui  design  inspiration  mobile  energy7 
march 2012 by ericaheinz
Dribbble - Lion Ui Kit Preview by Jonatan Castro
Design resources: PSD template for Mac OS 10.6 Lion mockups
resources  photoshop  ui  energy7 
august 2011 by ericaheinz

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