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...meteor drought that always comes between early January and the Lyrid shower each year
meteors  astronomy 
7 hours ago
Looking for info on the Russian Hacking Indictments : Keep_Track
The hackers are not in the US. The IRA has no US operations. Because of this they don't have to respond in US courts. The only entity to respond in US Court was Concord consulting & management, which is alleged to have funded the operation. It's believed by some that they responded as a sort of fishing expedition to use discovery to get information on the US justice system and as a way to attack Mueller (now the DOJ).
Mueller  Trump  Russia 
8 days ago
ArloNet • alice's restaurant movie
..well, i can help you a bit with Tigger's career, at least in the last few years....i met her a few years back (not thru the Guthrie center) so i don't know what she pursued right after Alice's......but she was in a group called 
"After the Silence" with a few mostly Berkshire musicians (Steve Ide, formerly of Shenandoah)....they did some performances.....but it was not anyone's day job.....they put out one CD called "Live will get you 10" a great collection of jazzy, bluesy pieces from their live performances.....and a one song recording after 9/11.... a very moving piece.... 

Tigger's voice is still remarkable and this group was great, in my opinion.... i think they enjoyed playing again, but had trouble fitting the gigs in with their work and family as far as i know, they aren't playing anymore....however, i will check on that and if they are i will post it..... 

....and she and Geoff Outlaw did go their own ways some time ago...and she is remarried.... 
tigger  outlaw 
9 days ago
[no title]
the handful of extraordinarily rich people who manipulate the political system as an instrument of personal wish fulfillment hate Obamacare: however inadequate it was, it levied hundreds of billions in new taxes that fell largely onto the very people the GOP serves. That’s hundreds of billions of missed opportunities to invest in assets that will make them richer as a reward for the magnanimous social contribution of sitting around and owning things, which can in turn bankroll their even tighter grip on the political system to more easily bury inconveniences like the ACA.

The more their strategy succeeds, the richer they get, and the more insulated they are from the repercussions of mass backlash. So what if they lose a few more elections — they’ve already hedged their bets by gerrymandering districts, suppressing votes, and stuffing courts with judges committed to concluding that, yes, the richest people in human history deserve even more than they already have. So what if people die without health care? So what if they riot in the streets? That’s what iron gates and private security is for.
working  class  race  media  Trump  oligarchy  ruling 
24 days ago
Special counsel Mueller has submitted a report to the attorney general, signaling the end of his Russia investigation : The_Mueller
One of my friends thinks that of Mueller. He believes in his bones the whole Witch Hunt schtick is nothing but a ruse so the investigation appears legit while the GOP continues their slow coup, and that lifelong Republicans Comey and Mueller are key pieces in the usurpation of our republic. He swears on his mother's grave that the Mueller report will clear Trump and his campaign of any wrongdoing. He thinks Comey and FBI let Hillary walk on the email stuff so she would win the DNC nomination, then announced the reopening of the Hillary email investigation days before the election was intended to turn the election to Trump.


I’m still extremely concerned for the public reaction to the release of the report’s findings - even if Barr releases an unredacted report that’s made public

Fox has primed ~35% to flat-out disregard the results of the report. He’s already stoking violence & has spetznazis on bikes who I’m sure will ignite the flash point at some protest/counter-protest


Less than 30% identify as republican (of the voting population), in those he has a 90% approval rating.

That's 27% of the voting population, of which you only need 1/3rd to influence the other 2/3rds due to being in the same community/household. Realistically, only about 10% of the population actively supports him and would even think about doing something, and out of those given the demographics and drug issues, maybe 5/10 of those are capable of moving without a scooter. Then adjust for voter population as a % of all young adults/adults (only half of americans turned out in the election , still a historic turnout for a midterm), so you're basically down to ~2.25% of the population at best that you'd consider "vehement supporters", and you're basically talking about genetic backwash in rural areas or angry incels, or the human equivalent of the back of the toilet.

If you lick it, you'll probably get sick, but there's always a solution.

Luckily unlikely to organize a real effort when you're busy arguing with your scooter-rascal, painkiller popping elderly mother who you still live with over when there will be a restocking of hotpockets and another load of poopsocks washed.

Not concerned.


It seems like everyone who ends up in a position to exercise oversight of Mueller takes one look at the mountains of evidence and goes, "whoa nelly, I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole. Sorry, Don." They know if they interfere, they're just as fucked. Only reason I can think of why Sessions recused himself, Rosenstein completely left Mueller alone, and Whitaker was totally hands-off.


One long running theory I’ve had, is Trump himself actually has no idea of what is going on, but the Russians helped him without him knowing it.


"There will be no further indictments." is an odd thing to put out there on this day.

Might that be part of an agreement cut between Rosenstein, Congress and Trump to not indict his family if he agrees to resign?

The timing of this is also curious. 4:30 pm on a Friday? After markets are closed and timed to give maximum time before they reopen Monday.

If it was a nothing burger, why not release it mid-week, let Barr read it and report out to Congress?

One reason for doing it late on a Friday is they know whatever's in it is going to have big repercussions, and they're letting the country digest it slowly. Abrupt transfer of power never goes well.

Barr's letter is curious also, he almost sounds like he's promising to release key details over the weekend.

I can't say I know exactly what they're doing, but I know for certain the DOJ has had 19 months to plan out the very moment of the report landing and decide the hour and minute of every bit of news landing, and they're doing it that way for a reason.

Trump's comments today about Mueller and Rosenstein not being elected officials - while he was elected by the people - sounds like some kind of despotic "will of the people" excuse to hang on to power in the face of grave legal circumstances. The fact that he's bringing up Rosenstein today tells me Rod has had a lot to do with the planning of this.

Trump  Mueller  conspiracy  report 
4 weeks ago
Opinion | White Women, Come Get Your People - The New York Times
the people who scare me the most are the mothers, sisters and wives of those young men, because my stupid uterus still holds out some insane hope of solidarity.

We’re talking about white women. The same 53 percent who put their racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status in 2016 by voting to uphold a system that values only their whiteness, just as they have for decades. Since 1952, white women have broken for Democratic presidential candidates only twice: in the 1964 and 1996 elections, according to an analysis by Jane Junn, a political scientist at the University of Southern California.

Women of color, and specifically black women, make the margin of difference for Democrats. The voting patterns of white women and white men mirror each other much more closely, and they tend to cast their ballots for Republicans. The gender gap in politics is really a color line.
race  gender  gap 
4 weeks ago
Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion | The Outline
“Tyler,” a biomedical technology mogul associated with the U.S. space program. Tyler is the most curious part of a curious book. Like most of the scientists, government researchers, and tech giants Pasulka quotes, Tyler’s real name remains a secret. But Pasulka has presumably done scholarly due diligence on his background, which would otherwise be hard to believe: Tyler has over 40 biotech patents to his name, many of which he believes were communicated to him by non-human intelligence. He works in a government program where, according to him, the kind of intricate security-clearance labyrinths one might find in an X-Files episode are the norm. “I don’t know who is responsible for putting me on these jobs. I think that somehow they are responsible for it. My own direct boss doesn’t know what I do. This is how the program works.”

Pasulka describes him breezing through airports without getting stopped by security: “We arrived at the airport, and Tyler sailed right past security, past first class, past economy class, and out the other side. He seemed to be literally beyond the law.” His name unlocks doors at the Vatican. In his official capacity as a researcher with the U.S. space program, one of his roles is merely to be at certain places at certain times — his superiors believe, apparently that his physical presence produces certain outcomes at experiments and rocket launches.
UFOs  conspiracy  theories 
4 weeks ago
After Cohen's testimony, how much longer can Ivanka Trump play dumb? |
Ivanka benefits from what sociologists call "benevolent sexism," defined as "a form of paternalistic prejudice" that holds that "women are purer and nicer than men, but also mentally weaker and less capable." Benevolent sexism is about being generous and rewarding to women who adhere to traditional gender roles and who present as being non-threatening, unintelligent and submissive.

Benevolent sexism often turns into hostile sexism, or misogyny, when women reject traditional gender roles. That's why, for instance, conservatives hate Hillary Clinton while adoring Ivanka Trump. The latter plays up to their ideas of what a "good" woman should be — a dutiful daughter, in this case — but the former, by running for office and embracing overtly feminist politics, is despised.

Even the "liberal media's" tendency to portray Ivanka as a little dim -- as a pampered princess who doesn't know how dumb she sounds at times -- ultimately helps her. It allows her to skirt responsibility for any role she played in the Trump Organization's shadier dealings and to smile prettily at the cameras while her brother is called to testify — and therefore risk committing perjury — before Congress.
Ivanka  Trump  sexism 
7 weeks ago
[no title]
Half of all Americans get health insurance through their jobs. That’s by design. Doctors and hospitals in the mid-20th century saw a rash of government-run systems being set up in Europe and they lobbied hard to avoid one of their own, vastly preferring private coverage. Employee benefits were exempted from wartime price controls during World War II, giving employers an incentive to offer them at a time when it was nearly impossible to offer raises. Labor unions got on board too, sensing an opportunity to expand the safety net for workers without needing to pass another massive piece of social reform so soon after the New Deal.
health  care  healthcare  policy 
10 weeks ago
[no title]
Now, you could argue that this twist — King Paimon needs to inhabit a male human, and Peter is in line for the job — amounts to a kind of commentary on the sexism of the world, or at least the underworld. Women are taken for granted and pushed to the margins all the time: “Hereditary” just takes the time and care to dramatize an especially diabolical version of that process.
Hereditary  sexism  patriarchy 
10 weeks ago
[no title]
We’ll never find an answer to the drug problem until we ask the big questions about systemic corruption; the nexus between drug trafficking, government, and business; the prison-industrial complex that is funded by drug convictions; and the very nature of drug use and addiction itself. What is the true nature of the drug-trafficking machine? What is the depth and width of the corruption that allows it to flourish? Where do the billions of dollars go? How does it provide protection, and who provides that protection?

And something else.

What is the corruption of the American soul that makes us want the drugs in the first place? Opioids—which are killing more Americans now than either car crashes or guns—are a response to pain. We have to ask the question: what is the pain?

Until we ask and answer that question, the drug problem will always be with us.
drugs  loneliness  bowling  alone  civil  society 
10 weeks ago
How Not to Be a Doofus about Bayes' Theorem • Richard Carrier
If you declare no amount of evidence could ever change your mind about something, you are a doofus.
critical  thinking  Bayes  Carrier 
11 weeks ago
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