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Introducing Clarity, a product to visualize user interactions at scale to optimize conversion, engag | Webmaster Blog
Today, we are announcing the beta release of Clarity, an analytics product that empowers webmasters to visualize user behavior at scale to make data driven decisions on what exactly they should change and improve on their sites to optimize conversion, engagement and retention.  For this purpose, Clarity supports playback of how users interacted and used their websites. Clarity also has other typical functionalities such as heatmap and scroll map.
webdev  instrumentation  analytics 
15 hours ago
Internet Search Tips -
A description of tips and tricks for effective Internet search of papers/books for research. (archiving, technology, shell, Google)
created: 11 Dec 2018; modified: 13 Dec 2018; status: finished; confidence: certain; importance: 4
internet  search  tips  reference  google 
15 hours ago
Google AI Blog: Grasp2Vec: Learning Object Representations from Self-Supervised Grasping
In our paper, we show how robotic grasping skills can generate the data used for learning object-centric representations. We then can use representation learning to “bootstrap” more complex skills like instance grasping, all while retaining the self-supervised learning properties of our autonomous grasping system.

Besides our own work, a number of recent papers have also studied how self-supervised interaction can be used to acquire representations, by grasping, pushing, and otherwise manipulating objects in the environment. Going forward, we are excited not only for what machine learning can bring to robotics by way of better perception and control, but also what robotics can bring to machine learning in new paradigms of self-supervision.
ai  ml  robotics 
Why FaaS (aka. ServerLESS) is having a bold future – GowthamLabs – Medium
Products in FaaS/ServerLESS Space
AWS Lambda
OpenLambda (Install anywhere)
Azure Function
Google Cloud Functions
IBM Cloud Functions
Pivotal Function Service
TriggerMesh (Multi-cloud serverless platform)
OpenFAAS (Install anywhere)
OpenWhisk (Install anywhere)
Fission (Install anywhere)
Kubeless (Install anywhere)
Bitnami’s Kuberless (provided by Bitnami)
Nuclio (Install anywhere)
Oracle Application Express
Dispatch (Install anywhere)
Riff (Install anywhere)
LunchBadger(Install anywhere)
Gestalt (Install anywhere)
lambda  serverless  FaaS  overview  trend 
AWS App Mesh - Monitor and Control Microservices - Amazon Web Services
AWS App Mesh makes it easy to monitor and control microservices running on AWS. App Mesh standardizes how your microservices communicate, giving you end-to-end visibility and helping to ensure high-availability for your applications.
mesh  AWS 
The multi-mesh vision, and how SuperGloo will bring it to life
The vision: multi-mesh
We at Solo believe that in the near future, many companies will find themselves working with multiple instances of service mesh, and that in many cases this will involve several different service mesh implementations. Possible multi-mesh scenarios include:

Different groups within the same organization may favor different service mesh offerings, which best fit their specific needs.
Users may find that one service mesh works better for their on prem workloads, while another mesh is a better fit for their public cloud services.
Users who work with a multi-cloud may, for example, prefer to work with the AWS App mesh for their services that run on the AWS cloud (where this service is offered free of charge), but use Managed Istio for the ones that run on the Google cloud.
Users that select — for some reason — to migrate from one service mesh implementation to another may transiently work simultaneously with the ‘old’ and ‘new’ mesh.
mesh  servicemesh  multi-mesh 
Awesome Vulcan
This application is an awesome demo of the equally awesome JavaScript framework Vulcan.js. The functionnalities are fairly limited for the moment, however the underlying code has been built with reusability in mind.
It could serve as basis or an inspiration for your own application, especially if you want to build an admin dashboard, an item catalog or any other kind of backoffice application. Thus, it gave birth to a few generic packages:
vulcan-backoffice-builder: helpers to quickly generate administration pages.
2 days ago
How I built an app with Vulcan.js in four days –
Day 1: Picking our spaceship
Meet Vulcan.js, aka Meteor-on-steroids
Meteor is a famous full-stack JavaScript framework. From its very beginning, it has always emphasized productivity and developer experience. It pioneered many awesome features and patterns, like isomorphic development (reuse the same code server side and client side).
Vulcan.js is basically the good elements of Meteor, plus the good elements of the JavaScript ecosystem, in a single framework. It relies on the latest technologies: React for the frontend, and Apollo (GraphQL) for client/server communication.
webdev  vulcan.js 
2 days ago
Who-T: Understanding HID report descriptors
As said above, the purpose of HID is to make devices describe themselves in a generic manner so that you can have a single driver handle any input device. The idea is that the host parses that standard protocol and knows exactly how the device will behave. This has worked out great, we only have around 200 files dealing with vendor- and hardware-specific HID quirks as of v4.20.

HID messages are Reports. And to know what a Report means and how to interpret it, you need a Report Descriptor. That Report Descriptor is static and contains a series of bytes detailing "what" and "where", i.e. what a sequence of bits represents and where to find those bits in the Report. So let's try and parse one of Report Descriptors, let's say for a fictional mouse with a few buttons. How exciting, we're at the forefront of innovation here.

The Report Descriptor consists of a bunch of Items. A parser reads the next Item, processes the information within and moves on. Items are small (1 byte header, 0-4 bytes payload) and generally only apply exactly one tiny little bit of information. You need to accumulate several items to build up enough information to actually know what's happening.
HID  hardware  protocol 
2 days ago
11 of the most costly software errors in history [2018 update] · Raygun Blog
11 of the most costly software errors in history [2018 update]
cloud  outage 
2 days ago
The fastest production-ready image resize out there, part 0
Pillow is an image processing library for Python maintained by the community headed by Alex Clark and Eric Soroos . The lib was already being used by Uploadcare when I became a part of the team. At first, it seemed pretty surprising, why use a language-dependent library for such a critical task like image processing? Wouldn’t it be better to go with ImageMagick or something? Currently, I’d say Pillow was a good idea because Pillow and ImageMagick had quite the same performance, while it’d take way more time and effort to optimize resize for the latter.
graphics  image  performance  python 
3 days ago
GitHub - GokuMohandas/practicalAI: A practical approach to learning machine learning.
Empowering you to use machine learning to get valuable insights from data.

🔥 Implement basic ML algorithms and deep neural networks with PyTorch.
🖥️ Run everything on the browser without any set up using Google Colab.
📦 Learn object-oriented ML to code for products, not just tutorials.
AI  ML  Tutorial 
3 days ago
Plus codes

A plus code is like a street address for people or places that don't have one.

Plus codes give addresses to everyone, everywhere, allowing them to receive deliveries, access emergency services, register to vote – and more.

A plus code address looks like a regular address, but with a short code where the street name and number would be. These addresses exist for any location, even for places where there are no roads.
mapping  geocode  pluscode 
3 days ago
Elastic doubles down on cloud native with Helm charts and CNCF membership | Elastic
Announcing Helm charts for Elasticsearch and Kibana

We are excited to announce the initial public alpha of our Elasticsearch and Kibana Helm charts. These charts make it incredibly simple to deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana to Kubernetes in a manner of minutes.

As Kubernetes has continued to mature, the ability to effectively run stateful workloads has finally started become a reality. With this foundation in place, the timing was right for us to create these Helm charts as a way to help enable our users to run the Elastic Stack using modern, cloud-native deployment models and technologies.

Helm (an open source, CNCF-maintained project) is often touted as the missing package manager for Kubernetes. Helm charts are rapidly becoming a standard way of creating, publishing, and sharing Kubernetes applications. We love them because they provide a great way for us to package and share best practices and default configuration alongside our software.
kubernetes  elasticsearch  Helm 
3 days ago
Our learnings from adopting GraphQL – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
We have been running GraphQL on NodeJS for about 6 months, and it has proven to significantly increase our development velocity and overall page load performance. Here are some of the benefits that worked out well for us since we started using it.
graphql  netflix 
3 days ago
Apple Airplay on Raspberry Pi in 7 Easy Steps - App Code Labs
2. Build & Install shairport-sync

shairport-sync is a fantastic piece of software maintained by Mike Brady. It turns your Linux machine into an Apple Airplay server. One of the best things about it is that it runs entirely on the command line, and while it has a million configuration options, it’s surprisingly easy to get working out of the box.

First grab it from github:-
RasPi  airplay  apple  music  streaming 
3 days ago
Transforming efficiency with LoRa technology - Electronic Products
When a radical technology enters the market, designers look at how it can transform the world. For LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology), this has meant that its long range and low power consumption can significantly simplify network design by enabling greater reach with less infrastructure and cost.

The advantages offered by the technology’s wireless communication are significant compared to alternative options. Its robust penetration reaches up to 2 miles in dense urban areas and offers an outdoor line of sight (LOS) up to 30 miles in remote rural landscapes. Operating on an open standard, LoRa can be used with LoRaWAN, IEEE 802.15.4g, and WMBus protocols and provides footprint-compatible ICs to support global coverage.

LoRaWAN-based sensors and gateways (base stations) typically cost less than competing low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies for a number of reasons. First, there are no wireless spectrum license fees because they operate in the unlicensed spectrum. Cellular-based technologies operate in licensed spectrum and incur intellectual property (IP) royalties due to 3GPP heritage.
3 days ago
CLJS ❤️'s Lambda - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Shadow-CLJS is an alternative frontend to the Clojurescript compiler, it is fills the same role as lein-cljsbuild or Figwheel-main if you are familiar with the space. The big advantage it has over the others tools is awesome npm support. We can use basically all of npm with CLJS via Shadow which is important if we want to leverage things like AppSync or the AWS Node SDK.
clojurescript  lambda 
4 days ago
O2 'to seek millions' in damages over data outage - BBC News
Mobile operator O2 is understood to be seeking millions in damages from supplier Ericsson after last week's day-long data network collapse.
The total bill could be up to £100m, according to The Telegraph.
O2 smartphone users were unable to use their mobile phone data last Thursday. Ericsson blamed expired software certification for the problem.
cloud  outage 
4 days ago
On self-publishing “A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics”
Over the past four years I’ve been writing a book, A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics. It teaches someone with programming knowledge and experience how to engage with mathematics. I can achieve this goal largely because of the implicit overlap in the content and ways of thinking between math and programming. Despite that, there is no smooth bridge from one world to the other—a bridge that explains the unfamiliar parts and focuses on the important concepts, while leveraging programming to demonstrate applications.
Until now. If you’re a programmer who wants to really grok math, this book is for you.
In this article I’ll explain how I wrote and self-published the book.
programming  publishing  ebook  math 
4 days ago
5 Lessons Learned From Writing Over 300,000 Lines of Infrastructure Code
Lesson 1: The Production-Grade Infrastructure Checklist
DevOps projects always take way longer than you expect. Always. Why is that?
architecture  devops  infrastructure 
5 days ago
Running vim as a AWS Lambda Function – Shinya Mochida@型 – Medium
Now Vim script can be thought as one of Serverless application description language, and Vim is the framework for Serverless application.
serverless  lambda  vim 
5 days ago
Home | Rigetti
Welcome to QCS.
The world's only quantum-first cloud platform.

Our integrated systems bring together the best of classical and quantum
computing on a single cloud platform. Build and run programs that harness the power
of real quantum hardware with the ease of a virtual development environment.
quantum  cloud  trend 
5 days ago
Secrets of smooth Béziers revealed | Raph Levien’s blog
The horizontal axis is the tangent angle on the left side, the vertical axis is the tangent angle on the right side, and color represents the armlength, brighter is longer (using the viridis colormap). It’s not easy to explain, best to play with the interactive visualization instead. In that visualization, the accurate Euler spiral is plotted in red, the cubic Bézier on top in blue. Below that is a plot of curvature as a function of arclength.
bezier  Graphics 
5 days ago
25 Microchips That Shook the World - IEEE Spectrum
A list of some of the most innovative, intriguing, and inspiring integrated circuits
history  culture  electronics 
5 days ago
Setting up a new (or repurposed) Mac: 3 Manual migration – The Eclectic Light Company
Manual migration boils down to you copying, in the Finder, at the command line, or by running scripts, files from your old Mac to your new one. There is no single way to do this: you get to choose exactly what you migrate, and how you do it. I cannot, therefore, suggest any best way to do it. What I will do, though, is point out solutions to some of the pitfalls and problems which you may encounter.

Clone no more

One once-wonderful solution of migrating by cloning is almost certainly now doomed to fail. In this, you cloned your old Mac’s startup volume to become the startup volume for your new Mac. This was usually performed using an external disk as an intermediary, with software such as Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper.
MacOS  OSX  migration  sysadmin 
5 days ago
Limbo: Scaling Software Collaboration – Kent Beck – Medium
You can begin experimenting with Limbo today.
Make micro-commits. Delete an irrelevant comment? Commit. See how long it takes that change to go through and then optimize.
Sort commits into “couldn’t possibly cause problems” (you’ll be mostly right) and “might cause problems”. Treat them differently. Rearrange your workflow so you have mostly “couldn’t possibly cause problems” commits.
5 days ago
Accidentally From macOS to Windows and WSL · request / response
If you’re considering the switch, or are just curious as to what it’s like—including how WSL integrates with Windows, what tool choices you have, and importantly, what you’re going to miss from macOS—then read on.
linux  mac  windows  WSL 
5 days ago
FireHOL - Linux firewalling and traffic shaping for humans
What are FireHOL and FireQOS?
FireHOL is a language (and a program to run it) which builds secure, stateful firewalls from easy to understand, human-readable configurations. The configurations stay readable even for very complex setups.

FireQOS is a program which sets up traffic shaping from an easy-to-understand and flexible configuration file.

Both programs abstract away the differences between IPv4 and IPv6. so you can concentrate on the rules you want. You can apply rules for IPv4 or IPv6, or both, as you need.

We think the best advert for these programs are their configurations. See below for:
network  firewall  linux  networking 
5 days ago
Leave Gmail in 10 steps – Adrien Di Pasquale Blog
Step 1 : Get a new mail address and provider

First, I strongly suggest you buy a domain name, so that you really own your mail address, and don’t depend on any service. You can purchase one at Gandi.

From there on, you could use Gandi’s mail servers, but I recommend you use Fastmail’s. It’s not free, but it will be much simpler to setup, faster, they provide push notifications for mobile, their spam filter is better, their web interface is better, and it’s the most popular privacy-respecting service.

Signing up with Fastmail is very simple. If you bought a domain name, you can use their easy-setup option where you use their name servers and they do all the hardlifting. You will still be able to add custom DNS entries later if you want to, for your personal website or blog. If you did not buy a domain name, you can also create a mail address ending with one of theirs :,…
email  gmail  google  privacy 
6 days ago
The Swiss Army Knife of Hashmaps | Arrow of Code
A while back, there was a discussion comparing the performance of using the hashbrown crate (based on Google’s SwissTable implementation1) in the Rust compiler. In the last RustFest, Amanieu was experimenting on integrating his crate into stdlib, which turned out to have some really promising results. As a result, it’s being planned to move the crate into stdlib.

While the integration is still ongoing, there’s currently no blog post out there explaining SwissTable at the moment. So, I thought I’d dig deeper into the Rust implementation to try and explain how its (almost) identical twin hashbrown::HashMap works.
cs  hashing 
6 days ago
Barefoot Networks may have built the world's fastest networking switch chip | Computerworld
As its name implies, PISA doesn’t force switches to use any existing protocol, including TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), the basic mechanism of most current data networks. About all that’s required for it to work is to make what comes out of the ports look like Ethernet packets.

That makes Barefoot’s switch architecture more software-defined than anything that’s come out of SDN (software-defined networking) to date, Burke said. In a way, it’s a next step for SDN. Barefoot’s founder and chief scientist, Nick McKeown, was one of the founders of Nicira Networks, the pioneering SDN startup that was acquired by VMware in 2012.
Barefoot  networking  switch  P4 
6 days ago
Home Page | Barefoot
Barefoot Tofino is the world’s first end-user programmable Ethernet switch. It is built using a Protocol Independent Switch Architecture (PISA) and is P4-programmable.
Barefoot  networking  P4  switch 
6 days ago
Barefoot Preps for 5G and IoT With Its Tofino Chip and the P4 Lan
One of Barefoot’s most-touted capabilities is that it enables programmability of the forwarding plane. “With the programmable chip what you can actually do is assign the resources to only the pieces you want, you can delete the features you don’t want and basically make your switch do the things that your network needs, and do it better,” said Jonnalagadda.
barefoot  networking  switch  P4 
6 days ago
Is Sunnyslope Phoenix's next hot area? - Phoenix Business Journal
The Walgreens center near Seventh Street and Dunlap Avenue recently sold for $3.3 million.
6 days ago
Enginursday: Efficient Arduino Programming with Arduino CLI and VS Code - News - SparkFun Electronics
The tutorial explains how to pair VS Code with Arduino CLI to get the best of both development worlds: a modern IDE and the simplicity of Arduino’s API and board support.
arduino  IDE  vscode 
6 days ago
GitHub - kocircuit/kocircuit: Ko: A generic type-safe language for concurrent, stateful, deadlock-free systems and protocol manipulations
Ko: A generic type-safe language for concurrent, stateful, deadlock-free systems and protocol manipulations
proglang  Ko 
6 days ago
O2 outage: 31m mobile customers unable to get online | Business | The Guardian
More than 30 million mobile customers of providers including O2, Tesco Mobile and Sky Mobile have been unable to get online or use 3G and 4G services after a technical fault caused a UK-wide outage.

The outage hit O2 and also affected companies that use its network including its subsidiary Giffgaff and Lycamobile. It began at about 4am on Thursday, according to the website DownDetector.
cloud  outage 
7 days ago
The Asus Eee: How Close Did the World Come to a Linux Desktop? | Linux Journal
This is the story of the brief, shining history of the Asus Eee, the first netbook—a small, cheap and mostly well-made laptop that dominated the computer industry for two or three years about a decade go. It's not so much that the Eee was ahead of its time, which wasn't that difficult in an industry then dominated by pricey and bulky laptops that didn't always have a hard drive and by desktop design hadn't evolved much past the first IBM 8086 box.
linux  netbook  culture  history 
7 days ago
Google launches Flutter 1.0 — its fast, powerful cross-platform app UI toolkit
UI elements can take advantage of GPU rendering, as Flutter uses the same Skia 2D graphics engine as Google and Android. In addition, Flutter compiles natively to 32-bit or 64-bit ARM code for both Android and iOS.
Google  Flutter  IDE  app  framework 
7 days ago
RISC-V Takes a Leap Forward | EE Times
SAN JOSE, Calif. — RISC-V is open for business, proponents will claim at the first annual summit for the open-source instruction set architecture today. The Silicon Valley event comes at a time when backers say that China is rallying around the architecture with perhaps hundreds of RISC-V SoCs and dozens of cores in the works.
8 days ago
Immutable Web Apps

Immutable Web Applications is a framework-agnostic methodology for building and deploying static single-page applications that:

Minimizes risk and complexity of live releases.
Simplifies and maximizes caching.
Minimizes the need for servers and administration of runtime environments.
Enables continuous delivery through simple, flexible, atomic deployments.

The methodology is based on the principles of strictly separating:

Configuration from code.
Release tasks from build tasks.
Dynamic content from static content.
webdev  architecture  deployment 
8 days ago
Is Facebook down? Users are mysteriously logged out of their accounts | Metro News attempted to log in to Facebook ourselves and had absolutely no luck at all.

Downdetector breaks down the kinds of issues that users are experiencing. According to the site, 44% are experiencing a total blackout, 44% can’t log in and 11% are having trouble uploading pictures.

It also says the issues are almost completely isolated in south east England and northern France.
cloud  outage  facebook 
8 days ago
TipBITS: How to Move Your Evernote Notes to Apple’s Notes - TidBITS
You’re left with a .enex file, which other popular note-taking apps, such as Bear and OneNote, can import (if you’re looking for an Evernote replacement, it’s worth reading “Your Favorite Mac Personal Information Managers,” 18 January 2016). But as long as you’re running OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan or later, you have an app already on your Mac that can also import .enex files: Apple’s bundled Notes app. To do that:
evernote  XML 
8 days ago
How Evernote’s XML Export Format Works | Evernote | Evernote Blog
The ENEX file format and specification

The ENEX file format is formally defined by version 3 of the Evernote Export doctype declaration. A note exported as ENEX is complete and can be imported back into Evernote exactly as it was exported; this includes all attached files, recognition information and tags (optionally).

Here is an example ENEX file. Let’s take a look at how the file is organized and what data it contains.
evernote  export  data  format 
8 days ago
Announcing an audacious proposal
No, I think the takeaway here is that the services provided by SourceForge/Github are too important to its users to be ad-supported.
funding  advertising  sourceforge  github 
8 days ago
The new word processor wars: A fresh crop of productivity apps are trying to reinvent our workday – GeekWire
For notes and docs, there’s Quip, Notejoy, Slite, Zenkit, Notion and Agenda. For spreadsheets, there’s Bellevue, Wash.-based Smartsheet, as well as Airtable, Coda and, although it’s a very different take on the spreadsheet, Trello. The list goes on seemingly ad infinitum, largely thanks to the relative ease with which developers can launch software in the cloud.
data  apps  collaboration  productivity  software 
8 days ago
GitLens — Git supercharged
GitLens is an open-source extension for Visual Studio Code, created by Eric Amodio.
GitLens supercharges the Git capabilities built into Visual Studio Code. It helps you to visualize code authorship at a glance via Git blame annotations and code lens, seamlessly navigate and explore Git repositories, gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands, and so much more.
GitLens simply helps you better understand code. Quickly glimpse into whom, why, and when a line or code block was changed. Jump back through history to gain further insights as to how and why the code evolved. Explore the history and evolution of a codebase.
git  vscode  visualization 
9 days ago
Threads are not the answer | CompuTruthing
Whatever the problem is, threads are not the answer. At least, not to most software engineers.
9 days ago
Yorlang - Yoruba Programming Language
Yorlang is an esoteric programming language designed to write small programs using yoruba language constructs. It is the first of its kind and it can carry out basic programming operations in yoruba language (a language spoken in some parts of Nigeria ).

Getting Started
9 days ago
Movim – Communities – Hey tumblr users. Here is why Movim could be the best platform to migrate to!
Movim has been built to prevent this kind of restriction. Here's a few reasons why.

Movim is a Free Software
Movim has been and will always be a Free Software. This provides you with the freedom to adapt it, redistribute it and use it in any way you would like to. You are then free to add new features, change some behaviors or customize as you wish, for yourself or your community.

Movim is based on an Open Standard : XMPP
All the content that you are publishing on Movim: articles, private messages or chatroom messages, pictures… are published using your #XMPP account that is separate from Movim itself (like your emails are separated from your email client).
federation  tumbler  XMPP 
9 days ago
Western Digital develops a new soft spot for the hyper-converged world – a software spot, that is • The Register
WD paints converged infrastructure as a simplification of servers, storage, and networking. Hyper-converged infrastructure integrates the hardware into combined pools of resources, yet generally prevents separate scaling of these three main components.

A software-based composable infrastructure disaggregates these components into separate resource pools that can be independently scaled up or down. Driven by applications and other code that talk via Western Digital's open Kingfish APIs, such a software composable infrastructure should also avoid supplier lock-in, it is claimed.

For WD, the SCI fabric is NVMe-over-fabrics, hence the D3000 having an NVMe-oF interface. The media tier will be, it says, an equal citizen in this SCI scheme It calls its API Kingfish, reckoning it’s a follow on from the Redfish server management and Swordfish storage management APIs. Kingfish provides physical and logical-virtual system management. We're told it builds on existing open standards, and that WD is contributing these APIs to the public domain to encourage innovation and market adoption.
storage  architecture  trend 
9 days ago
TiDB 2.1 GA: Battle-Tested to Handle an Unpredictable World | PingCAP
Today, we are proud to announce that TiDB 2.1 is ready for General Availability. TiDB is an open-source NewSQL Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) database – one of the most popular and active database products on GitHub. It is designed to provide elastic horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and high availability. TiDB is MySQL-compatible and serves as a single relational database solution for both OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) workloads.
TiDB  Database  OLTP  SQL  HTAP 
9 days ago
You Don't See in 4K - YouTube
Video resolution tutorial, with reference links below
TV  video  resolution  4K 
9 days ago
Macintosh Support - Keychain Management
What is a keychain?
The keychain in Mac OS X is Apple’s password management system.
A keychain can store all your passwords for applications, servers, and websites, or even sensitive information unrelated to your computer, such as credit card numbers or personal identification numbers (PINs) for bank accounts.
When you connect to a network server, open an email account, or access any password-protected item that is keychain-aware, your keychain can provide the password so you don't have to type it.
You start with a single keychain, which is created automatically the first time you log in to your Mac OS X user account. Your default keychain has the same password as your login password. This keychain is unlocked automatically when you log in to Mac OS X and is referred to in Keychain Access menus as the "login" keychain.
Apple  Keychain 
9 days ago
What’s Unique About CodeSandbox – Ives van Hoorne – Medium
I often get asked: “What’s the difference between CodeSandbox and <another online editor>?”. I don’t like getting these kinds of questions because:
online  IDE 
9 days ago
What is  |
What is is the ultimate resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn, create, and solve on the web. It's meant to not only educate developers, but help them apply what they've learned to any site they work on, be it personal or business. was borne of a belief that if we make high quality experiences easy to build, it will enable more meaningful engagement on the web—for users and developers alike. Simply put, we realized the only way the web gets better is if we help the people building it succeed.

And the web can be better.
webdev  Education  trend 
9 days ago
The free and easy way to collect addresses - Mailbook
The free and easy way to collect addresses.
The best tool to help you collect the addresses from friends and family to send out wedding invitations , baby showers or holiday cards .
mailbook  adressbook  tools 
9 days ago
Documentation - CodeSandbox
What is CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox is an online editor that's built for web application development. Web application development is a growing field, and with all new configuration options it becomes harder and harder to focus on writing code. We make this easier by doing most configuration for you.

This focus on web application development allows us to do many more optimizations. We can analyze npm dependencies, we can show custom error messages for known errors, we can make projects easily searchable by npm dependency. The possibilities are endless!
codesandbox  vscode  IDE  javascript  browser 
9 days ago
Dante Labs | We sequence 100% of your DNA
Discover 100% of your DNA at a price never seen before
dna  genetics  sequencing  trend 
9 days ago
Tadashi Tokieda Collects Math and Physics Surprises | Quanta Magazine
Tadashi Tokieda discovers new physical phenomena by looking at the everyday world with the eyes of a child.
science  toys  math  physics 
10 days ago
TypeScript in 5 minutes · TypeScript
TypeScript in 5 minutes
Let’s get started by building a simple web application with TypeScript.

Installing TypeScript

There are two main ways to get the TypeScript tools:
11 days ago
OneSoil explains the first map with AI detected fields and crops
Like all of the OneSoil products, the interactive map runs on machine learning algorithms and satellite imagery. It contains information on 60 million fields and 27 crops in 44 countries across Europe and the USA. All data is provided for three years. Using the map, one can explore national and regional trends, as well as check the development of a specific field. For example, you can find out how much land was planted with corn in the United States in 2016 (49.1 million hectares) or which Belgium region has the largest amount of wheat fields (Wallonia).
ai  machinelearning  agriculture 
11 days ago
GitHub - YugaByte/yugabyte-db: YugaByte DB is a transactional, high-performance database for building distributed cloud services. It supports Cassandra-compatible and Redis-compatible APIs, with PostgreSQL in Beta.
About YugaByte DB

YugaByte DB offers both NoSQL and SQL in a single, unified database. It is meant to be a system-of-record/authoritative database that applications can rely on for correctness and availability. It allows applications to easily scale up and scale down in the cloud, on-premises or across hybrid environments without creating operational complexity or increasing the risk of outages.

See how YugaByte DB compares with other databases.
Read more about YugaByte DB in our docs.
database  postgreSQL  NoSQL  Reddis 
11 days ago
Apache Mesos
What is Mesos? A distributed systems kernel

Mesos is built using the same principles as the Linux kernel, only at a different level of abstraction. The Mesos
kernel runs on every machine and provides applications (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch) with API’s for
resource management and scheduling across entire datacenter and cloud environments.
mesos  distributed  cluster  containers 
11 days ago
PCB Prototype & PCB Fabrication Manufacturer - JLCPCB
Prototype PCBs for
Only $2

Layer: 1-2 Layer Size: 100mmx100mm.
Bring your designs to fruition faster and easier than before.
Free you to focus on your innovations and business.
12 days ago
Node.js for Embedded Systems
he book Node.js for embedded systems explores how a web technology can change the way we build hardware.

Compared to classical programming languages for embedded development, JavaScript embraces open-source collaboration and should help with a good "user" experience. Besides programming concepts, the book provides on overview on embedded hardware that support JavaScript.

At this website, you can find a summary of topics and ideas that are discussed in the book. Also, this website may act as reference or start for new projects. Please help to make the book and website better: Email Us
embedded  iot  node.js 
12 days ago
Algorithm Archive · GitBook
The Arcane Algorithm Archive

The Arcane Algorithm Archive is a collaborative effort to create a guide for all important algorithms in all languages. This goal is obviously too ambitious for a book of any size, but it is a great project to learn from and work on and will hopefully become an incredible resource for programmers in the future. The book can be found here: The GitHub repository can be found here: Most algorithms have been covered on the YouTube channel LeiosOS: and live coded on Twitch: If you would like to communicate more directly, please feel free to go to our discord:

Note that this project is essentially a book about algorithms collaboratively written by an online community. Fortunately, there are a lot of algorithms out there, which means that there is a lot of content material available. Unfortunately, this means that we will probably never cover every algorithm ever created and instead need to focus on what the community sees as useful and necessary. That said, we'll still cover a few algorithms for fun that have very little, if any practical purpose.
algorithms  archive  cs  proglang 
12 days ago
My mental model of AWS | cloudonaut
I present my mental model of AWS to you.
AWS  overview  tips 
12 days ago
Red Hat Acquires NooBaa for Hybrid Cloud Data Management | Light Reading
NooBaa's technologies complement and enhance Red Hat's portfolio of hybrid cloud technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage and Red Hat Ceph Storage. Together, these technologies are designed to provide users with a set of powerful, consistent and cohesive capabilities for managing application, compute, storage and data resources across public and private infrastructures.
cloud  data  architecture 
13 days ago
What does the OS X Activity Monitor’s “Energy Impact” actually measure? | Nicholas Nethercote
However, despite its prominence, the exact meaning of the “Energy Impact” measure is unclear. In this blog post I use a combination of code inspection, measurements, and educated guesses to hypothesize how it is computed in Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10.
MacOS  OSX  energy 
15 days ago
Serverlessconf San Francisco 2018: Better Application Architecture with Serverless | Joe Emison - A Cloud Guru
Serverless has amazing potential to increase organizational agility and decrease operational costs, but realizing those benefits requires proper implementation. In this talk, Joe will walk you through multiple potential architectures for an application, showing how moving to a proper serverless architecture delivers huge benefits over traditional and suboptimal serverless architectures.
serverless  architecture  scale  lambda  rank:1 
17 days ago
What & Why · Reason
Reason is not a new language; it's a new syntax and toolchain powered by the battle-tested language, OCaml. Reason gives OCaml a familiar syntax geared toward JavaScript programmers, and caters to the existing NPM/Yarn workflow folks already know.
reason  Javascript 
17 days ago
What makes ReasonML so great? – LogRocket
What exactly is Reason?
ReasonML is a syntax extension for the OCaml language created by Facebook. Rather than creating an entirely new language, the creators of Reason chose to build on top of OCaml, a battle-tested functional systems programming language that’s been around since the late 1990s.
In fact, Reason has the same roots as React (which needs zero introduction in the world of 2018 web development). Many of the initial React prototypes were done with language very similar to OCaml (Standard ML), and Reason and ReactJS share the same creator!
ReasonML  ocaml  Javascript  overview 
17 days ago
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