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GitHub - seemoo-lab/opendrop: An open Apple AirDrop implementation written in Python
OpenDrop is a command-line tool that allows sharing files between devices directly over Wi-Fi. Its unique feature is that it is protocol-compatible with Apple AirDrop which allows to share files with Apple devices running iOS and macOS. Currently (and probably also for the foreseeable future), OpenDrop only supports sending to Apple devices that are discoverable by everybody as the default contacts only mode requires Apple-signed certificates.
apple  python  AirDrop 
1 hour ago
LessWrong 2.0
Therefore, I dedicate the next few posts in this sequence to covering this paper, which boldly states that it is, "an attempt to explain all the matrix calculus you need in order to understand the training of deep neural networks." All the matrix calculus we need? Perhaps it's enough to understand training neural networks, but it isn't enough matrix calculus for deep learning more generally — I just Ctrl-F'd and found no instance of "hessian"!

Since it's clearly not the full picture, I will supplement my posts with material from chapter 4 of the Deep Learning Book, and Wikipedia.
math  ML  matrix  calculus 
Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Upon finding this essay, any number of showrunners with whom I have worked in the past will assume it is a personal attack in the language of a management lesson. No matter that what follows is a distillation twenty years of experience - and has been in the works since I ran my first show, The Middleman - I expect to be excoriated by some who will believe I am writing out of envy, or to avenge some perceived slight, or was just too cowardly to say it to their faces.
entrepreneurship  management  pdf 
The Arc of Collaboration – kwokchain
Abstracting out of productivity and collaboration apps into the processes themselves, there’s something beautiful at how much we’ve improved and continue to improve at the process of working together with other humans.

In Making Uncommon Knowledge Common I said “One way the tech industry can be viewed, is a process by which we collectively push forward our understanding of industries and new business models.”
collaboration  slack 
2 days ago
Announcing the Anaconda 2019.07 Release
The midyear release of Anaconda Distribution is available for download. The Anaconda 2019.07 release focuses on Conda performance. We’ve heard your frustration about lengthy install times for packages when using Conda, and the Conda 4.7 release aimed to address those concerns. The short version is that Conda install times have decreased by more than half for large packages such as PyTorch. The details are in the “How We Made Conda Faster in 4.7” blog post. Anaconda Distribution and Miniconda include Conda 4.7.10 which improves environment management and error messages.
2 days ago
What's in a Name? Clarifying the Anaconda Metapackage
People think about platforms as the foundation of a given computing environment. Microsoft Office, Matlab, or even Linux are platforms. A lot of people seem to think that Anaconda Distribution is similar. We prefer to see conda, the package and environment manager, as well as the conda package ecosystem as the platform. While Anaconda Distribution is built on that platform, it does not define it. We hope this helps you understand the Anaconda Distribution installers and the anaconda metapackage in their context.
anaconda  packaging 
2 days ago
Building a GraphQL server on the edge with Cloudflare Workers
Today, we're open-sourcing an exciting project that showcases the strengths of our Cloudflare Workers platform: workers-graphql-server is a batteries-included Apollo GraphQL server, designed to get you up and running quickly with GraphQL.
GraphQL  Javascript  cloudflare  workers 
2 days ago
Hacking the Sonos Ikea Symfonisk Into a High Quality Speaker Amp
As soon as I saw IKEA’s announcement for a $99 Sonos-powered Airplay speaker, I was excited for the possibilities its internals could bring. And oh boy, was I right to be. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to whittle away the woefully inefficient compact speaker unit, and bring it to life on a pair of quality vintage bookshelf speakers.
diy  sonos  airplay 
2 days ago
A Deep Dive Into AMD’s Rome Epyc Architecture
We have been itching to get into the architectural details of the new “Rome” Epyc server chips, which we covered at the launch last week with the basic feeds, speeds, slots, watts, and pricing. Now, let’s jump into the architectural details of the Rome processors with Mike Clark, lead architect of the Zen cores and a corporate fellow at AMD as well. In many ways, Rome, with its Zen 2 core and mixed process multichip module design, is the processor that AMD must wish it could have put into the field two years ago. Everything about it is better, and it all starts with the etching of the cores and their associated L1 and L2 caches in the 7 nanometer processes from fab partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.
AMD  Epyc  architecture 
2 days ago
Diagnostics with Tracing · Tokio
Effectively developing systems and operating them in production requires visibility into their behavior at runtime. While conventional logging can provide some of this visibility, asynchronous software — like applications using the Tokio runtime — introduces new challenges.

tracing is a collection of libraries that provide a framework for instrumenting Rust programs to collect structured, context-aware, event driven diagnostics. Note that tracing was originally released under the name tokio-trace; the name was changed to reflect that, although it is part of the Tokio project, the tokio runtime is not required to use tracing.
rust  tracing  proglang 
2 days ago - Parsing JSON is a Minefield 💣
JSON is the de facto standard when it comes to (un)serialising and exchanging data in web and mobile programming. But how well do you really know JSON? We'll read the specifications and write test cases together. We'll test common JSON libraries against our test cases. I'll show that JSON is not the easy, idealised format as many do believe. Indeed, I did not find two libraries that exhibit the very same behaviour. Moreover, I found that edge cases and maliciously crafted payloads can cause bugs, crashes and denial of services, mainly because JSON libraries rely on specifications that have evolved over time and that left many details loosely specified or not specified at all.
json  parsing 
2 days ago
Scratch 3 Desktop for Raspbian on Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi
The new version of Scratch has a significantly improved interface and better functionality compared to previous versions. These improvements come at the cost of needing more processing power to run. Luckily, Raspberry Pi 4 has delivered just that, and with the software improvements in the newest version of Raspbian, Buster, we can now deliver a reliable Scratch 3 experience on our computer.
2 days ago
JSON Meta Application Protocol Specification (JMAP)
JMAP (JSON Meta Application Protocol) is a modern standard for email clients to connect to mail stores. It therefore primarily replaces IMAP + SMTP submission. It does not replace MTA-to-MTA SMTP transmission. JMAP was built by the community, and continues to improve via the IETF standardization process. Upcoming work includes adding contacts and calendars (replacing CardDAV/CalDAV).
jmap  imap  email  json 
2 days ago
Spread Operator in JavaScript
As we can see the spread operator ... is a really powerful feature of the ES6 specification of JavaScript. We can solve plenty of the real-world problems easily by using this operator. As we learned from the various examples discussed in this article, it lets us write less code and do more.

In this article, we covered the common usages of the Spread Operator. We also discussed the similar-looking, but different, Rest Parameter. Please be aware that there could be dozens of other use-cases depending on the problem.
2 days ago
Detecting and Preventing Abuse on LinkedIn Using Isolation Forests | LinkedIn Engineering
The Isolation Forest library is now open source
As a result of the successful use of the library across multiple abuse verticals at LinkedIn, we have released it as open source software. You can find our Isolation Forest library on GitHub.
linkedin  ML  isolationForest 
2 days ago
Looking Ahead After a Quarter Century Into the Digital Age - CIO Journal. - WSJ
The McKinsey Global Institute recently published Twenty-Five Years of Digitization, a report offering 10 insights to help business leaders navigate this still relatively new digital world. Let me first list the 10 insights, and then briefly comment on a few of them.

Large economic potential is linked to digitization—and much of it is yet to be captured
Digital superstars are rising far beyond the U.S. big four and China’s big three
Digital natives are calling the shots
Digital changes everything—even industry boundaries
Agile is the new way to compete
Playing the platform economy can boost earnings
Self-cannibalization and innovation are a necessity for digital reinvention
Going after the right M&A is key
Effective management of digital transformation is vital—but challenging
Leveraging and transitioning from digital to new frontier technologies is an imperative
trend  digitization 
3 days ago
U.S. customs computer outage resolved, computers 'back up and running' |
NEW YORK -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection computers are "back up and running" after an outage that snarled international arrivals, causing long lines at airports for travelers trying to enter the country.
cloud  outage 
3 days ago
Version Museum: A Visual History of Your Favorite Technology
Version Museum showcases the visual history of popular websites, operating systems, applications, and games that have shaped our lives. Much like walking through a real-life museum, this site focuses on the design changes of historic versions of technology, rather than just the written history behind it.
history  design  internet  web  OS 
3 days ago
Introducing the New React DevTools – React Blog
A lot has changed in version 4! At a high level, this new version should offer significant performance gains and an improved navigation experience. It also offers full support for React Hooks, including inspecting nested objects.
react  tools 
4 days ago
Philosophico-Scientific Adventures | by Bryan W. Roberts
Philosophico-Scientific Adventures
A free eBook by Bryan W. Roberts
5 days ago
Largest Contentful Paint  |
Sometimes simpler is better. Based on discussions in the W3C Web Performance Working Group and research done at Google, we've found that a more accurate way to measure when the main content of a page is loaded is to look at when the largest element was rendered.
5 days ago
GitHub - vsco/dcdr: Decider: Distributed Feature Flags

Decider is a feature flag system with adaptable backends. It supports both percentile and boolean flags for controlled infrastructure rollouts and kill switches. Decider is built to be adaptable to any backing datastore. At the moment, Consul, Etcd, and Redis are supported. ZooKeeper support is planned.

Decider has four major components.

Client for use within your Go applications
Server for accessing features over HTTP
Watcher observes change in the datastore and writes them to disk
CLI for managing features, watches, and starting the server
Each of these components are comprised of lower level libraries that you can use to suit your system's specific needs.

About Feature Flags

Feature flags have many use cases and there are many implementations. With Decider, the three supported types of flags are boolean, percentile, and scalar. For our purposes at VSCO, these have been enough to handle our needs.
configuration  distributed 
5 days ago
The simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem has been intensively studied in the robotics community in the past. Different techniques have been proposed but only a few of them are available as implementations to the community. The goal of is to provide a platform for SLAM researchers which gives them the possibility to publish their algorithms. was established in 2006 and in 2018, it has been moved to github.
SLAM  robotics  imageProcessing 
6 days ago
Teensy 4.0 Launched for $20 with a Much Faster NXP i.MX RT1062 Arm Cortex-M7 Processor
Price is also a nice surprise. Teensy 3.6 was introduced for $28 via a Kickstarter campaign, but Teensy 4.0 was launched for just $19.95, and quickly ran out of stock. It may take a few weeks before it becomes available again. You’ll find more details and pre-order link on the product page.
6 days ago
LEADTOOLS - Integrate Document, Medical, Multimedia, and Imaging Technologies Into Your Desktop, Server, Tablet, and Mobile Applications.
LEADTOOLS is a family of comprehensive toolkits designed to help programmers integrate raster, document, medical, multimedia and vector imaging into their desktop, server, tablet and mobile applications.
6 days ago
How to Save All the Images on a Web Page at One Time
Though there are several ways to download all the images from a single web page without having to save each one individually, I find this to be one of the quickest and easiest. And all you need is the Firefox web browser!

1. Launch Firefox and navigate to the desired page.

2. Right Click anywhere on the page and select “View Page Info.”
firefox  images 
8 days ago
Siri's Punctuation and Formatting Commands Could Save You $$$
Siri’s Punctuation and Text Commands
Speaking these words or phrases will result in the noted punctuation mark, character or emoticon.

apostrophe ‘     forward slash /
open bracket [     caret ^
close bracket ]     center dot ·
8 days ago
A Visual Guide to iPhone X and iPad Pro Screen Gestures
When Apple removed the Home button from the iPhone X and iPad Pro, it created some new gestures to make up for the lack of the physical button. These gestures work (as of July, 2019) on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr, as well as on the 2018 iPad Pro models. If you aren’t familiar with these gestures when moving from an older iPhone or iPad model, things can be a little confusing. Today we’re going to alleviate that confusion with a visual guide to screen gestures for Apple devices without Home buttons.

These gestures are in effect for iOS 12. Should the gestures change in iOS 13, we’ll update this post with the new information.
iOS  gestures 
8 days ago
Google to Pay Apple $12B to Remain Safari's Default Search: Report | Fortune
Google will reportedly pay Apple $9 billion in 2018 and $12 billion in 2019 to remain as Safari’s default search engine, according to Business Insider. The report comes courtesy of Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall. It seems like a hefty price to pay, but with Safari being the default browser on iPhone, iPads, and Macs—and Google continuing to generate a great deal of revenue from its original search engine business—the Goldman Sachs report finds the payments to be a fraction of the money it ends up making.
apple  google  ios  advertising 
10 days ago
GitHub - BlazingDB/pyBlazing: BlazingSQL is a lightweight, GPU accelerated, SQL engine built on RAPIDS.
Getting Started | Documentation | Examples | Contributing | License | Blog

BlazingSQL is a GPU accelerated SQL engine built on top of the RAPIDS ecosystem. RAPIDS is based on the Apache Arrow columnar memory format, and cuDF is a GPU DataFrame library for loading, joining, aggregating, filtering, and otherwise manipulating data.

BlazingSQL is a SQL interface for cuDF, with various features to support large scale data science workflows and enterprise datasets.

Query Data Stored Externally - a single line of code can register remote storage solutions, such as Amazon S3.
Simple SQL - incredibly easy to use, run a SQL query and the results are GPU DataFrames (GDFs).
Interoperable - GDFs are immediately accessible to any RAPIDS library for data science workloads.
database  gpu  sql  csv  performance 
10 days ago
Apple File System Reference (PDF)
About Apple File System
Apple File System is the default file format used on Apple platforms. Apple File System is the successor to HFS Plus, so some aspects of its design intentionally follow HFS Plus to enable data migration from HFS Plus to Apple File System. Other aspects of its design address limitations with HFS Plus and enable features like cloning files, snapshots, encryption, and sharing free space between volumes.
Most apps interact with the file system using high-level interfaces provided by Foundation, which means most de- velopers donʼt need to read this document. This document is for developers of software that interacts with the file system directly, without using any frameworks or the operating system — for example, a disk recovery utility or an implementation of Apple File System on another platform. The on-disk data structures described in this document make up the file system; software that interacts with them defines corresponding in-memory data structures.
APFS  Reference  Apple  filesystem 
12 days ago
GitHub - xtermjs/xterm.js: A terminal for the web
Real-world uses

Xterm.js is used in several world-class applications to provide great terminal experiences.
browser  terminal  xterm  Javascript 
13 days ago
Unison File Synchronizer
Unison is a file-synchronization tool for OSX, Unix, and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other.

Unison shares a number of features with tools such as configuration management packages (CVS, PRCS, Subversion, BitKeeper, etc.), distributed filesystems (Coda, etc.), uni-directional mirroring utilities (rsync, etc.), and other synchronizers (Intellisync, Reconcile, etc). However, there are several points where it differs:
Unison runs on both Windows and many flavors of Unix (Solaris, Linux, OS X, etc.) systems. Moreover, Unison works across platforms, allowing you to synchronize a Windows laptop with a Unix server, for example.
Unlike simple mirroring or backup utilities, Unison can deal with updates to both replicas of a distributed directory structure. Updates that do not conflict are propagated automatically. Conflicting updates are detected and displayed.
Unlike a distributed filesystem, Unison is a user-level program: there is no need to modify the kernel or to have superuser privileges on either host.
Unison works between any pair of machines connected to the internet, communicating over either a direct socket link or tunneling over an encrypted ssh connection. It is careful with network bandwidth, and runs well over slow links such as PPP connections. Transfers of small updates to large files are optimized using a compression protocol similar to rsync.
synchronization  backup  linux  windows 
13 days ago
Hard Drive Reliability in 2019: Failure Rates of 108,461 Drives
Lifetime Hard Drive Stats
The table below shows the lifetime failure rates for the hard drive models we had in service as of June 30, 2019. This is over the period beginning in April 2013 and ending June 30, 2019.
hdd  drive  statistics 
13 days ago
Turning a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $1 of Hardware · cat /var/log/life
We turned a MacBook into a touchscreen using only $1 of hardware and a little bit of computer vision. The proof-of-concept, dubbed “Project Sistine” after our recreation of the famous painting in the Sistine Chapel, was prototyped by me, Kevin, Guillermo, and Logan in about 16 hours.
diy  touch  sensor 
13 days ago
GitHub - panzi/SocialSharePrivacy: Fork of "jquery.socialshareprivacy.js | 2 Klicks fuer mehr Datenschutz" that is extensible.
Social Share Privacy

Social Share Privacy is a jQuery plugin that lets you add social share buttons to your website that don't allow the social sites to track your users. The buttons are first disabled and a user needs to click them to enable them. So in order to e.g. like a site on facebook with these social share buttons a user needs to click two times. But in return for this extra click a user can only be tracked by this third party sites when he decides to enable the buttons. Using the settings menu a user can also permanently enable a social share button.

Supported share services:
13 days ago
Stack History: A Timeline of The Top 2019 Unicorn IPO's Tech Stack Evolution | StackShare
By the end of 2019, more than a dozen tech unicorns will have gone public after many years of growth as private companies. Wall Street analysts have offered plenty of commentary on market trends and the economic implications of so many tech IPOs.

But at StackShare, we wondered: what technology stacks did these unicorns use at each round of funding? How have their tech stacks evolved over their lifetime? And what third-party tools have been crucial to their scale and success?

To answer those questions, we’ve collected and curated key technology decisions from nine unicorns—Airbnb, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, Zoom, PagerDuty, WeWork, Uber, and Postmates—and, for the first time, compiled them into a contextual timeline for easy comparison across dates and key funding events. Interested to see when these unicorns started adopting containers or moved from monolith to SOA? Dive in below.
architecture  reference 
14 days ago
Shae Erisson's blog - Open Source Hardware Hearing Aid Part 1
Years later, I found an affordable open source hearing aid

A few weeks ago, I found an open source hardware hearing aid called Tympan. For only three hundred dollars US you can buy a white 3D printed case that holds a Teensy 3.6 with some additional audio processing hardware. If you’ve previously done Arduino development, the Teensy is similar, and can use the same tools.

So I bought one! At the same time I contacted the Tympan on twitter and asked a bunch of questions like:

Can you give me a big picture of what I would do with a Tympan? How did they beat the cost of human testing? Could this hardware compress the normal human spectrum into only the parts that a user could hear?

Several of my questions were answered by reading the posters in their docs repository.
diy  FOSS  hearing 
15 days ago
GitHub - serverless/components: An easier way to build and share serverless applications w/ the Serverless Framework -
Forget infrastructure — Serverless Components enables you to deploy entire serverless use-cases, like a blog, a user registration system, a payment system or an entire application — without managing bloated cloud infrastructure configurations.

You can use them now with the Serverless Framework.
serverless  infrastructure 
16 days ago
David Jeske's answer to Why do some developers at strong companies like Google consider Agile development to be nonsense? - Quora
Projects like Bigtable and Borg are the anti-scrum. They represent extremely long term thinking on the part of the technical leaders. Instead of working on something that would meet a small need this week, they were laying a foundation for a fundamental shift in the way cluster software was developed. That investment has not only reaped incredible rewards at Google, but has influenced the entire industry.
architecture  google  agile  scrum 
16 days ago
N-Shot Learning: Learning More with Less Data
Few-Shot learning has been a topic of active research for a while. There are many novel approaches which use prototypical networks, like this meta-learning one, and which show great results. Researchers are also exploring it with reinforcement-learning, which also has great potential. The best thing about this model is that it is simple and easy to understand, and it gives incredible results.

FloydHub Call for AI writers
Want to write amazing articles like Heet and play your role in the long road to Artificial General Intelligence? We are looking for passionate writers, to build the world's best blog for practical applications of groundbreaking A.I. techniques. FloydHub has a large reach within the AI community and with your help, we can inspire the next wave of AI. Apply now and join the crew!
ai  ml  training  learning  reference  tutorial 
16 days ago
Hidden Networks: Network Effects That Don’t Look Like Network Effects – Andreessen Horowitz
There are a lot of companies that have (or will have) strong network effects, but you won’t see them in these standard metrics. Their numbers won’t help you measure, track, or even identify them.

Their network effects are real, but they’re hiding in plain sight.

So why does this matter? Companies with network effects that don’t look like network effects are diamonds in the rough. Because their networks are hard to measure, they can often be under-appreciated in the short run and disproportionately strong in the long run.  
startups  Business  networking 
17 days ago
Best JavaScript Books for All Skill Levels
JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages. The power of Single Page Applications gave birth to various JavaScript-based frontend frameworks/libraries like JQuery, Angular, React, etc. With the debut of Node, its popularity has reached new heights.

According to the StackOverFlow developers survey 2019, JavaScript is the most used programming language in 2019. The top 3 most loved web frameworks are React, View.js, and Express.
Javascript  reference 
17 days ago
SMR: What we learned in our first year | Dropbox Tech Blog
The library we use to write to the SMR drives is the open-sourced libzbc, and through the process of working with it and running into the occasional issue, we’ve made 13 contributions to the library. What’s more, we developed our own testing tool called SMRtest which generates synthetic workloads to write/read verify, and benchmark read/write throughput performance on SMR drives. We’ve already shared this tool with our ecosystem partners, suppliers, and vendors, to ensure they have what they need to enable SMR. And we’ll deploy SMRtest as open-source software in the coming months to benefit the wider community.
SMR  disk  storage  filesystem 
17 days ago
Marvin Minsky And The Ultimate TinkerToy
Note from Editor: This essay is a response to another essay written by Dr. Marvin Minsky titled “The Infinite Construction Kit” as a part of the book: “LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo”. The original version of the essay is available here. The essay is reprinted, along with other essays by Dr. Minsky, in the book Inventive Minds published from The MIT Press in 2019. Please read it for deeper understanding in the ideas described in this essay.
programming  learning  logo  scratch 
17 days ago
Announcing Dash for R - plotly - Medium
Dash, the fastest growing framework for building analytic web applications on top of Python models, is now available for the R programming language.
analytics  graphs 
17 days ago
GitHub - 0918nobita/psyche: A WASM friendly lightweight programming language implemented in OCaml
A WASM friendly lightweight programming language implemented in OCaml

For more details about the language specification, see wiki.

Made with ❤️ in Japan
proglang  wasm  psyche  ocaml 
17 days ago
Announcing PartiQL: One query language for all your data | AWS Open Source Blog
We therefore set out to create a language that offers strict SQL compatibility, achieves nested and semi-structured processing with minimal extensions, treats nested data as a first-class citizen, allows optional schema, and is independent of physical formats and data stores.
SQL  json  data  database  query 
18 days ago
Augment your current security infrastructure to store and index network traffic in standard PCAP format.
Moloch is not meant to replace Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), instead it provides more visibility.
pcap  network  capture  monitoring  analytics 
18 days ago
The Lost Art of Lacing Cable - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast
Cable lacing is definitely old school but it's been the method of choice for major broadcast facilities, stage rigging, CATV installers, NASA engineers, ships and aircrafts for many years. The reason is not just for esthetic, but professional installers know cable lacing lasts longer than cable ties.
hardware  networking  cables 
18 days ago
High performance, exactly-once, failure oblivious distributed programming with AMBROSIA
The trick to enabling all of this is ensuring the deterministic replayability of the application code: under failure, when standby nodes take over and replay the log, this log may be replayed an arbitrary amount of times before the system recovers.
distributed  architecture 
19 days ago
Fast and flexible observability with canonical log lines
Flexible, lightweight observability

To recap the key elements of canonical log lines and why we find them so helpful:

A canonical line is one line per request per service that collates each request’s key telemetry.
Canonical lines are not as quick to reference as metrics, but are extremely flexible and easy to use.
We emit them asynchronously into Kafka topics for ingestion into our data warehouse, which is very useful for analytics.
The stable contract provided by canonical lines even makes them a great fit to power user-facing products! We use ours to produce the charts on Stripe’s Developer Dashboard.
logging  devops  analytics  metrics 
20 days ago
Do Global Stocks Outperform US Treasury Bills? by Hendrik Bessembinder, Te-Feng Chen, Goeun Choi, K.C. John Wei :: SSRN
We study compound returns to nearly 62,000 global common stocks during the 1990 to 2018 period, documenting that the majority, 56% of US stocks and 61% of non-US stocks, under perform one-month US Treasury bills over the full sample. Focusing on aggregate shareholder wealth creation measured in US dollars, we find that the top-performing 1.3% of firms account for the $US 44.7 trillion in global stock market wealth creation from 1990 to 2018. Outside the US, less than one percent of firms account for the $US 16.0 trillion in net wealth creation. These results highlight the practical implications of the fact that the distribution of long-run stock returns is strongly positively skewed.
finance  reference  investing 
21 days ago
Forest 1.0: A Language and Toolkit for Programming with Filestores | Computer Science Department at Princeton University
This paper describes the design, implementation, and semantics of
Forest, a novel domain-specific language for describing
filestores. The language uses a type-based metaphor to specify the
expected structure, attributes, and invariants of filestores.
Forest generates loading and storing functions that make it easy to
connect data on disk to an isomorphic representation in memory that
can be manipulated as if it were any other data structure. Forest
also generates metadata that describes the degree to which the
structures on the disk conform to the specification, making error
detection easy. Hence, in a nutshell, Forest extends the
rigorous discipline of typed programming languages and many of
their benefits to the untyped world of file systems.
filesystem  haskell 
21 days ago
How SAML 2.0 Authentication Works
At its core, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 is a means to exchange authorization and authentication information between services. SAML is frequently used to implement internal corporate single sign-on (SSO) solutions where the user logs into a service that acts as the single source of identity which then grants access to a subset of other internal services.
SAML  reference 
21 days ago
Release OpenPDF 1.3.0 · LibrePDF/OpenPDF · GitHub
OpenPDF 1.3.0
andreasrosdal released this 9 hours ago · 2 commits to master since this release

OpenPDF 1.3.0 has been released. OpenPDF is a free Java library for creating and editing PDF files with a LGPL and MPL open source license. This release contains these new improvements:

Modernization of OpenPDF to use more modern Java features (#139, #200, #201, #202, #210).
Bugfix check font size before drawing string (#209).
Fix using Document in try-with-resources (#198).
Update to the latest OpenPDF version by using this in your pom.xml file:

PDF  Java 
21 days ago
Slack System Status
Issues with messages sending and slow performance
Cloud  outage 
21 days ago
nvALT -
What it is

Notational Velocity is a way to take notes quickly and effortlessly using just your keyboard. You press a shortcut to bring up the window and just start typing. It will begin searching existing notes, filtering them as you type. You can use ⌘-J and ⌘-K to move through the list. Enter selects and begins editing. If you’re creating a new note, you just type a unique title and press enter to move the cursor into a blank edit area. Check out the descriptions at for a more eloquent synopsis.

Want a great primer on using nvALT? See Michael Schechter’s nvALT 101.
MacOS  Notes  NotationalVelocity 
23 days ago
Part l: A History of Visa — Mine Safety Disclosures
Visa is one of the biggest companies in the world. Cards bearing the Visa logo are used more than 340 million times every day. And the Visa brand is one of the most-recognized on the planet. Yet unlike other companies of similar size and ubiquity, few people know what Visa does, how they make money, or why they even exist.

To understand, it helps to look at the company’s history.
finance  history  Visa 
23 days ago
Admin Dashboards - Open-Source and Free - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Based on the community reaction regarding my previous articles, related to open-source React Dashboards and Vue dashboards, I decided to build a similar list with open-source admin dashboards built on top of Bootstrap CSS framework.

All admin panels listed in this article are free, open-source and suitable for hobby and commercial products.
devops  dashboard 
23 days ago
Raspberry Pi microSD follow-up, SD Association fools me twice? | Jeff Geerling
So, unless SanDisk decides to halve their price points, the Samsung microSD cards seem to be the best value for any kind of 'application' level performance, even though it seems Samsung has not yet applied for any A1/A2 ratings on their cards yet. (Note: I couldn't find a 32GB version of the A2 SanDisk Extreme to purchase and test, so I'm sticking with the 64GB pricing.)
storage  ssd  microSD 
24 days ago
Smart Weather Stations -
What makes Ambient Weather a leading choice for weather stations and personal technology tools?


Ambient Weather has been serving customers on the internet since 1998. Ambient Weather is the market leader in weather station and environmental monitoring instruments. We also offer thousands of products on our website, including consumer electronics, media, personal safety and home improvement.

Our goal is to offer the lowest prices in the industry while maintaining premium customer service and support.

Ambient Weather was named one of America's 500 largest e-retailers based on annual sales on the web (2008), as compiled by Internet Retailer. Ambient Weather has been consistently named one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine (2004-2008).

Exclusive Software Tools and Partnerships

Our hosting service at is the most versatile in the industry.

We partnered with to create the largest free weather station network in the world. Posting your data online is free with our web-enabled, integrated solutions.
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24 days ago
MQTT: A Conceptual Deep-Dive | Ably Realtime
Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) has been relevant for years. It’s enjoying even wider attention now thanks to the explosive growth of IoT, with both consumer and industrial economies deploying distributed networks, edge computing, and data-emitting devices as part of everyday operations. This means lightweight, open-source and accessible protocols will only become more important with time. The article below provides a conceptual deep-dive into MQTT, how it works, and its uses now and in the future.
25 days ago
The Digital House
It takes time and patience to build a digital house. But it will give you satisfaction and sense of worth. It will give you long-term value. The future belongs to the digital home-owners and not the free-riding campers dwelling in the noisy dorms of the web.
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25 days ago
Home | Universal Devices | The Most Powerful Automation, Energy Management, and IoT Platform
You have come to the right place since we are also a bunch of perfectionist geeks. Excitement is guaranteed as is limitless opportunities to quench your thirst for imagining, tinkering, creating, and making.

You can literally integrate anything you can imagine into ISY, publish it into our store, and watch it fly!
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25 days ago
Universal Devices ISY994i ZW/IR PRO Controller - Insteon, Z-Wave 500 & IR Support + PLM | Smarthome
Universal Devices ISY994i ZW/IR PRO Controller - Insteon, Z-Wave 500 & IR Support + PLM
4 Reviews | Add Review
Remotely Access, Monitor, Configure, and Control All Your Devices
Insteon and Z-Wave compatible in one platform
Fully Standalone and not cloud based
Supports thousands of Z-Wave devices including locks, lighting, and more
Control all your Z-Wave devices with any infrared universal remote (RC5-compatible)
Supports 1,024 Devices/ Scenes and controls up to 1,000 Programs
Standard ISY994i is field upgradeable to ISY994i PRO to support additional devices/scenes
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25 days ago
GitHub - hemanta212/blogger-cli: A cli tool to convert and manage jupyter notebook blogs. Proudly host your notebooks even as a static site.
A cli tool to convert and manage jupyter notebook blogs. Proudly host your notebooks even as a static site.
26 days ago
How to Write an Architectural Manifesto – Common Edge
Arcade magazine found more than a hundred architectural manifestos published over the last one hundred years. Some of them reduced their argument to a single page or poster. Others were long-form texts. Among the more notable are Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Art and Craft of the Machine in 1901, Ornament and Crime (Adolf Loos, 1913), Towards a New Architecture (Le Corbusier, 1965), The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Jane Jacobs, 1961), Complexity and Contradictions in Architecture (Robert Venturi, 1966), and Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (Buckminster Fuller, 1968). 
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26 days ago
The Mental Disorders that Gave Us Modern Architecture – Common Edge
Recent advances in neuroscience point to another important factor: one reason modern architecture looked so different than past constructions was because its key 20th century founders literally didn’t see the world in a “typical” fashion. They couldn’t. Their brains had been either physically altered by the trauma of war or, like Le Corbusier, they had a genetic brain disorder. And while their recommendations for “good design”—a new world, a clean slate—certainly reflected their talent, ambition, and drive, their remedies also reflected their brains’ specific disorders.
26 days ago
Mitchell Feigenbaum (1944–2019), 4.66920160910299067185320382…—Stephen Wolfram Blog
Mitchell Feigenbaum, who died on June 30 at the age of 74, was the person who discovered it—back in 1975, by doing experimental mathematics on a pocket calculator.
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27 days ago
Personal details of ‘practically the whole adult population’ of entire country stolen
The personal details of almost every adult in Bulgaria have been leaked as part of a huge cyber attack.

Millions of taxpayers' private and financial data was part of the hack, officials said.

The data was stolen from Bulgaria's NRA tax agency, which could now face a subsantial fine over the data breach. It is the biggest ever to hit the Balkan country, affecting almost every single adult among the 7 million poeple who live in the country.

Officials say they have arrested a 20-year-old cyber security worker on suspicion of being involved with the attack.
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27 days ago
Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation – Dan Slimmon
At first glance, it might not be obvious that this script provides value. Maybe it looks like all we’ve done is make the instructions harder to read. But the value of a do-nothing script is immense:

It’s now much less likely that you’ll lose your place and skip a step. This makes it easier to maintain focus and power through the slog.
Each step of the procedure is now encapsulated in a function, which makes it possible to replace the text in any given step with code that performs the action automatically.
Over time, you’ll develop a library of useful steps, which will make future automation tasks more efficient.
A do-nothing script doesn’t save your team any manual effort. It lowers the activation energy for automating tasks, which allows the team to eliminate toil over time.
automation  devops  scripting 
28 days ago
Image Composite Editor - Microsoft Research
Image Composite Editor (ICE) is an advanced panoramic image stitcher created by the Microsoft Research Computational Photography Group. Given a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, the app creates high-resolution panoramas that seamlessly combine original images. ICE can also create panoramas from a panning video, including stop-motion action overlaid on the background. Finished panoramas can be saved in a wide variety of image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, and Photoshop’s PSD/PSB format, as well as the multiresolution tiled format used by HD View and Deep Zoom.
photography  panorama  tool  Microsoft 
28 days ago
The Raspberry Pi 4 needs a fan, here's why and how you can add one | Jeff Geerling
I purchased a Pi-Fan (came in a 2-pack) from Amazon, since it fits nicely above the board and comes with the proper screws for mounting. It plugs directly into the Pi's GPIO pins and needs no modifications.
The easiest way to make a hole for the fan is to use a 1 1/8" hole saw, drilling slowly.
Put the hole saw on your drill, and either use the lower speed setting, or hold the trigger gently, and apply light pressure drilling while holding the Pi case steady.
raspi  pi4  fan 
4 weeks ago
Vugu: A modern UI library for Go+WebAssembly
Vugu: A modern UI library for Go+WebAssembly
Inspired by tools like Vue and React, Vugu is a small library written entirely in Go and able to run in modern browsers using WebAssembly.

PLEASE NOTE: This is experimental technology! (read more)

Inspired by modern web UI libraries like Vue and React.

Single-file components.

Runs in most modern browsers.

Simple and sane dev and build environment. (Say goodbye to that node_modules folder!)

Write UIs with the ease of HTML+CSS for presentation, and the facility of Go for interface logic. It's pretty cool! See the Getting Started page.
golang  webassembly  react 
4 weeks ago
HyperFoods: Machine intelligent mapping of cancer-beating molecules in foods | Scientific Reports
Recent data indicate that up-to 30–40% of cancers can be prevented by dietary and lifestyle measures alone. Herein, we introduce a unique network-based machine learning platform to identify putative food-based cancer-beating molecules. These have been identified through their molecular biological network commonality with clinically approved anti-cancer therapies. A machine-learning algorithm of random walks on graphs (operating within the supercomputing DreamLab platform) was used to simulate drug actions on human interactome networks to obtain genome-wide activity profiles of 1962 approved drugs (199 of which were classified as “anti-cancer” with their primary indications). A supervised approach was employed to predict cancer-beating molecules using these ‘learned’ interactome activity profiles. The validated model performance predicted anti-cancer therapeutics with classification accuracy of 84–90%. A comprehensive database of 7962 bioactive molecules within foods was fed into the model, which predicted 110 cancer-beating molecules (defined by anti-cancer drug likeness threshold of >70%) with expected capacity comparable to clinically approved anti-cancer drugs from a variety of chemical classes including flavonoids, terpenoids, and polyphenols. This in turn was used to construct a ‘food map’ with anti-cancer potential of each ingredient defined by the number of cancer-beating molecules found therein. Our analysis underpins the design of next-generation cancer preventative and therapeutic nutrition strategies.
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4 weeks ago
Garmin BaseCamp | Garmin Support

Owner's Manual (MAC)
Owner's Manual (Web)(PC)
Owner's Manual (PC)
Owner's Manual (Web)(MAC)
View publications in all languages
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4 weeks ago
3D kinematics using dual quaternions: theory and applications in neuroscience
The goal of this paper is to provide a tutorial of the dual quaternion geometric algebra to the neuroscientists and then to show its interests and advantages to several applications in sensorimotor control. First, we summarize the theory necessary to introduce the different applications. The different dual quaternion operations are described and we also provide our MATLAB implementation of these operations in supplementary materials for the potential interested reader. Then we describe several applications using the dual quaternion formalism.
quaternions  motion 
4 weeks ago
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