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Australia’s Heat Wave Is Torching the Continent
On Wednesday, Rohan Smyth, a resident of Alice Springs in northern Australia, posted photos on Facebook of about two dozen wild horses, dead and decomposing in various stages, covered in dust and branches at the bottom of a reservoir called “Deep Ho…
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22 days ago by evansthompson
‘It’s like hell here’: Australia bakes as record temperatures nudge 50C | Australia news | The Guardian
It was 48.9C last Tuesday in Port Augusta, South Australia, an old harbour city that now harvests makes solar power. Michelle Coles, the owner of the local cinema, took off her shoes at night to test the concrete before letting the dogs out. “People…
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27 days ago by evansthompson
PG&E and Camp Fire: wildfire damages force utility to declare bankruptcy - Vox
PG&E, the largest utility in California, announced Monday that it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the end of the month, providing a 15-day advance notice required by law. via Pocket
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4 weeks ago by evansthompson
The Magnetic North Pole Has Moved. Here's What You Need To Know [Inforgraphic]
What is happening? Earth’s magnetic pole is moving in the direction of Siberia and away from Canada. This is something that scientists have been tracking for a long time. It’s fairly easy to look up the location of the magnetic pole dating back to t…
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4 weeks ago by evansthompson
The Era Of Easy Recycling May Be Coming To An End | FiveThirtyEight
For those of us who spent most of our lives painstakingly separating plastic, glass, paper and metal, single-stream recycling is easy to love. No longer must we labor. Gone is the struggle to store two, three, four or even five different bags under …
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4 weeks ago by evansthompson
NASA - Satellites Record Weakening North Atlantic Current
We're all familiar with the phenomenon El Nino and La Nina, where unusual changes in Pacific Ocean temperatures often touch off a series of drastic weather consequences, but the Atlantic Ocean has a set of wild cards that influence our weather and c…
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6 weeks ago by evansthompson
Return Of Polar Vortex In Early January Could Drive Natural Gas Prices Higher - The United States Natural Gas ETF, LP (NYSEARCA:UNG) | Seeking Alpha
The U.S. Global Forecasting System (GFS Model) anticipates a return of the Polar Vortex in the first week of January. Natural gas in storage is well below the normal range and will fall even further below normal if the Polar Vortex returns. via Pock…
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7 weeks ago by evansthompson
White House admits Trump climate policies will cost Americans $500 billion a year – ThinkProgress
The 1,000-page climate report released by the White House Friday quantifies the staggering cost of President Trump’s climate science denial. via Pocket
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10 weeks ago by evansthompson
NASA warns long cold winter could hit space in months bringing record low temperatures | Fox News
That's the warning from a scientist who fears sunspot activity on the surface of our star has dropped so low that record low temperatures could soon set in. via Pocket
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november 2018 by evansthompson
Google gives its AI the reins over its data center cooling systems – TechCrunch
The inside of data centers is loud and hot — and keeping servers from overheating is a major factor in the cost of running them. It’s no surprise then that the big players in this space, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google all looking for diffe…
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august 2018 by evansthompson
Why Alphabet's Moonshot Factory Killed Off A Brilliant Carbon-Neutral Fuel | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
It seemed like game-changing technology: Take carbon dioxide out of the ocean, and turn it into a carbon-neutral fuel that could be used in today's current gas tanks. via Pocket
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october 2016 by evansthompson

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