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Trtl Neck Pillow Review | POPSUGAR Smart Living
I am a sucker for travel gadgets and hacks. Even though some years I'm lucky if I step on a plane more than two or three times, I'll do anything to make those few hours crammed into Economy feel a bit more comfortable. via Pocket
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6 weeks ago by evansthompson
Baldness cure could come from side-effect of cancer drug
Around four in 10 men suffer male pattern baldness by the age of 45 and two thirds by the age of 60. At the moment only two drugs, minoxidil and finasteride, are available for the treatment of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) - the clas…
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6 weeks ago by evansthompson
Fitbit spikes after announcing it's teaming up with Google on health data (FIT, GOOGL) | Markets Insider
Fitbit shares are up more than 6% Monday morning after the company announced it will partner with Google to locate patterns in health data with better accuracy. via Pocket
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7 weeks ago by evansthompson
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