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iPhone XR reviews: the best of iPhone XS with a couple compromises, beats Max battery life - 9to5Mac
Update: Apple has rounded up some of its favorite iPhone XR reviews here. The iPhone XR launches this Friday from $749, in six beautiful colors: black, white, blue, red, coral and yellow. via Pocket
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18 days ago by evansthompson
The Best iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and X Cases for 2018: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
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18 days ago by evansthompson
Mobile app data sharing 'out of control' - BBC News
Data harvesting and sharing by mobile apps is "out of control", University of Oxford researchers have warned. Nearly 90% of free apps on the Google Play store share data with Google parent company Alphabet, the Financial Times reported. via Pocket
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20 days ago by evansthompson
Apps are using "silent notifications" to track you after you uninstall them / Boing Boing
A new generation of commercial trackers from companies like Adjust, AppsFlyer, MoEngage, Localytics, and CleverTap allow app makers like Bloomberg, T-Mobile US, Spotify Technology, and Yelp to covertly track when you've uninstalled apps: the tracker…
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21 days ago by evansthompson
iPhone XS sales stronger than last year, iPhone 7 remains #1 - 9to5Mac
Flurry Analytics used data from over a million mobile apps to estimate iPhone XS sales, comparing them with last year’s launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone XS/Max first week sales beat out last year’s sales of the iPhone …
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5 weeks ago by evansthompson
Homepage - Adblock Prime
What is Adblock Prime and how is it different from other ad-blockers? Adblock Prime is not your average iOS ad blocking app. It partners with iOS, working at the system-level to fight ads before they even load, in browsers and in apps. Adblock Prime…
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august 2018 by evansthompson
Verizon wants to partner with either Apple or Google as its 5G TV provider, report says | 9to5Mac
A new report from Bloomberg this evening explains that Verizon is looking to partner with either Google or Apple when it rolls 5G service to homes later this year. Through the partnership, Verizon would be able to provide television service to its s…
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july 2018 by evansthompson
How to Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine or Phone Line
Some slow-moving businesses and government agencies may not accept documents over email, forcing you to fax them in. If you are forced to send a fax, you can do it from your computer for free. We’ve previously covered ways to electronically sign doc…
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july 2018 by evansthompson
PdaNet+ -- Internet Sharing for Android
Use your Android phone as Wireless Modem, USB Tether, Bluetooth DUN, Wireless Router
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july 2018 by evansthompson
PdaNet+ -- Internet Sharing for Android
Use your Android phone as Wireless Modem, USB Tether, Bluetooth DUN, Wireless Router
android  utilities  mobile  via-pinboard  wireless  hacks  productivity  apps 
july 2018 by evansthompson
Phones are cool again because they have notches and no home buttons
For a while there, we had reached peak smartphone. Every phone started to look the same. Phones became boring. Like, really put-you-to-sleep boring. Boring to look at. Boring to hold. And, yes, even boring to review at times.  But that all changed t…
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may 2018 by evansthompson
Google's Pixel Phone Was Designed To Steal Apple Users. It Almost Works | Co.Design | business + design
Every iPhone owner I know has at least considered it: making the jump to Android. After all, Google gets design now. Its Android operating system is actually the most popular mobile platform in the world. via Pocket
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november 2016 by evansthompson
Review: Sol Republic’s new cord-free wireless earbuds bring big bass to take on Apple’s AirPods | 9to5Mac
Audio accessory maker Sol Republic is today launching its first product in the cord-free headphone space, the ‘Amps Air’ wireless earbuds. via Pocket
hardware  headphones  mobile  review  tech  via-diigo  via-Pocket  via-IFTTT 
october 2016 by evansthompson
InkCase i7 for iPhone 7 pre-order
InkCase i7 E-Ink Second Screen Case for iPhone 7   The Smartest Way to Protect Your iPhone InkCase i7 brings your iPhone 7 to life in amazingly powerful ways.
diigo  iphone  ereader  hardware  mobile  case 
october 2016 by evansthompson
Combo Cell Phone and Adjustable Drink Holder - Accessories
Meant to conveniently hold both your cell phone and drink holder, this product from SnapIt! can be attached to your wheelchair, walker, rollator, crutches, or electric scooter. This product holds most flip and smart phones. The cup holder has articulated
diigo  htranch  shopping  Healthcare  walker  mobile  iPhone 
september 2016 by evansthompson
Best Speakers For Laptops And Macbooks 2015
Share Tweet Pin Mail Best Laptop And Macbook Speakers 2015 There is a growing demand of external, usb and portable speakers for laptop and Macbook as ...
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june 2016 by evansthompson
| TripMode | Your Mac's mobile data savior.
"TripMode only allows Internet access to apps important to you. Allow more apps when you need to."
mac  mobile  utilities  osx  apps  software  travel  internet  wireless 
june 2015 by evansthompson
Capabilities of built-in Mobile Device Management for Office 365
Applies to: Office 365 Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09 Mobile Device Management for Office 365 can help you secure and manage mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows Phones used by…
IFTTT  Pinboard  office365  technet  mobiledevicemanagement  microsoft  kb  mobile  sysadmin  mdm  diigo 
april 2015 by evansthompson
Overview built-in Mobile Device Management for Office 365
Applies to: Office 365 Topic Last Modified: 2015-01-23 You can manage and secure mobile devices when they're connected to your Office 365 organization by using Mobile Device Management for Office…
IFTTT  Pinboard  technet  sysadmin  diigo  mobiledevicemanagement  mobile  office365  microsoft  mdm 
april 2015 by evansthompson
Get Orri
"Orri instantly connects you with people who can solve problems, get you answers, and much more. Try it. You'll see. From last minute reservations, to emergency dog walkers, to must have tickets, Orri connects you to one of thousands of qualified personal assistants who are all based throughout the US and available 24/7"
apps  osx  android  mobile  service  web2.0  lifehacks 
april 2015 by evansthompson
BlueFusion Car Kits
"Scosche Bluefusion is the only Bluetooth car kit that uses your radio or navigation unit as the display for that factory integrated clean look, NO external display needed!"
car  hardware  mobile  hacks  bluetooth 
january 2015 by evansthompson - BlueSTAR
"The BLUESTAR is an integrated communications system designed to allow bluetooth communications in your GM vehicle. It works by utilizing the onstar equipment in your vehicle (microphone and mirror keypad) to communicate to a hands free car kit which connects to your cellphone."
car  hardware  mobile  hacks 
january 2015 by evansthompson
"The new GMX560 can activate audio and video out in all capable Apple products as well as activate advanced IPOD OUT functions for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad devices (also 6th Gen Nano) and display them on the front screen."
car  hardware  mobile  hacks 
january 2015 by evansthompson
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