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This NES Classic jailbreak is a perfect parable of our feudal future of disobedient dishwashers / Boing Boing
RT @jvagle: Recommended reading:

1. @doctorow on DRM feudalism:

2. Classic work on rent-seeking:
copyright  politics  policy  drm  liberty 
january 2017 by ewpt3ch
The Technium: The Post-Productive Economy
Interesting, need to invent new ways of measuring for a new economy
3rdrevolution  internet  poverty  productivity  economy  essay  politics  global  communication 
april 2016 by ewpt3ch
Obama at SXSW: ‘Absolutist view’ on digital privacy cannot prevail - The Washington Post
2+2=4 is not an absolutist view it's just a fact. encryption is math plain and simple
policy  politics  crypto  privacy 
march 2016 by ewpt3ch
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