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Cannot migrate sites: Could not back up sites directory for drupal [#2542236] |
"I had to delete all files in the private/files/tmp directory on the private file system for it to work"
aegir  drupal  permissions  error  backup  migrate 
may 2016 by exnihilo
Aegir Site Tasks: Backup, Restore, Clone, Migrate | Friendly Drupal Free Drupal Tutorials
"In this Aegir screencast, we'll learn how to backup and restore your site, use the migrate feature to move your site to another platform (or upgrade it) and quickly create a copy of your site (for development or testing, for example)."
drupal  aegir  screencast  restore  migrate 
july 2013 by exnihilo
Migrating old HTML files into Drupal | Four Kitchens
We’ve done several migrations for clients who need their old, legacy content imported into Drupal from a collection of static HTML files. In this post I’ll outline the procedure we use to migrate, and provide some solutions to common problems related to encoding, line endings and parsing HTML with QueryPath. Code snippets are provided inline, and complete source code is provided as a Github gist.
drupal  migration  migrate  html  static 
may 2013 by exnihilo
Site Directory Migrate |
Site Directory Migrate allows you to change the URL/directory name of your Multi-site site.
migration  aegir  multisite  migrate  drupal 
may 2012 by exnihilo
Importing Existing Websites into Aegir |
"Moving existing websites to be hosted under Aegir is very straightforward, and will then give you the full power of Aegir for future upgrades and so on - just as if the site had been created on Aegir in the first place."
drupal  development  aegir  import  migrate 
june 2011 by exnihilo

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