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SimpleLogin |
It is a simple module for Customize Drupal Login, Password and Register pages with Background images. Administrators can provide the ability to allow users to attach their own background images/ own background color to user login, password, registration pages. Better features including customize background color, image settings (8.x). Features (8.x): Clean & Sleek Design,
drupal  d8  login  module 
12 days ago by exnihilo
GitHub - unchained-capital/ansible-ldap-modules: Ansible modules for talking to LDAP servers
The python-ldap library is required on whatever host is executing these modules. This can be confusing if you use both local_action-type tasks and tasks which run on remote hosts and both need to talk do an LDAP server -- you'll need to install python-ldap both locally on your controller as well as remotely on the hosts you run the tasks on.
ansible  ldap  python  module 
april 2019 by exnihilo
How to fix "The following module is missing from the file system..." warning messages |
drush sql-query "DELETE from system where name = 'old_module1' AND type = 'module';"
drupal  error  missing  module  fix 
october 2017 by exnihilo
How to enable/disable modules programmatically | BeFused
function site_deploy_update_7001() {
module_enable(array('entity_view_mode', 'maxlength'));
drupal  update  hook  hook_update  install  module 
may 2017 by exnihilo
Drupal Users Permissions Controlled by Other Users
A description of 5 modules for creating more sophisticated user control permissions.
drupal  user  permissions  roles  module 
january 2016 by exnihilo
phpcs: PHP Fatal error - PHP_CodeSniffer 2.0.0 stable [#2387871] |
PHPCS 2.0 is only compatible with Coder 8.x-2.x. Please use Coder 8.x-2.x which can also be used to check D7 code.
php  phpcs  codesniffer  drupal  phpstorm  error  coder  module 
january 2016 by exnihilo
Hacked! |
"Once installed, the "Hacked!" report should be available under Admin -> Reports -> Hacked (or the path admin/reports/hacked ) next to the other status reports. If you want to check disabled modules as well, don't forget to enable this function in the update module: admin/reports/updates/settings."

drush hlp
drush hacked-details entityreference
drush hacked-diff entityreference
drupal  security  modules  audit  hacked  module  reference 
november 2015 by exnihilo
Paragraphs |
Instead of putting all their content in one WYSIWYG body field including images and videos, end-users can now choose on-the-fly between pre-defined Paragraph Types independent from one another. Paragraph Types can be anything you want from a simple text block or image to a complex and configurable slideshow.
drupal  module  fields  paragraph 
june 2015 by exnihilo
swiper |
Swiper is the free and ultra lightweight mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions (where supported) and amazing native behavior. It is intended to use in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native apps. Swiper plugin is created by
drupal  module  library  swipe  slide 
april 2015 by exnihilo
Tadaa! |
Tadaa! is a module aimed at simplifying the process of enabling/disabling modules and altering configuration when switching between different environments, e.g. Production/Staging/Development.
drupal  module  configuration  otap  development  settings  variables 
january 2015 by exnihilo
Security Review |
The Security Review module automates testing for many of the easy-to-make mistakes that render your site insecure.
drupal  security  module 
january 2015 by exnihilo
Context Breakpoint |
Context Breakpoint brings CSS media queries to the server.
By using Context and Breakpoints (which will be moved into the core in Drupal 8) you can alter the page based on the visitors screen resolution, browser window size, or aspect ratio. -- A new context condition "Breakpoint" is available after install.
context  breakpoint  contrib  drupal  module  responsive  mobile  menu 
november 2014 by exnihilo
Developer notes |
The Domain Access module is meant to be the core module for a system of small modules which add functionality.
domain  access  module  development 
november 2014 by exnihilo
De Manual Crop module voor Drupal 7 voegt 3 nieuwe afbeeldingsstijl effecten toe die het mogelijk maken van afbeeldingen, meteen na het uploaden, bij te snijden. Iedere afbeeldingsstijl kan specifiek bijgesneden worden, zolang deze maar één van de Manual Crop effecten heeft. --
drupal  module  image  crop 
october 2014 by exnihilo
Pathologic |
Pathologic is an input filter which can correct paths in links and images in your Drupal content in situations which would otherwise cause them to “break;” for example, if the URL of the site changes, or the content was moved to a different server. Pathologic can also solve the problem of missing images and broken links in your site’s RSS feeds.
drupal  module  path  relative  url 
october 2014 by exnihilo
Module Monday: Pathologic | Lullabot
How to Tidy URLs and Relative Links When Moving From Dev to Go-Live (for Drupal 6 and 7)
drupal  module  editor  filepath  url 
october 2014 by exnihilo
Breadcrumbs by path |
Breadcrumbs by path is a light weight module which simply builds breadcrumb trails based on a URL alias. The intended use of this module is when the site is built to have only hackable URLs.
drupal  module  breadcrumb 
october 2014 by exnihilo
Stage File Proxy |
Stage File Proxy saves you time and disk space by sending requests to your development environment's files directory to the production environment and making a copy of the production file in your development site. You should not need to enable this module in production.
drupal  module  images  development 
october 2014 by exnihilo
DevShop |
Drupal dev-ops in a box. -- Host all of your Drupal projects, with unlimited environments each, on one or many servers. Use the git host of your choice and follow your own branching strategy. Web UI for Pulling Code, Copying Data, Committing Features, Running Tests, and Forking Environments.
drupal  module  devops  development  drush  aegir  deployment 
september 2014 by exnihilo
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