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GeneratePress - Lightweight, Responsive WordPress Theme
GeneratePress is a responsive, easy to use WordPress theme available for free. It's one of the most highly rated themes available on
wordpress  free  theme  responsive 
22 days ago by exnihilo
How To Install WordPress With Docker Compose | DigitalOcean
WordPress is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is widely used to launch new websites. Running WordPress typically involves installing a LAMP or LEMP stack by hand, work that you can simplify with tools like Docker and Docker
wordpress  digitalocean  docker  compose  mysql 
6 weeks ago by exnihilo
WordPress MySql Statement To Delete All Pending Comments - nixCraft
Sql statement to delete all pending comments. Type the following command at mysql> prompt>

mysql> delete from wp_comments where comment_approved = '0';
mysql  wordpress  comments  delete 
12 weeks ago by exnihilo
Vault | Trellis Documentation | Roots
Steps to enable and use Ansible Vault with a Trellis project. Trellis uses a vault.yml file for variables with sensitive data such as passwords.
wordpress  trellis  ansible  vault 
december 2019 by exnihilo
Wocker: Create your WordPress development environment in 3 seconds!
Wocker is a local WordPress development environment. Since it’s based on Docker, it takes just 3 seconds to create every new installation of WordPress.
wordpress  docker  vagrant  development 
december 2019 by exnihilo
Trellis non-Bedrock'd? - trellis - Roots Discourse
I've come into a couple of situations where I would like to use Trellis but I can't use a Bedrock-style setup. Anyone know of a Trellis fork designed for a more traditional WordPress installation?
wordpress  trellis  bedrock  existing 
december 2019 by exnihilo
Using Trellis, Bedrock and Sage with Wordpress - Francois Huyghe - Medium
Here are stories of my struggles with this amazing system and how I managed to survive. Things will be added without order for the moment, but I’ll eventually clean it up. There is a lot of step to…
wordpress  bedrock  trellis  deployment  composer 
november 2019 by exnihilo
Tips for configuring WordPress environments – Mark on WordPress
Many WordPress hosts will give your site a "staging" environment. You can also use tools like Local by Flywheel, or MAMP Pro to run a local "dev" version of your site. These are great ways of testing code changes, playing with new plugins, or making theme tweaks, without risking breaking your live "production" site. Here…
environment  wordpress  development 
october 2019 by exnihilo
A WordPress plugin that lets you push, pull, and sync database tables between wordpress installations.
sync  database  wordpress  plugin 
october 2019 by exnihilo
morrislaptop/wordpress-capistrano: A set of recipes for working with WordPress (via WP CLI) and Capistrano 3
A set of recipes for working with WordPress (via WP CLI) and Capistrano 3 - morrislaptop/wordpress-capistrano
wordpress  database  sync  capistrano 
october 2019 by exnihilo
An Intro to Bedrock for WordPress | CSS-Tricks
The following is a guest post by Alessandro Vendruscolo, who wrote to me excited to write a guest post about a WordPress tool that I didn't know much
wordpress  bedrock  development  deployment  capistrano 
october 2019 by exnihilo
Using Composer with WordPress | Roots
An introduction to Composer and how to manage WordPress core, plugins, and even themes with it. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP.
composer  wordpress  php  dependency  workflow 
october 2019 by exnihilo
A WordPress & Git workflow – Marc Jenkins
I’ve been using WordPress and Git together for several years. I started out by storing everything in Git. This meant that the repo contained server…
wordpress  git  workflow  development 
october 2019 by exnihilo
Deploying WordPress with Capistrano Screencast | Roots | Roots
An in-depth introduction to deploying WordPress with Capistrano. If you cross your fingers before a deploy, then this screencast is for you.
wordpress  capistrano  deployment  php  ruby  video  tutorial 
october 2019 by exnihilo
Using Composer With WordPress — Smashing Magazine
WordPress is modernizing, allowing us to rethink how to make the most out of newer tools and technologies. In this article, Leonardo Losoviz explains how you can integrate WordPress with Composer, Packagist, and WPackagist in order to produce better code.
wordpress  development  composer  php 
october 2019 by exnihilo
Bedrock Local Development | Roots
Bedrock can be used with most local development setups. A list of some recommended setups and extensions that can be used to use Bedrock locally: Trellis, Laravel Valet, Lando (Docker), Local by Flywheel, and more.
wordpress  development  tools  composer 
october 2019 by exnihilo
Keeping WordPress Under Version Control with Git | Steve Grunwell
Workflow to keep your WordPress site under version control using Git. Learn what does and doesn't belong in the repository and how to eliminate pain points.
develop  code  git  wordpress  versioncontrol 
october 2019 by exnihilo
16 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Lock out the Bad Guys (2019)
Keeping your WordPress site secure can be a daunting task at times. Check out these WordPress security plugins we recommend to easily lock out the bad guys.
wordpress  security  plugins 
october 2019 by exnihilo
The Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2019 - Pagely®
Discover the best WordPress security plugins by category. Protect your website with a firewall, general security hardening, malware scanning, and 2FA.
wordpress  security  plugins 
october 2019 by exnihilo
How to Secure WordPress Without Plugin(s) - 28 Actionable Tips
You wouldn't leave your door unlocked, right? So why do the equivalent to your WordPress website? Check out our WordPress security tips to protect your website.
wordpress  security 
september 2019 by exnihilo
Using WPScan: Finding WordPress Vulnerabilities
Guide to using WPScan to check for WordPress security issues such as vulnerable plugins, themes, users, and passwords that can be exploited by hackers.
wordpress  security  tools  sucuri  wpscan 
september 2019 by exnihilo
WPScan a WordPress Vulnerability Scanner
The official WPScan homepage. WPScan is a free, for non-commercial use, black box WordPress vulnerability scanner written for security professionals and blog maintainers to test the security of their WordPress websites.
scanner  automation  devops  wordpress  security  opensource 
september 2019 by exnihilo
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