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pzolee / tcpserver / wiki / Home — Bitbucket

This program is designed for WiFi Speed Test for Android application for server side of local computers.

If you have never heard about this program, you can find more details and information in my blog:
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6 weeks ago by ezequiel
Understand Linux Load Averages and Monitor Performance of Linux
In this article, we will explain one of the critical Linux system administration tasks – performance monitoring in regards to system/CPU load and load averages.
performance  tool  tools  linux  kernel  benchmark  tips  info  example  cli  software  tutorial  cpu  2017  article 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
Speed test - how fast is your internet? | DSLReports, ISP Information
Test your download, upload and latency from a mobile phone up to optical fiber, and everything between. This test is pure HTML5

This test requires your browser's full attention for accurate results. Run the test when your network is quiet, and don't switch to other applications or change browser tabs during the test. A few Windows security and privacy software packages can block the test or slow the browser.
test  internet  wifi  networking  webapp  html5  performance  benchmark 
7 weeks ago by ezequiel
Exploring the Google Cloud f1-micro Instance - OpsDash
The Google Cloud Platform folks recently announced an “always free” tier, which includes an “f1-micro” instance and a 30 GB magnetic disk.

So what is an f1-micro instance capable of? Let’s find out.
2019  blogpost  review  screenshots  performance  cpu  networking  benchmark  spec 
9 weeks ago by ezequiel
Rust now, on average, outperforms C++ in The Benchmarks Game by 3%, and is only 4% slower than C. : rust
Obvious disclaimer: The Benchmarks Game is neither scientific nor indicative of expected performance on real-world idiomatic code. As with any benchmark, code tailored to meet that benchmark could perform very differently than general-purpose code. Take this with a huge grain of salt.

That having been said, I made a little Ruby script that takes the benchmarks for each language (I measured C, C++, Rust, Go, Java, and C#, but more can be added), and normalizes each benchmark so that the best time of any language is 1.0, and the other times are a ratio of that. Then, I added up all the times, averaged, and re-normalized the averages same way. [...]
2019  forumthread  reddit  rust  c  c++  dotnet  java  golang  performance  memory  comparison  benchmark  links 
october 2019 by ezequiel
Server-side I/O: Node vs. PHP vs. Java vs. Go | Toptal
Understanding the Input/Output (I/O) model of your application can mean the difference between an application that deals with the load it is subjected to, and one that crumples in the face of real-world use cases. Perhaps while your application is small and does not serve high loads, it may matter far less. But as your application’s traffic load increases, working with the wrong I/O model can get you into a world of hurt.
(me: interesting comments left by readers)
performance  comparison  golang  php  java  node.js  serverapp  benchmark  2017  blogpost 
march 2018 by ezequiel
The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
Will your toy benchmark program be faster if you write it in a different programming language? It depends how you write it!
benchmark  performance  c  dotnet  c++  golang  language  java  javascript  lisp  lua  pascal  perl  php  python  ruby  comparison  links  cpu  memory 
february 2017 by ezequiel
Array.prototype.move · jsPerf
Test case created by Richard Scarrott on 7th July 2011
javascript  performance  archived.version  online  webapp  benchmark  browser 
july 2016 by ezequiel
Cloning Arrays · jsPerf
Cloning Arrays.
Revision 19 of this test case created by cevek on 23rd October 2015
javascript  performance  archived.version  online  webapp  benchmark  browser 
july 2016 by ezequiel
PassMark Software - CPU Benchmark Charts
PassMark Software has delved into the thousands of benchmark results that PerformanceTest users have posted to its web site and produced five Intel vs AMD CPU charts to help compare the relative speeds of the different processors. Included in this list are CPUs designed for servers and workstations (Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors), desktop CPUs (Intel Core2 Quad, Intel Core i7, Intel Core2 Extreme and AMD Phenom II processors), in addition to mobile CPUs.
benchmark  comparison  cpu  hardware  intel  amd64  performance  laptop  desktop 
may 2016 by ezequiel
For $3100 USD You Can Have A Fast, Fully-Free-Software Workstation - Phoronix
Last week I brought up the Talos Secure Workstation as a $3100 USD system that's fully free and open down to the firmware and with an open-source friendly processor design while being high performance. Since then, I've had access to test out the hardware making up this POWER8-powered system to see how fast a fully-open system can be. Here is more information on the proposed Talos Workstation along with a few early Linux benchmarks.
opensource  hardware  benchmark  performance  article  links  freedom  2016  computer  linux  review 
february 2016 by ezequiel
'BFQ' Loads Programs Extremely Fast under Heavy Disk 'I/O' Activity (Ubuntu)
In computing, when it comes to delivering excellent performance and stability, both software and hardware go hand in hand. Meaning that, even if you have the most powerful hardware, if your software or the operating system, is not properly optimized, then that can still lead to decreased performance & stability.
filesystem  performance  statistics  benchmark  tips  ubuntu  linux  kernel  ubuntu.precise  blogpost 
december 2014 by ezequiel
How we compared code analyzers: CppCat, Cppcheck, PVS-Studio and Visual Studio
We have carried out a thorough comparison of four analyzers for C/C++ code: CppCat, Cppcheck, PVS-Studio and Visual Studio's built-in analyzer. In this article, we will in every detail discuss the comparison methodology and the results.
article  comparison  review  benchmark  c++  c  programming  tools  software  analysis 
march 2014 by ezequiel
SystemTap provides free software (GPL) infrastructure to simplify the gathering of information about the running Linux system. This assists diagnosis of a performance or functional problem. SystemTap eliminates the need for the developer to go through the tedious and disruptive instrument, recompile, install, and reboot sequence that may be otherwise required to collect data.
benchmark  debug  development  dtrace  freesoftware  linux  kernel  opensource  performance  profiling  programming  sysadmin  systemtap  tool  license.gpl 
april 2010 by ezequiel
Virtualization Benchmarks []
By a long shot, virtualization is the most talked about technology in IT right now. Our customers are constently asking us for advice on the best solution available, so we put together these benchmarks in order to give them proper guidance.
vmware  kvm  benchmark  comparison  article  virtualisation 
august 2008 by ezequiel
ReiserFS is a file system using a plug-in based object oriented variant on classical balanced tree algorithms...
linux  filesystem  performance  development  benchmark  comparison 
august 2007 by ezequiel - Memory Diagnostic
Memtest86 is thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers. BIOS based memory tests are a quick, cursory check and often miss many of the failures that are detected by Memtest86.
memory  hardware  diagnostic  tools  software  opensource  benchmark  livecd  memtest  test  x86 
july 2007 by ezequiel
Email Hosting Reviews and Email Hosting Comparisons
This Email Hosting report compares the Uptime, Message Delivery Reliability, Message Delivery Latency, and Support Response Time of the top Email Hosting providers. Over 110,000 tests per day are performed on real Email Hosting accounts established with e
email  benchmark  network  internet  comparison 
june 2007 by ezequiel
Safari and page load timing: Is Safari faster?
At the release of Safari 3 beta for Windows, there were several claims about Safari's page load performance. It was giving results that showed it was clearly faster than other browsers. Since I generally like to check things for myself instead of trusting
safari  browser  benchmark  html  javascript  css  article  apple 
june 2007 by ezequiel

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