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less - Colors in Man Pages - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Q: When I look at a man page in my 'console' (not an xterm) I see some coloration, but I don't get this in my xterm's (e.g. konsole) is there any way I can enable this? hopefully a fairly simple solution? [...]

A: I do the following so that less and man (which uses less) will have color: [...]
xterm  terminal  colour  configuration  howto  tips  example  forumthread  stackexchange  2010  linux  unix  manpage 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
How to View Colored Man Pages in Linux
[...] By default, the man program normally uses a terminal pager program such as more or less to format its output, and the default view is normally in white color for every kind of text (bold, underlined etc..).

You can make some tweaks to your ~/.bashrc file to get nicely colored man pages by specifying a color scheme using various LESS_TERMCAP variables. [...]
tutorial  howto  configuration  terminal  colour  linux  unix  manpage  blogpost  2017  environment  example  tips 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Build your own Command Line with ANSI escape codes
Everyone is used to programs printing out output in a terminal that scrolls as new text appears, but that's not all your can do: your program can color your text, move the cursor up, down, left or right, or clear portions of the screen if you are going to re-print them later. This is what lets programs like Git implement its dynamic progress indicators, and Vim or Bash implement their editors that let you modify already-displayed text without scrolling the terminal.
2016  terminal  shell  cli  configuration  blogpost  tips  example  unix  linux  macosx  colour  screenshots 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Tip: 24-bit True Color Terminal + tmux + vim
The version of vim in -current is 24-bit color ready, and the version of tmux (2.2) in -current/testing is also 24-bit color ready. I'm happily using them together. Want a 24-bit terminal emulator/tmux/vim combination? Read on.
2016  forumthread  tmux  vim  colour  tips  configuration  shell  scripting  example  linux  unix  ubuntu  debian  cli  terminal 
september 2019 by ezequiel
Adding 24-bit TrueColor RGB escape sequences to tmux - The Terminal Programmer
[...] Enable the Tc terminal capability for the outer terminal (to which tmux is attached) by setting the terminal-overrides option in tmux and subsequently detach and reattach tmux, as the following example (wherein $TERM is st-256color and % is a shell prompt) illustrates: [...]
tmux  textui  colour  terminal  howto  tips  configuration  scripting  example  2016  blogpost  links  patches  linux  unix 
june 2019 by ezequiel
Changing lightline colorscheme on the fly · Issue #258 · itchyny/lightline.vim
Q: I was hoping to test out the different lightline colorschemes to see which I liked best, and in a wanton episode of yak-shaving ended up writing the following command to change colorscheme, including command-line completion for the colorscheme names.
2017  github  plugin  vim  issue  configuration  colour  links  example  scripting 
december 2018 by ezequiel
cursor - Vim CursorLine color change in insert mode - Stack Overflow
There is good snippet for changing cursor color:
How should I alter this that instead of cursor, CursorLine would change color for example from dark blue to blue?
2011  forumthread  stackexchange  configuration  example  scripting  vim  tips  ui  colour 
december 2018 by ezequiel
Highlight current line | Vim Tips Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
It is possible to highlight the line containing the cursor. In addition, the column containing the cursor can be highlighted. Highlighting the line makes it easy to locate the cursor when scrolling through a large file, and highlighting the column can help to check horizontal alignment of text in different lines. [...]
vim  configuration  scripting  example  wikientry  ui  colour 
december 2018 by ezequiel
fenetikm/falcon: A colour scheme for terminals, Vim and friends.
A colour scheme for terminals, vim and friends.

This is v2.0 - vastly improved, with more tweak, less cruft.

Falcon is a work horse of a colour scheme that will (hopefully) stand the test of time - with fewer gimmicks, a more restrained colour palette but with a splash just enough to distinguish everything semantically as well a touch of delight thrown in.
themes  colour  vim  terminal  textui  tmux  neovim  plugins  macosx  unix  linux  github  opensource 
september 2018 by ezequiel
xolox/vim-colorscheme-switcher: Makes it easy to quickly switch between color schemes in Vim
Makes it easy to quickly switch between color schemes in Vim.
The colorscheme switcher plug-in for the [Vim text editor] vim makes it easy to quickly switch between [colorschemes] cs. It defines commands and mappings to switch to the next and previous color schemes.
vim  neovim  plugin  colour  github  opensource  themes 
september 2018 by ezequiel
The endless litany of tmux and nvim color problems : neovim
A: [...] If your terminfo database doesn't have any entry for the terminal type tmux-256color, try to build a more complete one in your home directory: [...]
tmux  terminal  colour  configuration  tips  example  cli  links  linux  unix  posix  bsd  macosx  forumthread  reddit 
august 2018 by ezequiel
What is your favorite colorscheme? : vim
[...] There is issue 1665 open at the vim/vim repository to include more and pretty colorschemes with vim. I have already went ahead and asked to submit a couple of popular colorschemes: [...]
colour  themes  vim  links  customize  configuration  textui  gui  reddit  forumthread  2017 
august 2018 by ezequiel
YJL: Terminal 256 colors scripts
[...] but this script did bring back the time I tried to make my terminal emulator to display 256 colors correctly. Nowadays, you shouldnt have any issues for having 256 color support [...]
colour  terminal  screenshots  2013  blogpost  textui  unix  linux  links  software  scripts  xterm 
january 2018 by ezequiel
Customizing tmux is as easy as editing a text file. tmux uses a file called tmux.conf to store its configuration. [...]
tmux  bash  shell  textui  configuration  ui  colour  tips  example  linux  unix 
september 2017 by ezequiel
Bytefluent | Vivify (Online 'colorscheme' editor for Vim)
Online 'colorscheme' editor for Vim. You can interactively edit the color scheme and download the result. You can start your scheme from one of the many available ones.
plugin  editor  vim  themes  online  webapp  colour  design  download 
august 2016 by ezequiel
romainl/Apprentice: A dark, low-contrast, Vim colorscheme.
Apprentice is a dark, low-contrast colorscheme for Vim based on the awesome Sorcerer by Jeet Sukumaran.
It is essentially a streamlined version of the original, with a reduced number of colors entirely taken from the default xterm palette to ensure a similar look in 256colors-ready terminal emulators and GUI Vim.
vim  themes  editor  configuration  github  terminal  textui  xterm  colour 
august 2016 by ezequiel
lnav - The Log File Navigator
Watch and analyze your log files from a terminal.
No server.  No setup.  Still featureful.
logging  tool  sysadmin  textui  opensource  linux  unix  macosx  github  software  links  freebsd  bsd  colour  cygwin 
august 2016 by ezequiel
VIM Color Scheme Test - C - Sat Sep 26 16:32:23 2009
This page really requires a modern web browser. Click here for more information. [...]
vim  c  colour  test  online  themes  archived.version  textui  gui  reference  example 
august 2016 by ezequiel
flazz/vim-colorschemes: one colorscheme pack to rule them all!
One stop shop for vim colorschemes.
This is harvested from only colorschemes downloaded in a single .vim file are included.
colour  themes  vim  plugin  github  source  textui  gui 
august 2016 by ezequiel
0ax1/lxvc: Colorscheme for n/vim
Colorscheme for n/vim
(me: light on dark background, looks good)
vim  plugin  colour  github  themes  editor  configuration  opensource 
july 2016 by ezequiel
hukl/Smyck-Color-Scheme: Color Scheme for, iTerm2, Vim, MacVim, Sublime Text2 and Textmate []
This is a color scheme suitable for, iTerm2, Vim, gVim, MacVim, Textmate and Sublime Text 2.
The colors are carefully chosen and the contrasts are tuned so that it should not hurt the eyes even after a whole day of working.
github  terminal  vim  macosx  linux  unix  windows  editor  colour  themes 
july 2016 by ezequiel
customization - Change Emacs' background color - Stack Overflow
Q: I have a function that sets Emacs' color theme to a theme defined by myself. In this function I do: [...]
emacs  configuration  issue  forumthread  stackexchange  colour  macosx  example  tips 
july 2016 by ezequiel
My new favorite Bash prompt -
[...] I’m using the PROMPT_COMMAND variable to run a few quick functions to generate the prompt. [...]
2009  blogpost  macosx  bash  unix  linux  example  cygwin  configuration  colour  terminal  script 
july 2016 by ezequiel
Bash/Prompt customization - ArchWiki
Bash has several prompts which can be customized to increase productivity, aesthetic appeal, and nerd cred.
bash  terminal  cli  scripting  configuration  tips  example  howto  links  wikientry  arch  linux  unix  macosx  cygwin  shell  colour  compatibility 
july 2016 by ezequiel
vim-airline - Vim Awesome
Lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air.
vim  plugin  textui  unicode  colour  extension  links  tips 
july 2016 by ezequiel
asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
Forget screen recording apps and blurry video. Enjoy a lightweight, purely text-based approach to terminal recording.
collaboration  terminal  online  screencast  tool  opensource  linux  macosx  freebsd  textui  colour 
july 2016 by ezequiel
Which terminal does everyone use? : neovim
Q: I am asking because apparently the terminal has to be chosen carefully. I have been using urxvt-256colors so far, but this is not enough to use colorschemes it seems. Somewhere between my .Xresources, urxvt and nvim, something breaks and the colorschemes look terrible. I have found out that using TRUE COLOR would solve this problem, but urxvt does not support TRUE COLOR. So which terminal emulator is everyone using? I would love to make my nvim look like the rest of my terminals.
neovim  vim  colour  terminal  links  comparison  forumthread  2016  x11  linux  unix 
july 2016 by ezequiel
thestinger/termite: A keyboard-centric VTE-based terminal, aimed at use within a window manager with tiling and/or tabbing support.
A keyboard-centric VTE-based terminal, aimed at use within a window manager with tiling and/or tabbing support.
terminal  software  colour  linux  unix  keyboard  github  source  links  x11  opensource 
july 2016 by ezequiel
Adding 24-bit TrueColor RGB escape sequences to tmux - The Terminal Programmer
[...] Enable the Tc terminal capability for the outer terminal (to which tmux is attached) by setting the terminal-overrides option in tmux and subsequently detach and reattach tmux, as the following example (wherein $TERM is st-256color and % is a shell prompt) illustrates: [...]
(me: I've used the ideas from this post to automate starting a tmux session with 24-bit colour support:
( t_tmuxsock=rn1 && t_tmuxsess=r1 && t_tmuxcmd=tmux-latest && $t_tmuxcmd -L $t_tmuxsock new-session -s $t_tmuxsess -d && $t_tmuxcmd -L $t_tmuxsock set-option -t $t_tmuxsess -ga terminal-overrides ",$TERM:Tc" && $t_tmuxcmd -L $t_tmuxsock attach-session -t $t_tmuxsess )
tmux  configuration  patches  howto  terminal  colour  unix  linux  macosx  tips  example  cli 
june 2016 by ezequiel
yield @chow | True colour (24 bit) with Neovim, tmux and iTerm2
Neovim recently added 24 bit true colour support so I thought I’d get the rest of my environment setup with true colour. First thing is to download and intall the latest nightly build of iTerm2.
neovim  terminal  tmux  vim  build  howto  testversion  2015  configuration  colour  textui  macosx  unix  blogpost 
june 2016 by ezequiel
True Colour (16 million colours) support in various terminal applications and terminals
It's a common confusion about terminal colours... Actually we have this:
* plain ascii;
* ansi escape codes (16 colour codes with bold/italic and background);
* 256 colour palette (216 colours + 16 ansi + 24 gray) (colors are 24bit);
* 24bit true colour ("888" colours (aka 16 milion));
colour  shell  terminal  links  reviews  tmux  screen  xterm  macosx  linux  unix  x11  wikientry  github  configuration  example  software  howto  tips  cli  script 
june 2016 by ezequiel
morhetz/gruvbox: Retro groove color scheme for Vim
Retro groove color scheme for Vim.
Designed as a bright theme with pastel 'retro groove' colors and light/dark mode switching in the way of solarized. The main focus when developing gruvbox is to keep colors easily distinguishable, contrast enough and still pleasant for the eyes.
vim  themes  editor  configuration  github  terminal  textui  xterm  colour 
june 2016 by ezequiel
What are some of the best Vim color schemes? - Quora
A friend of mine recommended Zenburn and while I wasn't sold on it initially, I slowly began to fall in love with it. Here's a link to the colorscheme for more information:
vim  themes  editor  configuration  terminal  textui  links  reviews  colour  2015 
june 2016 by ezequiel
chriskempson/base16-shell: Base16 for Shells
A shell script to change your shell's default ANSI colors but most importantly, colors 17 to 21 of your shell's 256 colorspace (if supported by your terminal). This script makes it possible honor the original bright colors of your shell (e.g. bright green is still green and so on) whilst providing the additional base16 colors to applications such as Vim.
vim  editor  configuration  github  software  terminal  tmux  screen  colour  themes 
june 2016 by ezequiel
Little CMS – Great color at small footprint
Little CMS intends to be an OPEN SOURCE small-footprint color management engine, with special focus on accuracy and performance. It uses the International Color Consortium standard (ICC), which is the modern standard when regarding to color management. The ICC specification is widely used and is referred to in many International and other de-facto standards. It was approved as an International Standard, ISO 15076-1, in 2005
library  colour  opensource  source  linux  unix  links  documentation  reference  api 
june 2016 by ezequiel
The RGGJAN Portable - Page 4 • GIMP Chat
[...] It is a branch of the original gimp, where the foreground extraction tool was exchanged. I always felt that this tool was next to useless in its current state in gimp (reasons see below). Therefore I looked for the best current foreground extraction algorithm ( and implemented that in Gimp as a semester project. [...]
gimp  development  testversion  freesoftware  opensource  patches  links  photography  extension  graphics  colour 
june 2016 by ezequiel
image - Formula to determine brightness of RGB color - Stack Overflow
Q: I'm looking for some kind of formula or algorithm to determine the brightness of a color given the RGB values. I know it can't be as simple as adding the RGB values together and having higher sums be brighter, but I'm kind of at a loss as to where to start.
forumthread  stackexchange  math  physics  example  tips  gimp  photography  colour  links 
june 2016 by ezequiel
Relative luminance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(me: source for the formula used in GIMP when using the "luminosity" conversion in the "desaturate" colour tool)
wikipedia  wikientry  article  physics  math  colour  gimp  english  graphics  photography 
june 2016 by ezequiel
Make Complex Color Schemes & Export As Photoshop, HTML & GIMP Palette
We’ve previously reviewed two apps that help you create color schemes; Chroma was a Chrome app and ColorSpire was a web app that made it easy to find the right color or the right shade for whatever you wanted to design. While both apps in their own capacity worked well, the Color Scheme Designer out does them by a mile.
blogpost  2011  webapp  tips  design  article  gimp  colour  photoshop  howto  guide 
june 2016 by ezequiel
How to have a colorful relationship with your dump files - Ntdebugging Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
[...] I look at a lot of dump files every day.  This being the case I like to take full advantage of the customizable look and feel of windbg. [...]
2008  windbg  customize  colour  howto  tips  configuration  windows  debugger  blogpost 
july 2015 by ezequiel
terminal - tmux, TERM and 256 colours support - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
My question arises from the necessity of understanding why I have now (after multiple trials) Terminal and tmux supporting 256 colours and tput colors telling me there are only 8 of them. [...]
tmux  howto  forumthread  linux  unix  gnome  bash  sysadmin  colour  configuration  stackexchange 
december 2014 by ezequiel
Getting 256 colors to work in tmux - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
I have 256 colors working just fine in konsole,. I thought I'd give tmux a try because, unlike screen, it seems to support vi mode. [...]
cli  textui  tmux  colour  configuration  howto  tips  forumthread  unix  linux  stackexchange 
december 2014 by ezequiel
256 colors setup for console Vim - Vim Tips Wiki
There is a growing number of Vim color schemes designed to display 256 colors at the terminal. But getting this to work in some environments may require a tweak or two. This article attempts to provide a few pointers to help users set up their environment.
colour  console  textui  vim  howto  configuration  wikientry  tips  screen  tmux  linux  unix 
december 2014 by ezequiel
Tmux - ArchWiki
Tmux is a "terminal multiplexer: it enables a number of terminals (or windows), each running a separate program, to be created, accessed, and controlled from a single screen. tmux may be detached from a screen and continue running in the background, then later reattached."
tmux  terminal  textui  ssh  linux  unix  tool  software  wikientry  arch  tips  guide  howto  configuration  issue  workaround  colour 
november 2014 by ezequiel
256 colors in vim - Vim Tips Wiki
XTerm and most other modern terminal emulaters support 256 colors, you can use a script to check if your terminal supports 256 colors.
To enable colors on XTerm you will need to run the configure scripts with the --enable-256-color switch, in addition you may also need to set your TERM environment variable to xterm-256color.
console  terminal  vim  textui  tips  wikientry  xterm  colour  howto  configuration  shell 
november 2013 by ezequiel
Using GUI color settings in a terminal - Vim Tips Wiki
Getting consistent colors in different terminals is challenging because different terminals support different numbers of colors.
wikientry  tips  ui  colour  terminal  x11  howto  plugins  plugin  scripts  script  article  vim 
july 2012 by ezequiel
guicolorscheme.vim : auto convert gui-only colorschemes to 88/256 color terminal schemes
[...] Enter GuiColorScheme. This script converts, as best it can muster, the gui-specific parts of a colorscheme into color numbers for 88 and 256 color terminals (it should also still support gvim as well). [...]
macosx  windows  posix  linux  unix  ui  plugin  colour  terminal  vim  themes 
july 2012 by ezequiel
EmacsWiki: Ms Windows Customize
This page discusses setting the initial size and position of the Emacs window, the font and colours used, the indentation behaviour when editing programs, the behaviour of regions selected with the mouse, and redefining keyboard shortcuts, in the case when Emacs is used under MS-Windows. There are at least five basic ways to customize Emacs:
colour  font  tips  samplefiles  howto  editor  gui  wikientry  software  customize  windows  emacs 
june 2012 by ezequiel
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