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Suspend - Debian Wiki
This page gathers bits of information about getting software suspend to work in Debian. Because the core system components change rapidly among Debian versions, software suspend works differently on different versions of Debians. This page is divided according to Debian versions from new to old.

For more reading material, see also the links at the bottom of this page about hibernate and suspend.
debian  wikientry  documentation  links  reference  guide  tips  example  sysadmin  powermanagement  configuration  arch  gentoo  gnome  suse  debug  linux  acpi  laptop  security 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
The purpose of this wiki is to preserve and present information about the development and use of Linux in embedded systems as well as open source projects and tools for general embedded development. To use this wiki, click on one of the portal links below.
wiki  resources  embedded  linux  tips  issue  workaround  links  booting  memory  power  powermanagement  multimedia  filesystem  networking  android  drivers  development  debug  kernel  security  legal  test  raspberrypi  hacking  hardware  hardwaresupport  tools  arduino  tutorials  cpu  spec  support 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Preparing Raspberry PI for JTAG Debugging – Sysprogs Tutorials
This tutorial shows how to prepare your Raspberry PI board for debugging with JTAG (we have tested this with Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3). Using JTAG will allow debugging the Linux kernel using hardware like Segger J-Link. As Raspberry PI board does not have a connector with a normal JTAG layout, preparing the board for JTAG debugging involves finding the correct pins and wiring them in the correct order. Follow the steps below for a complete walkthrough:
2018  blogpost  raspberrypi  jtag  debug  howto  guide  electronics  screenshots  software  windows  links  hardwaresupport 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
UrJTAG - Universal JTAG library, server and tools
UrJTAG aims to create an enhanced, modern tool for communicating over JTAG with flash chips, CPUs, and many more. It takes on the well proven openwince jtag tools code. Future plans include conversion of the code base into a library that can be used with other applications. A flexible remote communication protocol that can be used over almost any type of serial link (including TCP/IP) is in the works.
2019  jtag  electronics  software  opensource  linux  raspbian  debug  debugger  documentation  hardwaresupport  raspberrypi 
7 weeks ago by ezequiel
Linux distributions that can run on an MK802 Mini PC - Liliputing
The MK802 is a tiny computer that looks like a USB flash drive, and which ships with Google Android 4.0 and sells for around $80 or less. It’s designed to be something you can plug into a TV to surf the web, watch video, and play games on the big screen.
allwinner.a80  allwinner  hacking  hardware  hardwaresupport  debug  links  rokumagic.mk80  linux  distro  2012  blogpost 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
FEL is a low-level subroutine contained in the BootROM on Allwinner devices. It is used for initial programming and recovery of devices using USB.

Sticky-note-pin.png Your device therefore needs to be attached to a host (your PC) by means of a USB cable, connected to a port where the sunxi device will present itself as a USB 'slave' (i.e. in device mode). Usually that means the "OTG" connector.[1]
allwinner.a80  allwinner  booting  hacking  hardware  hardwaresupport  usb  debug  cpu  protocol  links  wikientry  example  cli  rom  rokumagic.mk80 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
Sunxi-tools -
Tools for working with Allwinner (sunxi) ARM processors
allwinner.a80  allwinner  tool  tools  wikientry  howto  tips  guide  example  cli  hardwaresupport  rom  debug  spec  arm  linux  debian  fedora  ubuntu  mint 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
OpenWrt Project: JTAG
JTAG stands for Joint Test Action Group, which is an IEEE work group defining an electrical interface for integrated circuit testing and programming.
jtag  article  wikientry  links  howto  guide  images  electronics  debug  hardware  hardwaresupport  sysadmin  programming  test  spec  tips  openwrt  router  raspberrypi 
9 weeks ago by ezequiel
Debugging Tools | Linux Debugging Tools | CoreOS
You can use common debugging tools like tcpdump or strace with Toolbox. Using the filesystem of a specified Docker container Toolbox will launch a container with full system privileges including access to system PIDs, network interfaces and other global information. Inside of the toolbox, the machine's filesystem is mounted to /media/root.
coreos  debug  tool  tools  howto  tips  guide  linux  ssh  configuration  remote  example  networking  debugger 
12 weeks ago by ezequiel
Debugging node issues using CoreOS toolbox  |  Container-Optimized OS  |  Google Cloud
You might need to install additional packages or tools on Container-Optimized OS for certain tasks, such as debugging. Although Container-Optimized OS does not include a package manager, you can use the pre-installed CoreOS Toolbox utility to install any additional packages or tools you require. Using /usr/bin/toolbox is the preferred method for installing and running one-off debugging tools.
2019  article  howto  guide  coreos  docker  tool  cli  packages  distro  linux  debug  tips  example  configuration 
12 weeks ago by ezequiel
stack trace info in errorInfo in Tcl - Stack Overflow
Q: [...] The problem is : in non-interactive mode when I want to catch this error and then puts the errorInfo to get a stack trace, it'll merely display the terse info. How can I get the detailed stack trace like above?
debug  internals  tcl  forumthread  stackexchange  2010  example  tips 
october 2019 by ezequiel
CoreOS Container Linux Documentation
Container Linux redefines the operating system as a smaller, more compact Linux distribution. Traditional distros package unused software that leads to dependency conflicts and needlessly increases the attack surface. Submit changes to these docs via GitHub. For more in-depth support, jump into #coreos on IRC, email the dev list or file a bug.
coreos  linux  distro  cloudcomputing  documentation  reference  guide  links  online  debug  tips  howto  docker 
october 2019 by ezequiel
Useful Registry Keys - WineHQ Wiki
Users should never have to play with the registry. That said, sometimes there's no other way to do what you need to do...
wine  configuration  wikientry  howto  tips  example  opengl  debug  hardwaresupport  winecompatible  fonts  xorg  x2go  macosx  linux  x11  printing  links  registry 
may 2019 by ezequiel
Environment Variables
Normally, no environment variables need to be set. Most of the environment variables used by Mesa/Gallium are for debugging purposes, but they can sometimes be useful for debugging end-user issues.
opengl  library  configuration  environment  tips  debug  reference  documentation  linux  unix  xorg  hardwaresupport  compatibility  sysadmin  intel  vmware 
august 2018 by ezequiel
DebuggingApparmor - Ubuntu Wiki
AppArmor is used by Ubuntu to protect the system from misbehaving or compromised applications. When looking at or creating bug reports, it is important to distinguish between bugs in the application and bugs in the apparmor profile for the application.
apparmor  security  configuration  debug  howto  wikientry  documentation  tips  ubuntu  linux  cli  example  sysadmin 
june 2017 by ezequiel
How to enable logging - The Chromium Projects
To enable logging, launch Chrome with these command line flags: [...]
chromium  debug  tips  reference  howto  documentation  development 
june 2017 by ezequiel
python - How to print the full traceback without halting the program? - Stack Overflow
Q: Some other answer have already pointed out the traceback module.
Please notice that with print_exc, in some corner cases, you will not obtain what you would expect. In Python 2.x: [...]
2010  forumthread  stackexchange  logging  debug  python  tips  links  howto  example 
march 2017 by ezequiel
28.10. traceback — Print or retrieve a stack traceback — Python 2.7.x documentation
This module provides a standard interface to extract, format and print stack traces of Python programs. It exactly mimics the behavior of the Python interpreter when it prints a stack trace. This is useful when you want to print stack traces under program control, such as in a “wrapper” around the interpreter.
tornado.python  python  library  documentation  reference  debug  logging 
march 2017 by ezequiel
debugging - How to force python's VM to print a stack trace? - Stack Overflow
Q: I'm dealing with a python-written server that locks up, and stops working, including logging. I wonder if there's a python equivalent to java's "kill -3" signal that at least prints the current stacktrace.
2010  stackexchange  forumthread  python  debug  tips  example  links  dump  unix  linux 
march 2017 by ezequiel
How to Determine Which Shared Library a Function Belongs to in gdb? - Stack Overflow
Q: When I get the callstack from gdb, I only get function names and source file information.
I don't get which Shared Library or Application the function belongs to.
2014  forumthread  stackexchange  gdb  debug  debugger  tips  example  textui  linux  unix  macosx  cygwin  sharedlibraries 
august 2016 by ezequiel
Chrome keyboard shortcut to pause script execution - Super User
Q: Is there a keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome which will break script execution? (Equivalent to pressing the || "Pause script execution" button in the Developer Tools Scripts panel.)
I'd like to use the Dev Tools to inspect an element in its mouseover state; the mouseleave code will obviously run if I try to actually click the pause button!
(me: the JavaScript one-liner to pause execution whilst focusing on the page works really well)
forumthread  stackexchange  browser  chrome.browser  chromium  keyboard  development  debug  tips  links  example  script  javascript 
july 2016 by ezequiel
linux - How to find other end of unix socket connection? - Server Fault
Q: [...] Based on number connections, I assume that dbus-daemon is actually server. Which is OK. But how can I find which process is connected to it - using the connection that is 36th file handle in dbus-launcher? Tried lsof and even greps on /proc/net/unix but I can't figure out a way to find the client process.
sockets  networking  cli  example  linux  sysadmin  kernel  tips  forumthread  stackexchange  debug  2011 
july 2016 by ezequiel
debugging - How to attach debugger to a python subproccess? - Stack Overflow
Q: I need to debug a child process spawned by multiprocessing.Process(). The pdb degugger seems to be unaware of forking and unable to attach to already running processes.
Are there any smarter python debuggers which can be attached to a subprocess?
python  debug  debugger  issue  unix  linux  multitasking  cli  example  tips  sourcecode  forumthread  stackexchange 
june 2016 by ezequiel
Getting Started with Blink Debugging - The Chromium Projects
While many of the tools and tips on this page can be used for it, this page focuses on debugging Blink outside the context of the Layout Tests. [...]
chromium  guide  test  howto  tips  documentation  development  debug 
may 2016 by ezequiel
Server (gdbserver) - Debugging with GDB []
gdbserver is a control program for Unix-like systems, which allows you to connect your program with a remote gdb via target remote or target extended-remote—but without linking in the usual debugging stub.
gdb  embedded  remote  debug  debugger  documentation  reference  gnu  linux  unix  windows  macosx  online  manual 
may 2016 by ezequiel
Debugging - Using Breakpoint Hit Count For Fun And Profit. -
If you are familiar with hit count breakpoints already, you may want to click here to jump to the advanced tricks shared in this article.
gdb  windbg  visualstudio  debug  debugger  tips  blogpost  howto  development 
may 2016 by ezequiel
Chromium Browser: Tips for debugging on Linux
This page is for Chromium-specific debugging tips; learning how to run gdb is out of scope.
gdb  chromium  howto  tips  guide  links  linux  debug 
may 2016 by ezequiel
How gdb loads symbol files - GDB Wiki
The purpose of this page is to take a look at what happens when using the file command, more precisely what algorithms and data structures gdb uses to parse and store information about symbols. Obviously, gdb supports a vast combination of platforms, architectures and debug info formats. This focusses on what is probably the most common case, Linux on x86 with DWARF debug info.
gdb  tips  reference  documentation  online  wikientry  debugger  tool  internals  debug 
april 2016 by ezequiel
Separate Debug Files - Debugging with GDB
gdb allows you to put a program's debugging information in a file separate from the executable itself, in a way that allows gdb to find and load the debugging information automatically. Since debugging information can be very large—sometimes larger than the executable code itself—some systems distribute debugging information for their executables in separate files, which users can install only when they need to debug a problem.
debugger  reference  documentation  manual  online  gdb  configuration  debug  linux  unix  tool  development 
april 2016 by ezequiel
There's More to Ruby Debugging Than puts() – Engineering
Debugging is always challenging, and as programmers we can easily spend a good chunk of every day just trying to figure out what is going on with our code. Where exactly has a method been overwritten or defined in the first place? What does the inheritance chain look like for this object? Which methods are available to call from this context?
(me: useful references to not-widely-known ruby methods that can be called from a debugger to get instance and class-specific/internal information (such as values for instance variables without accessors))
ruby  debug  tips  howto  development  example  blogpost 
february 2016 by ezequiel
Running ruby debug in rspec? - Stack Overflow
Q: I'm trying to get ruby debugger running in one of my specs: [...]
(me: contains an answer describing the combined use of '-r{module}' and code in the spec_helper.rb to trigger the debugger)
ruby  debug  tips  howto  forumthread  stackexchange  development 
february 2016 by ezequiel
Debugging Vim - In Lehman's Terms
This post will serve mostly as a reference and primer for your built in debugging options in Vim. The first thing I will go over is Vimscript's built in debugger, which you can use via the debug command.
2014  vim  howto  debug  debugger  tips  links  example  editor  blogpost 
february 2016 by ezequiel
BreakPts - Set/View Vim breakpoints and browse functions visually : vim online
The plugin provides a few features for debugging Vim scripts that are similar
to what IDEs normally have, such as browing source, managing breatpoints etc.
Setting breakpoints visually in functions is very important as you need to
specify the exact line number for the line you are interested in (which often
is difficult to find out if you use |line-continuation| characters to format
code). This also avoids typing in the |:breakadd| command while guessing what
the scriptids for your script are. It also defines a few convenience commands
that take the place of Vim built-in commands and add Vim command-line
completion feature.
vim  debug  debugger  script  extension  download  2008  editor  plugin 
february 2016 by ezequiel
Home · mark-moseley/ruby-debug Wiki
ruby-debug for Ruby 1.9.x provides the exact same functionality you have with the Ruby 1.8 ruby-debug, and more. A “jump” command was added on 9/3/09; it allows you to change the next line to be executed, and even allows you to jump through stack frames, to a different frame of execution.
ruby  ruby.gem  debug  debugger  software  opensource  wiki  wikientry  howto  install  extension  tool  links  documentation 
january 2016 by ezequiel
debugging - How to debug ruby code? - Stack Overflow
Q: I run Ubuntu 10.10. I just want to debug a simple script. After spending half a day trying to figure out how that could be done I give up.
forumthread  stackexchange  ruby  debug  howto  tips  language  linux  unix  ubuntu  example 
january 2016 by ezequiel
dtruss(1m) Mac OS X Manual Page
dtruss prints details on process system calls. It is like a DTrace version of truss, and has been designed to be less intrusive than truss.
Of particular interest is the elapsed times and on cpu times, which can identify both system calls that are slow to complete, and those which are consuming CPU cycles.
Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command.
sysmonitoring  debug  macosx  reference  documentation  manpage  darwin  cli 
january 2016 by ezequiel
Source Path - 9.5 Specifying Source Directories - Debugging with GDB
Ways to manipulate and show which directories are being used by 'gdb' to get to a source file
gdb  reference  documentation  online  debug  debugger  multiplatform  configuration  linux  unix  windows  macosx  development 
november 2015 by ezequiel
#148957 - ccache breaks debug information in some circumpstances - Debian Bug report logs
The following test script shows that ccache can affect the debugging
information of compiled files and executables. [...]
(me: use 'CCACHE_HASHDIR=1' to make the directory a part of the hash key and get rid of the issue whereby the debugging information is retrieved from an object file that could potentially have been built from another directory)
gdb  issue  debug  2002  debugger  ccache  debian  workaround  fix  example  build 
november 2015 by ezequiel
Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1 - User Guide - B.2. Changes in GCC [html]
Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0 is distributed with GCC 4.9.1, which provides a number of bug fixes and new features over the version included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the previous version of Red Hat Developer Toolset.
redhat  linux  development  c++  c++11  gcc  c  c99  compiler  tools  guide  documentation  compatibility  debug  performance  manual  online 
august 2015 by ezequiel
Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1 - User Guide - Installing and Using Red Hat Developer Toolset [html]
Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1 - User Guide - Installing and Using Red Hat Developer Toolset [html]
(me: multi-page online version of this document)
redhat  linux  sysadmin  development  c++  c++11  gcc  c  c99  compiler  tools  guide  documentation  compatibility  gdb  valgrind  debug  debugger  performance  manual  online 
august 2015 by ezequiel
c++ - GDB: How to break when a specific exception type is thrown? - Stack Overflow
Q: According to the documentation I can break on specific exception type by using conditional breakpoints. However the syntax for the condition isn't very clear to me: [...]
gdb  tips  forumthread  stackexchange  development  debug  debugger  exception 
august 2015 by ezequiel
gdb catchpoint for uncaught C++ exceptions only? - Stack Overflow
Q: [...] However, is there any way to only stop at uncaught C++ exceptions (like in C# or Java)? This would make it much easier to find bugs in some situations.
gdb  tips  debug  debugger  c++  stackexchange  forumthread  development 
august 2015 by ezequiel
Examples: Debugging over a Virtual Serial Port []
You can use Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDbg) or Kernel Debugger (KD) to debug kernel code in a virtual machine over a virtual serial port. [...]
vmware  article  serialport  communication  howto  guide  virtualisation  software  windows  linux  ipc  debug  debugger 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Kernel Debugging with WinDbg Host and Target in Virtual Machines (using VMware)
[...] The VMWare instructions include an example where you have kernel code to debug in a virtual machine (called the target virtual machine) and are running Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDbg) or Kernel Debugger (KD) in another virtual machine (called the debugger virtual machine) on the same host. These are pretty good instructions, but I am writing the remainder of this article as a "Note to Self with Pictures" for my own benefit. Maybe it will be of use to readers. [...]
vmware  howto  guide  sysadmin  virtualisation  serialport  configuration  booting  windows  windowsxp  windows7  windowsvista  windbg  debug  debugger  article 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Connecting Two Virtual Machines (through virtual serial ports) []
You can set up the virtual serial ports in two virtual machines to connect to each other. This is useful, for example, if you want to use an application in one virtual machine to capture debugging information sent from the other virtual machine's serial port.
vmware  article  serialport  communication  howto  guide  virtualisation  software  windows  linux  ipc  debug  debugger 
july 2015 by ezequiel
OSR's ntdev List: Find the corresponding executable from a symbol file
Q: Given a dump file or live system, I use vertarget to find the executable's version info.
Given a .pdb file, can I get the same information? For example, using dbh.exe?
forumthread  windbg  debug  fileformats  windows  development  crash  dump  forensics 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Inside Windows® Debugging, by Tarik Soulami (Microsoft Press) [safaribooksonline]
Rethink your use of Windows debugging and tracing tools—and learn how to make them a key part of test-driven software development. Led by a member of the Windows Fundamentals Team at Microsoft, you’ll apply expert debugging and tracing techniques—and sharpen your C++ and C# code analysis skills—through practical examples and common scenarios. Learn why experienced developers use debuggers in every step of the development process, and not just when bugs appear.
book  safaribooksonline  online  windows  windowsvista  windows7  debug  debugger  windbg  kernel  howto  guide  documentation  interesting  internals  architecture  x86  amd64  assembly  forensics  booting 
july 2015 by ezequiel
The NT Insider:Guest Article -- An Exceptionally Trying Bug
I installed my well-tested driver on a Toshiba laptop running XP Home. It won't reduce the suspense one whit to tell you that the bug had nothing to do with it being a Toshiba laptop, or running some proprietary Toshiba software, or anything to do with XP Home.
article  2005  windows  kernel  api  windowsxp  internals  issue  debug  crash  dump  forensics 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Sysinternals Suite [microsoft]
The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. It does not contain non-troubleshooting tools like the BSOD Screen Saver or NotMyFault.
internals  tools  download  downloads  links  sysadmin  freeware  windows  windowsvista  windows7  microsoft  performance  debug  configuration 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Presentations and Materials | Software Diagnostics Services
Index of presentations on dump analysis, forensics, etc. Includes '.pdf' downloads (presentations), WinDbg '.log' files, etc.
windows  windbg  dump  analysis  forensics  assembly  internals  debug  debugger  presentation  downloads  example 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Tools | Software Diagnostics Institute
(me: good quality list of links to debuggers, system-level utilities, articles, cheatsheets, etc.)
links  unix  windows  debug  debugger  resources  freeware  software  reference  tips  howto  articles  development  tools 
july 2015 by ezequiel
CARE: Crash Analysis Report Environment | Software Diagnostics Institute
CARE means Crash Analysis Report Environment. It includes a pattern-driven debugger log analyzer and standards for structured audience-driven reports. [...]
windbg  gdb  online  webapp  crash  dump  debug  logging  windows  macosx  iphone 
july 2015 by ezequiel
IDA Support: Freeware Version
The freeware version of IDA v5.0 has the following limitations: [...]
* no commercial use is allowed;
debug  debugger  software  freeware  windows  download  tool  forensics  development 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Forcing a System Crash from the Debugger (Windows Debuggers)
If KD or WinDbg is performing kernel-mode debugging, it can force a system crash to occur. This is done by entering the .crash (Force System Crash) command at the command prompt. [...]
microsoft  msdn  article  windbg  tips  howto  dump  windows  debugger  debug  kernel  development 
july 2015 by ezequiel
debugging - Crash dump - WinDbg - force PDB files to match doesn't work? - Stack Overflow
Q: [...] In order to get more information, I rebuilt the dll in release mode, with symbols this time, using the same compiler version and I believe the same settings as when the dll was originally built. I added the symbol file to my symbol path, but the WinDbg extension !itoldyouso tells me the module in the dump doesn't match the PDB file. Enabling SYMOPT_LOAD_ANYTHING doesn't help either. [...]
windbg  issue  debug  debugger  windows  visualstudio  build  dll  workaround  tips  forumthread  development 
july 2015 by ezequiel
WinDbg cheat sheet « The Art of Dev
(me: small-ish cheat sheet, but still useful)
windbg  cheatsheet  cli  debugger  debug  windows  reference 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Windbg Tip: KN, .Frame , DV, and DT - It's so easy - Ntdebugging Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
[...] many of us take for granted some of the simple commands in the debugger that make life easy. I was thinking of several in particular that go great together.  The first command would be kn.  Kn will show the current call stack and includes the stack frame number to the far left of the individual call. [...]
(me: interesting posts in the "comments" section (after the blog entry), including those challenging the reliability of 'dv' and 'dt')
2008  windbg  debug  debugger  cli  example  tips  windows  blogpost 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Debugging Using WinDbg (Windows Debuggers) [msdn]
This section describes how to perform basic debugging tasks using the WinDbg debugger.
microsoft  msdn  links  documentation  guide  debug  debugger  howto  reference  windbg  kernel  remote  dump  analysis 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Debugger Operation (Windows Debuggers) [msdn]
In this section:
* Debugging Using Visual Studio;
* Debugging Using WinDbg;
* Debugging Using KD and NTKD;
* Debugging Using CDB and NTSD;
* Controlling the Target;
* Enabling Postmortem Debugging;
* Using the Debugger Command Window;
* Using the WinDbg Graphical Interface;
* Using Debugger Extensions;
* Performing Remote Debugging;
microsoft  msdn  links  documentation  guide  debug  debugger  howto  reference  visualstudio  windbg  kernel  remote  dump  analysis 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Windows driver debugging with WinDbg and VMWare | Kamel Messaoudi
This tutorial shows how to debug a simple Windows driver running inside a VMware virtual machine with WinDbg using a single physical machine. The following typical debugging scenarios are covered:
* Debugging host’s virtual machine: WinDbg runs inside a physical computer to debug a virtual machine;
* Debugging between two virtual machines: WinDbg runs inside a virtual machine to debug the second one;
2012  windbg  vmware  howto  guide  debug  configuration  windows  windowsxp  windowsvista  windows7  sysadmin  debugger  blogpost 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Setting Up Kernel-Mode Debugging of a Virtual Machine Manually (Windows Debuggers)
Debugging Tools for Windows supports kernel debugging of a virtual machine. The virtual machine can be located on the same physical computer as the debugger or on a different computer that is connected to the same network. This topic describes how to set up debugging of a virtual machine manually.
microsoft  msdn  debug  debugger  howto  windows  windowsvista  windows7  windows8  example  article  kernel  live  configuration  virtualisation 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Local Kernel-Mode Debugging (Windows Debuggers) [msdn]
Debugging Tools for Windows supports local kernel debugging. This is kernel-mode debugging on a single computer. In other words, the debugger runs on the same computer that is being debugged.
microsoft  msdn  debug  debugger  howto  windows  windowsvista  windows7  windows8  example  article  kernel  live  configuration 
july 2015 by ezequiel
OSR's windbg List: get function args from x64 stack
Q: Hi guys, i am new to windbg x64 debugging. Can i get function args from stack as i do in x32?
(me: there is a link to a page in (also bookmarked) in one of the replies)
forumthread  windows  amd64  x86  debug  links  example  tips  assembly  tool  windbg 
july 2015 by ezequiel
CodeMachine - Tools - CMKD (WinDbg extension DLL)
CMKD.dll is an extension DLL for the "Debugging Tools for Windows Package. CodeMachine plans to add commands useful to developers and support engineers to CMKD.dll over time. CMKD.dll automatically checks for updates and informs the user when updates are available. The user is responsible for downloading and installing the updates.
windbg  windows  debug  debugger  extension  dll  x86  amd64  download  freeware  development  tool  reference  documentation  internals 
july 2015 by ezequiel
CodeMachine - Resources
Resources on low-level Windows development (drivers, debugging, file systems, etc.
(me: book names; links to blogs, web sites)
blogs  links  books  windbg  debug  debugger  resources  windows  drivers  development  programming  kernel  driver 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Debugger Commands (Windows Debuggers) [msdn]
This section includes the following topics:
* Syntax Rules;
* Command Tokens;
* Commands;
* Meta-Commands;
* Control Keys;
debug  debugger  reference  tips  windows  msdn  microsoft  links  windowsvista  windows7  windbg  windows8  documentation 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDbg, KD, CDB, NTSD) (Windows Debuggers) [msdn]
Start here for an overview of Debugging Tools for Windows. This tool set includes WinDbg and other debuggers.
debug  debugger  reference  tips  windows  msdn  microsoft  links  windowsvista  windows7  windbg  windows8  documentation 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Changing Contexts (Windows Debuggers) [msdn]
In kernel-mode debugging, there are many processes, threads, and sometimes user sessions that are executing at the same time. Therfore, phrases such as "virtual address 0x80002000" or "the eax register" are ambiguous. You must specify the context in which such phrases can be understood.
debug  debugger  reference  howto  tips  windows  msdn  microsoft  article  guide  windowsvista  windows7  windbg  windows8  threads 
july 2015 by ezequiel
Debugging Techniques (Windows Debuggers) [msdn]
This section discusses two types of debugging techniques: standard and specialized. Standard techniques apply to most debugging scenarios, and examples include setting breakpoints, inspecting the call stack, and finding a memory leak. Specialized techniques apply to particular technologies or types of code, and examples are Plug and Play debugging, Kernel Mode Driver Framework debugging, and RPC debugging.
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The NT Insider:Analyst's Perspective: Analyzing User Mode State from a Kernel Connection
Analyzing user mode state from the kernel debugger appears to have become something of a black art. Some people swear it can’t be done, others swear that it can’t be done reliably, and a small few claim that they do it all the time without any problems. I’m here to say that, yes, it can be done and to grow that small few to the vast majority…
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Crash Dump Analysis and Debugging Forum • View topic - Getting Started with kernel dumps
Q: Hello, I am new to kernel dump analysis so pardon me if you find these questions trivial. I have been working on user dumps for some time and there are few common steps that i would take as soon as i get my hands on any user dump. These steps will give some visibility of what kind of problem is at hand.
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