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How to use wget with ssl certificate - Stack Overflow
Q: I am using wget in my program to get some file using HTTP protocol. Here i need to set security so we moved HTTP protocol to HTTPS.

After changing to HTTPS how to perform wget. I mean how to make trusted connection between two machines then perform wget.

I want to make sure that wget can be performed from certain system only.
2014  tool  cli  example  security  tls  ssl  tips  forumthread  stackexchange  unix  linux  macosx 
18 days ago by ezequiel
How items are structured | Internet Archive Blogs
An item is a logical “thing” that we present on one web page on An item may be one video file along with scans of the DVD cover, one book, one audio file, or a set of audio files that represent a CD , etc.

How do you know whether your files should be in one item or separate items? You get one metadata file per item. If the same metadata describes ALL of the files (like a CD), then that’s one item. If the files are too different to have the same metadata (title, creator, description, etc.), they should be in different items.
blogpost  2011  article  cli  tool  internet  archived.version  documentation  reference  example  downloads  tips  backup 
19 days ago by ezequiel
Command-Line Interface — Internet Archive item APIs 1.9.1.dev5 documentation
The ia command-line tool is installed with internetarchive, or available as a binary. ia allows you to interact with various services from the command-line.
internet  archived.version  api  tool  documentation  reference  online  downloads  cli  unix  linux  windows  macosx  python.pip 
19 days ago by ezequiel
Tpacpi-bat - ThinkWiki
tpacpi-bat is a script using acpi_call kernel module which allows one to set battery charge thresholds on new ThinkPad models not supported by tp_smapi.
laptop  hardwaresupport  tool  cli  links  arch  gentoo  ubuntu  mint  ppa  software  wikientry  battery 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
TLP - ArchWiki
TLP brings you the benefits of advanced power management for Linux without the need to understand every technical detail. TLP comes with a default configuration already optimized for battery life, so you may just install and forget it. Nevertheless TLP is highly customizable to fulfill your specific requirements.
arch  linux  kernelmodule  laptop  hardwaresupport  software  wikientry  powermanagement  tool  sysadmin  bios  installation  battery  filesystem  tips  example  configuration 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
linux-thinkpad/tp_smapi (Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops kernel module)
ThinkPad laptops include a proprietary interface called SMAPI BIOS (System Management Application Program Interface) which provides some hardware control functionality that is not accessible by other means.

This driver exposes some features of the SMAPI BIOS through a sysfs interface. It is suitable for newer models, on which SMAPI is invoked through IO port writes. Older models use a different SMAPI interface; for those, try the "thinkpad" module from the "tpctl" package.

WARNING: This driver uses undocumented features and direct hardware access. It thus cannot be guaranteed to work, and may cause arbitrary damage (especially on models it wasn't tested on).
laptop  hardwaresupport  github  source  kernelmodule  tool  links  documentation  battery  powermanagement  linux  bios  api  compatibility 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
en:users:documentation:hostapd [Linux Wireless]
hostapd is an IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator. This page is dedicated to the Linux documentation of its implementation and use. Please refer to the hostapd home page for information for other Operating Systems.

To communicate with a kernel driver, hostapd has to use some interface. All new cfg80211 (and mac80211) based drivers that implement AP functionality are supported using the nl80211 interface.
wifi  linux  kernel  kernelmodule  documentation  links  atheros  development  networking  wikientry  reference  example  cli  tools  tool  sysadmin  configuration  tips  guide  security 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel TLP – Linux Advanced Power Management
TLP brings you the benefits of advanced power management for Linux without the need to understand every technical detail. TLP comes with a default configuration already optimized for battery life, so you may just install and forget it. Nevertheless TLP is highly customizable to fulfil your specific requirements.

TLP packages are available for Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, Ubuntu and further. You're welcome if you want to package TLP for other distributions. Please take a look at the developer documentation.
battery  powermanagement  sysadmin  linux  documentation  reference  tips  example  tool  cli  performance  laptop  hardwaresupport  guide  faq  workaround  source  links  reviews  software  arch  debian  fedora  gentoo  suse  ubuntu  installation  packages 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
Tpacpi-bat - ThinkWiki
tpacpi-bat is a script using acpi_call kernel module which allows one to set battery charge thresholds on new ThinkPad models not supported by tp_smapi.
laptop  battery  tool  cli  hardwaresupport  oldversion  wikientry  links  ubuntu  mint  arch  gentoo  linux  software  ppa  repository  packages 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
15.04 - Unable to install tp_smapi 0.41 on Thinkpad T500 - Ask Ubuntu
I have downloaded tp_smapi module for my Thinkpad T500 using the steps in ThinkWiki and ran make. it encountered no errors.


But when i tried to view the status of the battery using tlp, it shows as not loaded/installed:

root@Forge:/storage/Repository/git/tp_smapi# tlp-stat -b
--- TLP 0.7 --------------------------------------------

+++ ThinkPad Extended Battery Functions
tp-smapi = inactive (kernel module 'tp_smapi' load error)
tpacpi-bat = inactive (unsupported hardware)
2015  hardwaresupport  laptop  battery  kernelmodule  tool  linux  forumthread  stackexchange  ubuntu  issue  workaround  links  sysadmin 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
teleshoes/tpacpi-bat: ThinkPad ACPI Battery Util
Exposes ACPI interface for battery controls.

* force discharge
* inhibit charge
* start charge threshold
* stop charge threshold

This project is licensed under the GPLv3. See COPYING for details.
battery  tool  cli  linux  sysadmin  hardwaresupport  laptop  github  freesoftware  license.gplv3  performance 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
neatsoft/rpi-edid-lock: Raspberry Pi EDID locker
This utility creates the edid.dat file and changes config.txt to fix Raspberry Pi hdmi configuration issues.

usage: [-l|-u]
-l - lock
-u - unlock
raspberrypi  hardwaresupport  tool  cli  booting  configuration  sysadmin  compatibility  issue  workaround  github  linux 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
Get the best out of you battery on linux : linux
[...] I noticed that battery life in Linux (Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon in my case) is WAY worse than in windows 10, I use my laptop more often to watch TV shows and movies and to browse the internet.

I have a small battery in my laptop, The battery when I'm using mint can't make it over 2 hours of light usage, while in windows 10 with same light usage the battery can make it over 4-4.5 hours. [...]
forumthread  reddit  powermanagement  optimisation  linux  ubuntu  software  tips  sysadmin  configuration  links  howto  guide  tool  tools  cli  wifi  networking  usb  laptop  battery  cpu  memory  2018  hardwaresupport  mint  desktop 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
"The Battery installed is not supported by this system..." T470 : thinkpad
[...] No problems whatsoever until today. Now suddenly when I booted the system I got a black screen with the error message:

The battery installed is not supported by this system and will not charge. Please replace the battery with the correct Lenovo battery for this system.
2018  forumthread  reddit  laptop  battery  issue  workaround  windows  ubuntu  linux  links  tips  hardwaresupport  tool  debian  mint 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
Hack Correlation: Non-genuine battery in Lenovo X230
[...] Second, the battery is suited for an X220 model, not X230.
Third - and most importantly - the battery is a fake, with less than the advertised capacity.

If you still decide to continue, then read on. Some nice people have managed to decrypt the EC firmware inside the Lenovo laptops and allow for a way to rewrite it: [...]
2017  blogpost  laptop  battery  tips  howto  hacking  windows  windows10  ubuntu  linux  links  tool  screenshots  issue  workaround  bios  firmware  patches  hardwaresupport 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
hamishcoleman/thinkpad-ec: Infrastructure for examining and patching Thinkpad embedded controller firmware
The main purpose of this software is to patch the EC on xx30 series thinkpads to make the classic 7-row keyboards work. There are also patches included (but disabled by default) to disable the authentic battery validation check.

With the patches included here, you can install the classic keyboard hardware on many xx30 series laptops and make almost every key work properly. The only keys that are not working are Fn+F3 (Battery) and Fn+F12 (Hibernate)

Unfortunately, there are a small number of thinkpads with a model number from the "xx30" series that are using a completely different EC CPU and a different BIOS update strategy. Thus they are not currently able to be patched. This is known to be the case for at least the L430, L530 and E330.
hardwaresupport  laptop  keyboard  battery  github  freesoftware  license.gplv2  bios  firmware  security  patches  tool  cli  linux  example  tips  links  howto  documentation  source  2019 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
tp-smapi - ThinkWiki
The tp_smapi kernel module exposes some features of the ThinkPad hardware/firmware via a sysfs interface. Currently, the main implemented functionality is control of battery charging and extended battery status. The tp_smapi software package also includes an improved version of the HDAPS driver. The underlying hardware interfaces are SMAPI and direct access to the embedded controller.

This driver uses undocumented features and direct hardware access, so it may work unreliably or even damage your hardware; but so far no such damage has been reported.

If you are installing on a recent Thinkpad that has an Ivy Bridge or newer processor (X230, T430, T530, etc.), tp_smapi will not work. You will be mostly limited to thinkpad-acpi capabilities. You can however set battery charge thresholds with tpacpi-bat.
laptop  hardwaresupport  kernelmodule  api  documentation  reference  tips  example  sysadmin  configuration  howto  info  resources  install  installation  gentoo  debian  ubuntu  suse  scripts  links  battery  tool  tools  wikientry  linux 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
raspi-config - Raspberry Pi Documentation
This page describes the console based raspi-config application. If you are using the Raspberry Pi desktop then you can use the graphical Raspberry Pi Configuration application from the Preferences menu to configure your Raspberry Pi.
raspberrypi  hardwaresupport  configuration  sysadmin  booting  links  tool  documentation  reference  raspbian 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Subpixel layout - Lagom LCD test
Each pixel on an LCD screen consists of three subpixels: red, green, and blue (RGB), that are sitting next to each other. Most operating systems since about 2003 can improve the quality of on-screen text by using these subpixels. However, this only works if the operating system knows how the subpixels are arranged. For the majority of the monitors, the arrangement is RGB (red on the left, green in the middle, and blue on the right). However, on an occasional monitor, it is the other way around (BGR). And if you orient your monitor in portrait mode, the subpixel layout can be V-RGB (vertical RGB) or V-BGR.
font  test  online  hardwaresupport  configuration  tool  screenshots  gui  ui  fonts 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
13.04 - Touchpad stopped working out of the blue - Ask Ubuntu
Q: So, I'm watching "The Walking Dead" and all of the sudden I lose control of my mouse through the touchpad. At first it was just for my user. I could reboot my system and switch to another user and use it just fine. [...]

$ sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps

After this command, I regained control of my mouse but the computer didn't recognize it as a touchpad. I thought if I rebooted again, it may do the trick. So after I rebooted, the mouse went completely kaput. I cannot get the mouse to work at all now even though I've tried the command several times. I've tried different users and it's still the same.

A: 1. [...] synclient Touchpadoff=0 [...]
A: 2. [...] sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-synaptics [...]
A: [...]
synaptics  hardwaresupport  ubuntu  2013  forumthread  stackexchange  cli  tool  linux  debian  mint  issue  workaround  xorg 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
[Tutorial] Show RPI's Temperature with a command. - Raspberry Pi Forums
A #1: [...] So i decided to make a quick Tutorial on how to show the Raspberry PI's Temperature.
Note: this is using the on-board sensor.

The command to do this is:

$ /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp


A #2: An alternative is to read /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp on a recent Raspdian. Divide it by 1000 for degrees C.

$ cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
2013  raspberrypi  cli  tool  tips  example  forumthread  hardwaresupport  linux  links 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
vcgencmd - Raspberry Pi Documentation
vcgencmd is a command line utility that can get various pieces of information from the VideoCore GPU on the Raspberry Pi. Much of the information available is only of use to Raspberry Pi engineers, but there are a number of very useful options available to end users that will be described here.
cli  tool  raspberrypi  hardwaresupport  gpu  linux  debian  sysadmin  documentation  reference  example 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
apt - How do I find the reverse dependency of a package? - Ask Ubuntu
Q: I was wondering if it was possible to check what package another package is a dependency of. [...]

A: You can use apt-cache rdepends --installed jetty to see what depends on jetty. [...]
2010  2019  apt  packagemanager  cli  tool  example  sysadmin  forumthread  stackexchange  links  linux  debian  ubuntu  mint 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
The GPIO utility | Wiring Pi
WiringPi comes with a separate program to help manage the on-board GPIO interface as well as additional modules such as the PiFace and other devices like the Gertboard as well as generic GPIO expander type devices.
raspberrypi  development  electronics  hardwaresupport  manpage  documentation  raspbian  linux  example  cli  tool  sysadmin 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Docker-compose.yml and custom script after entrypoint (before command) · Issue #205 · docker-library/wordpress
Q: I have fairly simple need, and have been struggling with this many hours now. I want to run some script after entrypoint, and before command. I've tried running it as a command but no luck. [...]
2017  configuration  docker  tool  tips  issue  workaround  github  example  howto 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
Execute a command after run · Issue #1809 · docker/compose · GitHub
Q: It will be very helpful to have something like "onrun" in the YAML to be able to run commands after the run. Similar to moby/moby#8860 [...]
2015  github  issue  workaround  scripting  example  cli  configuration  docker  tips  sysadmin  automation  forumthread  tool 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
OpenWrt Project: Netgear DG834G v4
[...] Also note that the Wifi chip for this router is the Broadcom BCM4318 chip and not the atheros. [...]
hardware  hardwaresupport  resources  info  links  cli  tool  linux  sysadmin  cpu  openwrt  router  atheros  installation  upgrade  howto  serialport  jtag 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
Netgear DG834G v3 [Old OpenWrt Wiki]
The Netgear DG834G v3 is an AR7-based ADSL router with 802.11g wireless and ADSL2+ support. It has a 4-port switch, and the wireless antenna is connected to an RP-SMA connector at the rear.

Its appearance is identical to the DG834 v2.
hardware  hardwaresupport  resources  info  links  cli  tool  linux  sysadmin  cpu  openwrt  router  serialport  installation  howto 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
Four ways to connect a docker container to a local network · The Odd Bit
Update (2018-03-22) Since I wrote this document back in 2014, Docker has developed the macvlan network driver. That gives you a supported mechanism for direct connectivity to a local layer 2 network. I've written an article about working with the macvlan driver.
fedora  linux  docker  sysadmin  cli  tool  example  tips  networking  firewall  configuration  howto  blogpost  2018 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
BusyBox - The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux
BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides minimalist replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU coreutils, util-linux, etc. The utilities in BusyBox generally have fewer options than their full-featured GNU cousins; however, the options that are included provide the expected functionality and behave very much like their GNU counterparts.
busybox  shell  documentation  cli  tool  tools  sysadmin  reference  manpage  online  linux  embedded  configuration  example  networking  kernel  kernelmodule  vi 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
pzolee / tcpserver / wiki / Home — Bitbucket

This program is designed for WiFi Speed Test for Android application for server side of local computers.

If you have never heard about this program, you can find more details and information in my blog:
internet  performance  wifi  networking  tool  free  python  linux  windows  benchmark  bitbucket  links  support 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
Understand Linux Load Averages and Monitor Performance of Linux
In this article, we will explain one of the critical Linux system administration tasks – performance monitoring in regards to system/CPU load and load averages.
performance  tool  tools  linux  kernel  benchmark  tips  info  example  cli  software  tutorial  cpu  2017  article 
6 weeks ago by ezequiel
Sunxi-tools -
Tools for working with Allwinner (sunxi) ARM processors
allwinner.a80  allwinner  tool  tools  wikientry  howto  tips  guide  example  cli  hardwaresupport  rom  debug  spec  arm  linux  debian  fedora  ubuntu  mint 
7 weeks ago by ezequiel
1661973 – Sudo cannot authenticate user through PAM
Q: [...]
sudo: backuppc : PAM account management error: Authentication service
cannot retrieve authentication info ; TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/root ;
USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/rsync -d /home /tmp/

A: Adding backuppc via "pwck" fixed the issue. I am now running sudo version 1.8.3-23-3.
running 'pwck -r' after distro version changes will become part of my routine.
2018  issue  workaround  security  sudo  cli  example  forumthread  redhat  centos  pam  linux  2019  tool  configuration  sysadmin 
9 weeks ago by ezequiel
systemd-nspawn and sh: can't access tty; job control turned off · Issue #1431 · systemd/systemd
Q: Trying to launch alpine container on CoreOS via toolbox and getting sh: can't access tty; job control turned off warning. I've read about it in BusyBox FAQ, which didn't work for me, and tried this, also without any luck.

This works without any issues nor tweaks with docker. Is there some parameter that should be passed to nspawn like --interactive with docker? Or is this something completely different?

A: [...] toolbox getty -nl /bin/sh 0 /dev/console [...]
2015  2016  forumthread  issue  workaround  cli  example  tips  sysadmin  coreos  tool  github  linux  systemd  links 
9 weeks ago by ezequiel
Docker run reference | Docker Documentation
Docker runs processes in isolated containers. A container is a process which runs on a host. The host may be local or remote. When an operator executes docker run, the container process that runs is isolated in that it has its own file system, its own networking, and its own isolated process tree separate from the host.

This page details how to use the docker run command to define the container’s resources at runtime.
docker  docker.container  reference  cli  tool  documentation  example  unix  linux  sysadmin  performance  memory  virtualisation  security  configuration 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
memory usage - What do the changes in `free` output from 14.04 to 16.04 mean? - Ask Ubuntu
Q: I noticed that the free command reporting has changed somewhere between Trusty and Xenial. Here is what `free -m' shows on one of my Trusty computers: [...]
2016  2018  ubuntu  ubuntu.trusty  ubuntu.xenial  memory  cli  tool  sysadmin  linux  kernel  tips  links  reference  info  forumthread  stackexchange 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
How to specify Memory & CPU limit in docker compose version 3 - Stack Overflow
Q: I am unable to specify CPU & memory for services specified in version 3.

With version 2 it works fine with "mem_limit" & "cpu_shares" parameters under the services . But it fails while using version 3 , putting them under deploy section doesn't seem worthy unless i am using swarm mode.

Can somebody help?
docker  fileformats  tool  howto  tips  example  issue  workaround  cpu  memory  virtualisation  security  sysadmin  cli  links  forumthread  stackexchange 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
linuxserver/ddclient - Docker Hub
Ddclient is a Perl client used to update dynamic DNS entries for accounts on Dynamic DNS Network Service Provider. It was originally written by Paul Burry and is now mostly by wimpunk. It has the capability to update more than just dyndns and it can fetch your WAN-ipaddress in a few different ways.
docker.container  remote  tcpip  internet  cli  tool  automation  scripting  sysadmin  amd64  arm  raspberrypi  example  documentation  howto  releaserelated  2019 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
cloud - How can size of the root disk in Google Compute Engine be increased? - Stack Overflow
Q: The root disk size in GCE is 10 gigs. How do I increase this? I cant find the option in the console or the gcutil flags. This can be easily done in AWS.
2014  2019  forumthread  stackexchange  cloudcomputing  storage  harddisk  virtualisation  tips  example  cli  unix  linux  filesystem  tool 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
The Ultimate Guide to Create Users in Linux / Unix
Creating users in Linux or Unix system is a routine task for system administrators.

Sometimes you may create a single user with default configuration, or create a single user with custom configuration, or create several users at same time using some bulk user creation method.

In this article, let us review how to create Linux users in 4 different methods using useradd, adduser and newusers command with practical examples.
2009  blogpost  sysadmin  linux  unix  tool  tools  example  tips  howto  guide 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
Users and groups - ArchWiki
Users and groups are used on GNU/Linux for access control—that is, to control access to the system's files, directories, and peripherals. Linux offers relatively simple/coarse access control mechanisms by default. For more advanced options, see ACL and PAM#Configuration How-Tos.
wikientry  info  faq  tips  example  cli  arch  linux  sysadmin  security  compatibility  configuration  tool  tools  reference  documentation 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
Limit memory usage for a single Linux process - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
A: [...] There's some problems with ulimit. Here's a useful read on the topic: Limiting time and memory consumption of a program in Linux, which lead to the timeout tool, which lets you cage a process (and its forks) by time or memory consumption.

The timeout tool requires Perl 5+ and the /proc filesystem mounted. After that you copy the tool to e.g. /usr/local/bin like so: [...]
2011  2014  forumthread  stackexchange  linux  memory  cpu  sysadmin  tool  cli  links 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
linux - How do I detach a process from Terminal, entirely? - Super User
Q: [...] However, I'm struggling with how to completely detach a process (e.g. Firefox) from the terminal it's been launched from - i.e. prevent that such a (non-)child process

* is terminated when closing the originating terminal
* "pollutes" the originating terminal via STDOUT/STDERR
2009  2011  forumthread  stackexchange  unix  linux  posix  shell  tool  cli  example  tips 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
google cloud platform - GCP network usage monitoring - Stack Overflow
Q: Is there any network monitor for GCP VMs? I think that my apps is experiencing some network problem, keep on facing JSONP failed request [...]
2016  forumthread  stackexchange  cloudcomputing  remote  tool  tools  links  free  opensource 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
Debugging Tools | Linux Debugging Tools | CoreOS
You can use common debugging tools like tcpdump or strace with Toolbox. Using the filesystem of a specified Docker container Toolbox will launch a container with full system privileges including access to system PIDs, network interfaces and other global information. Inside of the toolbox, the machine's filesystem is mounted to /media/root.
coreos  debug  tool  tools  howto  tips  guide  linux  ssh  configuration  remote  example  networking  debugger 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
Debugging node issues using CoreOS toolbox  |  Container-Optimized OS  |  Google Cloud
You might need to install additional packages or tools on Container-Optimized OS for certain tasks, such as debugging. Although Container-Optimized OS does not include a package manager, you can use the pre-installed CoreOS Toolbox utility to install any additional packages or tools you require. Using /usr/bin/toolbox is the preferred method for installing and running one-off debugging tools.
2019  article  howto  guide  coreos  docker  tool  cli  packages  distro  linux  debug  tips  example  configuration 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
coreos/toolbox: bring your tools with you
toolbox - bring your tools with you

toolbox is a small script that launches a container to let you bring in your favorite debugging or admin tools.

There are currently two scripts that live within this repository:

* toolbox: designed for Container Linux, uses rkt and systemd-nspawn
* rhcos-toolbox: designed for Red Hat CoreOS, uses podman
license.apache  opensource  github  cli  coreos  tool  sysadmin  docker  example  source  tips  distro  configuration 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
HTTP server test
Includes several other online tools:
* Regex calculator;
* FTP server test;
* HTTP server test;
* SSH server test;
* TCP port checker;
* Ping tool;
* Detect proxy;
* Proxy checker;
* Whois tool;
* Traceroute tool;
* Mtr report tool;
* DNS lookup;
* IP bulk lookup;
* Bulk URL renderer;
* Email account verifier;
* Html color picker;
* Html and css colors;
* Epoch time converter;
* Hash calculator;
* Detect screen resolution;
* Detect screen size;
* Detect DPI;
* Url encoder and decoder;
* Html escaper and unescaper;
* Json encoder and decoder;
* HTML and Javascript editor;
* Website resolution test;
* Browser geolocation test;
* Password generator;
* Internet connection check;
internet  test  tool  online  webserver  links  tcpip  protocol  ssh  regex  ftp  http  proxy  dns  email  html  screen  desktop  textprocessing  security 
11 weeks ago by ezequiel
dockerd | Docker Documentation
dockerd is the persistent process that manages containers. Docker uses different binaries for the daemon and client. To run the daemon you type dockerd.

To run the daemon with debug output, use dockerd -D or add "debug": true to the daemon.json file. [...]
docker  documentation  dae  daemon  reference  cli  tool  virtualisation  configuration  sysadmin  unix  linux  environment  example 
12 weeks ago by ezequiel
Get Docker Engine - Community for Fedora | Docker Documentation
To get started with Docker Engine - Community on Fedora, make sure you meet the prerequisites, then install Docker.
docker  installation  howto  tips  sysadmin  repository  software  cli  virtualisation  linux  fedora  links  example  tool  guide  reference 
12 weeks ago by ezequiel
AWS IP Address Ranges - AWS General Reference
Amazon Web Services (AWS) publishes its current IP address ranges in JSON format. To view the current ranges, download the .json file. To maintain history, save successive versions of the .json file on your system. To determine whether there have been changes since the last time that you saved the file, check the publication time in the current file and compare it to the publication time in the last file that you saved.  internet  reference  links  downloads  json  example  tips  scripting  tool  tools  windows  unix  linux  cli  textprocessing  ipv6 
january 2020 by ezequiel
Declare default environment variables in file | Docker Documentation
Compose supports declaring default environment variables in an environment file named .env placed in the folder where the docker-compose command is executed (current working directory).
docker  documentation  configuration  tips  example  reference  environment  online  cli  tool 
january 2020 by ezequiel
unix - How to remove duplicate lines in YAML format configuration files? - Stack Overflow
Q: I have a bunch of manifest/yaml files that may or may not have these key value pair duplicates:

app: activity-worker
app: activity-worker

I need to search through each of those files and find those duplicates so that I can remove one of them. [...]

A: What you call YAML, is not YAML. The YAML specification very explicitly states that keys in a mapping must be unique, and your keys are not: [...]

[...] If you have such faulty "YAML" files, the best way to clean them up is using the round-trip capabilities of ruamel.yaml (disclaimer: I am the author of that package), and its ability to switch except/warn on faulty input containing duplicate keys. You can install it for your Python (virtual environment) using: [...]
tool  cli  links  2018  forumthread  yaml  fileformats  textprocessing  tips  example  stackexchange  python  issue  workaround 
january 2020 by ezequiel
OpenSSH moduli – ENTROPUX!
While playing around with a small and customized Debian based system, I noticed that the following log message was seen every time a user logged on via SSH:

WARNING: /etc/ssh/moduli does not exist, using fixed modulus

So what is this moduli file and why should you keep one of those around?
2014  blogpost  ssh  security  math  encryption  links  history  hacking  issue  workaround  cli  tool  howto  tips  sysadmin  example  unix  linux 
december 2019 by ezequiel
Overview of docker-compose CLI | Docker Documentation
This page provides the usage information for the docker-compose Command.

Command options overview and help: You can also see this information by running docker-compose --help from the command line.
cli  docker  tool  reference  documentation  online  links  example  configuration  environment  automation  scripting 
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Compose file version 2 reference | Docker Documentation
Reference and guidelines:

These topics describe version 2 of the Compose file format.
Compose and Docker compatibility matrix

There are several versions of the Compose file format – 1, 2, 2.x, and 3.x The table below is a quick look. For full details on what each version includes and how to upgrade, see About versions and upgrading.

This table shows which Compose file versions support specific Docker releases. [...]
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december 2019 by ezequiel
Compose file version 3 reference | Docker Documentation
Reference and guidelines:

These topics describe version 3 of the Compose file format. This is the newest version.
Compose and Docker compatibility matrix

There are several versions of the Compose file format – 1, 2, 2.x, and 3.x. The table below is a quick look. For full details on what each version includes and how to upgrade, see About versions and upgrading.

This table shows which Compose file versions support specific Docker releases. [...]
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december 2019 by ezequiel
Install No-IP Client for Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
Keep your current IP address in sync with your No-IP host or domain with No-IP's Dynamic Update Client (DUC). (Unoffical)
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december 2019 by ezequiel
You have a lot of version control repositories. Sometimes you want to update them all at once. Or push out all your local changes. You use special command lines in some repositories to implement specific workflows. Myrepos provides a mr command, which is a tool to manage all your version control repositories.
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december 2019 by ezequiel
linker - Where is __dso_handle defined? - Stack Overflow
Q: I have an unresolved symbol error when trying to compile my program which complains that it cannot find __dso_handle. Which library is this function usually defined in? [...]
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november 2019 by ezequiel
linux - How to print the ld(linker) search path - Stack Overflow
Q: What is the way to print the search paths that in looked by ld in the order it searches. [...]
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november 2019 by ezequiel
Mercurial - ArchWiki
Mercurial (commonly referred to as hg) is a distributed version control system written in Python and is similar in many ways to Git, Bazaar and Darcs.
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november 2019 by ezequiel
Kernel/PowerManagement/PowerSavingTweaks - Ubuntu Wiki
There are some hardware specific power saving tweaks than cannot be fully applied by default as it causes problems on some hardware and we have yet to identify a suitable blacklist.
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october 2019 by ezequiel
Event-driven scripting and automation – IBM Developer
Vim’s editing functions behave as if they are event-driven. For performance reasons, the actual implementation is more complex than that, with much of the event handling optimized away or handled several layers below the event loop itself, but you can still think of the editor as a simple while loop responding to a series of editing events. [...]

Other parts:
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october 2019 by ezequiel
command line arguments - What is the format for --date parameter of git commit - Stack Overflow
Q: I need to overwrite the date of the commit of git, all the documentation points to --date parameter, but then leaves one without a clue to the appropriate format. I've tried every permutation i can think of, and i'm getting "fatal: invalid date format:" error for each and every one.
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october 2019 by ezequiel
Overview - The (unofficial) Rust FFI Guide
Given Rust's popularity and position as a systems programming language, you'll probably reach a point where you want to integrate a Rust module into some existing application. This guide was created to fill the current gap in knowledge when it comes to doing more in-depth FFI tasks than simply calling one or two functions from a C library.
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october 2019 by ezequiel
Linux Solution for badblocks: Value too large for defined data type invalid end block (5860522584): must be 32-bit value - Springfield Data Recovery
This problem arises because badblocks can only accept a LBA size (the number of sectors available to read/write on a drive) if it is a 32-bit integer. A simple solution is to run your command as follows, changing the block size from the default to 4096: [...]
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october 2019 by ezequiel
Linux Containers and Docker pstree - fREW Schmidt's Foolish Manifesto
Once in a while I find myself wanting to see the state of a container from a bird’s eye view. My favorite way to do this is with a special tool I wrote called docker-pstree. Here is how it works. (Stay tuned for angst at the end.) [...]
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october 2019 by ezequiel
How to see tree view of docker images? - Stack Overflow
Q: I know docker has deprecated --tree flag from docker images command. But I could not find any handy command to get same output like docker images --tree. I found dockviz. But it seems to be another container to run. Is there any built in cli command to see tree view of images without using dockviz [...]
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october 2019 by ezequiel
Boot-Repair - Community Help Wiki
Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu like when you can't boot Ubuntu after installing Windows or another Linux distribution, or when you can't boot Windows after installing Ubuntu, or when GRUB is not displayed anymore, some upgrade breaks GRUB, etc.
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october 2019 by ezequiel
boot-repair / Home / Home
Boot-Repair, simple tool to recover access to your Operating Systems.

* Easy-to-use (repair in 1 click ! )
* Free (GPL open-source license)
* Helpful (Boot-Info summary to get help by email or on your favorite forum)
* Safe (automatic backups)
* Reliable (400.000 users per year)
* Can recover access to Windows (XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10).
* Can recover access to Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, ArchLinux...
* Can recover access to any OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux..) if your PC contains Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, ArchLinux, or derivative.
* Can repair MBR-locked OEM computer boot if the original bootsector has been saved by Clean-Ubiquity
* Can repair the boot when you have the "GRUB Recovery" error message
* Options to reinstall GRUB2/GRUB1 bootloader easily (OS by default, purge, unhide, kernel options..)
* and much more ! (UEFI, SecureBoot, RAID, LVM, Wubi, filesystem repair...)
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october 2019 by ezequiel
junegunn/vim-plug: Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager
* Easier to setup: Single file. No boilerplate code required.
* Easier to use: Concise, intuitive syntax
* Super-fast parallel installation/update (with any of +job, +python, +python3, +ruby, or Neovim)
* Creates shallow clones to minimize disk space usage and download time
* On-demand loading for faster startup time
* Can review and rollback updates
* Branch/tag/commit support
* Post-update hooks
* Support for externally managed plugins  opensource  github  vim  plugin  plugins  tool  sourcecode  neovim 
october 2019 by ezequiel
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