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Ya Feel Me? - yodasyoyo - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Frankly, Stiles is beginning to wonder if being stupidly hot is a requirement for werewolfdom, or whether it’s just a requirement for the Hale pack in particular. They’re all aggressively attractive. Stiles’ poor bi heart can’t cope.
r:teen  2019  wc:under5k  oneshot  s:spark!stiles  s:magic!stiles  rs:sameage  op:alivehalefamily  op:aliveericaboyd  feels:halefamily  feels:pack  bh:hypothermia  tone:fluff  w:canondivergence  op:kateargent  au:highschool  d:beta!derek  op:haletwins  d:blushing!derek  rs:mutualpining  rs:firstkiss  »read  4* 
may 2019 by faeriecourt
Morning Light - heartsdesire456 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After two years as a deputy for the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, not to mention a lifetime of being the kid of an officer of the law, Stiles had seen some things in his time. Some weird shit happened in Beacon Hills, really. However, no amount of animals mauled in the woods, people going missing, psychotic teenagers going on killing sprees with their trained pet mountain lions (or so the official report stated; Stiles didn’t trust his dad’s account of that night back when he was in high school) could prepare Stiles for the sheer ‘what the hell?!’-ness of waking up at six in the morning for his shift, pouring himself a cup of coffee, and then noticing that outside the back window there was a little girl playing in his flower beds.
c:cop!stiles  th:kidfic  w:au  d:dad!derek  tone:angst  tone:hurtcomfort  2013  wc:under30k  »read  pov:stiles  4*  op:kateargent  op:aliveericaboyd  rs:firstkiss  feels:stilinskifamily  c:writer!derek  s:stilesfindsout  d:werewolf!derek  d:alpha!derek  tone:fluff  ws:scentmarking  ws:scenting  s:protective!stiles  s:bamf!stiles  d:awkward!derek  oneshot  r:teen 
february 2019 by faeriecourt
no one else can fix me (only you) - trilliastra - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I was wondering if Derek has a prom date?”

“I don’t know?” Stiles arches an eyebrow. “We are not that close.”

“But you are neighbors!” She insists.

“Yeah, neighbors.” Stiles repeats. “Not exactly friends. We don’t hold up signs and talk through our bedroom windows.”
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  w:au  au:human  au:highschool  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  rs:neighbors  tone:fluff  pov:stiles  misunderstandings  s:oblivious!stiles  rs:mutualpining  rs:sameage  nt:baking  4*  rs:askingout  »read 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
Didn't See That Coming - knittersrevolt - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in the dust after he catches his husband cheating on him.

He finds his way to New York where he starts working for the Hale House Nursery, accidentally adopts a werewolf baby (through no fault of his own thank-you-very-much), and somehow starts training to be an Exorcist Emissary. So, in general, life was going good.

Then he hears that demons have found their way into his hometown. Can he face his inner demons and go back to save the day?
4*  rs:slowburn  »read  th:kidfic  w:au  op:alivehalefamily  op:aliveericaboyd  s:emissary!stiles  k:masturbation  ss:magicaltattoos  s:inked!stiles  ss:demons  ss:demonicpossession  ss:alphapack  2014  r:explicit  wc:under100k  multichapter  adultery  tone:smut  p:newyork  s:stilesleaves  nt:adoption  d:alpha!derek  au:nohalefire  op:pastsciles  s:magic!stiles  op:alivelaura  tone:fluff  tone:angst 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
Font size twenty-four - Vendelin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is a librarian and research professional extraordinaire. So, when Derek comes in, asking for help with research for his new book, it's only natural for Stiles to offer his help. He just didn't count on late night waffle eating, or that his heart would go boom.
4*  c:librarian!stiles  »read  c:writer!derek  rs:secretidentity  tone:fluff  tone:humor  w:au  au:human  rs:unknownidentity  s:inked!stiles  p:library  pov:stiles  misunderstandings  d:versatile!derek  s:versatile!stiles  op:aliveericaboyd  wc:under20k  2015  r:explicit  oneshot  tone:smut  c:author!derek  rs:flirting  rs:mutualpining 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
I Ran (So Far) - thepsychicclam - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“But, you don’t run,” Derek pointed out, confused.

  “People can get new hobbies,” Stiles snapped. “Geez, if I’d known it was going to be this big of a deal, I’d have called you first. Want me to give you my workout schedule? That way you can coordinate your nose accordingly?”


In which Stiles' summer starts off so badly he starts running, gets pelted by paint balls, and decides he is, in fact, going crazy if he willingly wants to hang out with Derek Hale.
4*  rs:slowburn  rs:friendstolovers  »read  tone:hurtcomfort  rs:mutualpining  rs:firsttime  rs:gettingtogether  texting  f:scisaac  ws:scentmarking  k:comeplay  k:intercruralsex  k:blowjobs  k:handjobs  s:lonely!stiles  tone:smut  nt:runningtogether  sp:running  w:canon  posts2  wc:under50k  oneshot  2013  r:explicit 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
Make Me Your One and Only - hazelNuts - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Anonymous said, "Hi sorry to bother you again with another prompt but this one won't go away. It's thanks to a throw away comment my friend made when we we're listing to Dark Horse by Katy Perry and she called the love song for the possessive. That got the idea going in my mind of Derek fed up with his mate being oblivious and making his move while having this song playing. For some reason i pictured them maybe being seniors in high school and being good friends but pining for each other unknowingly thank you"

Being a werewolf in high school isn’t easy. Derek thinks he managed pretty well over the last few years. But he knows it could have gone very different if he hadn’t found an anchor in Stiles his first period, on his first day. They're best friends now, and when Derek recognizes Stiles as his mate, he doesn't think life can get any better. Except for Stiles to realize that they are, in fact, mates.
4*  r:explicit  wc:under10k  pov:derek  w:au  au:highschool  d:werewolf!derek  s:spark!stiles  s:magic!stiles  ws:mates  ws:truemates  rs:childhoodfriends  rs:sameage  rs:datingotherpeople  op:alivehalefamily  d:oblivious!derek  s:oblivious!stiles  tone:angst  ws:fullshift  rs:mutualpining  happyending  rs:friendstolovers  rs:firstkiss  k:handjobs  misunderstandings  oneshot  2015  op:aliveericaboyd  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Lost Coast - Finduilas - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
During a high school field trip hiking along the Lost Coast trail, Derek and Stiles end up getting separated from the rest of the group.
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  au:human  au:highschool  rs:firstkiss  p:fieldtrip  p:camping  d:jock!derek  comingout  oneshot  2015  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
A Little Push in the Right Direction - crossroadswrite - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Can I see your wolf face?”

Derek flushes all over, ducks his head and kicks the carpet awkwardly. “I, uh, can’t really shift into my beta shift.”

Stiles squints at him and for a split second the color of his eyes turns liquid, like there’s whiskey sloshing around in the irises. It’s subtle enough that it could pass for a trick of the light but Derek knows better; growing up peeking at an array of supernatural creatures from behind his mom’s legs taught him enough to take a step back.

“Maybe you need a push.”
4*  r:general  wc:under5k  pov:derek  w:au  au:werewolvesareknown  d:werewolf!derek  rs:childhoodfriends  op:alivehalefamily  op:aliveclaudia  ws:mates  s:magic!stiles  s:spark!stiles  rs:growinguptogether  rs:preslash  tone:humor  oneshot  2016  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Little Gestures - xKookiesandCreamx - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is a deaf Uber driver.
He's hardly thanked by his passengers, and when he is, it's seldom genuine.
In comes Stiles Stilinski, who changes it all.
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:alternating  rs:meetcute  w:au  au:human  d:deaf!derek  bh:disabilities  c:carservice!derek  tone:fluff  op:alivelaura  rs:preslash  oneshot  2016  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Like Notes - hazelNuts - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
anonymous asked, "i always see you in the library and i think you’re really cute so i leave you little post it notes on your work whenever you go and get a book just to see you blush au"

Stiles got the first note the night before his mid-term. A post-it note was attached to his laptop screen. Go to bed. You’ll do fine.
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  w:au  p:college  au:human  d:pining!derek  d:insecure!derek  nt:writing  nt:notes  rs:meetcute  oneshot  2014  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Letters - ericaismeg - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Stiles, this is getting ridiculous. Can you please do something about it?” Lydia demands. “Do anything. I don’t care. Go up and kiss him, ask him to prom this year, write him secret admirer love letters, whatever. Just do something.”


OR: The one where Lydia sets up an email account for Stiles to "confess his love" for Derek. And as fate would have it, they also end up becoming friends in person at the same time.
4*  w:au  au:highschool  au:human  p:bakery  rs:secretidentity  nt:loveletters  s:pining!stiles  nt:writing  rs:penpals  rs:secretadmirer  op:alivehalefamily  tone:fluff  nt:gift  rs:friendstolovers  rs:askingout  op:kateargent  op:aliveericaboyd  r:general  wc:under10k  oneshot  2014  emails  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Kiss it Better - rhymeswithmonth - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles at age seven had been thoroughly disillusioned about the notion of healing kisses. It hadn't worked for his mama, despite his dedication to the effort, and hadn't worked since for him. But one day while playing with his new friend Derek, Stiles had fallen off his bike and skinned his elbows, knees and palms badly on the pavement. He'd manfully tried to keep from crying, because Derek was older and would surly think he was a baby if Stiles burst into tears in front of him, but a trickle of moisture had escaped and leaked down his cheek. He'd been sure that it was the end, that Derek, cool, tall, fifth grader Derek with the shiny black mountain bike and best video games would realize that Stiles was just a wimpy little loser not worth his time.

AU where Stiles and Derek were best friends before the fire. Stiles deals with Derek's four-year disappearance and the events that lead to their reunion. Stiles didn't know about the Hales being werewolves.
4*  r:general  wc:under20k  pov:stiles  w:canondivergence  tone:angst  rs:childhoodfriends  rs:bestfriends  rs:meetagain  d:protective!derek  s:protective!stiles  op:kateargent  feels:halefamily  s:pining!stiles  s:stilesfindsout  tone:hurtcomfort  ws:drainingpain  rs:preslash  f:staura  multichapter  2013  series  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Kingdom By The Sea - TheCriminal - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lydia grabs his arm and pulls him down in the seat next to her. “When the hell did you find time to bag a guy like Hale?”

“We’re friends,” Stiles feels his face heat up, and then the team are running out and Derek sees him and smiles. His blush gets worse.

“Oh really?”

“Our moms were friends, okay? We’ve been in diapers together.”

“I thought you two hated each other.”
4*  r:general  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  w:au  au:highschool  rs:childhoodfriends  misunderstandings  nt:notes  rs:mutualpining  tone:fluff  tone:angst  s:nerd!stiles  d:jock!derek  op:alivehalefamily  d:werewolf!derek  oneshot  2015  ws:drainingpain  rs:firstkiss  nt:lovenotes  nt:loveletters  d:lacrosse!derek  bh:bullying  nt:poetry  op:bully!jackson  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Just to See You Again - MellytheHun - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A sterek college!AU where writing student Stiles specializes in love letters, runs a blog about it and can be commissioned to write love letters on behalf of lovers who are at a loss for words.

He makes some cash, he’s good at what he does (especially when he gets to be a little more explicit in his letters), it pays for his textbooks and that’s all he’s really looking for and life is fine. That is, until someone anonymously commissions him to write a love letter to mathematics student, Derek Hale.
4*  r:explicit  wc:under20k  pov:stiles  w:au  au:human  p:college  rs:penpals  nt:loveletters  nt:letters  rs:secretidentity  tone:fluff  tone:humor  rs:gettingtogether  rs:firsttime  tone:angst  mademecry  multichapter  2015  k:blowjobs  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
It's Too Early For This - thepsychicclam - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek loves his job at the coffee shop, especially because Stiles comes in for coffee before early Saturday morning lacrosse practices. The problem is that Derek is too shy to do anything about his crush, and the situation is not helped by the rivalry between the basketball and lacrosse teams.
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:derek  w:au  au:human  au:highschool  rs:mutualpining  s:lacrosse!stiles  d:basketball!derek  d:insecure!derek  p:coffeeshop  rs:firstkiss  rs:rivals  sportsrivalry  oneshot  2016  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
It’s just a little crush - twisch - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I know you’re my employer, but I just know that we’d be great together, and I think you’ve felt it too, so- why are you laughing at me?” Derek hadn’t meant to, but the question, in companion with her impression of their compatibility, had just caused him to break out into laughter. The offended look on her face and hurt in her eyes stopped him abruptly. He cleared his throat, clumsily putting the bowl down to turn towards her entirely instead.

- - -

OR: The one where Derek owns a coffee shop, talks about Stiles all the time and doesn’t realise his employees want to date him.
4*  r:general  wc:under5k  pov:alternating  w:au  w:futurefic  p:coffeeshop  rs:longdistance  rs:established  rs:marriageproposal  tone:fluff  tone:humor  misunderstandings  d:awkward!derek  d:derekgetshiton  oneshot  2017  d:derekdeservesnicethings  op:aliveericaboyd  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
It's (never) only play-pretend - MemeKon, majoline - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“And so you thought getting a fake boyfriend was the perfect solution.”

Stiles scrunches his nose at him.

“When you say it like that it sounds like a terrible idea.”

Derek doesn’t say a thing, just looks at Stiles.

“He was supposed to back off, okay? Like a ‘yay, Stiles finally found someone desperate enough to date his sorry ass, I can finally retire from the matchmaking business’ thing.”

(Or: the one in which Stiles and Derek are the worst fake boyfriends.)
4*  r:teen  wc:under10k  pov:derek  w:futurefic  rs:pretend  tone:fluff  tone:humor  rs:matchmaking  rs:mutualpining  rs:ust  s:protective!stiles  d:jealous!derek  rs:firstkiss  nt:barbecue  oneshot  2014  +podfic  op:aliveericaboyd  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Initiation - tvvinkqueen - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is approximately two decibels away from breaking down the wall that separates his dorm room from the obnoxious occupant of the room next to his. It’s been an hour, nearly an hour and a half, and the blaring music that’s been seeping through the drywall and into his room is still as consistent as it was when it first began.


Stiles plays his music too loud. Derek gets annoyed easily. Sex ensues.
4*  p:college  tone:smut  rs:enemiestolovers  w:au  rs:sameage  d:pining!derek  k:rimming  k:fingerfucking  pov:alternating  s:bottom!stiles  d:top!derek  au:human  tone:humor  2018  r:explicit  wc:under10k  oneshot  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
In Which Laura Is Never Going To Let Derek Live This Down - Omimouse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: A soulmate fic where you’ve got “Help! Save me!” on your wrist. So you do the martial arts classes, and ROTC, and get a concealed carry permit, you are READY, you are SO up for this… and then one day you’re at a friend’s house, and someone comes pounding down the stairs laughing and ducks behind you and goes “Help! Save me!” and that’s how you find out your soulmate was escaping a tickle fight.

“Laura, for the love of god, stop laughing and get him off of me.”
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  w:au  rs:meetcute  rs:soulmates  d:werewolf!derek  tone:fluff  tone:humor  misunderstandings  rs:preslash  op:alivelaura  oneshot  2017  ss:soulmarks  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
I'm tired and I'm wasted, irrational - LunaCanisLupus_22 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek reads the message twice just to be sure that he isn’t dreaming.

Help, it reads, accidntly kidnpd somr dudew

He takes a moment to compose his reply. What the hell Laura?


Or the one where Laura wakes him up in the middle of the night because she's kidnapped some random guy from the club and it turns out he's Derek's mate.
4*  r:explicit  wc:under10k  pov:derek  w:au  au:werewolvesareknown  rs:meetcute  tone:humor  d:werewolf!derek  d:beta!derek  ws:mates  kidnapping  op:alivehalefamily  k:blowjobs  tone:smut  ws:knotting  oneshot  2017  tone:fluff  k:oralfixation  k:deepthroating  k:mouthfucking  k:barebacking  s:drunk!stiles  drunkkissing  s:kidnapped!stiles  op:alivelaura  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
I'm Game (A Very Craigslist Thanksgiving) - dr_girlfriend - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but have me pretend to be in a very long or serious relationship with you, to torment your family, I’m game," the ad had said. "I can do these things, at your request: openly hit on other guests while you act like you don't notice, start instigative discussions about politics and/or religion, propose to you in front of everyone, pretend to be really drunk as the evening goes on (sorry, I don't drink, but I used to. a lot. too much in fact. I know the drill), start an actual, physical fight with a family member, either inside or on the front lawn for all the neighbors to see. I require no pay but the free meal I will receive as a guest."
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  w:au  au:human  rs:meetcute  rs:meetonline  craigslist  rs:pretend  rs:firstkiss  h:thanksgiving  tone:fluff  oneshot  2014  d:awkward!derek  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
i want to say all those things that would be better unsaid - aeneapsych - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is a lonely professor who decides to call a phone sex line.

Stiles is a poor grad student who needs to make a living somehow.

"One night stands were never this good. Hell, his previous relationships were never this good. Derek was so screwed, but right now he didn't care."
4*  r:explicit  wc:under30k  pov:derek  w:au  au:human  p:college  c:phonesexoperator!stiles  s:student!stiles  c:teacher!derek  c:professor!derek  rs:loveconfessions  rs:meetonline  rs:teacherstudent  k:blowjobs  k:dirtytalk  k:fingerfucking  k:masturbation  k:phonesex  k:praise  oneshot  2014  d:bottom!derek  s:top!stiles  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
How to Mostly Fail at Wooing Your Grumpy Next Door Werewolf: a comprehensive guide by Stiles Stilinski - crossroadswrite - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
(307): My new roommate is one of my Tinder matches... It is so on.
(631): U know this is gone far when im in the bathroom trying to take a pic of my asshole

Stiles peers down at the next profile sees a picture of a man glaring at the camera, ears red and big frames slipping off the bridge of his nose.

Derek ‘bunbuns’ Hale. 25. College student. Likes to take long walks on the beach, shirtless and on a horse and to be a buzzkill that should just get laid.
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  w:au  d:werewolf!derek  au:werewolvesareknown  rs:meetonline  p:datingapp  tinder  tone:humor  tone:crack  rs:ust  p:college  rs:roommates  rs:banter  rs:flirting  rs:mutualpining  d:insecure!derek  d:derekwearsglasses  rs:gettingtogether  rs:firstkiss  tone:hurtcomfort  dickpics  oneshot  2015  bh:recreationaldruguse  s:hurt!stiles  d:polyglot!derek  d:multilingual!derek  d:shy!derek  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Stiles? - LadyMerlin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The problem with Stiles is that he absolutely totally 100% thinks he's hilarious.

It's not so much a problem as it is... No, it's a problem.

Because he really isn't, except maybe when he snorts milk out of his nose, or when he mimics Coach Finstock perfectly, or when he goes to Deaton's to play in the puppy pens and ends up with the same grumpy Pomeranian chewing his hair each time. But that's entirely besides the point.

Nothing about the way Stiles is fellating that Popsicle is funny. Nothing.
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:derek  w:au  d:werewolf!derek  op:alivehalefamily  tone:humor  rs:ust  rs:agedifference  rs:flirting  rs:preslash  oneshot  2015  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Hold Me Close (I'm Falling Apart) - ajeepandleather - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Wolves without an emissary are naturally turbulent because their instincts are wild. Subconsciously, you’ve been balancing them, but you aren’t tied to the pack so you aren’t getting a balance in return.”

“So, they’re bleeding me dry. Always knew they were parasites.” Stiles smiled dryly.

“You’ll need to attach yourself to an alpha soon. There are risks for an unbalanced druid.”


“Well, a disruption in balance may show itself in several ways. It’s a disruption in nature, so nature will twist and alter in an attempt to right itself.”

“What does that mean?” Stiles was getting anxious. The vet was avoiding giving direct answers and that never meant anything good.

“You’re magic is heavily entwined with your will, and your will is parallel to your mind.”

“I’ll go insane.”
4*  r:teen  wc:under30k  pov:alternating  w:canondivergence  s:druid!stiles  s:magic!stiles  s:emissary!stiles  s:inked!stiles  d:alpha!derek  d:oblivious!derek  feels:pack  rs:loveconfessions  rs:gettingtogether  ws:bonding  ws:scentmarking  k:marking  misunderstandings  tone:angst  happyending  s:packmom!stiles  ws:puppypiles  tone:fluff  nt:cuddling  nt:bedsharing  s:bamf!stiles  s:stilesdoesresearch  researchiskey  multichapter  2017  ws:packbonding  f:sciles  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Heart to Heart - Hepzheba - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles never expected to be one of the twenty-five men to compete over the bachelorette Cora's heart in this season's Heart to Heart and even if Cora likes him enough, he doubts he'll manage to make her family like him well enough to let him stay. When he arrives at the mansion he realizes that it's not so much Cora's heart he wants to win as her brother's...


The reality show no one asked for - with a twist
4*  r:explicit  wc:under20k  pov:stiles  w:au  au:human  based:tv  rs:secret  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  k:handjobs  k:blowjobs  k:rimming  tone:fluff  k:publicsex  k:intercruralsex  k:outdoorssex  k:pooltubsex  oneshot  2014  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
he who is brave is free - writedeku - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles sighs from behind him. "Wolves can't be tamed," he says, with full intent. The man whirls around, but then Stiles smashes a metallic baseball bat on his head and he drops to the ground. Stiles makes a face at the body and the blood on his bat. "Their nature can only be suppressed. I read that somewhere," he grins a little at Derek. "Is that right, you big bad wolf you?"
r:general  4*  wc:under10k  pov:alternating  d:werewolf!derek  w:au  tone:hurtcomfort  s:bamf!stiles  w:canondivergence  tone:fluff  violence  tone:angst  happyending  oneshot  2016  d:goodalpha!derek  op:aliveericaboyd  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Happier - grimm - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Stiles nearly dies out in the woods one day, Derek kicks him out of the pack, and life gets seriously, seriously shitty.

(If this seems familiar, it's because I reuploaded this after rewriting the middle.)
2013  wc:under30k  oneshot  r:explicit  feels:pack  s:stilesispushedoutofthepack  w:canon  s:hurt!stiles  s1  tone:angst  s:depressed!stiles  bh:suicidalthoughts  bh:depression  4*  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Framed - Nival_Vixen - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles' first day at the FBI was also going to be his last. That had to be some kind of record, surely?


On his first day at the FBI, Stiles discovers that Derek is wanted for mass murder. Stiles knows that Derek's innocent and is determined to find out who framed him.
4*  2017  wc:under80k  multichapter  r:mature  c:cop!stiles  c:agent!stiles  d:derekdeservesnicethings  s6  th:fixit  rs:slowburn  s:magic!stiles  f:stydia  rs:friendstolovers  violence  ss:nogitsune  f:sciles  nt:bedsharing  ss:banshees  s:stilesattractssupernatural  tone:mystery  s:bamf!stiles  w:canondivergence  ss:wildhunt  ss:wendigo  ss:nemeton  bh:genderfluid  s:alpha!stiles  »read  tone:humor 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
To Be Worthy Of Hope - alocalband - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“If you can’t say the words, you’re not mature enough to know what they mean,” Scott tells him.

Stiles throws a french fry at him.

 (In which Derek is secretly pining, Stiles is oblivious to both Derek’s feelings as well as his own, and any personal growth that happens in the mean time is completely reluctant.)
d:derekdeservesnicethings  pov:stiles  2016  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  s:oblivious!stiles  4*  d:pining!derek  ws:mates  rs:soulmates  rs:gettingtogether  post3a  w:canon  ws:scenting  tone:fluff  f:sciles  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Putting the F-U-N in Funeral - apocryphal - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Hale & Daughters Funeral Home," Derek says dully.

"Oh ho! And which daughter are you?"

Derek casts his eyes up to the ceiling. It's going to be one of those calls.

(In which Derek is a bored secretary, Stiles is a baker who may or may not have ulterior motives, and there are entirely too many macaroons.)
4*  2015  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:human  op:alivehalefamily  c:assistant!derek  c:baker!stiles  p:bakery  nt:baking  op:alivelaura  tone:fluff  tone:humor  rs:banter  happyending  c:gardener!derek  +podfic  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Hallowed Grounds - damnfancyscotch - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everything in Beacon Hills is the same when Stiles comes home from college.

Well, except for the fact that he's a published author now, Scott is halfway across the world with a travelling circus, Erica's epilepsy has been cured, her boss offers him a job too, and there's this weird black dog that seems to be following him around just to judge him.

Oh, and the murders, of course.

But other than that stuff... totally the same old BH.
4*  r:mature  wc:over100k  w:au  c:writer!stiles  d:werewolf!derek  ws:fullshift  s:emissary!stiles  s:magic!stiles  s:bamf!stiles  rs:slowburn  feels:pack  s:hurt!stiles  op:alivelaura  s:stilesfindsout  multichapter  series  2017  f:sterica  ss:motw  kidnapping  ss:hunters  ws:werewolfreveal  s:kidnapped!stiles  d:wolf!derek  happyending  ws:packmarks  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Give Me A Signal - redeyedwrath - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"The profile is succinct - Derek, Age: 23, Pronouns: he/him, Sexuality: bisexual - and he starts to go back when he realizes what he read. Sexuality: bisexual. Derek Hale is bi. Derek is into men."

In which there are dating apps, witches, attempted ritual sacrifices, and a whole lot of protectiveness
4*  r:teen  wc:under20k  w:canondivergence  s:spark!stiles  tone:angst  rs:gettingtogether  texting  p:datingapp  bh:panicattacks  bh:neardeathexperience  ss:witches  ss:magic  multichapter  2016  d:bisexual!derek  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Give me a Crown and Call me Persephone - nightlight9 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Ever since he first saw Derek Hale reading under a tree in the courtyard and glaring at anyone that got too close, Stiles has been hooked. Stiles’ friends, on the other hand, look at Derek and see trouble. Too bad Stiles refuses to listen to them and leave Derek alone. Besides, he can’t understand how they can think that someone who spends his time making flower crowns is a bad person.
4*  tone:fluff  p:college  s:pining!stiles  w:au  c:artist!derek  rs:firstkiss  rs:flirting  r:teen  wc:under10k  oneshot  2018  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Ghost Blanket and the Wolf - paintedrecs - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek's badly in need of hugs, Stiles decides shortly before Halloween. His pack is secure and stable, but he still hovers on its edges, as though not quite sure where he belongs. Will the magic of Halloween night, and a cherished Stilinski tradition, be enough to lift that weight off his shoulders?
4*  r:teen  wc:under10k  pov:stiles  w:canon  s3  d:alpha!derek  h:halloween  tone:fluff  tone:angst  rs:gettingtogether  rs:firstkiss  nt:hugs  feels:stilinskifamily  oneshot  2015  op:aliveericaboyd  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way out of the Pool - Museohmuse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"'And then there were two, right?' Stiles said eventually. Derek's head shot up and he immediately frowned at Stiles.

'No need to look so happy, Eyebrows,' Stiles said mildly. 'I happen to be great company.'"


In which Stiles can't keep his mouth shut, Derek is in no way related to a Beyoncé song, and Scotty might be a clairvoyant.
4*  2014  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  pov:stiles  w:au  au:highschool  au:human  d:jock!derek  sp:swimming  s:bamf!stiles  d:jealous!derek  rs:enemiestolovers  p:detention  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Full Homo, Bro - crossroadswrite - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
(317): Your poor dick will look at you and scowl for all the abuse he's going to take this week.
“How about gay chicken,” Danny suggests.

Stiles snaps his attention towards him and glares. He seriously has to pick better friends. Friends who don’t suggest he play gay chicken with his current, permanent and embarrassing crush.

Derek Hale, aforementioned crush, part time douchebag and owner of the best everything, scoffs, “Yeah right. Like Stilinski could handle that for a week.”
4*  2015  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  pov:stiles  w:au  au:human  au:highschool  tone:humor  rs:firstkiss  rs:ust  d:jock!derek  s:jock!stiles  s:pining!stiles  s:lacrosse!stiles  d:basketball!derek  f:stydia  d:oblivious!derek  s:oblivious!stiles  rs:flirting  rs:banter  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Full Circle - kaistrex (weishen), klimt - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles wakes face to face with the muzzle of a black wolf and he does the only thing any sane person would do in such a situation: he screams.

A hand – a furry, claw-tipped but human-shaped hand – comes up to cover his mouth. He follows it with his eyes to a furry wrist disappearing into the sleeve of a leather jacket, up to broad shoulders and to the head of the wolf looming over him sprouting from the collar of a Henley.

A wolf. Wearing clothes.

Stiles sags backwards with relief. It’s okay. He’s just dreaming.

All Stiles had wanted to do was warn a newly-returned-to-town Derek Hale that some unsavoury-looking men had put a target on his back. Instead, he gets kidnapped, turned into some sort of human-fox hybrid by a spell gone wrong and, oh yeah, werewolves are a thing.

This is all Scott’s fault.
4*  2017  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:mature  pov:stiles  d:werewolf!derek  s:fox!stiles  ws:actualwolves  op:kateargent  kidnapping  tone:angst  ss:animalcurse  ss:hexed  tone:hurtcomfort  violence  d:alpha!derek  s:stilesfindsout  w:canondivergence  happyending  ws:fullshift  feels:stilinskifamily  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
A Not So Criminal Attraction - clotpolesonly - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is way too sweet to be a criminal, but then that’s probably what everyone who loves a criminal would say.

Really, if the evidence wasn’t piled so high, Stiles might even think that Derek was just a regular guy.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  w:au  au:human  rs:mistakenidentity  tone:humor  »read  rs:established  pov:stiles  p:newyork  p:clubs  op:aliveericaboyd  op:alivehalefamily  d:criminal!derek  d:rich!derek  misunderstandings  au:mafia  4* 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
If I Were A Bat Would You Let Me Hit That? - sweetbutterbliss - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Coach Derek is kind of scary, he’s standing totally still with his arms crossed over his chest, which just makes his Dad’s constant flailing look even worse.

“They’re standing awfully close,” the girl comments.

They’re practically nose to nose, and if they weren’t arguing Evan would think they were about to kiss. He feels his ears heat up with embarrassment and wishes again for his Dad to just give up already.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  th:kidfic  d:dad!derek  s:dad!stiles  k:frottage  rs:mutualpining  s:oblivious!stiles  d:oblivious!derek  w:au  sp:baseball  d:baseball!derek  c:cop!stiles  tone:humor  »read  pov:alternating  pov:other  rs:ust  rs:enemiestolovers  c:coach!derek  c:coach:stiles  op:alivelaura  rs:sameage  4*  rs:gettingtogether  tone:fluff  op:alivehalefamily 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Maybe I Missed You - Cobrilee - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Five years after senior year ends, Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills with a lot of magic, a lot of confidence, and a strong determination to woo Derek Hale. Imagine his surprise when Derek apparently has an equally strong determination to woo Stiles. Or annoy the shit out of him. Either way, Stiles is completely on board.
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  s:magic!stiles  w:futurefic  w:canon  post3a  rs:flirting  rs:banter  violence  s:stilesleaves  rs:reunion  rs:wooing  »read  rs:mutualpining  pov:stiles  s:spark!stiles  p:lake  p:clubs  feels:pack  rs:ust  ss:voquilas  rs:firstkiss  s:powerful!stiles  s3a  4* 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
For My Flesh Had Turned to Fur, and My Thoughts Had Turned to You - literaryoblivion - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
They’ve known about the other pack for quite some time now. They know the pack is young and small, formed together more by accident and necessity than anything else. But, they haven’t done anything about them because they’ve been fairly quiet, kept to themselves, and haven’t caused any trouble.

That is until the Hales start hearing rumors about the McCall pack acquiring a very young and inexperienced but powerful witch.

So Alpha Hale sends her eldest son, Derek, for all intents and purposes, to spy on the McCall pack and their so-called witch, to see what the truth of the situation is.
4*  2015  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  pov:derek  w:au  op:alivehalefamily  d:werewolf!derek  ws:actualwolves  s:magic!stiles  ws:packpolitics  rs:firstkiss  rs:secretidentity  ws:packdynamics  tone:fluff  tone:angst  d:wolf!derek  ss:magic  s:witch!stiles  op:mccallpack  ws:fullshift  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Flying Pages - crossroadswrite - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek's stuck on a plane with another guy reading his book and making faces.

The worst part is he doesn’t even know what those faces mean. He honestly has no idea if the guy’s liking it or hating it and just waiting to get home and ritual burn it.

Derek keeps trying to read under his shoulder to see what part he’s at and trying to gauge his reaction to what’s happening. He hasn’t been very successful so far.

“Ugh!” the guy says loudly smushing the book against his face and sliding down his seat.

Derek is a grownass werewolf. He’s done squirming.


The one based on this prompt: author of book gets seated next to someone reading their book and making entertaining faces at each scene au

I added secret werewolves and my-life-wasn't-destroyed-by-a-hunter-Derek hope you don't mind.
4*  2015  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  pov:derek  w:au  p:airplane  c:writer!derek  s:emissary!stiles  s:spark!stiles  s:magic!stiles  d:werewolf!derek  rs:firstkiss  op:alivehalefamily  tone:humor  p:airport  rs:meetcute  rs:mistakenidentity  tone:fluff  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Kiss Me on This Cold December Night - Leslie_Knope - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The hairs on the back of Stiles’ neck tingle, and he swallows hard against the unmistakable sensation of someone staring at him. He’s tempted to just ignore it, but after a few seconds, his curiosity wins out and he looks up from his phone instead. He doesn’t notice anything right away, flicking his gaze along the people on the other side of the intersection until he suddenly stops and backtracks. It’s a little hard to see, what with the thick drizzle and the cars whizzing between them, but he would recognize that glorious bearded face anywhere, even after six years. Holy shit.
2016  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:explicit  w:futurefic  h:christmas  tone:fluff  4*  rs:meetagain  t:winter  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Voldemort and Jean Valjean (Walk into a Coffee Shop) - PsychicPineapple - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
So sue him, Stiles had a stupid habit of giving out goofy names at coffee joints.



‘Name?’ He stood with his sharpie at the ready.


‘Voldemort,’ Stiles answered without missing a beat.
2013  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  p:coffeeshop  c:barista!derek  s:nerd!stiles  rs:meetcute  tone:fluff  4*  d:nerd!derek  w:au  »read  tone:humor 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The Walls Are Breathing In - secondstar - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Nothing could go wrong. It was just supposed to be a safe trip to the Nemeton. But this is Beacon Hills and things are rarely that simple. Welcome to the life of Stiles Stilinski.

Or, that time that Stiles accidentally became a sorcerer against his will.
4*  2014  wc:under50k  multichapter  r:explicit  w:canondivergence  post3b  s:magic!stiles  d:wolf!derek  ss:elementalmagic  rs:ust  bh:panicattacks  ss:familiars  s:bamf!stiles  tone:hurtcomfort  rs:slowburn  ws:scentmarking  ws:packbonding  k:blowjobs  k:69  violence  ss:sacrifices  ss:magic  d:familiar!derek  ws:actualwolves  d:protective!derek  ws:anchors  nt:bedsharing  s:kidnapped!stiles  kidnapping  rs:firstkiss  nt:watchingmovies  »read  ss:sorcerers  ss:nemeton 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The Best We Can Hope For - yodasyoyo - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the prompt: Double date at movies with jealous Derek

"She works at Target for fuck’s sake. Target doesn't employ evil supernatural beings. Everyone knows they work at Walmart.”


Derek goes on a double date with Stiles. It goes about as well as can be expected.
2017  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  d:jealous!derek  d:oblivious!derek  rs:doubledates  d:alpha!derek  op:aliveericaboyd  tone:humor  w:canon  rs:firstkiss  pov:derek  4*  misc:interventions  rs:matchmaking  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
What's A Secret Identity? - Chrystie, imabignerd, kate882 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles sipped at a mug of coffee, absently watching the news play in the break room. Because of course a news station couldn't play anything other than its own content, even in the one part of the office that was supposed to be a safe space from work. His interview with Superman was making a rerun and Stiles glanced at Derek before commenting absently, “I’d totally let Superman fuck me.”

Derek, who had been in the middle of a swig of coffee, choked violently, “That’s not something I needed to know at nine in the morning, Stiles.”

Stiles raised an eyebrow. “What time would you prefer I tell you about all of the things I would let Superman do to my body?”
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  d:superman!derek  d:superhero!derek  tone:humor  »read  rs:secretidentity  based:comic  based:movie  w:au  c:reporter!stiles  au:superheroes  f:stiles  rs:gettingtogether  op:kateargent  p:gotham  c:journalist!stiles  4*  pov:stiles 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
not quite an item (they’re totally fucking right?) - jadore_hale - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I never liked him,” Derek said plainly.

“Dude!” Stiles punched him in the shoulder, shocked. It was his first time hearing this.

“He was keeping you from me! Must’ve been really insecure to stop you from collabing with me. Which is stupid. What’s there to be jealous of? All we are is online boyfriends.”

“Who sometimes make out and swallow each other’s chewed food,” Stiles shot back, not sure how Derek could have forgotten those key facts.

“It’s just for views!”
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:explicit  w:au  au:human  youtuber  rs:pretend  rs:breakup  c:youtuber!stiles  c:youtuber!derek  rs:friendstolovers  k:frottage  tone:hurtcomfort  s:insecure!stiles  rs:mutualpining  rs:datingotherpeople  nt:bedsharing  op:alivelaura  s:oblivious!stiles  bh:panicattacks  rs:gettingtogether  tone:fluff  tone:humor  4*  pov:stiles  nt:cuddling  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Running From Foxes - LadyDrace - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek and Stiles have a lot of mutually enjoyable casual sex. Only problem is that Derek has issues, and also some feelings, and Stiles really wants to cuddle.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  rs:fuckbuddies  tone:angst  happyending  pov:derek  s:werefox!stiles  w:au  d:alpha!derek  d:goodalpha!derek  »read  op:aliveericaboyd  d:werewolf!derek  bh:therapy  p:newyork  4* 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Dirty-Twirl - melofttroll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Jungle, a place to get funky, for Stiles to get his dirty-twirl on, is basically a dive-bar Sunday to Wednesday. Which means that his little plan to find some smokin’ hot strange might be slightly…derailed.

Then a smoking hot werewolf mistakes Stiles for someone else, and he thinks what the hell, what can a quick hook-up hurt? He's definitely not worried about his heart...though maybe he should be.
2018  wc:under20k  multichapter  r:explicit  w:au  au:werewolvesareknown  rs:ons  rs:mistakenidentity  tone:fluff  tone:humor  happyending  tone:angst  tone:hurtcomfort  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  op:aliveericaboyd  p:clubs  k:blowjobs  d:werewolf!derek  tone:smut  pov:stiles  k:comeplay  misunderstandings  k:rimming  rs:fuckbuddies  c:doctor!derek  c:pediatrician!derek  rs:gettingtogether  rs:accidentalfeelings  4*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The Adventures of Ranger Rookie and Deputy Dork - shipNslash - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When the Sheriff tells Stiles that he's getting a partner, he's not exactly thrilled. How is he supposed to keep his magic a secret with some rookie stuck in his cruiser all day?

When Derek's mother decides to move the pack back to Beacon Hills, he looks forward to joining the local police force. Less so to hiding his werewolf-iness from some poor, unsuspecting partner.

Derek is assigned to be Stiles' new partner at the Sheriff's Department. One is a mage and the other is a werewolf. Neither knows what the other can do. What could possibly go wrong?
2018  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:teen  c:cop!derek  c:cop!stiles  s:mage!stiles  s:magic!stiles  rs:workpartner  s:inked!stiles  w:au  d:werewolf!derek  tone:humor  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  pov:alternating  s:spark!stiles  rs:banter  d:oblivious!derek  s:oblivious!stiles  rs:secretidentity  misunderstandings  rs:firstkiss  feels:halefamily  ss:nymphs  ss:vampires  tone:angst  rs:gettingtogether  4*  »read  ss:elementalmagic 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Fall Back In - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek has said two fucking words to him after almost eight years, and Stiles can't stop obsessing about it.

or -

Stiles is trying to cope with the surprise arrival of a daughter he never knew about, and Derek Hale insinuating himself into his life again isn't helping. Honestly.
2018  wc:under20k  r:teen  oneshot  th:kidfic  w:au  op:alivehalefamily  s:magic!stiles  s:dad!stiles  misunderstandings  rs:datingotherpeople  rs:meetagain  d:werewolf!derek  tone:angst  s:mage!stiles  rs:gettingtogether  rs:ons  p:farms  d:farmer!derek  nt:horses  4*  s:pining!stiles  pov:stiles  op:alivelaura  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Espresso Yourself - fuchs - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a clatter and Stiles looks over the girl’s shoulder to find a guy standing behind her. He’s wearing an apron, dark to match the rest of the shop, darker still all down the middle where there’s a coffee stain spreading rapidly. He's staring at Stiles with wide blue-green eyes, and when Stiles meets his gaze he opens his mouth, closes his mouth, and then turns tail and disappears into what Stiles assumes is the kitchen.

Which is a little weird.

It’s not exactly the first time anyone has purposefully avoided him, but Stiles usually knows those people and they usually have a good excuse. This guy? Stiles doesn’t recognise this guy from Adam. Although he certainly wouldn’t mind roleplaying Steve.

A self-indulgent coffeeshop au turned into Laura/Stiles bromance turned into prom fic.
4*  2015  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:none  w:au  p:coffeeshop  op:alivelaura  op:aliveericaboyd  f:staura  d:shy!derek  d:blushing!derek  tone:fluff  tone:humor  p:newyork  pov:stiles  tone:crack  rs:mutualpining  rs:meetagain  rs:gettingtogether  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
You Give Me Butterflies - rhysiana - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles had only turned on the TV for background noise while he tried to finish up his thesis proposal before the next day’s meeting with his advisor, that was all. It was a nature documentary. About butterflies, no less. Bland, soothing, not at all distracting, just enough extra noise to help the rest of his overactive brain focus.

Well, he was totally focused now, it just wasn’t on his thesis. Because now there was a man on his TV who was very distracting, talking about butterflies.


A story of entomology, procrastination, and nerdy flirting over the internet.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:human  c:lepidopterist!derek  s:student!stiles  socialmedia  rs:meetcute  c:entomologist!derek  rs:flirting  pov:alternating  op:alivelaura  tone:humor  rs:meetonline  d:awkward!derek  tone:fluff  rs:gettingtogether  4*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Swipe Right On My Heart - alisvolatpropiis - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He’s about to give up and close the app when he sees the photo. It’s hardly any different from many of the other profile pics he’s seen, and certainly more tame than some. But it sends a shiver of want through his body, followed by a shock of recognition that stuns him, that makes the world spin for a moment.

It’s so overwhelming he has to put the phone down and get up and walk around. He stalks a few laps through the loft before picking up the phone again and tapping on the pic to make it full screen.

It dawns on Derek then that if he recognizes him based on a faceless pic of his bare chest, then there’s a damn good chance he’s gonna recognize Derek’s photo, and that realization fills him with an embarrassment that borders on panic.

He takes a screenshot of the photo, then deactivates his account, deleting the app for good measure.
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:explicit  ws:knotting  ws:mates  d:jealous!derek  pov:derek  rs:mutualpining  p:datingapp  p:tinder  w:futurefic  d:oblivious!derek  nt:barbecue  tone:humor  d:possessive!derek  tone:smut  ws:scentmarking  ws:scenting  k:blowjobs  k:marking  k:fingerfucking  k:barebacking  rs:matchmaking  op:matchmaking!cora  4*  w:canon  s:bisexual!stiles  d:bisexual!derek  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
A Little Less Conversation - Lissadiane - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek has learned to be a good Alpha in most of the ways that count. The problem is, now that he's well-adjusted, safe, and happy, it's time to turn his attention to the one thing he's always sucked at: finding a nice, sweet Omega mate.

Lucky for him, Erica and Stiles have ideas on how to make that as painless as possible.

In which Derek Hale is a failwolf and somehow, ends up going speed dating.
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:general  d:failwolf!derek  rs:speeddating  ws:abodynamics  d:alpha!derek  s:omega!stiles  »read  au:abo  feels:pack  rs:matchmaking  rs:mates  w:canondivergence  op:aliveericaboyd  nt:knitting  op:braeden  nt:dancing  ws:scenting  d:oblivious!derek  rs:mutualpining  s:oblivious!stiles  w:futurefic  rs:pretend  rs:firstkiss  d:jealous!derek  4*  misunderstandings  pov:derek  ws:werewolfconventions  d:werewolf!derek 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The One Where They Adopt a Selkie - mikkimouse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"That's a kid," Stiles said.

Derek growled. "It's a selkie."

"It's a selkie kid," Stiles pointed out, because really, they did not need to be arguing semantics right now. "Do selkies just go around leaving their kids sleeping in caves on the beach?"
2015  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  ss:selkies  s:pining!stiles  tone:domestic  th:kidfic  »read  nt:accidentaladoption  nt:adoption  pov:stiles  w:futurefic  rs:mutualpining  d:beta!derek  op:alpha!scott  op:mccallpack  tone:fluff  nt:cooking  s:oblivious!stiles  d:oblivious!derek  rs:loveconfessions  rs:firstkiss  ws:drainingpain  w:canon  4*  rs:movingintogether 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Derek Hale's Possible Heart - MellytheHun - teen wolf - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
An anon sent me a sterek prompt for Laura teasing Derek and Stiles joining in, then somehow sharing their feelings for each other in the mess of things.
2014  wc:under5k  multichapter  r:teen  feels:halefamily  op:alivelaura  rs:mutualpining  »read  tone:fluff  rs:gettingtogether  w:canon  pov:stiles  d:derekdeservesnicethings  w:futurefic  4*  rs:loveconfessions 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
When You Stop Believing in Santa You Get Underwear - owlpostagain - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There are some salvageable things though. A virtually untouched heavy slate sign that says, engraved in an ornate script that confirms at least one person in the Hale family had a sense of humor (Stiles has a horrible suspicion it might have been Peter), When You Stop Believing in Santa You Get Underwear.
2012  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  h:christmas  s:packmom!stiles  feels:pack  feels:halefamily  tone:hurtcomfort  »read  pov:stiles  h:thanksgiving  op:aliveericaboyd  tone:fluff  tone:domestic  nt:cooking  nt:gifts  4*  rs:firstkiss  w:canon  d:alpha!derek  nt:bedsharing 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Say My Name - Dagontherocks, Desmenn - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Was that Polish?" Derek repeated, eyes glued on Stiles. He took another step into the room. Stiles tilted his head in confusion, his heart beginning to pound for an entirely different reason.

"Yes, why?" he answered slowly. Derek's eyes flashed a brilliant yellow before he snapped his gaze up to meet Stiles.

"Can we talk? Alone," he pressed out. Stiles just nodded dumbly, following in bewilderment as Derek hurried up the staircase and into his room.

"If this is about me calling your sisters whores, it was just a joke," he began as the door swung closed.

"You called my sisters whores?" he asked in confused amusement. Stiles scoffed and looked away.

"No, I didn't call them anything," he lied. Derek didn't reply, just peered at the boy intensely. After a moment of silence Stiles started to squirm.
4*  2015  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:werewolvesareknown  au:soulmates  op:alivehalefamily  ss:soulmarks  s:bilingual!stiles  s:polish!stiles  d:werewolf!derek  misunderstandings  op:alivelaura  rs:firstkiss  tone:fluff  d:beta!derek  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Soulsick - theroguesgambit - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek loathes this idiot of a soulmate, whoever they are. For not coming to Stiles’ call, for being too useless do just to this one simple thing, for failing Stiles, proving how utterly unworthy they are before they’ve ever met him.
Stiles is cursed with a disease that will eventually destroy his soul unless his soulmate helps strengthen it. The pack performs a ritual to call his soulmate to his side. But days pass and no one appears...

Maybe they're already here?
4*  2014  wc:under5k  r:teen  oneshot  pov:alternating  rs:firstkiss  misunderstandings  rs:gettingtogether  s:hurt!stiles  d:oblivious!derek  ss:hexed  s:hexed!stiles  rs:mutualpining  au:soulmates  happyending  tone:angst  w:canondivergence  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Everything's Made to be Broken - weathervaanes - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everybody gets a name, inscribed in a color over the left side of their chest. It seems like a good system, guaranteeing that there will be someone who loves you, who you will get to love in return for years to come. The only problem is that that's not actually how it always works out.
4*  wc:under10k  2014  oneshot  r:mature  mademecry  rs:gettingtogether  rs:firsttime  f:sciles  sp:running  t:winter  s:lonely!stiles  nt:cats  s:puppyowner!stiles  nt:puppies  op:alivehalefamily  pov:stiles  op:alivelaura  w:au  au:soulmates  tone:angst  happyending  ss:soulmarks  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Fight Me Valentine - smokesforsterek - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Who wants to go to dinner with me on Valentine’s Day and have a dramatic fight in the restaurant?” Stiles blurbs out of nowhere.
“I’ll do it,” Derek's face is blank, Stiles might even dare to say nervous.

or the one where Stiles comes up with a plan to have a Big Dramatic Break Up™ at a restaurant on Valentine's Day. Derek agrees to help.
2017  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  h:valentinesday  rs:pretend  rs:gettingtogether  w:canon  w:futurefic  s:student!stiles  ws:packnights  d:alpha!derek  gay!stiles  tone:fluff  tone:humor  misunderstandings  rs:mutualpining  rs:firstdate  w:canondivergence  op:aliveericaboyd  4*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The New Assistant - smokesforsterek - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I don’t have an assistant,” Derek barks out as he looks back to the pile of reports he needs to get done. After the last kid that tried to be his assistant left in tears after the first day, he’s decided he didn’t want an assistant at all anymore.

“Well according to Ms. Hale, you do now. She hired me. I must say your sister is very scary-”

“I don’t need an assistant,” Derek barks out.

Or, the one where Laura hires Stiles to be Derek's assistant.
2016  wc:under20k  oneshot  tone:humor  r:teen  p:officework  d:boss!derek  c:businessman!derek  rs:datingotherpeople  c:assistant!stiles  op:alivelaura  misunderstandings  w:au  au:human  d:awkward!derek  d:jealous!derek  rs:firstkiss  rs:askingout  pov:derek  4*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
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