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The Gang Leader - halcyon1993 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
To prove to his sexist coworkers that his omega status doesn’t mean he can’t do his job, Deputy Stiles Stilinski infiltrates a gang of alphas in hopes of gathering intel on them. He quickly finds himself falling for the leader.
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:explicit  tone:smut  w:au  au:abo  ws:abodynamics  d:alpha!derek  s:omega!stiles  c:cop!stiles  k:blowjobs  k:deepthroating  k:rimming  k:selflubrication  k:fingerfucking  k:barebacking  d:top!derek  s:bottom!stiles  ws:knotting  ws:matingbites  nt:cuddling  ws:mates  ws:truemates  c:undercovercop!stiles  rs:accidentalfeelings  pov:alternating  k:comeplay  op:aliveericaboyd  op:alivelaura  2.5*  »read 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
no one else can fix me (only you) - trilliastra - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I was wondering if Derek has a prom date?”

“I don’t know?” Stiles arches an eyebrow. “We are not that close.”

“But you are neighbors!” She insists.

“Yeah, neighbors.” Stiles repeats. “Not exactly friends. We don’t hold up signs and talk through our bedroom windows.”
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  w:au  au:human  au:highschool  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  rs:neighbors  tone:fluff  pov:stiles  misunderstandings  s:oblivious!stiles  rs:mutualpining  rs:sameage  nt:baking  4*  rs:askingout  »read 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
rules are meant to be broken - foxerica (ericaismeg) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles and Derek’s Fuck Buddy Rules

1. This is about sex and nothing else. No personal attachments or emotions involved. If that changes, the fuck buddy relationship should be terminated as soon as possible to avoid one party getting hurt.
2. No kissing. Kissing is too intimate.
3. No sleepovers under any circumstances. If one party cannot get home, the other party will order an Uber for them.
4. No booty calls before 9pm. Texting is limited to booty calls only. No future plans should be made ever; they must always be spontaneous. If one party is unavailable or does not want a booty call, they do not owe the other party an explanation. A simple thumbs-down emoji will suffice.
5. Both parties can end the arrangement for any reason without explanation at any time. Both parties will delete the other’s phone number and cease all contact. If one wishes to resume the fuck buddy relationship after a break, they can send ONE (1) message via SnapChat or Instagram and the rules can be renegotiated at that time.
2018  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:teen  tone:fluff  rs:fuckbuddies  op:aliveericaboyd  tone:angst  happyending  au:human  w:au  texting  op:kateargent  s:pining!stiles  rs:loveconfessions  rs:gettingtogether  k:showersex  pov:stiles  tone:smut  rs:accidentalkissing  s:drunk!stiles  s:pansexual!stiles  op:alivelaura  rs:breakup  rs:gettingbacktogether  3*  »read 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
Didn't See That Coming - knittersrevolt - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in the dust after he catches his husband cheating on him.

He finds his way to New York where he starts working for the Hale House Nursery, accidentally adopts a werewolf baby (through no fault of his own thank-you-very-much), and somehow starts training to be an Exorcist Emissary. So, in general, life was going good.

Then he hears that demons have found their way into his hometown. Can he face his inner demons and go back to save the day?
4*  rs:slowburn  »read  th:kidfic  w:au  op:alivehalefamily  op:aliveericaboyd  s:emissary!stiles  k:masturbation  ss:magicaltattoos  s:inked!stiles  ss:demons  ss:demonicpossession  ss:alphapack  2014  r:explicit  wc:under100k  multichapter  adultery  tone:smut  p:newyork  s:stilesleaves  nt:adoption  d:alpha!derek  au:nohalefire  op:pastsciles  s:magic!stiles  op:alivelaura  tone:fluff  tone:angst 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
White Blank Page - Chapter 1 - sonsandmumford - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles finally gets his big break while writing for The Beacon, the high school's newspaper. His first (and probably only) chance at getting on the front page is to write an article about the captain of the lacrosse team, Derek Hale.
r:mature  wc:under20k  »read  multichapter  2013  w:au  au:highschool  c:journalist!stiles  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  rs:mutualpining  d:lacrosse!derek  sp:lacrosse  tone:fluff  s:oblivious!stiles  s:stilesfindsout  d:werewolf!derek  ws:werewolfreveal  op:aliveericaboyd  d:jock!derek  rs:ust  c:writer!stiles  rs:gettingtogether 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
you love the hate that we share - bibliosexual - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Maybe it’s petty — okay, it most definitely is — but it just irritates Stiles that the universe makes people like Derek Hale. He’s practically superhuman at lacrosse; he’s been blessed by the puberty gods with stubble and muscles on top of muscles and not a pimple in sight; he spouts off effortless monologues in Spanish class while Stiles is still struggling to remember how to say “Can you repeat that?”; he could probably make a killing as a male model; and when he asked Lydia to study with him, she said yes. Like, seriously, what the fuck.
5*  au:highschool  rs:enemiestolovers  au:human  rs:firstkiss  f:sciles  s:jealous!stiles  tone:fluff  tone:humor  d:teen!derek  rs:sameage  op:alivelaura  op:alivehalefamily  d:jealous!derek  w:au  f:scerek  2016  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  »read 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
Who’s Going to Take You Home and Hold You - Rena - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Right.” The guy clears his throat. “I’m Stiles.”

Derek snorts. “Did she bully you into picking a ridiculous name, too?”

Stiles gives him an indignant look. “It’s my real name actually. Well, not my real name real name,” he amends when Derek raises a judgmental eyebrow. “But trust me, you don’t want to know my legal first name. Over twenty years and my Dad still can’t pronounce it correctly. Hell, I’m not even sure I can pronounce it correctly, it’s a fucking monstrosity. Also, Miguel, you don’t have much room to talk, because I’m pretty sure you’re not actually of Spanish descent.”
rs:speeddating  5*  h:valentinesday  tone:fluff  op:alivelaura  w:au  pov:derek  f:stydia  tone:humor  s:student!stiles  rs:flirting  oneshot  wc:under5k  2013  r:teen  rs:matchmaking  rs:preslash  »read 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
(I Hate to Be) The One to Ruin the Night - wishingonalightningbolt - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
High school senior Derek Hale only has one goal for the rest of his time left at BHHS: avoid Stiles Stilinski. He's wreaked enough havoc as it is, having spent all summer breaking Derek's heart. Everything would be better for both of them if they just never saw each other again.


Derek doesn’t plan on ever getting mixed up with Scott McCall and his little gang of idiot friends. In fact, if he knew to avoid it, he would, but he guesses he just isn’t smart enough. Unfortunate, considering the consequences.
5*  w:au  au:highschool  au:human  tone:angst  tone:fluff  tone:smut  bh:recreationaldruguse  misunderstandings  r:explicit  2013  wc:under20k  multichapter  d:pining!derek  p:summercamp  p:camping  flashbacks  op:alivelaura  rs:firstkiss  op:alivehalefamily  s:drunk!stiles  k:handjobs  op:aliveericaboyd  p:parties  d:jealous!derek  op:heather  »read  k:blowjobs  c:campcounselor!derek  c:campcounselor!stiles  k:marking  h:halloween  underagedrinking  d:oblivious!derek  s:oblivious!stiles  rs:gettingtogether  pov:derek 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Little Gestures - xKookiesandCreamx - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is a deaf Uber driver.
He's hardly thanked by his passengers, and when he is, it's seldom genuine.
In comes Stiles Stilinski, who changes it all.
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:alternating  rs:meetcute  w:au  au:human  d:deaf!derek  bh:disabilities  c:carservice!derek  tone:fluff  op:alivelaura  rs:preslash  oneshot  2016  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
In Which Laura Is Never Going To Let Derek Live This Down - Omimouse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: A soulmate fic where you’ve got “Help! Save me!” on your wrist. So you do the martial arts classes, and ROTC, and get a concealed carry permit, you are READY, you are SO up for this… and then one day you’re at a friend’s house, and someone comes pounding down the stairs laughing and ducks behind you and goes “Help! Save me!” and that’s how you find out your soulmate was escaping a tickle fight.

“Laura, for the love of god, stop laughing and get him off of me.”
4*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  w:au  rs:meetcute  rs:soulmates  d:werewolf!derek  tone:fluff  tone:humor  misunderstandings  rs:preslash  op:alivelaura  oneshot  2017  ss:soulmarks  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
I'm tired and I'm wasted, irrational - LunaCanisLupus_22 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek reads the message twice just to be sure that he isn’t dreaming.

Help, it reads, accidntly kidnpd somr dudew

He takes a moment to compose his reply. What the hell Laura?


Or the one where Laura wakes him up in the middle of the night because she's kidnapped some random guy from the club and it turns out he's Derek's mate.
4*  r:explicit  wc:under10k  pov:derek  w:au  au:werewolvesareknown  rs:meetcute  tone:humor  d:werewolf!derek  d:beta!derek  ws:mates  kidnapping  op:alivehalefamily  k:blowjobs  tone:smut  ws:knotting  oneshot  2017  tone:fluff  k:oralfixation  k:deepthroating  k:mouthfucking  k:barebacking  s:drunk!stiles  drunkkissing  s:kidnapped!stiles  op:alivelaura  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Heart to Heart - Hepzheba - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles never expected to be one of the twenty-five men to compete over the bachelorette Cora's heart in this season's Heart to Heart and even if Cora likes him enough, he doubts he'll manage to make her family like him well enough to let him stay. When he arrives at the mansion he realizes that it's not so much Cora's heart he wants to win as her brother's...


The reality show no one asked for - with a twist
4*  r:explicit  wc:under20k  pov:stiles  w:au  au:human  based:tv  rs:secret  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  k:handjobs  k:blowjobs  k:rimming  tone:fluff  k:publicsex  k:intercruralsex  k:outdoorssex  k:pooltubsex  oneshot  2014  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights - herbeautifullie - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He's watching TV over the edge of his laptop when Scott brings up the fact that he's still a lonely loser in his third year of college without a boyfriend which, while being completely true, is really fucking unappreciated. It sparks a desperate need to save what little manhood Stiles has and, before he knows it, he's blurting, "I totally have a boyfriend, dude. Shows how much you know."

How was he supposed to know Scott would doubt him? It's not Stiles' fault that someone named Derek Hale really exists. It's also not his fault when his lie grows legs and runs so far he can't find it until it's too late – too late and standing right in front of him, gorgeous and annoyed and not at all the person Stiles made him up to be.

Yeah, this could get bad.
5*  r:mature  wc:under20k  pov:stiles  w:au  p:college  rs:pretend  op:alivelaura  d:pining!derek  rs:gettingtogether  misunderstandings  k:blowjobs  tone:humor  rs:meetcute  p:parties  oneshot  2012  rs:imaginaryboyfriends  stalking  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Putting the F-U-N in Funeral - apocryphal - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Hale & Daughters Funeral Home," Derek says dully.

"Oh ho! And which daughter are you?"

Derek casts his eyes up to the ceiling. It's going to be one of those calls.

(In which Derek is a bored secretary, Stiles is a baker who may or may not have ulterior motives, and there are entirely too many macaroons.)
4*  2015  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:human  op:alivehalefamily  c:assistant!derek  c:baker!stiles  p:bakery  nt:baking  op:alivelaura  tone:fluff  tone:humor  rs:banter  happyending  c:gardener!derek  +podfic  »read 
october 2018 by faeriecourt
Hallowed Grounds - damnfancyscotch - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everything in Beacon Hills is the same when Stiles comes home from college.

Well, except for the fact that he's a published author now, Scott is halfway across the world with a travelling circus, Erica's epilepsy has been cured, her boss offers him a job too, and there's this weird black dog that seems to be following him around just to judge him.

Oh, and the murders, of course.

But other than that stuff... totally the same old BH.
4*  r:mature  wc:over100k  w:au  c:writer!stiles  d:werewolf!derek  ws:fullshift  s:emissary!stiles  s:magic!stiles  s:bamf!stiles  rs:slowburn  feels:pack  s:hurt!stiles  op:alivelaura  s:stilesfindsout  multichapter  series  2017  f:sterica  ss:motw  kidnapping  ss:hunters  ws:werewolfreveal  s:kidnapped!stiles  d:wolf!derek  happyending  ws:packmarks  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Garden Variety - Lissadiane - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Stiles Stilinski attempts to finish his first draft of his new novel while being utterly distracted by the shenanigans happening next door - which generally involve his hot new neighbour engaging in physical labour. Whether it's a hoe, a trowel, a hammer or a nail gun, watching Derek get dirty and sweaty is a thousand times more interesting than meeting a deadline.

Stiles has a crush and a dog, Derek has baggage and a little girl, and together, they just might make it work.
5*  tone:fluff  rs:neighbors  th:kidfic  w:au  tone:domestic  c:florist!derek  c:gardener!derek  c:writer!stiles  rs:wooing  rs:flirting  d:dad!derek  tone:angst  au:human  op:alivelaura  rs:awkwardflirting  nt:barbecue  tone:humor  wc:under20k  r:general  oneshot  2016  s:pining!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Invasion of Privacy - sophisticatedyet - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles Stilinski is a rookie FBI Agent and there's only one job that rookies ever get given: surveillance. Hours upon hours of one-on-one monitoring. It's a boring job, made worse because Stiles has been assigned the most ordinary, boring civilian; seriously, Derek Hale doesn't even jaywalk, let alone come close to committing a federal crime. After six solid months of nothing, Stiles is pretty sure he's going to die of boredom before he gets promoted.

That's until a midnight visitor causes Stiles to intervene in Derek's life. And things go from there...


(Based on the FBI/NSA Agent meme that's been floating around.)
2018  wc:under20k  multichapter  r:explicit  c:cop!stiles  c:agent!stiles  w:au  au:human  tone:fluff  tone:humor  p:newyork  d:rich!derek  »read  bh:ptsd  bh:depression  c:architect!derek  op:alivelaura  stalking  texting  misunderstandings  s:pining!stiles  pov:alternating  pov:other  op:aliveericaboyd  rs:firstkiss  s:oblivious!stiles  rs:firsttime  3.5* 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
If I Were A Bat Would You Let Me Hit That? - sweetbutterbliss - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Coach Derek is kind of scary, he’s standing totally still with his arms crossed over his chest, which just makes his Dad’s constant flailing look even worse.

“They’re standing awfully close,” the girl comments.

They’re practically nose to nose, and if they weren’t arguing Evan would think they were about to kiss. He feels his ears heat up with embarrassment and wishes again for his Dad to just give up already.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  th:kidfic  d:dad!derek  s:dad!stiles  k:frottage  rs:mutualpining  s:oblivious!stiles  d:oblivious!derek  w:au  sp:baseball  d:baseball!derek  c:cop!stiles  tone:humor  »read  pov:alternating  pov:other  rs:ust  rs:enemiestolovers  c:coach!derek  c:coach:stiles  op:alivelaura  rs:sameage  4*  rs:gettingtogether  tone:fluff  op:alivehalefamily 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
pink is the color - tryslora - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The photo goes viral on Tuesday night, but Stiles doesn't see it until Wednesday morning. And when he does, he realizes that that man is sitting outside HIS palace, and is wearing HIS soulmark, and Stiles has absolutely no clue who he is...
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:royalty  s:prince!stiles  c:royalty!stiles  au:soulmates  ss:soulmarks  tone:fluff  rs:firstkiss  3.5*  p:britain  op:alivelaura  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
not quite an item (they’re totally fucking right?) - jadore_hale - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I never liked him,” Derek said plainly.

“Dude!” Stiles punched him in the shoulder, shocked. It was his first time hearing this.

“He was keeping you from me! Must’ve been really insecure to stop you from collabing with me. Which is stupid. What’s there to be jealous of? All we are is online boyfriends.”

“Who sometimes make out and swallow each other’s chewed food,” Stiles shot back, not sure how Derek could have forgotten those key facts.

“It’s just for views!”
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:explicit  w:au  au:human  youtuber  rs:pretend  rs:breakup  c:youtuber!stiles  c:youtuber!derek  rs:friendstolovers  k:frottage  tone:hurtcomfort  s:insecure!stiles  rs:mutualpining  rs:datingotherpeople  nt:bedsharing  op:alivelaura  s:oblivious!stiles  bh:panicattacks  rs:gettingtogether  tone:fluff  tone:humor  4*  pov:stiles  nt:cuddling  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Dirty-Twirl - melofttroll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Jungle, a place to get funky, for Stiles to get his dirty-twirl on, is basically a dive-bar Sunday to Wednesday. Which means that his little plan to find some smokin’ hot strange might be slightly…derailed.

Then a smoking hot werewolf mistakes Stiles for someone else, and he thinks what the hell, what can a quick hook-up hurt? He's definitely not worried about his heart...though maybe he should be.
2018  wc:under20k  multichapter  r:explicit  w:au  au:werewolvesareknown  rs:ons  rs:mistakenidentity  tone:fluff  tone:humor  happyending  tone:angst  tone:hurtcomfort  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  op:aliveericaboyd  p:clubs  k:blowjobs  d:werewolf!derek  tone:smut  pov:stiles  k:comeplay  misunderstandings  k:rimming  rs:fuckbuddies  c:doctor!derek  c:pediatrician!derek  rs:gettingtogether  rs:accidentalfeelings  4*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The Adventures of Ranger Rookie and Deputy Dork - shipNslash - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When the Sheriff tells Stiles that he's getting a partner, he's not exactly thrilled. How is he supposed to keep his magic a secret with some rookie stuck in his cruiser all day?

When Derek's mother decides to move the pack back to Beacon Hills, he looks forward to joining the local police force. Less so to hiding his werewolf-iness from some poor, unsuspecting partner.

Derek is assigned to be Stiles' new partner at the Sheriff's Department. One is a mage and the other is a werewolf. Neither knows what the other can do. What could possibly go wrong?
2018  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:teen  c:cop!derek  c:cop!stiles  s:mage!stiles  s:magic!stiles  rs:workpartner  s:inked!stiles  w:au  d:werewolf!derek  tone:humor  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  pov:alternating  s:spark!stiles  rs:banter  d:oblivious!derek  s:oblivious!stiles  rs:secretidentity  misunderstandings  rs:firstkiss  feels:halefamily  ss:nymphs  ss:vampires  tone:angst  rs:gettingtogether  4*  »read  ss:elementalmagic 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Waiting for Winter - Twice_Shy (notboldly) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone had a soulmark, a special shape on their body that formed during childhood and was meant to lead each person to their soulmate.

Unfortunately, Derek's soulmark is shaped like a snowflake, and that fact has been actively ruining his life since he was six years old.
2015  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  pov:derek  w:au  au:soulmates  t:winter  tone:fluff  ss:soulmarks  op:aliveericaboyd  h:christmas  s:student!stiles  c:assistantprofessor!derek  rs:meetcute  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  rs:preslash  3*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Feral - melofttroll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Scott’s yelling now as the Jeep comes to a halt, and Stiles ignores him as he clambers from the seat. The skid turned the Jeep completely around, and his headlights are pointed at something that is decidedly not dog-ish, or bear-ish, but very, very human.


And by the shuddering breaths coming from the man’s chest, very much alive.

Feral!Derek, Sterek AU
2018  wc:under20k  multichapter  r:mature  w:canondivergence  d:feral!derek  ws:mates  ws:scenting  op:alivelaura  tone:fluff  tone:hurtcomfort  rs:gettingtogether  happyending  w:futurefic  op:alpha!scott  d:beta!derek  4.5*  nt:bedsharing  rs:firstkiss  rs:firsttime  ws:scentmarking  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Fall Back In - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek has said two fucking words to him after almost eight years, and Stiles can't stop obsessing about it.

or -

Stiles is trying to cope with the surprise arrival of a daughter he never knew about, and Derek Hale insinuating himself into his life again isn't helping. Honestly.
2018  wc:under20k  r:teen  oneshot  th:kidfic  w:au  op:alivehalefamily  s:magic!stiles  s:dad!stiles  misunderstandings  rs:datingotherpeople  rs:meetagain  d:werewolf!derek  tone:angst  s:mage!stiles  rs:gettingtogether  rs:ons  p:farms  d:farmer!derek  nt:horses  4*  s:pining!stiles  pov:stiles  op:alivelaura  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Behind the Lens - rhysiana - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is a reclusive landscape photographer. Stiles helps hang his new show at Lydia's gallery and finds himself really hoping he'll get to meet the artist.
2017  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  c:photographer!derek  rs:meetcute  w:au  series  op:alivelaura  f:stydia  c:artist!derek  tone:fluff  rs:askingout  rs:preslash  pov:stiles  d:awkward!derek  3.5*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Crosse My Heart - fuchs - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles swiped open his phone with determination. It was just his goddamn rotten luck that he got trapped inside the boys locker room, during summer, with the one person who was possibly maybe potentially responsible for kicking off Stiles’ not-major and yet also not-insignificant sexuality crisis in the first place. Jesus.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  w:au  au:highschool  misunderstandings  rs:gettingtogether  tone:fluff  t:summer  pov:stiles  sp:lacrosse  s:stilesbisexualawakening  rs:sameage  tone:humor  op:alivelaura  op:alivehalefamily  5*  rs:firstkiss  comingout  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Espresso Yourself - fuchs - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a clatter and Stiles looks over the girl’s shoulder to find a guy standing behind her. He’s wearing an apron, dark to match the rest of the shop, darker still all down the middle where there’s a coffee stain spreading rapidly. He's staring at Stiles with wide blue-green eyes, and when Stiles meets his gaze he opens his mouth, closes his mouth, and then turns tail and disappears into what Stiles assumes is the kitchen.

Which is a little weird.

It’s not exactly the first time anyone has purposefully avoided him, but Stiles usually knows those people and they usually have a good excuse. This guy? Stiles doesn’t recognise this guy from Adam. Although he certainly wouldn’t mind roleplaying Steve.

A self-indulgent coffeeshop au turned into Laura/Stiles bromance turned into prom fic.
4*  2015  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:none  w:au  p:coffeeshop  op:alivelaura  op:aliveericaboyd  f:staura  d:shy!derek  d:blushing!derek  tone:fluff  tone:humor  p:newyork  pov:stiles  tone:crack  rs:mutualpining  rs:meetagain  rs:gettingtogether  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
the distraction - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek stares flatly at the huge bin of condoms in the health center they had set up in the Olympic Village. Their shiny foil packets glisten, as if they’re mocking him.

A almost has-been, a young hopeful, and too much protection.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:olympics  c:athlete!derek  c:athlete!stiles  tone:fluff  »read  op:alivelaura  pov:derek  d:awkward!derek  misunderstandings  3.5*  rs:flirting 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
You Give Me Butterflies - rhysiana - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles had only turned on the TV for background noise while he tried to finish up his thesis proposal before the next day’s meeting with his advisor, that was all. It was a nature documentary. About butterflies, no less. Bland, soothing, not at all distracting, just enough extra noise to help the rest of his overactive brain focus.

Well, he was totally focused now, it just wasn’t on his thesis. Because now there was a man on his TV who was very distracting, talking about butterflies.


A story of entomology, procrastination, and nerdy flirting over the internet.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:human  c:lepidopterist!derek  s:student!stiles  socialmedia  rs:meetcute  c:entomologist!derek  rs:flirting  pov:alternating  op:alivelaura  tone:humor  rs:meetonline  d:awkward!derek  tone:fluff  rs:gettingtogether  4*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The Accused - dr_girlfriend - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Remember when I thought I was in love with Kate, and she turned out to be a murderous hunter who killed most of my family and blinded me in the process?”

Erica’s voice was cautious. “Derek — what the fuck — of course I remember, how could you even ask? —”

“Well, my mate is worse,” Derek said flatly.
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:mature  tone:angst  d:blind!derek  ws:truemates  bh:disabilities  c:criminal!stiles  c:lawyer!derek  w:au  d:werewolf!derek  op:aliveericaboyd  op:alivelaura  d:lonely!derek  c:cop!stiles  c:agent!stiles  c:undercovercop!stiles  rs:mistakenidentity  misunderstandings  ws:scenting  ws:scentmarking  rs:firstkiss  3.5*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Derek Hale's Possible Heart - MellytheHun - teen wolf - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
An anon sent me a sterek prompt for Laura teasing Derek and Stiles joining in, then somehow sharing their feelings for each other in the mess of things.
2014  wc:under5k  multichapter  r:teen  feels:halefamily  op:alivelaura  rs:mutualpining  »read  tone:fluff  rs:gettingtogether  w:canon  pov:stiles  d:derekdeservesnicethings  w:futurefic  4*  rs:loveconfessions 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
we knew every line - magneticwave - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
What happens at the North American Lycanthropy and Leadership Symposium stays at the North American Lycanthropy and Leadership Symposium.

Or, Stiles is totally going to be the best fake boyfriend ever. According to Allison and Lydia, he and Scott rate 17/20 in believability and 19/20 in cuteness. They’ve got this shit locked down.
2013  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  ws:werewolfconventions  tone:humor  op:mccallpack  c:nurse!derek  rs:ust  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  f:sciles  rs:firstkiss  5*  w:au  s:student!stiles  rs:pretend  ws:packpolitics  ws:werewolfpolitics  ws:werewolfculture  »read  misunderstandings 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Say My Name - Dagontherocks, Desmenn - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Was that Polish?" Derek repeated, eyes glued on Stiles. He took another step into the room. Stiles tilted his head in confusion, his heart beginning to pound for an entirely different reason.

"Yes, why?" he answered slowly. Derek's eyes flashed a brilliant yellow before he snapped his gaze up to meet Stiles.

"Can we talk? Alone," he pressed out. Stiles just nodded dumbly, following in bewilderment as Derek hurried up the staircase and into his room.

"If this is about me calling your sisters whores, it was just a joke," he began as the door swung closed.

"You called my sisters whores?" he asked in confused amusement. Stiles scoffed and looked away.

"No, I didn't call them anything," he lied. Derek didn't reply, just peered at the boy intensely. After a moment of silence Stiles started to squirm.
4*  2015  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  w:au  au:werewolvesareknown  au:soulmates  op:alivehalefamily  ss:soulmarks  s:bilingual!stiles  s:polish!stiles  d:werewolf!derek  misunderstandings  op:alivelaura  rs:firstkiss  tone:fluff  d:beta!derek  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Everything's Made to be Broken - weathervaanes - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everybody gets a name, inscribed in a color over the left side of their chest. It seems like a good system, guaranteeing that there will be someone who loves you, who you will get to love in return for years to come. The only problem is that that's not actually how it always works out.
4*  wc:under10k  2014  oneshot  r:mature  mademecry  rs:gettingtogether  rs:firsttime  f:sciles  sp:running  t:winter  s:lonely!stiles  nt:cats  s:puppyowner!stiles  nt:puppies  op:alivehalefamily  pov:stiles  op:alivelaura  w:au  au:soulmates  tone:angst  happyending  ss:soulmarks  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Sheriff Knows Best - Leslie_Knope - Teen Wolf (TV) [Tumblr]
the coffee!AU, where John goes to the same coffee shop every day, and there is this very grumpy, quiet barista that always makes him amazing coffee and keeps the best pastries for him. And one day the Sheriff learns that Derek is the one to bake them all, so he decides: this will be my son in law, I need a reason to have this man in my family for at least forty to fifty years. Then he matchmakes with no subtility whatsoever, basically offering his only son on a silver plate, Stiles spluttering all the way (but he takes Derek’s number anyway because the guy is just amazingly cute)
wc:under5k  au:human  op:alivelaura  p:bakery  rs:matchmaking  op:matchmaking!sheriff  c:baker!derek  tone:fluff  p:coffeeshop  pov:sheriff  pov:other  src:tumblrdrabble  2017  w:au  tone:humor  c:barista!derek  s:bisexual!stiles  5*  rs:preslash  misunderstandings  feels:stilinskifamily  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Play It Again - Chapter 1 - metisket - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

“Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)”
2013  wc:under80k  multichapter  series  rs:preslash  s:magic!stiles  ss:magic  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  ot:alternatereality  ot:alternatedimension  ot:dimensiontravel  r:general  ot:paralleluniverse  tone:humor  tone:angst  w:canon  pov:alternating  s:spark!stiles  s:inked!stiles  bh:scars  s:bamf!stiles  ws:packdynamics  s:witch!stiles  d:jealous!derek  stalking  d:pining!derek  feels:pack  feels:halefamily  rs:slowburn  5*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Here's to the Static - matildajones - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles spends most of his college break in a coffee house where he stares after Derek Hale. For some reason, Stiles is unaware of the fact he's quite the musician, and Derek amuses himself at Stiles' obliviousness.
2014  wc:under100k  multichapter  r:teen  au:human  w:au  p:coffeeshop  c:musician!derek  s:student!stiles  d:famous!derek  rs:longdistance  tone:angst  tone:humor  rs:mistakenidentity  s:oblivious!stiles  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  5*  rs:breakup  rs:gettingbacktogether  happyending  misunderstandings  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The New Assistant - smokesforsterek - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I don’t have an assistant,” Derek barks out as he looks back to the pile of reports he needs to get done. After the last kid that tried to be his assistant left in tears after the first day, he’s decided he didn’t want an assistant at all anymore.

“Well according to Ms. Hale, you do now. She hired me. I must say your sister is very scary-”

“I don’t need an assistant,” Derek barks out.

Or, the one where Laura hires Stiles to be Derek's assistant.
2016  wc:under20k  oneshot  tone:humor  r:teen  p:officework  d:boss!derek  c:businessman!derek  rs:datingotherpeople  c:assistant!stiles  op:alivelaura  misunderstandings  w:au  au:human  d:awkward!derek  d:jealous!derek  rs:firstkiss  rs:askingout  pov:derek  4*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
I get filthy when that liquor get into me - standinginanicedress - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek Hale seems like a raging douchebag who's used to people falling at his feet and doing his bidding. And, oh, how the betas and omegas will fawn and coo and do everything he asks because, hey, there's every chance in the world the alpha will pick them and they'll get to spend an entire two days up in Derek Hale's penthouse getting fucked so great that the guy will ruin any other sexual encounters for them.

And – okay. So that sounds fucking awesome and Stiles totally gets the beta/omega desire to please alphas. He really does. But, dammit. Does no one have any pride? Does no one have any god damn dignity? This isn't the seventeen hundreds, and they're not all living in mud huts somewhere. This is the year 2015. This is Los Angeles. This is the most respected magazine in the country.

Not a fucking episode of The Bachelor?
4*  2015  wc:under30k  oneshot  r:explicit  w:au  au:abo  ws:abodynamics  d:alpha!derek  s:omega!stiles  ws:heats  c:businessman!derek  dubcon  p:officework  au:werewolvesareknown  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  d:famous!derek  tone:humor  pov:stiles  f:sciles  d:rich!derek  nt:gifts  tone:smut  k:masturbating  k:roughsex  k:bathroomsex  k:overstimulation  d:top!derek  s:bottom!stiles  rs:askingout  s:oblivious!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - pandacowhipster - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When potions prodigy Stiles blows up one cauldron too many during one of his ‘experiments’, he gets assigned to making Wolfsbane Potion for the new groundskeeper. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the guy wasn’t you know, terrifying.
4*  r:teen  wc:under20k  pov:alternating  w:au  based:book  b:harrypotter  d:werewolf!derek  s:wizard!stiles  rs:teacherstudent  detention  s:bamf!stiles  bisexualawakening  s:pining!stiles  rs:gettingtogether  p:boardingschool  multichapter  2012  potions  op:alivelaura  tone:hurtcomfort  tone:humor  s:magic!stiles  nt:baking  rS:agedifference  rs:forbiddenlove  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Edward Cullen Is My Valentine - bibliosexual - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Office!AU where Derek and Stiles are cubicle neighbors, Isaac is a fashion guru (especially when it comes to scarves), Allison and Scott are engaged, and Laura is generally the bane of Derek's existence.
4*  r:teen  wc:under10k  pov:derek  w:au  au:human  op:alivelaura  p:newyork  p:officework  d:pining!derek  tone:humor  rs:matchmaking  tone:fluff  rs:firstkiss  oneshot  2014  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
I Must Be Dreaming - BrightsideIsMyMiddleName - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I loved your song!," Allison Argent announces loudly, coming to hug Scott.

Stiles sees in slow-motion what happens next. His best friend focus entirely on her - it doesn't take much to figure out everyone else is fading away in Scott's mind and Allison is everything he can think of.

"Thank you," he tells her.

Oh no. Stiles has a bad feeling about this.

"It was very hard for me to choose the right song to send."

Oh no.

[OR the AU where Derek is a famous singer that's looking for a new talent. Enter Stiles, who sends the perfect song to the contest. It's a shame that everyone seems to think Scott is the genius behind the song. Everyone, including Derek.]
2015  wc:under10k  r:mature  op:alivehalefamily  op:alivelaura  d:famous!derek  rs:firsttime  misunderstandings  tone:fluff  tone:humor  w:au  d:bisexual!derek  based:movie  pov:alternating  s:fan!stiles  s:virgin!stiles  rs:firstkiss  2*  op:kateargent  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
This Ain't Jump Street - thecheekydragon - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Detective Stilinski goes undercover at a local high school to catch a killer and meets hot gym teacher Derek Hale. Stiles just hopes Hale is not the killer. But then again, he always did fall for the wrong sort of guy.
2014  wc:under20k  r:explicit  pov:stiles  w:au  c:cop!stiles  c:agent!derek  based:movie  p:highschool  tone:mystery  p:clubs  rs:ons  k:carsex  rs:meetagain  tone:humor  c:teacher!derek  rs:secretidentity  rs:mistakenidentity  au:human  kidnapping  4*  violence  f:stora  op:alivelaura  op:aliveericaboyd  s:bamf!stiles  s:bottom!stiles  s:kidnapped!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Game On - Kaname - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes, Stiles whispers sweet nothings to his laptop and asks the gaming gods to bless him with quick fingers and an indestructible bladder. For gaming. Obviously.

What he didn’t ask for was a bitchy new guild-mate with a God complex and a famous next-door neighbor who plays footie and throws house parties every time Stiles is trying to sleep.

Or; The one where Stiles is a famous web denizen, and Derek is just plain famous.
4*  c:athlete!derek  d:soccer!derek  sp:soccer  c:gamer!stiles  c:gamer!derek  rs:enemiestolovers  tone:humor  w:au  au:human  misunderstandings  series  pov:stiles  tone:angst  tone:fluff  tone:domestic  happyending  rs:gettingtogether  rs:ust  tone:hurtcomfort  2014  r:mature  wc:under80k  rs:neighbors  op:alivelaura  op:kateargent  nt:cats  nt:gaming  nt:takingcarewhilesick  d:famous!derek  d:jealous!derek  s:jealous!stiles  s:nerd!stiles  s:stileswearsglasses  s:oblivious!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Cornerstone - Vendelin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.
c:veteran!derek  p:bookshop  bh:ptsd  rs:friendstolovers  rs:fuckbuddies  k:sextoys  au:human  w:au  c:musician!stiles  r:explicit  wc:under100k  pov:derek  multichapter  2014  c:shopowner!derek  rs:firsttime  tone:angst  tone:fluff  h:birthdays  h:christmas  h:thanksgiving  4*  bh:disabilities  bh:scars  bh:nightmares  bh:panicattacks  bh:anxiety  bh:anxietyattacks  k:fingerfucking  k:blowjobs  k:frottage  k:handjobs  k:phonesex  op:alivelaura  nt:bedsharing  nt:cooking  d:oblivious!derek  s:blind!stiles  s:inked!stiles  s:stileswearsglasses  s:oblivious!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Impulse Decisions - ang3lba3 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He was talking under his breath, and probably too low for a human to hear him, but the steady stream of comments might as well have been shouted into Derek’s ears.
2015  wc:under5k  r:teen  c:writer!derek  tone:humor  rs:meetcute  p:airplane  nt:pickuplines  4*  rs:mistakenidentity  rs:secretidentity  op:alivelaura  d:asexual!derek  d:werewolf!derek  s:demisexual!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
At All Costs - InTheArmsofaThief - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is sent on a mission in time to protect Derek Hale at all costs. He doesn’t know why Derek Hale is so important to the future, but Stiles takes his mission seriously.
2014  r:teen  ot:timetravel  w:canondivergence  pov:stiles  rs:gettingtogether  tone:angst  happyending  rs:slowburn  rs:ust  rs:firstkiss  wc:under20k  4*  bh:scars  op:alivelaura  s:magic!stiles  s:spark!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
We Play In The Shadows - words_reign_here - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"This is my dad, Stiles." Emeri said and patted his belly. Emeri did not know what personal space was. "This is my godfather, Scotty." She said and patted Scott next. "This is my godmother, Allison." Emeri lowered her voice, "She works with Pops. She's a deputy." Mr. Hale nodded seriously, his full attention on Emeri. "And this is Lydia. She let dad borrow her uterus for nine months. But she's not my mom. Well. Biologically she is, but she doesn't have the legal rights."

Stiles put a hand over his face and sighed.
s:dad!stiles  s:rich!stiles  rs:askingout  tone:humor  kidnapping  s:kidnapped!stiles  s:stilesfindsout  w:au  pov:alternating  r:explicit  wc:under50k  2017  c:programmer!stiles  c:combattrainer!derek  c:fightinstructor!derek  5*  k:orgasmdelay  sp:sparring  ws:drainingpain  ws:scentmarking  op:aliveericaboyd  op:alivelaura  op:kateargent  rs:flirting  nt:watchingmovies  th:kidfic  d:alpha!derek  d:top!derek  d:werewolf!derek  s:bamf!stiles  s:bottom!stiles  feels:pack  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
I'll Be Home for Next Year, Darling - crossroadswrite - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“What year is it?” he asks, because well. It happened to Marty McFly right? And werewolves are real so-

“Time travel isn’t real,” Derek says immediately.

Stiles huffs because fine he doesn’t want to cooperate Stiles will just have to rub his point all over Derek’s face until he gets it.

“It’s July 12th of 2010.”

“It’s 2003,” Derek counters.
rs:banter  nt:sleepovers  happyending  pov:alternating  tone:angst  tone:humor  rs:roommates  rs:ust  w:canondivergence  2016  r:teen  wc:under20k  ot:timetravel  5*  bh:panicattacks  op:aliveericaboyd  op:alivelaura  op:kateargent  nt:bedsharing  nt:cuddling  d:bisexual!derek  d:nerd!derek  d:teen!derek  s:bisexual!stiles  s:emissary!stiles  s:magic!stiles  s:stilesfindsout  s:spark!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt

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