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Morning Light - heartsdesire456 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After two years as a deputy for the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, not to mention a lifetime of being the kid of an officer of the law, Stiles had seen some things in his time. Some weird shit happened in Beacon Hills, really. However, no amount of animals mauled in the woods, people going missing, psychotic teenagers going on killing sprees with their trained pet mountain lions (or so the official report stated; Stiles didn’t trust his dad’s account of that night back when he was in high school) could prepare Stiles for the sheer ‘what the hell?!’-ness of waking up at six in the morning for his shift, pouring himself a cup of coffee, and then noticing that outside the back window there was a little girl playing in his flower beds.
c:cop!stiles  th:kidfic  w:au  d:dad!derek  tone:angst  tone:hurtcomfort  2013  wc:under30k  »read  pov:stiles  4*  op:kateargent  op:aliveericaboyd  rs:firstkiss  feels:stilinskifamily  c:writer!derek  s:stilesfindsout  d:werewolf!derek  d:alpha!derek  tone:fluff  ws:scentmarking  ws:scenting  s:protective!stiles  s:bamf!stiles  d:awkward!derek  oneshot  r:teen 
february 2019 by faeriecourt
Didn't See That Coming - knittersrevolt - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in the dust after he catches his husband cheating on him.

He finds his way to New York where he starts working for the Hale House Nursery, accidentally adopts a werewolf baby (through no fault of his own thank-you-very-much), and somehow starts training to be an Exorcist Emissary. So, in general, life was going good.

Then he hears that demons have found their way into his hometown. Can he face his inner demons and go back to save the day?
4*  rs:slowburn  »read  th:kidfic  w:au  op:alivehalefamily  op:aliveericaboyd  s:emissary!stiles  k:masturbation  ss:magicaltattoos  s:inked!stiles  ss:demons  ss:demonicpossession  ss:alphapack  2014  r:explicit  wc:under100k  multichapter  adultery  tone:smut  p:newyork  s:stilesleaves  nt:adoption  d:alpha!derek  au:nohalefire  op:pastsciles  s:magic!stiles  op:alivelaura  tone:fluff  tone:angst 
november 2018 by faeriecourt
Gym Rats - i_am_girlfriday - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles spots Derek at the smoothie shop across the street from the gym early on a crisp April morning, it’s not even 7 AM yet. For some reason, and Stiles will deny it has anything to do with Derek in joggers, he decides that maybe this is the perfect chance to introduce himself.
5*  r:explicit  wc:under50k  th:kidfic  d:dad!derek  s:dad!stiles  comingout  s:bisexual!stiles  c:cop!stiles  tone:domestic  nt:cooking  nt:baking  tone:hurtcomfort  d:rich!derek  rs:agedifference  misunderstandings  tone:angst  multichapter  2017  tone:fluff  w:au  au:human  bh:panicattacks  bh:anxiety  happyending  d:hairy!derek  bh:bodyhair  k:blowjobs  k:fingerfucking  k:intercruralsex  k:barebacking  k:facefucking  bh:internalizedhomophobia  f:sciles  underagedrinking  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Garden Variety - Lissadiane - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Stiles Stilinski attempts to finish his first draft of his new novel while being utterly distracted by the shenanigans happening next door - which generally involve his hot new neighbour engaging in physical labour. Whether it's a hoe, a trowel, a hammer or a nail gun, watching Derek get dirty and sweaty is a thousand times more interesting than meeting a deadline.

Stiles has a crush and a dog, Derek has baggage and a little girl, and together, they just might make it work.
5*  tone:fluff  rs:neighbors  th:kidfic  w:au  tone:domestic  c:florist!derek  c:gardener!derek  c:writer!stiles  rs:wooing  rs:flirting  d:dad!derek  tone:angst  au:human  op:alivelaura  rs:awkwardflirting  nt:barbecue  tone:humor  wc:under20k  r:general  oneshot  2016  s:pining!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
A Baby and A Bat - S_Horne - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles stood in the doorway of his new favourite room in the house, fully prepared to fight to protect two of the most important men in his life when he stopped short at the sight in front of him.

With a crying baby and a missing husband, Stiles goes to investigate...
2016  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  tone:fluff  rs:marriage  th:kidfic  s:protective!stiles  w:futurefic  3.5*  rs:parents  rs:banter  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
If I Were A Bat Would You Let Me Hit That? - sweetbutterbliss - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Coach Derek is kind of scary, he’s standing totally still with his arms crossed over his chest, which just makes his Dad’s constant flailing look even worse.

“They’re standing awfully close,” the girl comments.

They’re practically nose to nose, and if they weren’t arguing Evan would think they were about to kiss. He feels his ears heat up with embarrassment and wishes again for his Dad to just give up already.
2018  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  th:kidfic  d:dad!derek  s:dad!stiles  k:frottage  rs:mutualpining  s:oblivious!stiles  d:oblivious!derek  w:au  sp:baseball  d:baseball!derek  c:cop!stiles  tone:humor  »read  pov:alternating  pov:other  rs:ust  rs:enemiestolovers  c:coach!derek  c:coach:stiles  op:alivelaura  rs:sameage  4*  rs:gettingtogether  tone:fluff  op:alivehalefamily 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Left Turn at Albuquerque - yodasyoyo - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh no!” Stiles yelps, springing back in alarm, and then, once he gets a better look at who he’s just doused, he whines, “Nonononononooooooooo.”

Because he has just thrown coffee over the hottest guy he’s ever seen: Tall, muscular and dressed in what must have been, pre-coffee, a white tank-top, and what are still, coffee stains notwithstanding, excruciatingly tight jeans. The guy has dark hair, piercing eyes and the sort of scruff that Stiles just wants to rub all over himself.
2018  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  s:clumsy!stiles  c:nurse!derek  rs:neighbors  tone:fluff  w:au  th:5plus1  tone:humor  5*  rs:askingout  rs:mutualpining  d:awkward!derek  s:awkward!stiles  rs:meetcute  c:programmer!stiles  pov:stiles  »read  th:kidfic 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Living for the Right Now - Lissadiane - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An unfortunate incident at a petting zoo leaves Stiles unable to keep his child safe from the hunters that have been looking for them for months. Desperate, he returns to the one place he swore never to step foot in again -- Beacon Hills. But just because Derek has managed to turn himself into a decent Alpha while he's been gone doesn't mean Stiles is willing to forgive him for everything that happened six years before.

Besides. Wererabbits, as far as he can tell, don't need Alphas anyway.
2018  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:teen  th:kidfic  bh:torture  kidnapping  s:wererabbit!stiles  pov:stiles  werebabies  s:stilesleaves  op:aliveericaboyd  s:stilesispushedoutofthepack  s:dad!stiles  ss:hunters  violence  s:kidnapped!stiles  tone:angst  s:hurt!stiles  w:canondivergence  w:futurefic  d:alpha!derek  ws:fullshift  happyending  rs:gettingtogether  rs:firstkiss  3.5*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The Wheels on the Bus - eeyore9990 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek volunteers to ride along with the students on the bus when his daughter's preschool class goes on a field trip to a local farm.
2016  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  th:kidfic  rs:parents  rs:established  w:futurefic  2.5*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Safe Place to Land - Green - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Hales have been tracking a group of hunters who've targeted small packs with the help of a magic user. When they finally attack the hunter compound, they aren't expecting to find Stiles, a Spark who's practically a slave, and his young werewolf son. Derek isn't expecting the Spark to be his mate, either.
2018  wc:under20k  oneshot  r:teen  w:canon  th:kidfic  ws:mates  s:spark!stiles  tone:hurtcomfort  op:alivehalefamily  s:slave!stiles  s:dad!stiles  werebabies  ss:hunters  kidnapping  s:kidnapped!stiles  s:prisoner!stiles  ws:scenting  ws:scentmarking  ws:werewolfculture  s:protective!stiles  d:protective!derek  op:good!peter  tone:angst  mademecry  c:translator!derek  d:polyglot!derek  d:multilingual!derek  c:artist!derek  s:magic!stiles  bh:trauma  bh:traumarecovery  ws:packruns  ws:fullmoon  ws:courting  s:insecure!stiles  ws:matingbonds  tone:fluff  ss:magicalexhaustion  s:bamf!stiles  4.5*  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Fall Back In - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek has said two fucking words to him after almost eight years, and Stiles can't stop obsessing about it.

or -

Stiles is trying to cope with the surprise arrival of a daughter he never knew about, and Derek Hale insinuating himself into his life again isn't helping. Honestly.
2018  wc:under20k  r:teen  oneshot  th:kidfic  w:au  op:alivehalefamily  s:magic!stiles  s:dad!stiles  misunderstandings  rs:datingotherpeople  rs:meetagain  d:werewolf!derek  tone:angst  s:mage!stiles  rs:gettingtogether  rs:ons  p:farms  d:farmer!derek  nt:horses  4*  s:pining!stiles  pov:stiles  op:alivelaura  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The One Where They Adopt a Selkie - mikkimouse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"That's a kid," Stiles said.

Derek growled. "It's a selkie."

"It's a selkie kid," Stiles pointed out, because really, they did not need to be arguing semantics right now. "Do selkies just go around leaving their kids sleeping in caves on the beach?"
2015  wc:under10k  oneshot  r:teen  ss:selkies  s:pining!stiles  tone:domestic  th:kidfic  »read  nt:accidentaladoption  nt:adoption  pov:stiles  w:futurefic  rs:mutualpining  d:beta!derek  op:alpha!scott  op:mccallpack  tone:fluff  nt:cooking  s:oblivious!stiles  d:oblivious!derek  rs:loveconfessions  rs:firstkiss  ws:drainingpain  w:canon  4*  rs:movingintogether 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Don’t Be Anything But Okay - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh my god.”

Ben pops open the car door and says, “Please don’t embarrass me, Dad.”

Stiles flaps a hand, still staring at the magnificent sight before him. There are glistening arm muscles and a sweaty tank top and then the vision bends over and holy god. He has to look away; it’s too much to take in all at once, he might swoon.


Stiles has a teenager and Derek has a plant nursery.
5*  r:teen  wc:under5k  pov:stiles  tone:domestic  w:au  s:dad!stiles  c:cop!stiles  d:werewolf!derek  tone:humor  rs:ust  d:insecure!derek  th:kidfic  op:alivehalefamily  s:pining!stiles  tone:fluff  oneshot  2016  s:spark!stiles  c:florist!derek  rs:flirting  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Our Four-Stranded Braid - apocryphal - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Hi Mr. Stilinski!” Lydia said pertly. “My name’s Lydia, and this is my daddy. His name is Derek Andrew Hale and he watches all of your videos on YouTube a lot, but he still can’t braid.”

[Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.]
4*  r:general  wc:under10k  pov:derek  w:au  au:human  th:kidfic  d:dad!derek  s:dad!stiles  tone:humor  c:youtuber!stiles  op:kid!erica  op:kid!lydia  op:alivehalefamily  bh:disabilities  k:hand  tone:crack  rs:preslash  oneshot  h:halloween  series  2013  tone:fluff  rs:flirting  rs:mutualpining  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Until I Stayed Away Too Long - melofttroll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
NY Times bestseller Derek Hale hates a lot of things about being a modern author. Like being recognized, like needing a social media presence, like not being able to buy his own boxed spaghetti noodles without being asked for a selfie. Facing writer's block, he escapes to his old hometown of Beacon Hills, at his sister's insistence, for some reprieve and hopefully motivation. It's there his attention is captured by a gangly, socially awkward teacher, and the tiny little toddler at his side who know him only as that one basketball player who fled town at fifteen after his girlfriend burnt his house down.
2018  wc:under20k  r:explicit  au:human  c:writer!derek  c:teacher!stiles  s:dad!stiles  op:alivehalefamily  th:kidfic  tone:fluff  rs:mutualpining  rs:gettingtogether  d:famous!derek  w:au  tone:humor  pov:derek  rs:unknownidentity  rs:firstdate  rs:meetcute  k:intercruralsex  k:blowjobs  k:handjobs  tone:angst  misunderstandings  tone:domestic  4.5*  d:rich!derek  rs:mistakenidentity  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
Catching Lightning - distortedreality - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

“Yes, baby?”

“I think I know who I’m going to marry.” The little indented frown had disappeared from between Stiles’ brows, instead a wide smile lit up his face.

“Well then, you’d better introduce us to this girl with the pretty hair,” Claudia said, ruffling Stiles' short hair.

“Don’t be silly, Mommy. I’m not going to marry her,” Stiles replied.


The 5 times Stiles asked Derek to marry him, and the 1 time Derek asked Stiles.
r:mature  wc:under10k  pov:stiles  w:au  au:human  rs:childhoodfriends  rs:friendstolovers  tone:fluff  rs:marriageproposal  rs:growinguptogether  oneshot  2017  4*  nt:cooking  nt:takingcarewhilesick  th:5plus1  th:kidfic  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
All Derek Ever Wanted - Dexterous_Sinistrous - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles knew Derek always wanted a big family. And, for the longest time, he thought he'd be the one to give it to him. Life, devastatingly, has other plans.

Prompt: "I've been thinking about omega stiles n alpha derek. They're trying to hav a baby. But one day stiles go to the doc, n he imply that stiles can't get pregnant. Stiles keep it secret and try to make derek divorce him."
r:explicit  wc:under10k  pov:stiles  w:au  au:abo  tone:angst  ss:mpreg  rs:established  misunderstandings  rs:breakup  2015  4*  bh:infertility  ws:knotting  ws:mates  nt:adoption  th:kidfic  d:alpha!derek  d:protective!derek  s:omega!stiles  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
We Play In The Shadows - words_reign_here - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"This is my dad, Stiles." Emeri said and patted his belly. Emeri did not know what personal space was. "This is my godfather, Scotty." She said and patted Scott next. "This is my godmother, Allison." Emeri lowered her voice, "She works with Pops. She's a deputy." Mr. Hale nodded seriously, his full attention on Emeri. "And this is Lydia. She let dad borrow her uterus for nine months. But she's not my mom. Well. Biologically she is, but she doesn't have the legal rights."

Stiles put a hand over his face and sighed.
s:dad!stiles  s:rich!stiles  rs:askingout  tone:humor  kidnapping  s:kidnapped!stiles  s:stilesfindsout  w:au  pov:alternating  r:explicit  wc:under50k  2017  c:programmer!stiles  c:combattrainer!derek  c:fightinstructor!derek  5*  k:orgasmdelay  sp:sparring  ws:drainingpain  ws:scentmarking  op:aliveericaboyd  op:alivelaura  op:kateargent  rs:flirting  nt:watchingmovies  th:kidfic  d:alpha!derek  d:top!derek  d:werewolf!derek  s:bamf!stiles  s:bottom!stiles  feels:pack  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt
The Potential Fatality of Assuming - crossroadswrite - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The hair, the buttons and the general happy and slightly tired disposition with which Derek came back from his secret exploits were as obvious as a glaring neon sign flashing the words JUST GOT LAID.

A sign that Stiles ignored because he had a seven year plan god damn it.

(OR: in which Stiles assumes things, gets accosted by the sister he never/always wanted, discovers he was horribly wrong, almost dies via Derek Hale with kids, can't handle all that collarbone action, uses tickling as the ultimate mode of revenge, and gets a boyfriend. In that order.)
w:futurefic  rs:gettingtogether  misunderstandings  c:babysitter!derek  tone:fluff  pov:stiles  wc:under5k  2016  r:general  4*  ws:packnights  ws:scentmarking  op:aliveericaboyd  th:kidfic  d:alpha!derek  s:jealous!stiles  s:pining!stiles  feels:pack  »read 
september 2018 by faeriecourt

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