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Option Premium Calculator: Streamlined and Easy-to-Use
OptionWeaver is a digital download that helps investors get started with selling options, including covered calls and cash-secured puts.
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11 weeks ago by fallond
Five market scenarios - Fidelity
This has created a dynamic in which Treasury yields are falling and credit spreads are narrowing, which is creating a further reach for yield—but this time outside the bond market. This phenomenon has led to very strong fund flows into the so-called “bond proxies,” such as low-volatility, high-dividend-paying stocks within the historically defensive consumer staples, utilities, and real estate sectors. Investors seem to be re-valuing these “bond surrogates” less as traditional stocks and more like bonds. In my view, this is where things could bubble over.
Just take a look at the recent post-Brexit move to new highs. Usually, stock rallies are driven by aggressive growth or cyclical stocks (e.g., technology, consumer discretionary stocks), while defensive sectors lag behind. This time it was exactly the opposite, as defensive plays pulled the broader market out of its two-year trading range. Most unusual.
This would be a fundamentally unsustainable rally if it happens, because the revaluation would be driven entirely by a decline in interest rates and in the equity risk premium (the excess return of stocks over Treasuries), as opposed to improved earnings growth. It’s not what sustained bull markets are made of. For now, with rates up a bit in recent weeks, I will assign a low probability to this regime. But it’s not a zero probability, so it’s something we need to keep an eye on.
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september 2016 by fallond
The world's first gift card for stock
You pick the stock and dollar amount. They get fractional shares of real stock. Even kids and teens can do it!
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may 2016 by fallond
One Stock That’s Begging For Higher Rates
CME Group, ticker CME, might be the perfect equity proxy for rising rates. Plotted below in black candlesticks, you can see that it trades almost completely in sync with both the 5-year (pink) and 10-year (red) treasury yield indexes. Rising Rates
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november 2015 by fallond
The single, best way to tell whether stocks are worth it
That’s not enough to justify investing in stocks. Let’s assume investors still demand a spread over bonds of 3.3 points, matching what they’re supposed to be getting today. Now they’ll require future returns not of 5.8%, but 7.3% (that’s the real rate of 2% plus the ERP of 3.3% plus inflation of 2%).

Restoring the ERP to attractive levels will require a sharp drop in company valuations. The Shiller PE would need to fall from 26.3 to 18.9, causing stock prices to drop by 28%. The S&P would look alluring again at around 1,425. Watching the ERP is all about what really matters in investing: ensuring you are well paid for risk. So follow the sovereign of all market metrics.
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october 2014 by fallond
Discover Trading and Investment Ideas
Stock market screening technology modelled on the strategies of famous investors and academic research papers.
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july 2014 by fallond
Any Monkey Can Beat the Market
From 1964 to 2011, the annualized return for the 1,000 stocks used by Research Affiliates was 9.7 percent. The 30 largest companies in the 1000 made up about 40 percent of the capitalization weight, but their return was only 8.6 percent annually. The other 970 stocks made up 60 percent by capitalization weight and their return was 10.5 percent annually. That’s a 0.8 percent per year premium return for smaller stocks over the 1,000 stock universe and a 1.9 percent premium return over the largest stocks.
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december 2012 by fallond
S&P 500 PE Ratio
Historic P/E values up to 2010
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december 2011 by fallond
Stock Forecasting Int. (Chicago, USA) provides innovative artificial price-prediction technology for active Day Traders, Short- and Long-term Investors.
We develop advanced web-based software for stock market forecasting and analysis.

Our high-quality solutions are based on research done by world-renowned scientists.
The innovative technology and mathematical theory were presented at 58th International Atlantic Economic Conference (Chicago, USA, October 2004), 60th International Atlantic Economic Conference (New York, USA, October 2005) and 98th Symposium of the Mathematical Theory of Network and System (Padova, Italy, July 1998).
Our team is highly educated in associated fields, and we are committed to delivering the most accurate predictions for financial professionals, active traders, and investors.
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november 2011 by fallond
How Rare: S&P Dividend Yields vs Treasuries | The Big Picture
Last week, Ron Griess of the Chart Store brought to my attention a common misunderstanding about dividend yields.

To begin with, the 10 Year or 30 year for that matter may not be an ideal comparison. The US sovereign debt has as little default risk as an instrument — certainly much less than any equity. Towards that end, a better measure might be comparable corporates — either Moody’s Aaa or Bbb rated corporate bonds.

Note that the charts, which run from 1920 to present, may belie some current assumptions about dividends and Treasuries:
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september 2011 by fallond
New Chart - TradingView
Looks real nice; competition for free stock charts. HTML5
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september 2011 by fallond
2011 Crossing Wall Street Buy List | Crossing Wall Street
Abbott Laboratories ABT $48.06 0.31% Abbott Labs is one of America’s top drug makers. The company has annual revenue of over $35 billion. Abbott has raised its dividend every year since 1972.
AFLAC AFL $37.68 -33.23% The duck stock. Sells supplemental life and health insurance.
Becton, Dickinson BDX $76.42 -9.58% Becton, Dickinson is a great long-term steady grower. The company is a medical technology outfit that makes and sells all sorts of medical devices. Becton, Dickinson does business in nearly 50 countries.
Bed Bath & Beyond BBBY $49.73 1.18% The home furnishings retailer is one of the most efficiently run companies around.
Deluxe Corp. DLX $18.31 -20.46% This Minnesota-based company is one of the largest suppliers of business and personal checks.
Fiserv FISV $52.65 -10.09% The major outsourcing resource for the financial services industry.
Ford Motor Company F $9.93 -40.86% This 108-year-old automaker is in the midst of a remarkable turnaround. Plus, they were the only American car company that wasn't bailed out.
Gilead Sciences GILD $36.82 1.60% Innovative biotech firm that's best known for its antiviral drugs that treat patients with HIV and hepatitis.
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $61.12 -1.18% Massive healthcare conglomerate. J&J has increased its dividend every year since 1962.
Jos. A. Bank Clothiers JOSB $42.38 5.11% 106-year-old men's fashion store.
JPMorgan Chase JPM $34.06 -19.71% The legendary House of Morgan is one of Wall Street’s largest and most powerful banks. Now under the leadership of Jamie Dimon, the bank navigated the financial crisis without one money-losing quarter.
Leucadia National LUK $25.77 -11.69% Broadly diversified holding company. Leucadia is often called the "mini Berkshire Hathaway." LUK has actually outperformed BRKA since 1981.
Medtronic MDT $31.07 -16.23% One of the largest medical device makers in the world.
Moog MOG-A $36.25 -8.92% Moog makes flight control systems for commercial and military aircraft. Employees own about 60% of the stock.
Nicholas Financial NICK $11.12 8.59% Nicholas finances used-car loans through a network of over 50 branch offices.
Oracle ORCL $26.02 -16.87% Larry Ellison’s software empire is one of the most impressive tech companies around. The stock has averaged 30% a year for the last 20 years.
Reynolds American RAI $32.47 -0.46% The second-largest tobacco company in America. The company was formed by combining R.J. Reynolds with Brown & Williamson.
Stryker SYK $47.43 -11.68% One of the world's leading orthopedic companies. Stryker's goal is to grow its EPS by 20% a year. What's amazing is how often they've done it.
Sysco SYY $28.80 -2.04% Servicing nearly 400,000 American eating establishments, Sysco is America's top food supplier. The stock has increased its dividend every year since it went public in 1970.
Wright Express WXS $40.18 -12.65% Maine-based company processes payments for government and commercial vehicle fleets.

Total Portfolio YTD -9.94%
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august 2011 by fallond
The Market’s 6.66% Plunge: The Devil Is in the Details | Crossing Wall Street
I’m at a loss to comment on the stocks on the Buy List. Except for Ford ($F), I like them all. At this price, Ford isn’t looking so bad either. There hasn’t been one single bit of information that’s come out in the last two weeks that could possible make anyone change their mind on any of the Buy List stocks. The earnings reports were very good, and a few stocks raised their full-year ranges.
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august 2011 by fallond
The Web's Best Stock Screens: Looking for the next winning investment | New Rules of Investing
Stock screens allow investors to sort through lots of different stocks in search for only the ones that fit certain criteria. Investors looking for the next stock pick for their portfolios can use basic screening tools, available at both Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance. MSN recently retired its highly-regarded stock screening tools, leaving what’s freely available somewhat lacking.
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april 2011 by fallond
Demand for Twitter hedge fund exceeds expectations | IR Web Report
The Derwent Absolute Return Fund Ltd, in the process of being set up in the Cayman Islands, was supposed to launch April 1 with $40 million in assets, but the fund now has expressions of interest from investors around the world totaling almost $100 million.
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april 2011 by fallond
CCME: The Biggest Short Squeeze of 2011 - TheStreet
Lastly, I want to talk about how the mind of an investor works. When a stock trades in your direction, you feel good about it and don't think much about it. When a stock trades against you, however, you tend to re-evaluate your investment hypothesis and consider changing your mind. Via Maoxian

My perspective is the following. If CCME goes to $25 and you have 6 million shares short that are all underwater -- are the shorts going to short more when there are no more shares available to short? Or are they going to reconsider their investment hypothesis?
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march 2011 by fallond
Inside Sina Weibo
Via Maoxian. Presentation on SINA
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february 2011 by fallond
Bernanke encouraging another stock price bubble - The Irish Times - Fri, Feb 04, 2011
A ground-breaking paper co-authored by Prof Vernon Smith and published in 1988 constructed an experimental asset market in which the participants trade a fictional asset with a finite life of 15 periods. Each subject is endowed with cash and shares of the asset and is free to post bid and ask prices to buy and sell shares at will. Each share of the fictional asset pays a random dividend at the end of each trading period and the asset’s terminal value following the last dividend payment is zero
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february 2011 by fallond
Gannett Co. Inc. 4th Q earnings $0.69
Digital segment revenues were higher for the quarter reflecting the consolidation of CareerBuilder and ShopLocal for the full quarter in 2008
Careerbuilder  stocks 
january 2011 by fallond
2010 in Review: Pushing the Costs Down the Road | The Big Picture
Stock picking (alpha) will be more important to returns than getting the market trend right (beta).
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january 2011 by fallond
A simple way to tap market's momentum - MSN Money
What do they look for? Three things, typically: a strong price chart, rapid earnings growth and recent positive changes in earnings-growth forecasts. Generally, momentum types dont spend much time scrutinizing fundamentals, but Collins and Navellier do add basics such as profitability and sales growth to the mix
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november 2010 by fallond
Advanced Screener
Next best thing to the defunct MSN Screener
stockscreener  stocks  tools 
november 2010 by fallond » Blog Archive » Fundamental Screens and Scans
I have been asked numerous times to shed some light on the actual fundamental screens I use to come up with the stocks I research on a daily basis. As promised in a post in April, How to Create a Successful Stock Watch List, I will now give you further detail on my fundamental screens.
stocks  trading  stock  fundamentals  stockscreener  zignals 
november 2010 by fallond
Jeremy Grantham: Have cash, wait for stocks to fall » Investment Postcards from Cape Town
One more Year... Jeremy Grantham, chief investment strategist of Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO), recently made a rare television appearance when interviewed by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo. In this extended interview (29 minutes), Grantham shares his views on markets, the economy and his investment strategy. This is must-view material.
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november 2010 by fallond
Bulk Stock Data Series Download at Jason Strimpel Finance
(Via Maoxian) Download stock prices to Excel. Handy tool..
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september 2010 by fallond
Develop your own trading strategies with script. Apparent API for automated trading which presumably could be integrated to our platform?
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march 2010 by fallond
Ingenious Investor
Indian Blogger of NSE and BSE stocks. 1,800 followers
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march 2010 by fallond
Financial 24 - Financial news, forex, stocks, markets, commodities
News aggregator with twitter support too; 1,500 followers. good for our news source
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february 2010 by fallond
Declan Fallon's Stock Emporium
Technical Analysis. Stock Picks. Market Commentary. Performance vs Jim Cramer.
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april 2006 by fallond

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