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Priyo's SharePoint Blog : Move MOSS 2007 from test to production
Note: this process can also be followed in case of Migrating the MOSS farm from 1 server to another. Of coarse you can also to a full farm backup and restore using the Central Admin UI. The best and fastest way that I find is content DB attach and detach mode. Usually you will not have any change in the Search / SSP DB and User Profiles in test. Hence no point moving them, however, if you do have any changes to profile / search config you have to move the SSP and Search DB as well.
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june 2012 by faulstir
Review of environments
As sites for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 are designed and built, content, artifacts, and developed site elements pass through several processes managed by different people on the development and design teams. These processes occur in separate environments that use different tools to integrate and deploy content to sites.
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june 2012 by faulstir

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