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Polestar 2 pricing in European launch markets confirmed | Polestar
They've confirmed the UK price of £49,900 including VAT. The press release also says other incentives and subsidies may apply. If true, that could put the P2's price at £46,400 in the UK. That would beat the Long Range Model 3!
Polestar  Volvo  EV  cars  comparisons  model3  finance  sales  Europe  UK 
11 days ago by fbotha
EUR-Lex - 32014R0540 - EN - EUR-Lex
EU regulation 540/2014. No retrofit, but all (in-scope) cars sold after July 2021 must have AVAS installed, which is why facility was planned for with Model 3, for example.
ev  cars  sound  legal  Europe 
june 2019 by fbotha
Automakers fight to rescue small cars from extinction as EU rules bite
how electrification may end up killing small city cars. (Which one would think would be prime candidates for EV'ification but it's at odds with the perceived requirement to have 200 mile ranges which necessitates over-sized packs and therefore larger more expensive cars with more margin to absorb the pack cost.)
ev  cars  Europe  legal  finance  size 
june 2019 by fbotha
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