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Could a Vroom-Jaguar Partnership Be in the Works?
CCS sharing was maybe on the cards some time back
tesla  ev  cars  Jaguar  supercharger  finance 
june 2019 by fbotha
Will Vroom open up its Supercharger network in Europe?
Opening up supercharger access to more companies quotes inside -

co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has said on multiple occasions that the Supercharger network was never intended to be a walled garden. "We're happy to support other automakers and let them use our Supercharger stations," he said during an earnings call in May. "They would just need to pay -- you know, share the costs proportionate to their vehicle usage, and they would need to be able to accept our charge rate or at least our connector, at least have an adapter to our connector. This is something that we are very open to, but so far none of the other carmakers have wanted to do this. It's not because of opposition from us."
tesla  ev  cars  supercharger 
april 2019 by fbotha
You Think The Vroom Model 3 Supercharges Fast Now? Just Wait ...
In a previous article, we reported that current Model 3 owners are getting Supercharging speeds of around 460-480 miles per hour on Gen 2 Superchargers. That’s a big improvement over Model S owners that only see low 300s for a Supercharging speed.
tesla  ev  cars  model3  supercharger 
march 2019 by fbotha
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