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Fifth Assessment Report — IPCC
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
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7 weeks ago
Parques nacionales en Argentina: Consultá 10 Parques nacionales en Argentina - TripAdvisor

Naturaleza y parques
Parques nacionales (21)
Áreas de naturaleza y vida silvestre (6)
Montañas (3)
Bosques (1)
Formaciones geológicas (1)
Masas de agua (1)
Parques (1)
Rutas para senderismo (1)
Buena opción para quienes buscan adrenalina
Buena opción para grupos grandes
Buena opción para parejas
Buena opción para niños
Lugar para luna de miel
Entrada gratuita
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august 2019
South African National Parks - SANParks - Official Website - Accommodation, Activities, Prices, Reservations
Special Groups
Filming & Photography
People With Disabilities

Entras a una ficha de parque y tienen weather integrado
Honorary Rangers
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august 2019
We mapped out the road to gender parity in the House of Representatives
From the Congressional Record, we compiled a collection of 500,000 speeches delivered by men and women in the House from 1994 to the present, including monologues, debates, single-sentence replies, and even acknowledgments praising particular individuals. /// While there are a number of different machine learning techniques that can do this, including neural networks, the beauty of Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) is that it is an unsupervised learning algorithm. Unlike most other algorithms, it does not require pre-labeled speeches to train the model, which would bias the inference process by selecting the topics in advance. The only necessary inputs are the corpus of speeches and a rough guess of the total number of topics within the corpus.

We then used a probabilistic machine learning model1 to help us infer the topics within a speech, looking for words that often appear together and clustering them into the same group2 (eg. energy policy, jobs, economy, taxes, health care, etc.)3
The result: a rough calculation for the fraction of time each representative has spent on an issue. /// this work wouldn't be possible without the help of various machine learning libraries such as spaCy and gensim, data libaries such as pandas, visualisation libraries such as D3 and the python and R ecosystems.
thepudding  politics  gender  artificialIntelligence  probablilistics  algorithms  machinelearning 
august 2019
5,000 Top-Selling Book Covers, Arranged by Visual Similarity
The covers were arranged by visual similarity using the t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding (t-SNE) algorithm, and then placed in a grid using Mario Klingemann’s RasterFairy library. The resulting image is made explorable using the OpenSeadragon library.
dataviz  journalism  artificialIntelligence  machinelearning  algorithms  thepudding 
august 2019
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