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Janet Echelman Sculpture
Gorgeous 3D sculptures made from fishing wire, lace, and the like.
art  artists  beautiful  TED 
july 2012 by feoh
Growth Patterns Library for Corel Painter
An interesting tutorial on using Growth Patterns in Corel Painter. Seems kinda like some of the old brush work you could do in DeluxePaint of old :)
painter  corel  art  graphics  digital  painting 
january 2010 by feoh
Painting a Holiday Christmas Tree with Corel Painter
A nice, quick simple tutorial on painting a Christmas tree with Corel Painter.
painter  tutorial  digital  art  graphics  corel  christmas  tree 
january 2010 by feoh
Any Color You Like so Long as it's Black
An excellent digital art blog with all sorts of interesting techinques and tutorials, seems somewhat photoshop specific but I'm guessing it can be applied to any other package without too much trouble.
art  blog  graphic  tutorial  painter  graphics  howto 
december 2009 by feoh
Reflection Design
A really neat site with all manner of creativity. Some great original digital art, some really neat Painter tutorials, and some nifty C#/XNA stuff as well. This guy's my kind of geek :)
art  3d  programming  painter  corel  graphics  tutorials  images  gallery 
november 2009 by feoh
53 Mind-blowing Uses of Typography - Psdtuts+
This is a really neat article with some incredible images, some of which comic fans may recognize :) If you have even a passing interest in typography (As I do, newly inspired by the excellent documentary _Helvetica_) you'll enjoy it.
art  design  images  analysis  typography  interesting 
may 2009 by feoh
The Sub-Prime Primer - A Funny Explanation of the Mortgage Crisis | Business Pundit
While a bit crass, this is a very funny, informativve and apt explanation of the current sub prime mortage crisis, rendered through the use of stick figure cartoons :)
finances  art  funny  humor  business  banking  cartoons 
july 2008 by feoh
Fun · Amiga Animations
This is a delightful sight that lets you browse and watch all the amazing aniomations that the incredibly creative Amiga community.
art  animation  computers  amiga  leo  schwab  eric  schwartz  retro  graphics  digital  multimedia 
june 2008 by feoh
Paper Dimensions
A really nifty gallery of ibeautiful paper mache sculptures, lighting (lamp shades and lamps) and the like. Run by the wife of a friend of mine. Vibrant colors depicting animals and other more abstract things.
art  paper  mache  sculpture  gallery  sales  shopping 
may 2008 by feoh
explodingdog 2008
This guy has drawn some really neat cartoons. They're a mix of funny, sad, demented, and just plain out there!
cartoons  drawing  comics  funny  sad  art 
april 2008 by feoh
Brian Eno Official Store -
Brian Eno is one of my favorite artists ever. It's very neat to have stumbled upon his online store which has a bunch of really interesting finds. I definitely see some disposable income headed that-a-way in the future :)
music  songs  cd  dvd  video  digital  download  shirts  clothing  cards  oblique  strategies  brian  eno  artists  art  creative 
april 2008 by feoh
Vues 3D
Intresting .. French? 3D site.
3d  gallery  site  graphics  animation  art 
november 2007 by feoh
John Derry: Art. Photography. Workshops.
Having been one of the Fractal Designs/ Corel Painter developers from the get go, John Derry is definitely one to watch if you're looking to hone your painterly skills.
painter  john  derry  art  graphics  tutorial  howto 
september 2007 by feoh
Pink Tentacle
Pink Tentacle is a blog about Japanese high weirdness. Very cool.
pink  tentacle  japanese  blog  technology  art  fun  wacky  weird 
august 2007 by feoh
Share cartoons with MyToons
Showcase / gallery site for end user created cartoons.
cartoons  animation  Flash  art  gallery  viewthis 
february 2007 by feoh

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