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How to install bootloader
About linux not booting at all (just winzozz...). I have to install grub customizer from linux liveusb: 1. choose sda with "/" mount point - 2. apply boot list suggested - 3. File > "Install MBR" to /sda disk. That's it!
fix  linux  boot 
11 weeks ago
Deprecation warnings. · Issue #21 · mmistakes/jekyll-theme-basically-basic · GitHub
A fast way to remove the deprecation warnings is to replace this line in _support.scss:

$_pass: call(unquote("#{$_type}-exists"), $_i);

With this:

$_pass: call(get-function(unquote("#{$_type}-exists")), $_i);

(Beware, my approach was the "change something and see if it seems to work" method, rather than the "understand it deeply and do the correct thing in a way that definitely won't break something" method.)
fix  susy-v2 
12 weeks ago
Sfondi - Opera add-on
(inspect the image to find out the url)
april 2019
how do I get the date in a date archive page - WordPress Development Stack Exchange
$year = get_query_var('year');
$monthnum = get_query_var('monthnum');
$day = get_query_var('day');
wordpress  archive  blog 
april 2019
Paginazione non funziona per pagina blog
perchè il numero elementi per pagina del blog è gestito in impostazioni lettura
fix  wordpress  pagination  pagination-post 
april 2019
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