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Spec-tools 0.7.0 - Showcase / Your Projects and Libraries - ClojureVerse
We just released spec-tools 0.7.0. Spec-tools is a utility library on top of clojure.spec, adding some things we have needed but are not part of the core library. Mostly a playground for ideas, both good and bad :wink: …
clojure  spec  philosophy  bestpractices  discussion 
12 weeks ago by fmjrey
Apache Kafka Best Practices – Streaming – Medium
We recommend latest java 1.8 with G1 collector ( which is default in new version). If you are using Java 1.7 and G1 collector make sure you are on u51 or higher. Once the JVM size is determined leave…
kafka  bestpractices 
12 weeks ago by fmjrey
On the Judicious Use of core.async
I remember when core.async was released. It was heralded as an example of the power of Lisp, because being a library it added an asynchronous programming mod...
coreasync  clojure  bestpractices 
november 2018 by fmjrey
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