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learn re-frame
Learn ClojureScript and re-frame, a pattern for writing SPAs.
clojurescript  cljs  web  reframe  react  video  course  tutorial 
19 days ago by fmjrey
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Dynamic Typing for Practical Programs on Vimeo
Explore the disconnect between the dire outcomes for dynamic language programs predicted by advocates of static typing, versus the near absence of type errors in…
dynamic  static  type  systems  languages  comparison  video  talk  typing  programming 
24 days ago by fmjrey
Transactions: Myths, Surprises and Opportunities // Speaker Deck
transactions, acid, cap, theory, database, video, research, causality, consistency, microservices, slides
transactions  acid  cap  theory  database  video  research  causality  consistency  microservices 
january 2016 by fmjrey
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