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Octo is a high-level assembler for the Chip8 virtual machine, complete with an environment for testing programs. The Chip8 keypad is represented on your…
chip8  retrocomputing  gamedev 
12 weeks ago by fogus
The Shape of Card Games
It’s graph time! I really love these graphs, since the lead histories for Heartsvisually show some very interesting properties of the game!Given our statistical…
gamedes  gamedev  cards  best-2019 
april 2019 by fogus
A random dungeon generator that fits on a business card
A random dungeon generator that fits on a business card · GitHub / generate.c Sign in A random dungeon generator that fits on a business card generate.c #…
rpg  gamedev 
march 2019 by fogus
The Math of Card Shuffling
Riffling from factory order to complete randomness. You’ve probably seen a few ways to shuffle a deck of cards.Sometimes the deck is split in half and the…
cards  gamedev 
june 2018 by fogus
An interview with the creator of Scorched Earth, Wendell T. Hicken
Lighting the fire... How did you learn to program games, and what advice would you give to someone interested at trying their hand at it? While other kids were…
gamedev  interview 
may 2018 by fogus
Clay Dreslough Sports Mogul interview
Interview with the designer of two top sports sims by Dave McAwesome I've played Clay Dreslough's games for years. After the demise of Front Page Sports, I…
baseball  gamedev  interview 
may 2018 by fogus
Elite: the game that changed the world
In September 1984, from a back alley office behind a British Gas showroom in Cambridge, there emerged a computer game. Elite had primitive graphics consisting…
april 2018 by fogus
Quinto: Resurrecting an Abandoned Board Game · jrheard's blog
11 Jan 2018 I played an old board game called Quinto when I was visiting a friend this past Thanksgiving. I developed a strange fixation on the game and wrote a…
clojure  clojurescript  gamedev 
january 2018 by fogus
Classic Tools Retrospective: John Romero talks about creating TEd, the tile editor that shipped over 30 games
The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer…
id  doom  gamedev 
january 2018 by fogus
Unicode Chess, Cards, Dice ♞ ♠ ⚄
chess pieces. ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ dice faces. ⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅ playing card suits. ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♤ ♧ ♡ ♢ draughts board game pieces. ⛀ ⛁ ⛂ ⛃ Shogi pieces. (Japanese…
gamedev  chess  cards 
may 2017 by fogus
A step-by-step guide to building a simple chess AI – freeCodeCamp
Using these libraries will help us focus only on the most interesting task: creating the algorithm that finds the best move. We’ll start by creating a function…
chess  gamedev 
march 2017 by fogus
The EFS project
(E)valuation (F)or (S)tarters Demonstration TSCP (Tom’s Simple Chess Program) is one of the most easy to understand open source, highly…
chess  gamedev  haikeeba 
october 2015 by fogus
Icehouse is a boardless, turnless board game created by Andy Looney and John Cooper, and available for sale from Looney Labs, Inc.

XIcehouse is an authorized computer simulation of Icehouse, created by Andrew Plotkin and Dan Efran in 1995. This document was last updated in 2003, by Dan Efran.
gamedev  gamedes 
december 2013 by fogus
Racket Roguelike 10: Levels via automata! |
Last week we made mazes on a regular grid using the noise generators. That was pretty neat, but it got me thinking. What other ways do we have to procedurally generate interesting level patterns? 
roguelike  racket  gamedev 
july 2013 by fogus
Functional Programming Is A Scam!
In this post I want to talk about my port of Notch’s beautiful Minecraft JavaScript demo to ClojureScript. When I say beautiful I’m not referring to the code - frankly it’s ugly. And being a faithful port the ClojureScript version ain’t much prettier. But this post isn’t about writing beautiful code, it’s about ClojureScript’s suitability for computationally intensive interactive applications. However, I did make one very important major conceptual change to Notch’s code and I’ll elaborate on this later.
clojurescript  fp  gamedev 
june 2013 by fogus
Racket Roguelike 7: Into darkness!
> When I was playing Racket Roguelike earlier this week1, I realized something: I can see everything. There are no surprises, no mystery, no darkness
> Let’s fix that.
racket  roguelike  gamedev 
may 2013 by fogus
A game when games were new
You’re in a virtual world hunting the ultimate easter egg. You’re standing in the back of an empty 80's pizza joint, staring at an old arcade machine with an immobile quarter sitting on top of it. The game: Pac-Man. You sit down and crack your knuckles. Your goal: the perfect score.
gamedev  pacman  retrocomputing 
april 2013 by fogus
Simple Minecraft-inspired program using Python and Pyglet — Read more
python  minecraft  gamedev 
march 2013 by fogus
Web Dev .NET: Angry Birds of JavaScript Series
A diabolical herd of pigs stole all of the front-end architecture from an innocent flock of birds and now they want it back! A team of special agent hero birds will attack those despicable pigs until they recover what is rightfully theirs, front-end JavaScript architecture!
javascript  gamedev 
march 2013 by fogus
Creating board games in Haskell in 100 lines of code | Keera Studios
While code written in Haskell is very declarative and mathematical, as soon as we try to create a user interface, we’ll be slapped on the cheek by a wave of IO that will turn our code procedural in no time. One of the main ideas behind this gaming (ad)venture called Keera Studios is to write more mathematical, robust games. We want these games to be easy to understand and expand, and we want them to look good too.
haskell  gamedev 
march 2013 by fogus
Game development in Clojure : Alchemy 7DRL post-mortem | Creative Clojure
Last week I joined the “7 Day Roguelike Challenge” and wrote the game Alchemy. The goals I set myself were.

Complete a playable roguelike game in 7 days
Learn more about Clojure!
Share some of my experiences
Having successfully completed the first two goals, this is my attempt to deliver on the last point. In this (somewhat extended) post I’m going to describe my experiences using Clojure for the 7DRL challenge – with discussion how to get the most out of Clojure for game development.
gamedev  clojure  roguelike  7drl 
march 2013 by fogus
The Many Faces Of Roguelikes: Seven Days Of Rogue | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Preamble alert! The 7-day Roguelike Challenge is not new but this year it has drawn a record number of entries. More than seventy roguelikes were created, by individuals or teams, in the seven days allotted. Back in 2008, when the excellent Fatherhood was an entry, there were only nine successful submissions. I deeply regret that I don’t have time to play seventy roguelikes but that is the truth of it, so I am grateful to Andrew Doull of the stirring Roguelike Radio for providing me with a shortlist. It didn’t stop me playing a few others but it’s always good to know where to start.
roguelike  gamedev  7drl 
march 2013 by fogus
[no title]
rot.js is a set of JavaScript libraries, designed to help
with a roguelike development in browser environment.
roguelike  gamedev  javascript 
march 2013 by fogus
programming - Mathematica Minecraft - Mathematica
o, can Mathematica really handle Minecraft classic game functionality?
mathematica  minecraft  best-2013  gamedev 
february 2013 by fogus
catcake - An Open Source Graphics Engine - Google Project Hosting
Catcake is a cross-platform 3D graphics engine intended to be easy-to-use and high performance, which also supports the features for game development, such as animation, input device handling and sound playing.
android  gamedev  das 
february 2013 by fogus
Scott Adams Grand Adventures (SAGA)
Scott Adams Adventures are a style of game that puts the player in an environment and then allows them to manipulate objects to accomplish an objective. In many cases, the actual objective of the game may not be even clear when the player starts.
gamedev  retrocomputing  roguelike 
january 2013 by fogus
The Exceptional Beauty of Doom 3's Source Code
The major evolution that is still going on for me is towards a more functional programming style, which involves unlearning a lot of old habits, and backing away from some OOP directions.
fp  carmack  doom  gamedev  c++ 
january 2013 by fogus
7 McCarthy Papers in 7ish Weeks #5 & #6 – SDFW Tic-Tac-Toe
This holiday edition blog post covers two McCarthy papers instead of just one. We will be talking about Free Will – Even for Robots and the companion paper Simple Deterministic Free Will.
mccarthy  ai  lisp  gamedev 
december 2012 by fogus
Chris Granger - Anatomy of a knockout
A CES engine has 3 parts as the name suggests; components, entities, and systems. I think the best way to go about understanding how it really works is to walk through each of these pieces individually and then see how they fit together.
clojurescript  gamedev 
december 2012 by fogus
Connecting to your creation
RT @swannodette Connecting to Your Creation from @ibdknox live coding w/ ClojureScript - implement @worrydream's ideas!
clojure  gamedev  clojurescript  wjw 
february 2012 by fogus
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