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Gelert - Wikipedia
This story formed the basis for several English poems, among which are "Beth Gêlert; or, the Grave of the Greyhound" by William Robert Spencer written around 1800;[3] "Beth Gelert" by Richard Henry Horne;[4] "Gelert" by Francis Orray Ticknor[5] and the dramatic poem "Llewellyn" by Walter Richard Cassels.[6]
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A Dog's Life: A Story of Perspective (and Stress) |
I liked it more when we lived in the first house.
The little one.
Three houses ago.
He played with me the most in that house.
I loved that place.
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Keeping Ducks | Pets4Homes
Finally, always take care when introducing ducks into the garden if you already have other pets such as dogs or cats. Make sure that neither will worry your ducks, or in some cases, vice versa! Introduce them to each other slowly, and make use of the duck's enclosure to keep the animals apart until you are sure that they can all be trusted to play nicely.

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Keeping and Caring for Ducks as Pets
Feces … is a BIG issue to consider. If you are familiar with other exotic birds then you probably have heard of bird diapering. While the typical bird diaper system sold is suitable for many types of bird, it will not fit ducks or geese. There is a harness similar to the diaper system that will hold a diaper on a duck or goose -- yet not interfere with swimming or preening. Diapers on ducks should be changed on average of every 4 hours and it is relatively easy to do. For those interested in organic gardening, the bulk of the feces tends to ball up and can be easily separated from the diaper and be used for composting or worm farming.
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Let’s Talk About Electric Collars – Phoenix Scottsdale AZ Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist
1.) If it is used, it should only be used as a correction tool after a behavior has been learned.
2.) We must be sure the dog already knows how to respond correctly to the given command without distraction or stress. If he doesn’t, the punishment is ineffective and abusive.
3.) Be very aware that if you accidentally shock the dog at the wrong time, you can cause your training to backslide dramatically. This is another reason why electronic collars should only be used by experienced trainers.
4.) The downside of using electronic collars to solve problems is that they allow the handler to be lazy. The handler may not bother to figure out why a dog is behaving a certain way and many not try to solve the problem by using psychology which is much longer lasting and better for the dog.
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Training Your Dog to Come When Called | Dog and Puppy Training
Some owners intentionally punish their dog when it comes. Often this is done when the dog has misbehaved (especially chewed or soiled the house). The owner shouts, "Come here. Bad dog!" When the dog arrives, he is punished. After the dog has been clobbered once or twice for complying, not surprisingly, he will be reluctant to do so again.

A puppy or adult dog is always learning whether we intend to teach them or not. Formal obedience training sessions are usually short and infrequent compared to the day to day and minute to minute training (or more appropriately - untraining) we do with our dogs. In order to correct this type of problem the owner must first be aware of how he or she is unintentionally training undesirable behaviors in the dog. One or two instances of "punishing" the dog for coming when called can undermine weeks and weeks of formal training. Owners must learn to incorporate positive training into the dog's life and daily routine. Until the dog is reliably trained to come when called, he should not be let off leash.
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Don't feed your dog with :: Dogs feeding, dog food, dog's genetics, breeds, care breeding, dog's psychology, dog at a show, veterinary, dog traning, dog's anatomy :: Zooclub - all animals
- hot (right from stove) food, as well as cold (right from refrigerator), or pungent, or salty, or fatty, or sweet, or smoked food;

- river fish. One may feed a dog with boiled sea fish and never freshwater fish or uncooked sea fish because in may be infected by helminthes;

- don't give bones instead of ordinary food. Despite the rooted belief, bones for a dog are evil. First, dogs can't digested them. Second, bones may cause constipation, perforation of intestine, or volvulus. Tubular bones are especially dangerous, because may split into parts with sharp edges. Bones also favor quick teeth grinding off;

- one must not feed a dog only with macaroni, legume products, white bread, potatoes, peas or stuff made of wheat flour;

- a dog should not know what is sausage or ham. We are familiar with those owners that are able to do everything for their pet and are ready to spend any money and stand any difficulties to make pleasure to their dog. Here these movements are totally useless, because sausages are poison for dogs. They adversely affect liver, and a dog risks to perish in early years. After all, we can hardly know what additions are put into sausages to give them an attractive look;

- a puppy should not know taste of sugar and candies. Sweets put off appetite and upset digesting. Besides this, they impair teeth and are extremely harmful for eyes, which start watering;

- one must not feed a dog with pork, fatty mutton and uncooked chicken meat;

- don't put spices - pepper, bay leaf, pungent tomato sauce - in dog food;

- don't feed with spoilt stuffs.
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Testimonials - Dr. Zoran D. Jankovic Veterinary Practice Malta
When I took Miki to his first visit at Dr Zoran, the first question he asked me was 'what do you feed him?'

Until I met Dr Zoran I thought that feeding Miki a mix of high grade (and very expensive) dry and wet food was pretty much the best i could do for him. The producers claimed that the food was natural and wholesome, so I figured that I was paying good money in order to keep my cat happy and healthy.

What the producers failed to mention was that the heavily processed food contained grain, which is not, incidentally in felines' natural biological diet. (Neither was it included in primal man's diet, but that point deserves a website unto itself.)

Miki was still a kitten at the time and he was suffering from a painful bladder infection. Dr Zoran told me that by excluding grain and the preservative-laden processed foods from Miki's diet, not only could I help Miki recover faster, but I could also ensure him a happier and healthier life.

He explained that Miki's diet should consist of protein, chicken meat organs and bones, which i would grind together with eggs and a mix of oils and vitamins. This would replicate what Miki would really eat, were he able to follow his culinary instinct and do as nature commanded.
I was a littler bit anxious about the whole cat food preparation thing. However, it was no different from following any other culinary recipe and I got used to it soon enough. Miki very quickly learnt -as cats are apt to do - that the hum of the grinder was synonymous with gourmet cat food!

I thought it would be challenging to switch Miki from his processed food to a natural diet, but Miki took an immediate liking to it - reinforcing the point that this was more or less what nature intended Miki to eat.

I had been told that the first thing I would notice was a change in the quality of Miki's coat. It wasn't. Before that, almost instantly, I noticed that Miki had become more playful, energetic and active. He was more curious and always eager to engage with me in active play. Then I noticed that his coat was shinier, smoother, softer, better. His eyes appeared to be more clear and his digestive health also vastly improved.
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How Many Miles Can You Run With Your Dog?
I’m always happy to see all different types of dogs running along the Mississippi, but it’s true that some dogs were just not bred to run. These breeds include Boston Terriers, Pekingese dogs, Pugs, French Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs. Likewise, if you have a really lazy dog and can’t lift a 100 lb. dog into your car, it’s probably best not to go more than a mile; this is especially true if you have a big dog such as a Doggie de Bordeaux, Mastiff, or Newfoundland. Next, look at the muscling of the dog. If your dog is excessively muscled, he probably prefers to sprint. These types of dogs (like Greyhounds, Pit bulls, and Boxers) have such dense muscle mass that they can overheat easily. In general, if your dog’s legs are shorter than his body height, he’s probably not a great runner. Finally, if your dog has a smooshed face, small nostrils, pants a lot even at rest, or snores louder than your husband, he’s also probably not a natural born runner – he’d be okay to run or jog short distances only. Otherwise, check with your vet, or take it very, very slow when acclimating your dog to your torturous hobbies.
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Problems Associated With Adopting Two Puppies at the Same Time - Whole Dog Journal Article
We want to have two dogs eventually anyway, so we might as well get them at the same time so they can grow up together as best friends. Well, that’s what you might well get! When you raise two puppies together they usually do grow up to be inseparable best friends, often to the detriment of the dog-human relationship. Inevitably they spend far more time together than they do individually with you, with a likely result that they become very tightly bonded to each other and you are only secondary in their lives. Many owners of adopted-at-the-same-time puppies ultimately find themselves disappointed in their relationships with their dogs, even when they are committed to keeping them for life. This super-bonding also causes tremendous stress (and stress-related behavior problems) on those occasions when the dogs do have to be separated - and sooner or later, something will come up that requires them to be separated: one goes to training class and the other doesn’t, you want to walk one but not both, or a health-related problem requires one to be hospitalized or otherwise kept separate.
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