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#1 Text to Speech app for busy Professionals
Learn faster by listening to anything on the web from articles, news, blog posts
to pdfs with natural human-like Text to Speech
text  speech  voice  App 
5 weeks ago by ftofani
Picksum Ipsum - Movie Lorem Ipsum Text Generator Alternative
Picksum Ipsum (@picksumipsum) - Movie Lorem Ipsum Text Generator Alternative //
text  ipsum  generator  loremipsum  placeholder 
july 2013 by ftofani
What is Moped? Moped is a snappy, lightweight and fun way to communicate. Message, share Foursquare venues, snap photos, attach files via Dropbox, play shared Spotify tracks, post links to Facebook and create useful IFTTT recipes.
text  social  account  moped  web  messaging  mobile 
february 2013 by ftofani
Feathers is a distraction-free writing app for the web. Forget about blogging: no settings to adjust, no themes to install, no tags to think, no preview to click.

Enjoy a new writing experience and share beautiful articles that are a pleasure to read on every device.
text  writing  blog  web  editor 
august 2012 by ftofani
A simple online tool that converts static Markdown text files
located in your Dropbox, into a beautiful web log.
app  blogging  text  markdown  cms  blog  dropbox 
january 2012 by ftofani
julho foi o primeiro desde outubro '09 onde consegui escrever quase um post por dia no meu blog. coisa de louco //
design  brasil  brazil  portfolio  webdesign  cool  music  culture  designer  diary  firefox  text  technology  usability  useless  web  webdev 
march 2006 by ftofani

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