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Hours, the Apple Watch, and turning an app into a businesst
Very very interesting article about the decision by the Hours Time Tracking app team to go from $6.99 to free, partly inspired by Slack's idea of building a business, not just an app.
business  app  appstore 
april 2015 by garrettc
Replying to App Store reviews
Matt Gemmell on a better way to handle online reviews
apple  appstore  review  society  business  critique 
august 2012 by garrettc
Stop Random Acts of Mobility
'In the rush to “go mobile,” many companies haven’t stopped to answer some of the most basic questions. “What business problem do I want mobile technology to solve?'
mobile  appstore  business  webdevelopment 
august 2012 by garrettc
Survey: Tablet Owners Prefer Browsers to Native Apps
Among tablet owners, at least, reading on the mobile Web is preferable to using native apps, according to a recent survey from the Online Publishers Association.
survey  data  research  mobile  reading  appstore 
june 2012 by garrettc
App Myopia
"Default Thinking comes up frequently when discussing technology, but a particularly virulent form of it has taken hold in mobile: App Myopia. This is a paradigm that sees every possible mobile opportunity only as an exercise in creating an app."
appstore  application  mobile 
september 2011 by garrettc
Brooklyn Museum iPhone App ver 1.3 released + API Lessons Learned + Going Open Source
Wonderful story from the team at the Brooklyn Museum on what they've learnt about iPhone development so far, limitations of the API, developing for a single platform and taking it Open Source.
iphone  appstore  api  museum  opensource  development  howto  brooklynmuseum 
august 2009 by garrettc

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