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Publishing Industry Trends to Watch in 2008
Metafilter discussion on an article at
publishing  book  ebook  trends 
january 2008 by garrettc
Flight thru Instruments
Images from "Flight Thru Instruments," a 1945 US Navy pilot-training manual designed by the Graphic Engineering Staff at General Motors
aviation  book  cool  design  flight  graphics  illustration  images  infographics  information  instrument  training  inspiration 
january 2008 by garrettc
The Django Book
Free 'beta' version of a django book due to be published by Apress
book  business  documentation  python  django  programming  reference  framework  free  webdevelopment 
october 2007 by garrettc
Will Self Walks
Will Self walks 26 miles from South London to Heathrow, flys to New York, then walks from Kennedy Airport to his hotel.
article  culture  environment  exploration  funny  interesting  literature  nyc  people  travel  writer  walking  book 
december 2006 by garrettc
Penguin's Great Ideas = great design
37signals take a look at Penguin's "Great Ideas" series.
design  inspiration  37signals  typography  book  penguin  publishing 
september 2006 by garrettc
Free book trade and exchange community.
socialsoftware  social  society  socialnetworking  reading  swap  book 
august 2006 by garrettc
Innovation Happens Elsewhere - Open Source as Business Strategy
Creative Commons released book. It describes what open source is, discusses business reasons for using open source, and describes how an open source project works in a day-to-day manner.
book  creativecommons  opensource  licensing  business 
december 2005 by garrettc
Read It Swap It
A free book exchange that allows you to swap the books you don’t want for the second-hand books that you do.
swap  useful  book 
december 2005 by garrettc
An online co-operative library. Sign up and dontae 10 books to the pool, gain access to the pool yourself. Interesting
socialsoftware  social  reading  community  sharing  book 
august 2005 by garrettc
Dive Into Greasemonkey
A book about programming with the Firefox extension Greasemonkey
ajax  howto  javascript  mozilla  programming  reading  xmlhttprequest  book  webdevelopment 
may 2005 by garrettc
Digital Web Magazine - Web Redesign 2.0
Review of "Web Redesign 2.0 - Workflow That Works"
review  book  projectmanagement  workflow 
january 2005 by garrettc

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